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10 Best Hair Cutting Shears for Professional & DIY Barbers

Whether you are a professional or do-it-yourself barber, a pair of quality shears can greatly improve the final results of a haircut.

In this review and guide, we will be taking a look at all the best hair cutting shears – such as the Kinsaro Professional Hair Shears.  

Furthermore, we will also share with you important considerations to think about when making your decision.

Let’s begin:

7 Tips for Buying Shears

When buying shears, keep the following in mind:

1. Size

Both the total length and blade length matter when buying shears.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Total Length: The standard shear size used by barbers is between 5″ and 6″ (source).  If you have larger hands, buy a shear at least 6″, preferably 6.5″ in length.  Modestly sized hands should go with a 5″ shear.  Regardless, a well-fitted shear will increase comfort, prevent hand fatigue, and provide a better cutting motion.
  • Blade Length: Most barbers will have two shears that they rely on: a short and long shear.  A short shear will have a 1.5″ to 2.0″ blade length.  This is for detailed work around the ear and neck area.  A longer blade, around 2.5″ in length, is for cutting large amounts of hair.  The increased leverage also makes it easier to cut through wet or thick hair as well.

2. Type of Shears

Whether you are an experienced barber or a do-it-yourself semi-professional, you will find that three types of shears play an essential role in a great haircut: 

  • Straight Shear: When most think of barber shears, they are thinking of straight shears.  Used to alter hair length, straight shears rely on two hard blades that can cut through hair effortlessly.
  • Thinning Shear: With a comb and straight blade, thinning shears are used to remove bulk from a hairstyle.  These shears aren’t used for length alteration.  
  • Blending Shear: Like thinning shears, blending shears are used to remove a small amount of hair to provide layering texture.  

3. Material

The composition of the cutting blade is essential when buying shears.  

  • Steel: Most shears will rely on either carbon steel or stainless steel.  Carbon steel is more rigid, resulting in a significantly sharper blade.  However, carbon steel is susceptible to corrosion and must be dried off if it becomes wet.  Stainless steel will not rust or corrode and is preferred by barbers for daily use.  
  • Cobalt Alloy:  Made from a mixture of cobalt and chromium, cobalt alloy has some corrosion-resistant properties.  Not as strong as steel but is often cheaper.

4. Handle

When reviewing shears, you will find that the handles vary.  Here are the key differences:

  • Crane Handle: This handle features a curved grip and is one of the most comfortable designs.  The crane handle allows you to drop your wrist and shoulder, which results in lower arm fatigue.
  • Offset Handle: This handle is the most popular and features a straight body design coupled with a short thumb handle.  The offset handle allows your ring finger and thumb to be more open when cutting. However, you must raise your elbow to use, which can cause fatigue.
  • Straight Handle: Designed for the middle finger and thumb use, the straight handle is an old design and is no longer used by barbers.  This design causes your hands and shoulder to tire quickly. 

5. Grip

Your thumb is responsible for applying force when cutting hair.  To prevent fatigue, stress, and carpal tunnel, buying shears with a proper thumb grip is important.  Currently, there are three primary grips available: 

  • Flat: This is the oldest and least comfortable.  However, it can work surprisingly well for lefties.  
  • Cut-away & Bent: This allows your thumb to rest at a natural angle and is significantly more comfortable.
  • Swivel: This is the most comfortable as it moves with your thumb, allowing for natural movement and will prevent both fatigue and stress. Suitable for barbers who work long shifts.

6. Blade Types

There are three blade types found in shears: beveled, serrated, and convex. 

  • Beveled: This is the most popular and modestly priced blade.  This blade design is sharp but requires more force per stroke.  This shear isn’t the best for hairstyles that require advanced cutting techniques.
  • Serrated: The cheapest blade for shears will be serrated or corrugated edge blades.  Designed to prevent hair slippage, they guide hair into the blades with a unique comb design.  
  • Convex: This is for advanced haircutting techniques and details.  The sharp angle on these shears allows for a close cut. However, this blade type requires more craftsmanship which results in a higher price point. 

7. Tension Adjustment

The tension system used within shears varies from a simple screw to a more complex ball bearing system.  Here are the options available: 

  • Dial-Spring: Able to be adjusted in increments, the dial-spring tension allows you to fine-tune without reliance on specialty tools or oil. In addition, this tension system allows for even wear on the blades, which can prolong the life of the shears.
  • Tension Screw:  Tightened and loosened with a flat head screwdriver, the tension screw is the oldest design and most reliable.  
  • Ball Bearing: A ball-bearing screw-on shear doesn’t rely on a washer and has a much smoother cutting motion.  A shear with a ball-bearing tension system may cost several hundred dollars.

The Best Hair Cutting Shears

1. Kinsaro Japanese Hair Cutting Shears

Professional Hair Shears 6

Key Features:

  • Japanese steel 440C convex blades
  • Easily cut hair both thick and thin
  • Made for professional hairstylists


There is no beating the Kinsarol 6″ shears when it comes to quality and performance.  Relying on tough and sharp 440C Japanese Stainless steel blades, they will easily last for years without degrading in performance.

The extremely sharp convex blade provides precision when cutting complex hairstyles and won’t dull nearly as quickly when compared to other blades.  Designed for professional barbers but priced friendly for home use, these shears provide terrific value – even giving premium Japanese hair shears a run for their money.

Whether you are cutting several heads of hair or just one, you will find that the ergonomic crane handle won’t get in the way of your natural hand movement.  This comfortable handle will reduce fatigue when used for extended periods.  With a 6.69″ long body coupled with a 2.52″ cutting blade, it will work great for men with medium to larger-sized hands.  

The longer body provides greater leverage allowing you to effortlessly cut through both thick and wet hair.

The simple CNC screw can be easily adjusted with a flat head screwdriver or penny to adjust the tension accordingly.


  • Quality steel blades make cutting effortless
  • Comfortable finger rest
  • Classic tension system


  • Doesn’t include a storage case

What You Need To Know

When it comes to value, there is no beating the Kinsaro Japanese Hair Cutting Shears.  Relying on a sharp convex blade, it will make quick work of any hair type – making these the best Japanese hair shears for the money. 

2. Equinox Professional International Barber Hair Cutting Shears

Equinox Professional Hair Scissors - Hair Cutting...

Key Features:

  • Scissors cut hair easily thanks to the quality steel 
  • Easy to use for home barbers
  • Adjustment screw provides tension tuning


A pair of good hair shears shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – especially for home use.  When it comes to cheap shears, all too often you have to compromise on many components, such as the tension system, grip, and blade quality.   When looking for well-made shears under $100, we found the Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series shears to be the best.  

With a sweeping offset ergonomic design coupled with a finger rest, these premium shears made from Japanese stainless steel will be comfortable to hold.  While the weight is a bit hefty at 4.8 ounces, if you aren’t holding these all day, then it shouldn’t cause any sort of fatigue.  

At 6.5″ in total body length, these shears provide leverage when cutting hair both thick and thin.  Of course, some difficulty is expected when working the details and would be better served with a smaller pair of shears.

Perhaps the biggest selling point to these shears when compared to others at a similar price point will be the tension screw.  Should you be cutting thin or thick hair, you can easily give the tension screw a slight turn to make cutting easier.

Unlike premium brands, these hair shears by Equinox do not come with any sort of warranty.  While our research doesn’t show any evidence that these will break after a few uses, do know that this is a risk – especially if you are one that files warranty claims regularly. 


  • Sharp blades thanks to quality Japanese steel
  • Performs great on both wet and dry hair
  • Designed to last a long time
  • Professional hair cutting shears at an affordable price


  • No warranty
  • No cleaning cloth or storage case
  • Large body tough for side cutting

What You Need To Know

The Equinox Professional shears are both inexpensive and well made – making them perfect for beginners.  At 6.5″ inches in length, they can get most of the haircut done efficiently.

3. Cricket Centrix Roc-it Dog Rs600 Professional Hair Cutting Shears


Key Features:

  • The comfort-friendly design makes it beloved by professional barbers
  • Easily adjustable knob for any client’s hair type
  • Swivel shears can be used for a variety of techniques


When it comes to reviewing professional hair shears, there are several options – however, we found that the Cricket Centrix Roc-it Dog Rs-600 was one that stood above many.  With a pivoting thumb, this professional salon shear can be used for a variety of techniques and cuts which include slide cutting, channel cutting, and chip cutting (source). 

Made for professional barbers, the Cricket Rs-600 has a razor-sharp convex blade edge that won’t cause any sort of strain in your hands when the days grow long.  To allow for full shoulder and wrist movement, these shears also feature an Ero offset handle that is designed to reduce wrist and hand fatigue.

All the design details found within these shears mean that you can focus on the cutting experience rather than trying to ease pain or discomfort in your hands.

To take measures a step further, the Rs-600’s also has a removable finger rest for personal preference.  As is standard across shears of this quality, you will find the tension knob is easy to fine-tune so you can easily adjust for a client’s particular hair type.

Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and returns are accepted within 30 days for a full refund.


  • Trusted brand by professionals delivers a knock-out product
  • Razor-sharp convex edge
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easily adjustable tension


  • Expensive (but worth it)

What You Need To Know

The Cricket Centrix Roc-it Dog Rs-600 is simply well-made shears.  Finding a perfect balance between both performance and comfort, these shears will feel great when used all day long.

4. Kissaki Stainless Steel Swivel Hair Cutting Shears

Kissaki Hair Scissors Gokatana 6.0 inches Double...

Key Features:

  • Razor-sharp cutting edge is micro-serrated
  • Perfect hair scissors for beginner barbers
  • Finger rings included


For barbers just starting out that want a quality shear, there perhaps is no better option than the Kissaki 6″ hair scissors.  While most barbers may not care to know that the blade on the Kissaki has been tempered to an optimal 60-61 Rockwell Hardness rating, those that do, like you, will find that it can expertly deliver a crisp and straight cut with every stroke, thanks to the Japanese 440C stainless steel and hollow ground blades.

To ensure that this blade performs its absolute best, the folks at Kissaki have triple honed the blade at the factory so when it arrives at your shop, you will be ready to go – no extra sharpening will be necessary.

If that weren’t enough, which we don’t know how it couldn’t be, Kissaki smartly offers a swivel thumb that allows your hands to rest in their natural position for comfort.

Whether your hands are large or slightly slender, the finger inserts are included with these shears which allow for a close yet comfortable grip.

When you are using these shears for hair cutting, you can store them in a specially designed shear case that also includes both lubricant and a leather cleaning cloth.

Unlike so many small brands that are out to make a quick buck, Kissaki stands by its product.  They set the standard by offering a best-in-class lifetime warranty that covers the parts, materials, and workmanship.


  • Japanese Hitachi SUS 440C stainless steel will last for years
  • Triple honed blade
  • Rubber finger ring provides a comfortable grip


  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

Whether you are looking to cut a unique hairstyle or want comfortable shears, these will get the job done.  The sharp blade and comfortable grip provide a reliably predictable cut every single time.

5. Feather No.65 Switch-Blade Hair Cutting Shears

Feather Switch Blade

Key Features:

  • The company is known for unmatched sharpness
  • Different length scissors available
  • Great to use for non-technical hair cutting
  • Perfect scissors for hairdressers that are constantly busy


One of the biggest downsides to many of the professional hair shears reviewed is that they require regular sharpening to perform their best.  If shears aren’t sharpened regularly, they will not only perform poorly, but they apply blunt force to the delicate hair follicles which, in some cases, may result in split ends and a disappointed client.  

If you don’t like the maintenance of sharpening your blades regularly, then the Feather No. 75 Switch-Blade Shear is a match made in heaven.  Regular readers to the site have probably heard of Feather before as we recently found them to make one of the sharpest razor blades on the market.

Carrying that same quality craftsmanship to the switch-blade shear, you get an ice-tempered blade that is made from Swedish surgical steel that is also backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Replacement blades are available at large online marketplaces like Amazon for a fairly affordable price.

With a straight handle and a comfortable finger rest, these will work great for lefties.

Of course, this handle design does have its limitations when it comes to hairstyling and may cause discomfort in both the shoulder and wrist for salon workers who are putting in long shifts.

Available in different types of lengths, you can find the perfect shear for either detail or heavy-duty cutting.


  • Available in several blade lengths
  • Doesn’t require regular sharpening
  • High peer reviews 
  • Sharp blades allow for clean cuts


  • Limited mobility may cause soreness in muscles
  • The package is no-frills – doesn’t include a zipper case or cloth

What You Need To Know

From expert to novice hairdressers, Feather No. 65 is a low-maintenance shear that provides consistent results.  Whether they are used for a quick trim or a full haircut, these are one of the best shears out there.

6. JW Professional Shears Razor Edge Series

JW Professional Shears Austin Series - Barber &...

Key Features:

  • Slick mirror finish
  • Shears come with a storage case
  • Sharp edges for easy cutting


If you are a do-it-yourself home barber who is just looking for a sharp edge and a relatively comfortable grip, then the JW Professional Shears Razor Edge Series can be a great pair to go with.

While these shears don’t feature pure Japanese stainless steel like other shears reviewed, instead JW relies on what they call Japan CR9 steel.  While we couldn’t find any independent industry journal referencing this variety (not even a Wikipedia citation), our best guess is that it’s a standard steel blend that should still resist regular wear and tear.

While not intended to be an everyday pair of barber scissors, the cutting edges on the convex blade should make cutting any hair type rather easy.  

With adjustable finger holes, these shears should have no problem fitting men and women.  

For those that like to protect their shears between haircuts, the addition of a zipper shear case is included.


  • Should have no problem cutting through thick hair
  • Adjustable finger holes prevent accidental injuries
  • Top choice for home hair cutting


  • Metal not made for heavy usage
  • Couldn’t find published specs about CR9

What You Need To Know

While the metal used in the construction of these shears is a bit suspect, most home barbers will like the ergonomics and included case.  This is a great budget pick for those looking to step up from a kit shear that was included with a hair trimmer.

7. Utopia Care Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Utopia Care - Professional Barber Hair Cutting...

Key Features:

  • Tension adjustment screw
  • Removable finger inserts
  • Balanced length and weight
  • Reasonably priced


For home use and practice, the Utopia Care Professional Hair Cutting Scissors are a match made in heaven.  Made from a high-quality Japanese stainless steel body, these shears will slice through any type of hair thanks to the razor edge on either blade.

With a 6.5″ long body and 2.5″ long cutting blades, these shears can work for most techniques and hand sizes.  Now if your hands are a bit smaller, you do not need to make any compromises.  Utopia Care includes two rubber finger inserts for greater comfort.

A specialty maker in a variety of grooming and hair styling tools, they are trusted by both professional hairstylists and individuals.

While a tension adjustment screw is often only found on shears made for professionals, you will be happy to learn that Utopia Care brought over this premium feature at such an affordable price.  With a small turn of the knob, you can fine-tune the tension and get much better results.

Outside of our own research, several novice hair stylists found these shears to provide reliably clean cuts on both wet and dry hair, along with being quite comfortable to work with.


  • The grip should provide comfort for your elbow and wrist
  • Blades are razor-sharp
  • Received strong reviews from amateur hair stylists


  • Blades are a little long for detailed trimming
  • Doesn’t come with a bag or case

What You Need To Know

Whether you are styling several clients on a given day, or simply cutting your kid’s hair at home, these shears by Utopia Care provide great value and should be given much consideration.  The steel is razor sharp and the grip is comfortable.

8. Aerolite Swivel Hair Shears

Swivel Hair Shears Professional Swivel Hair...

Key Features:

  • Japanese stainless steel blades
  • Designed to last a very long time
  • Removable finger inserts allow for easy sizing


Relying on Hitachi ATS-314 blades, these shears by the Aerolite Scissor Company are incredibly sharp and rigid.  Able to last for years, these blades resist dulling even when cutting the thickest of hair.

If you are in search of shears that provide all-day comfort, then these will be the perfect pair for you.  Not only do they feature an offset grip, but they also come with a swivel handle that allows for your hand to work in its natural state. We think these shears will work well for professional barbers given their unique design.

Typically found in shears that cost over $500, the Swiss ball-bearing found in these shears is a game-changer.

Rather than having to worry about fine-tuning the tension for each client, the ball-bearing joint on these shears will cut through hair like butter.


  • Sharp razor edge thanks to Hitachi ATS-314 stainless steel
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Swivel handle makes this one of the most comfortable hair cutting scissors


  • Not designed for left-handed use

What You Need To Know

These are simply some of the best designed shears with the professional barber in mind.  The sharp blades and quality craftsmanship ensure that they will last for years.

9. Eagle Sharp Hair Cutting Shears & Thinning Scissors Set

Professional 6.0-inch Shears Cutting &Thinning...

Key Features:

  • Made from Japanese 440C stainless steel
  • Designed for professional hair stylists
  • Thinning scissors are effective at reducing volume


What separates a good haircut from a great haircut is when the right tools are used to their fullest potential.  Unfortunately, so many barbershops concentrate on getting people through quickly and will only rely on scissors – it’s no wonder that their rebook rate is much lower. 

Using a combination of scissors and thinning shears during your work, will not only allow for better control, but the results will speak for themselves.  With satisfied clients, you will increase your foot traffic and ultimately your bottom line.

Relying on super-sharp Japanese stainless steel (440C), these hair-cutting shears won’t dull nearly as quickly as some of the cheaper brands out there.  

Furthermore, both the shears and thinning shears come with a precision adjustment screw and an offset handle.  This allows you to fine-tune the shears to your personal preference when cutting for extended periods.  

But what really sets these shears apart from the many other options we reviewed are the extras.  For starters, Eagle Sharp offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their performance.

Secondly, Eagle Sharp also includes a fine leather case for safe storage. 


  • Make no mistake, these are professional shears and will provide great results
  • Japanese steel is simply best in class
  • Great hair cutting set
  • Perfect blade alignment


  • May become uncomfortable after a very long time

What You Need To Know

The Eagle Sharp is one of the best shears currently available.  The inclusion of the thinning shear with this shears set makes it a great pick for barbers looking to upgrade their existing tools or for those starting a new job.

10. ULG Hair Cutting Scissors & Thinning Shears Kit

Hair Cutting Scissors Thinning Shears Kit ULG...

Key Features:

  • Hair cutting shears come with a thinning shear
  • Made from Japanese stainless steel
  • Balanced 20-25% thinning rate
  • Finger handle larger than thumb handle to increase comfort


These hair-cutting scissors and thinning shears by ULG are a perfect pick for both home and professional use.  While the modest price tag will definitely get your attention, so too will the quality craftsmanship.

Made from 100% Japanese stainless steel and hand sharpened and honed to a razor-sharp edge, these hair scissors will make cutting hair both effortless and efficient.

The offset grip comes with a finger rest that allows you to provide additional leverage.

If the cutting shears weren’t good enough, included in this set is a pair of well-made thinning scissors.  With a moderate thinning rate of 20-25% (30 teeth on the blade), you can easily add layers and texturize hair to create the perfect style.

Now if you are uncertain about buying these, especially given that ULG is a relatively new brand in the hair care world, you will be happy to learn that these hair cutting scissors and thinning shears are backed with a 12-month warranty. 

Furthermore, ULG also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you find these just aren’t right for you (we don’t think that will be the case though).


  • Quality steel provides a sharp razor edge
  • Included thinning scissors allow you to add layers and texture
  • Scissors come with a warranty


  • Relatively new brand

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a great pair of scissors for hair cutting, then these are it.  Made from the same material found in professional barber scissors, you can expect great results.  The gracious return policy and warranty also provide peace of mind.

Hair Shears FAQs

Here are several common questions readers had when buying hair shears:

How do I adjust the tension on hair scissors?

Depending on the mechanism involved (i.e. tension, simple screw, etc.), to adjust the tension on shears you want to tighten or loosen the center screw until the scissors feel good when both opening and closing.  

Shears that are too loose will cause the hair to bend rather than cut when the blades are closed.  Shears that are too tight will dull quickly and require more force to close.  Some stylists will adjust the tension depending on the client’s hair thickness.

How often should I sharpen hair shears?

Most shears only need to be sharpened once a year.  Shears made of poorer quality steel that dull easily may require more frequent sharpenings.  Furthermore, shears that have a tension that is set too tight may also require more sharpenings.

Where can I get shears sharpened?

There may be some local businesses that offer sharpening services.  Before handing over a $500 pair of shears, ask them if they are experienced in sharpening such tools.  If you aren’t comfortable with their answer, there are many mail-in shear sharpening services such as Sharpen By Mail, Custom Sharpening, and Groomers Best Friend (Reader beware: we haven’t personally used any of these services).

Can you bring hair cutting scissors on a plane?

According to the TSA, you can bring cutting shears on a plane only if they are less than 4″ long from the pivot point. 

Can you trim a beard with scissors?

When you grow a longer beard, it is recommended that you use shears instead of a beard trimmer for greater control. In addition to better control, using shears on your facial hair will prevent split ends from occurring.

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