Tips On How To Grow a Man Bun Fast and Naturally

Guys, there’s no denying it – the man bun craze is here.

From hollywood celebrities to everyday hipsters and everyone in between, people are hopping on the man bun trend.

In fact it is one of the most popular hair styles for men in 2015 and will likely remain that way perhaps even well into 2016.

Are you interested in how to grow a man bun?

If so, you do have a couple of options at your disposal, first:

You can sit around for several weeks or months and wait for it to grow in.

But, lets be real, it might be already fading out of popularity before you get around to even having long enough hair!

Your second option is a bit more viable, as it is an all natural and completely healthy way to grow your hair fast and have a man bun a bit quicker than the first option.

So how?

It really comes down to your diet.

From your face to your head, having the right diet can mean the world of difference on how to grow a man bun fast, healthy and strong.

Below I will list out some incredibly high protein powered foods that will give you the opportunity to grow out your hair that will be strong (last thing you want is frizzled up straw hair as a man bun).

Then after covering a few protein packed foods, I will also mention a few supplements that are definitely worth checking out as well.

Supplements are great in encouraging faster growth of your hair and making up for any missed essential vitamins for the day.

First off, lets look at the science behind fast hair growth when determining how to grow a man bun.

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Hair Grows Quickly – Why Not Try to Speed It Up?

When compared to all the other cells in your body, hair follicles (and also nails) are by and far some of the quickest at replenishing.

When you give your body a huge influx of protein, your hair will naturally begin to grow thicker.

If you compliment that strong hair follicle with a supplement similar to biotin – you will then start to grow your hair faster as well.

As noted above, when you increase your protein consumption, your hair will grow thick – but also your nails as well (i.e. don’t be alarmed if you notice you are cutting your nails more frequently).

How To Grow Your Man Bun Thick? Protein Packed Foods Of Course

Here is a list of fewfoods that will jump start your hair growth in order to make your hair (man bun or not) look healthy and full.

Egg’s Are A Tremendous Source of Protein

eggs source of protein - how to grow a man bun

One Egg has about 6 grams or protein – give or take a few depending on the size you get (i.e. large vs jumbo).

In addition to being packed with a ton of protein that will help grow out your hair, eggs are a great solid breakfast to start out the day.

If the first thing you are thinking is ‘I have high cholesterol and shouldn’t have eggs’, here’s some scientific proof to change that myth:

Eggs do in fact pack a ton of cholesterol per egg (just north of 200mg).

But what is crazy is that the cholesterol found in eggs is separate from the cholesterol found within the blood stream.

Even the folks over at the Mayo Clinic agree with this notion. If you are having a ton of saturated fat or trans fat that is found in process foods, that will destroy your diet, not eggs.

If there is a cholesterol that eggs do rise – its the healthy one (HDL) as found in a study that was published on the NIH (National Institute of Health).

Of course it is important to say that everything is good in moderation – so don’t start pounding down 10 eggs a day in order to grow your hair thicker.

Doubling Up on Healthy Lean Beef Can Be Hugely Beneficial

beef source of protein - how to grow a man bun

Similar to eggs above, beef is a great source of protein – the vital nutrient required to bring on stronger hair follicles.

So how much protein is in 3oz of beef?

A whopping 22g.

To put that into perspective – all of that protein is still 1oz less than a quarter-pounder hamburger!

If cholesterol is a concern for you just like it is for me, then you will want to stick to the leaner cuts of beef – think along the lines of sirloin, tenderloin, and the lean ground beef (93/7 ratio).

For a one-two punch to start your day, instead of having just eggs, try to work in some steak for the ultimate protein punch of steak and eggs.

Grab A Pack of Nuts or Seeds As A Snack

seeds and nuts - how to grow a man bun

Nuts are a great quick way to give yourself a bump of protein throughout the day.

When you are at the grocery store, try picking up a bag of pumpkin seeds instead.

Pumpkin seeds overall pack about 6g of protein per serving and additionally taste pretty good.

Just whatever you do, for health reasons, go for the unsalted version of them.

They might seem a bit plain at first, but give it a week and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Oh and don’t fret if its February – most stores carry pumpkin seeds year round.  They are just a little bit more prominent during the fall season.

Other great healthy snacks that you should also consider if you start to get tired of pumpkin seeds are walnuts (4g of protein), almonds (6g of protein), dry roasted and unsalted peanuts (7g of protein), and cashews (5g of protein).

If You Can Stomach It – Work In Dairy to Your Diet

yogurt - how to grow a man bun

More and more people are finding they are lactose intolerant these days (personally I found out I was as well a couple of years ago).

So it can be quite restrictive to try and work in dairy to your system.

However, to curtail this, I have personally been staying away from anything like milk and swapping it out with Lactaid (milk with just the lactase enzyme) or soy milk.

In fact according to the USDA, 1% Milk packs about 8g of protein per serving.

Soy milk as an alternative, actually also packs in about 8g of protein per serving as well per the USDA.

But of course we know that milk isn’t the only food that we can have from the dairy family that has a ton of protein.

Another great source is yogurt, but not the sugary kind that you can get for less than a buck.

No – skip that.

Go for the greek yogurt.

To prove this is a better alternative, lets look at the nutrition label of each (well we will focus on the protein side of it).

One serving of greek yogurt has about 17g of protein, where your standard yogurt has about 9g of protein.

Regular yogurt isn’t bad, but if you want to grow your hair healthy and strong, then you will want to opt for the greek yogurt instead.

Last but not least, cheese.

Cheese, lactose intolerant or not, is a tremendous source of protein.

In just once slice of mozzarella, you are expected to get about 8g of protein per the USDA.

Not bad if you put that on to a roast beef sandwich!

I mentioned that if you have an allergy to dairy, cheese for the most part is a pretty safe food to eat.

The longer the aged food, the less of the lactose in it.  The folks over at Lifehacker put together a pretty helpful guide on how to select the right type of cheese.

Fish Is One of The Healthiest Sources of Protein

fish protein - how to grow a man bun

Fish has a tremendous amount of health benefits that go way beyond protein.

In fact, when compared to beef, chicken, and pork – fish is by and far one the lowest fat and healthiest you can eat.

Not only is fish packed with protein (which we will get to in a second), it contains Omega 3 fatty acids which can help with ADHD, depression, cardiovascular health, asthma, and lower triglycerides.

Check this out:

The amount of protein in fish is insane.

In fact, just 3oz of Yellowfin Tuna will give you 25g of protein (compared to the 22g that beef gives in an equivalent serving size)!

But Yellowfin Tuna isn’t an outlier here, in fact other fish also give near equivalent amount of protein in a 3oz serving size:

  • Halibut – 23g of protein
  • Salmon – 23g of protein
  • Tilapia – 21g of protein
  • Snapper – 22g of protein
  • Flounder – 21g of protein

Even if Vegan You Can Get Your Protein To Grow Your Hair Strong

vegetables with protein - how to grow a man bun

I get it:

A few of the options above rely a bit too much on dairy or meat.

Where does this leave vegans – or simply people that don’t like that much dairy or meat in their diet?

Look if you want to grow your hair strong, don’t worry, vegetables are also a great source of protein.

In fact some high-powered veggies that you should work into your diet include green peas (8g of protein), quinoa (8g of protein), beans (13g of protein), chickpeas (14g of protein), tofu (40g of protein), and edamame (16g of protein).  To note all of the amounts listed above were for 1 cup.

Making some great quinoa or bean based salads with the addition of avocado or tofu can really help out in giving you the protein you need to make sure that the man bun looks its absolute best.

Other Foods Definitely Worth Checking Out

Just because I didn’t go into it in immense detail above, it is definitely worth picking up chicken and pork.  I didn’t want to inundate with so many protein choices listed above, but only to give a brief primer.

Chicken itself at about 3oz will carry about 16g of protein, while about the same amount of pork will be around 28g of protein.

They are healthy additions to your diet that will help spur on thicker hair growth.

What Is The Deal With Supplements?  Are They Really Worth Checking Out?

You see supplements sometimes get mistaken for only guys you have thinning hair or are in danger of going completely bald.

The fact is this:

Hair supplements can work for people with full heads of hair as well.  These are supplements that simply ‘supplement’ your diet by making sure your body is getting all of the essential vitamins necessary for healthy and strong hair growth.

There are a lot of people who take these supplements that already have a full head of hair.  They take it simply because they want to grow their hair faster or stronger.

For the most part none of these products come with any major side effects (Note: I am not a doctor, check with the manufacturer before purchasing).

Therefore you can take them for a couple of months and see real results.

One thing to note, if you do decide to go with them, be sure to check out the reviews on major retailers.  There several people who have given hair supplements a shot have uploaded their own personal results so you can see for yourself what their success was like before clicking that ‘buy now’ button.

Toji Pure Density

Toji Pure Destiny contains a ton of great nutrients that you normally wouldn’t get in your every day diet.  One of the biggest advantages of this supplement is that it contains Eclipta Alba.  Of which Eclipta Alba is an all natural alternative to minoxidil (a.k.a Rogaine).

In addition to Eclipta Alba, Toji Pure Density also has several other key nutrients and ingredients that stimulate hair growth including biotin, Horsetail Extract, Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, and Grape Seed Extract to name a few.

Even some of the verified purchases on Amazon have raved about its overall effectiveness.  Folks have been saying that ‘This is a very good product, it does take some time for your hair to regrow but it does regrow’ to ‘I got this product and have been using it for about 2 weeks and I can already see results.’  You can check out the rest of the reviews here.

Learn More About Toji Pure Density

High Potency Biotin

Of all of the hair supplement products out there, this one by and large is one of the most popular.  This is pretty much just Biotin with the addition of other ingredients to help with the absorption into your body (coconut oil, etc).

In fact, just one tablet alone has 1670% of your daily value of biotin!


While one of the newer entrants on to the market in regards to hair growth is Propidol.  So far since its release, customers have rated it highly well (4.9 out of 5).  Claims from the manufacturer is that it works on all hair types, and can be used for both men and women.

Similar to the high potency biotin listed above, Propidol also contains 1000% of your daily value of biotin in a single capsule.  In addition to biotin, Porpidol also contains several other essential vitamins and minerals that will help make your hair grow faster, stronger, and reduce the likelihood of it falling out.

When it comes to growing a man bun, this supplement will be a great addition to your protein fueled diet.

Oh and did I mention its under $10 bucks?

Learn More About Propidol

Common Questions on How To Grow a Man Bun

Q: I have thin hair, would I still be able to grow a man bun?

A: Yes most definitely, if you already have the length, you are really going to want and concentrate on the proteins especially as it will help thicken up your hair follicles.  If you are looking to speed up the process to have thicker hair, you might want to check out a supplement like this one as it is geared towards thicker hair growth.

Q: My hair is incredibly curly, is a man bun out of the question for me?

A: Of course you can!  If you google ‘curly hair man bun’ you will see several pics of guys sporting a man bun.  One of the things with curly hair is that the length is naturally eaten up due to the curl or coil factor.  Therefore you may need to grow out your hair even longer than others to compensate.

Q: Do the supplements listed above actually work?

A:  I know it can definitely sound a little bit hokey at first.  You have to remember that these products are often times all natural and are a complimenting your current diet.  The vitamins found it supplements are geared towards hair growth.  If you are hesitant, be sure to always check out the reviews you can see what people with the tag ‘verified purchase’ thought about the product.

What You Learned on How To Grow a Man Bun

When it comes to learning how to grow a man bun, it really breaks down to a few simple concepts.

You want to make sure that you up your intake to the essential proteins listed above – and more importantly, check out some hair growth supplements so you can have it come in much faster, and generally have your hair be healthier.

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