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18 Dopp Kit Essentials

Whether traveling for pleasure or work, it’s always nice to have your grooming products readily available.

Below we put together a list of the obvious and not-so-obvious products you, might want to have stowed away in your Dopp kit for your next trip.

18 Dopp Kit Essentials For Men

1. Bar Soap

Unless you are staying at a 5-star resort, the chances are that your hotel soap will need an upgrade.  Consider packing a small natural bar of soap in your Dopp kit.  Something like the Dr. Squatch soap we just reviewed would be perfect.  It only lasts about ten showers and will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.

2. Shampoo

So many brands offer trial size options for their products. This is great for travel use. Not only are they small enough to stow away into your Dopp kit, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality here either. 

Of course, you can always pour out your favorite shampoo brand into a small bottle if a travel-friendly option isn’t available.

3. Body Lotion

One item you might not think to pack is body lotion.  If you’re traveling in the winter, always pack your body lotion.  With heaters going, your skin can dry out quickly.

Summer travel isn’t a reason to let your guard down.  Take a second to look at the weather of your destination.  If you are trying to plan, sites like Wunderground make it easy to see the historical average of temperature and humidity.

4. Hair Comb

A small pocket hair comb makes it easy to touch up whether on the road or in the comfort of your hotel room.  Brands like Kent and D. R. Harris make some small combs that perform well. 

Don’t forget gents; unbrushed hair can lead to hard knots or hair that doesn’t lay right.  Packing your brush or comb can ensure that you keep looking fresh and dapper.

5. Dude Wipes


We’ve all been to an airport bathroom.  The one-ply toilet paper just doesn’t cut it.  Enjoy some home-level comfort with some pocket wipes.  Consider picking up a small pack of Dude Wipes

They fit discretely into your Dopp kit and don’t take up a whole lot of space.

6. Antiperspirant or Deodorant

Like shampoo, many companies make tester versions of their best-selling deodorants.  These can work for an extended trip while having a much smaller form factor.  

If you are traveling for business or planning to attend a significant life event such as a wedding, funeral, etc., consider getting an antiperspirant.  Antiperspirant helps to stop you from sweating while also keeping you smelling fresh.  

If it’s winter or the climate is cool, deodorant will suffice.

7. Hair Styling Products

Let’s face it; your hair styling products should be the first thing you pack (after your toothbrush, of course).  Whether you use pomades, clays, gels, wax, hair spray, whatever, put it in that bag before you forget.

However, be sure to double-check the size.  For some reason, many hair styling products do a poor job of adhering to the TSA-enforced 3.4oz limit on containers.

8. Toothpaste

How many of us have packed our toothbrushes and forgotten toothpaste?  I guarantee we’ve all done it once or twice.

But guys, don’t forget it.  Write it down on a post-it note and stick those around the house if you must.  Nothing is worse than a man with bad breath.  It’s embarrassing for you, and it makes everyone want to shut down the conversation immediately.

9. Q-Tips

Depending on the hotel, you may or may not need to pack Q-tips as they are regularly stocked in the bathroom.  However, if you are heading on an extended trip, then be sure to pack a few extra.  You can find Q-tips in a travel-friendly container at your local grocery store.

10. Condoms

No beating around the bush here.  Unless you are traveling with your significant other and are currently planning to have a new member of your family, slip a few condoms into your Dopp kit.  

This advice isn’t just for the married guys out there.  For the single guys, pack a few condoms too.  If you are going to a city and plan on taking in the nightlife, the last thing you need coming back with you from your trip is an unwanted STD.

For Men Who Shave

11. Your Razor Is Paramount

If you are traveling anywhere, so is your razor – especially on a business trip.  Don’t let your clean-cut look become unruly and unkempt.

If you are traveling on a plane, pack a razor cartridge to ensure smooth boarding.  Otherwise, if you plan to take our favorite safety razor, the blades will have to be checked.

Now, if you are traveling with an electric shaver, be sure to enable the travel-lock feature (available on most premium models).  Should you be traveling internationally, don’t forget a power adapter as well.

12. Pre Shave Oil

Pre-shave oil is a must if you want a comfortable and smooth shave.  The razor will glide over your skin, leaving you with a closer and more uniform shave.

Pre-shave oil also helps to moisturize your skin, leaving it irritation-free.  If you are unsure which one to try out, check out this guide comparing the top brands on the market.

13. Latherless Shaving Cream

If you are traveling by plane, make sure to look over the TSA restrictions and bring a travel-size version of your favorite shaving cream.

Latherless shave cream is a great option for on-the-go traveling because you don’t need much, and it provides comfortable and close results for all types of razors.

14. Who Says Your Shave Brush Isn’t Portable?

If you are sticking with your traditional shaving cream or shave soap, then don’t forget to pack your shaving brush.  Brands such as Muhle and Parker make travel-friendly shaving brushes that fold up small and don’t add much weight to your Dopp kit.

This way you can get a barbershop-like shave experience no matter where your travels take you.

15. Aftershave Balm

If you plan on shaving frequently, or you are traveling to a dry climate, aftershave balm is an indispensable moisturizer to a freshly shaved face.  A well-made aftershave balm will reduce post-shave tighness and irritation.

When reviewing all the best aftershaves, we found a few that were available in travel-friendly containers.

For Men with Beards

16. Beard Conditioner

Just because you are in the woods or on the road doesn’t mean you can skip on conditioning your beard. Beard balm makes for an excellent road companion; it’s small, TSA-compliant, and works well. 

Of course, if you are heading to a business meeting or work event, go with an unscented beard balm.

17. Beard Wash

While you can use a bar soap or shampoo in lieu of a beard wash, consider packing in a small beard shampoo if you are on an extended trip. It helps to supplement the beard conditioner and will keep your beard feeling itch-free.

18. Beard Comb Or Brush

The last grooming product for consideration is the beard comb. A pocket-sized beard comb like we recently reviewed can help keep any wispy hairs in check throughout your travels. Of course, if you are looking for fuller results, consider a small beard brush instead.

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