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How To Get Rid Of Back Hair: A Guide to All The Options

Alright guys – I need to talk to about something for a minute.

It’s about your back…

Specifically how to get rid of back hair.

Here’s the deal:

We polled over 100 women on what they thought about men’s body hair.

Some of the results were to be expected (i.e. women found beard stubble in men attractive).  However one result really stood out to me the most.

As you could probably guess based on the title of this post alone – it was back hair.

We found that 77% of all women surveyed found back hair unattractive.

what do women think of men's back hair

That’s nuts!

So it got me thinking, if women found it so unattractive, then how could us guys get rid of it?

Before I dive into that, just a quick note…

Sure I can spit out numbers about % of women who find back hair unattractive, and of course hair is a very natural thing.  If its something that you feel strongly that you shouldn’t get rid of your back hair, then by all means, no one is preventing you to do the status quo!


If you are looking to up your grooming game and are in the world of dating or looking to impress your mate, then hell, a hairless back might be a very pleasant surprise for your partner or future partner.

Sure there are several different ways to skin a cat – here are a few of the more popular ways on how to get rid of back hair:

How To Get Rid of Back Hair With Laser Hair Removal

how to get rid of back hair - laser hair removal

So what exactly is laser hair removal?

Well according to the folks over at Fitness magazine, when you go in for a treatment, a laser is pointed at your back and zaps the follicles.

When the laser specifically hits your follicles it effectively stunts the growth of the hair nearly permanently.

Notice that I said the word stunts and not removes.

Yes this is one of the major drawbacks of laser hair removal.

Technically when get hair removed via a laser, it doesn’t technically ‘remove’ it.  When you go in for a laser hair treatment, it will target hair that is in its growth phase, so therefore you may need to go in for multiple sessions.

The growth stage of the hair on your skin can vary follicle to follicle.

Depending on your hair and skin type, for your back you may need to go in anywhere between 10 to 15 sessions.

The typical length for a session is pretty quick.  For a large back, you should be off the table at about 30 minutes.

However, those 10 to 15 sessions do hit the wallet pretty hard.  To put that in perspective, you will likely need to shell out about $500 per session so a grand total between $5,000 and $7,500 in order to slow down the growth of hair on your back.

It is important to note that some clinics/spas that perform this procedure may give price breaks after a certain number of sessions.

While laser hair treatment will often times take several sessions to occur, according to the FDA, laser hair treatment is for ‘hair reduction’ and not total ‘hair removal’.

What this is insinuating here is that while you might be paying between $5 – $7.5k to clean up your back, you may be going back for future sessions a few years down the road as a touch up (once a year or once every couple of years) appointment.

This isn’t to say that laser hair removal isn’t effective – it is – you just have to have the money to pay for it over time.

One of the major drawbacks that you will find with laser hair removal is that it sometimes isn’t suitable for all skin types.  Often times it has difficulty with folks who have naturally blonde or white hair.

Going into a laser hair treatment isn’t the most brutal thing in the world when compared to electrolysis.

On a pain level afterwards you may have a slight redness (similar to a sunburn) that will last only a couple of days.

How To Get Rid of Back Hair With Electrolysis

Electrolysis has been around for years.  In fact its been a common method of hair removal since 1875!

The method of electrolysis was invented to remove ingrown hairs from eyelashes (that just sounds horribly painful!).

However as old as it is, it is one of the most tried and true methods of completely removing hair growth.

In fact, unlike laser hair removal that was mentioned above, electrolysis completely removes the follicle so there is NO chance of it growing back (remember lasers simply stunt the hair growth).

Electrolysis is where the specialist takes a very small electric needle and penetrates the hair follicle and sends a small shock of electricity to the root of the follicle.

When the electricity is sent to the follicle, it will effectively kill the cells that are responsible for growing the hair.

Once the cell is killed, there is no chance of it growing back ever again, so you can kiss that hair goodbye!

No matter your skin type or if you have tattoos or piercings, electrolysis WILL remove the hair forever.

Now, you may have noticed that I said it sends a shock of electricity…

Here’s the kicker:

In order to get permanent hair removal, electrolysis will be a bit painful.

This is by and far the biggest drawback to getting electrolysis.

Another large drawback is the duration of appointments.

Being that this is such a detailed task to go in and remove every single follicle from the root.  It will take about 50 sessions (1 every week for a year) in order to completely clear your back.

If you decide to go with this, you have to be dedicated and CANNOT quit halfway through.

Otherwise you are going to have a pretty crazy looking back hair pattern when you take your shirt off at the beach or public pool.

While the number of sessions may be a bit excessive, they are on the other hand a fraction of the price when compared to laser treatments.

Expect to be spending anywhere between $40 and $50 per treatment – equates to an annual cost of about $2,000 to $2,500 total (less than half the cost of laser treatments) to completely remove all your back hair for the rest of your life.

Getting Rid of Back Hair Temporarily With Waxing

After electrolysis and laser hair removal, waxing will be the next best alternative for completely hair removal for a duration longer than a couple of weeks.

However, with that there of course is the drawback:

It’s not permanent.

When compared to shaving, it does last quite a bit longer.

On average if you were to wax the hair off your back, it should last you about 6 weeks before you have to go back again.

Contrary to that with shaving which will last you only a couple of weeks before your back is covered in hair again.

Remarkably, more men than you think get their back and other body parts waxed . In fact several NYC chains of spas have recorded double digit growth in men clientele.

Don’t be scared.  Waxing is very much a unisex process.

If you want to go the waxing route, don’t be bashful, you will likely be bumping shoulders with other men going in and out of the door at your local spa.

Depending on where you are in the U.S., the cost of waxing can vary from market to market.  Expect to pay anywhere between $35 and $100.

Another contributing factor to how much you may need to pay is the amount of hair that needs to be removed.

On average if we annualize that cost at about $75 per session every 6 weeks, you would be looking to pay about $675 over the course of a year.

Not exactly cheap when compared to at home shaving, but still a lot cheaper than electrolysis or laser hair removal.

In addition, should back hair ever come back in to vogue – which who knows – you at least aren’t locked in to having a hairless back the rest of your life.

If you have a significant other or someone that wouldn’t mind doing the deed for you – you can always buy a kit at your local botique or on Amazon for a fraction of the cost.

One product worth checking out would be this one, as it has generally favorable reviews overall.

If its your first time waxing, I would strongly recommend leaving it up to the professionals before giving the in home kit a try.

After doing your first full wax, you will want to make sure that you use an antibacterial skin lotion as you are prone to having your skin infected.

Get Rid of Back Hair By Wet Shaving With Your Partner

Shaving With a Safety Razor

As you may have guessed by the title, getting rid of back hair via wet shaving is largely depending on having a helping hand.

If you don’t have someone that can’t do this for you on a regular basis, then skip ahead to the next section!

However if you are still sticking around, here are a few things about shaving your back.

You may have heard of wet shaving becoming more and more popular with men.

Well, because it is!

In fact, wet shaving is one of the largest trends taking off within the men’s grooming world.

Sure you may be familiar with the Gillette Pro Fusion cartridge based razor.  Hell they probably even sent you one on your 18th birthday!


Unlike your face, your back has a lot of area to cover.  As you are well aware if you own one of these types of blades, it can be quite costly to replace them on a regular basis.

Enter the double edge safety razor

You see the double edge safety razor used to be all the rage back in the mid to early 1900s (man I feel old saying that!).

So why did it go away?

Well marketers got hold of it and found a way to make a boatload more cash by showing men razors that were disposable.

In fact the average cost of ownership of a cartridge based razor is about $250 annually.

On the contrary to that, a double edge safety razor will be about $15 or so (minus the cost of the razor handle):

cost per blade - cartridge vs double edge safety razor

So when it comes to shaving the thick skin on your back, you are going to want to opt for a double edge safety razor.

I can harp on all the other benefits that come with a double edge safety razor, but I wouldn’t do it a full service, so we have a full post on all the facts about owning one of these. Pretty much to summarize the double edge safety razor gives you an incredibly close shave for a fraction of the price while also helping to prevent razor burn.

Now off the detour of the double edge safety razor!

When your clearing off the back hair with your mate, you will want to make sure that you lather on some decent shaving cream in order to make sure that you don’t severely dry out your skin by using an alcohol based product.

If you do use cheap shaving cream and dry out your skin, your back will become dry, scaly, and worse – itchy.

Overall when shaving your back, you will want to still do shorter strokes, but for the most part can simply work your way from the top shoulder area down to your lower back.

The skin on your back is pretty durable after all.

How To Get Rid of Back Hair Yourself In the Privacy of Your Own Home: Enter The Electric Back Shaver

mangroomer electric back shaver

This is the best alternative to all the options listed above.

Remember, when it comes to laser hair removal, the biggest barrier is the cost – it was between $5,000 and $7,500! Worse of all you still have to go back for annual or biannual appointments at about $500 a pop!

Also looking back on electrolysis, while your hair will be removed forever, you still have to endure the pain and the extensive appointments for an entire year in order to have all the hair on your back fully removed.

To boot – electrolysis will still set you back a couple thousand dollars.

Then we saw waxing, again it requires you to do the research to find a spa, hope that its good, and plunk down about $675 annually.

And of course in the last section, we saw that wet shaving your back is a viable alternative, but it is largely reliant on having a partner to do it for you.

Enter the electric back shaver.

The electric back shaver is the best way to shave your back in the privacy of your own home.

But not only do you get the benefit of the privacy, but the cost really isn’t that out of reach either.

For the same that it would cost you to go get your back waxed only once, you could buy your very own electric back shaver.

The best electric back shaver on the market will cost you about $50 bucks.

One of the downsides to this is that its not a electric shaver capable of wet shaving (so don’t do this while standing under the water, or else you will break it).

Instead a work around to this is to simply shave in the tub/shower stall before you start the water and let the excess hair wash down the drain.

The electric back shaver is pretty versatile in that you can also use it to shave your chest hair if you so desire, however, its primary use is for back, and therefore should be used as such.

If you also want to nix the hair on your chest or below the belt, you would want to go with a hand held manscaping trimmer similar to something like this.

Of the biggest downfall (if you can call it that), is with the electric back shaver, you will need to shave once every couple of weeks.

Unlike waxing but similar to shaving, it doesn’t remove the hair follicle from the skin.  Therefore you will want to do this about every other weekend in order to have a well maintained back.

Which Are You Going With?

I want to hear your thoughts on back hair and the way you go about maintaining.

As you can see there are a lot of options out there for guys to consider.

Be it the laser hair removal, electrolysis, waxing, shaving, or the personal electric back shaver, you have several ways to figure out how to get rid of back hair.

If you have further questions, I would love to hear from you, feel free to email me privately at shawn {at} or simply leave a comment in the box below.

As a simple disclosure, I am not a physician, should you have any medical related questions, please consult with your physician or dermatologist.

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