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Hands On Review: Les Industries Groom

There is no doubt about it, selecting a shaving cream can be tough!

From consistency, scent, and ultimately performance, there are a lot of considerations that any man must take into account before handing over a hard-earned dollar.

So when the folks over at the Montreal based Les Industries Groom reached out to us to test a few of their products and share the results, we were pretty excited.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at both their shaving cream and aftershave balm.

Note: These products were sent complimentary, this is not a paid placement.

Les Industries Groom – Shaving Cream

Upon opening this shaving cream, we were taken by surprise about a few things.


Unlike other shaving creams that we have tested, this tub of shaving cream didn’t have a quality/tamper seal along the top of their container (see Editor’s Note in conclusion):

Shaving cream without a tamper seal.

Whereas their other products did have a tamper seal present:

Aftershave balm with a tamper seal.

We reached out to the company and they said that the shaving cream tubs were brand new and are expecting to have the quality seals added in the near future.

Secondly, the consistency:

We have reviewed A LOT of shaving creams, from those that are latherless to those that are more traditional like the Taylor of Old Bond Street.

This shaving cream by Les Industries Groom had a much thinner viscosity when compared to others:

So, when we headed into the bathroom to try this stuff out, we had pretty low expectations.

However, truth be told, we were shocked.

The shave cream by Les Industries Groom was actually really good!

In fact, we found that this shaving cream, when used with a quality badger hair brush, whips into a nice creamy lather with a slick lubricated base.

Not once during the shave process did we feel that the lather was too dry or wet.  It kept a great lubricated base on our skin that ultimately delivered a very smooth shave.

Another test this shave cream passed with flying colors was the clog test.

All too often when using a higher end shave cream, the lather may be too rich or thick that it causes the head of a cartridge razor to clog after a short stroke.

When using this shave cream in tandem with our preferred cartridge razor, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, there were no issues of clogging present during the duration of the shave.

Scent of The Shaving Cream

In a world of shaving creams largely dominated by the classic sandalwood scent, the Les Industries Groom shaving cream provides both a nice clean and invigorating scent pre, during, and post shave.

Normally lingering scents can be a turn off for some men, however we found that even an hour after shaving the light remnants of pine, sage, and juniper are a delight to smell.

A Natural Base

As the performance of this shaving cream squashed our concerns of packaging integrity, doubled with a beautiful light fragrance that is sure to make others take notice (in a good way), surely there has to be something amiss with the ingredient profile right?


In fact, make that a resounding NO!

The ingredient profile of this product is top-tier and rivals companies like Jack Black that rely heavily on an all-natural base.

This makes it perfect for men who like to have a close shave while being eco-conscious or simply have sensitive skin.

With abrasive chemicals largely absent from this product, not only will you be a good steward of the Earth, but you won’t be giving up performance in any way, shape, or form.

Les Industries Groom – Aftershave Balm

If there is one part of any man’s grooming routine that he should never miss out on, it would be the regular use of an aftershave balm.

Unlike aftershave splashes or lotions that often contain alcohol that dry out your skin, aftershave balms are a terrific way to keep your skin well hydrated and nourished throughout the course of the day.

If there was any product worth picking up from Les Industries Groom, it would be without a doubt there aftershave balm.

Housed in a stout 3fl oz tub (which had a tamper seal), this aftershave balm has the perfect buttery consistency found in many of the top-rated balms on the market:

Like the shave cream reviewed above, this balm is packed full of natural ingredients including jojoba oil and cocoa seed butter that deliver key nutrients for your skin.

When we applied this balm post-shave, we found that our skin was incredibly smooth.

Secondly, as it’s a fear of many men who consider aftershave balms, within a few minutes of application, this aftershave balm quickly absorbed into our skin – ensuring there was no strange oily/glossy finish.

Lastly, the scent of the aftershave balm matches the shave cream perfectly by delivering that same nice smell that relies on pine, sage, and juniper essential oils.

Final Thoughts On Les Industries Groom

Overall, Les Industries Groom put together a fine lineup of products that rely heavily on a natural base.

While there are some concerns over the lack of a tamper seal found on the shave cream, the assurance by Les Industries Groom that this will be resolved is welcomed (Editor’s Note: Les Industries Groom informed us that they will have tamper seals added on their shave creams by 9/29/17).

In the mean time, if you are on the fence about an aftershave balm, this one is worthy of your consideration.

While Les Industries Groom is based in Canada, they do provide International shipping.

Learn more about Les Industries Groom by visiting their website at


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