18 Dopp Kit Essentials That ALL Men Must Pack

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A dopp kit, or your travel toiletry bag, is a key item for any overnight stay.

Make sure your dopp kit is large enough to hold all daily essentials, but small enough to easily tote around.

Unsure what to pack in your dopp kit?

Read on to find out our tips on what to pack for on the go.

For Men Who Shave

shaving in a mirror - is pre shave oil necessary

1. Your Razor Is Paramount

Your razor should be a no-brainer to pack.


If you are traveling anywhere, so is your razor – especially on a business trip.

Don’t let your clean-cut look become unruly and unkempt.

If you are traveling on a train or plane, pack a razor cartridge to ensure a smooth boarding.  Otherwise, if you plan on taking our favorite safety razor, then it’s going to have to be checked as it won’t adhere to stringent TSA regs.

Won’t have the time to give yourself a clean shave?

Electric razors are super quick and efficient. They will give you that smooth face look in a matter of seconds.

Plus, with their lofty battery life, you should be able to just pack the electric razor itself sans the charger if space is at a premium.

2. Pre Shave Oil

Pre shave oil is a must if you want a comfortable and smooth shave.

The razor will glide over your skin leaving you with a closer and more uniform shave.

Pre shave oil also helps to moisturize your skin leaving it irritation free.  If you are unsure which one to try out, check out our full and complete guide comparing the top brands on the market.

creamo shave cream for your head

3. If You Don’t Want To Rely On Inferior Shaving Cream – Go Latherless

Unless you are using an electric razor, you shouldn’t put a razor without shaving cream in your dopp kit.

If you are traveling by plane, make sure to look over the TSA restrictions and bring a travel size version of your favorite cream.

Latherless shave cream is a great option for on-the-go traveling because you don’t need a brush and it comes in a tube, perfect for fitting in your bag.

If you want your traditional and close shave, pack your shave cream tub.

4. Who Says Your Shave Brush Isn’t Portable?

If you are sticking with your traditional shaving cream, don’t forget to pack your brush.

The brush is imperative to getting your shave cream to go on correctly.

Get the proper close-cut shave and be smooth as a baby’s bottom for your trip.

Don’t throw your brush into your bag!

Protect it with a shave brush travel case.

Here is one we recommend.

5. Aftershave Balm

Ahhh aftershave, that nice tingly feeling on your face when you put it on.

Well, that tingly feeling is actually alcohol, and it’s drying out your skin!  Don’t be caught with dry and flaky skin throughout your traveling, it’s embarrassing and can be hard to get rid of.

Instead of going for aftershave splash or lotion, which both contain alcohol, search for an aftershave balm.

You want to moisturize your face and keep it smooth and flake free.

This is especially important if you are flying to a dryer/arrid climate.

Dopp Kit Essentials For The Bearded Men

how to straighten your beard

1. Your Beard Shouldn’t Suffer Because You Are On The Road – Keep It Conditioned

Think you don’t need to condition your beard because it’s trimmed and kept short?

Well, think again!

No matter the length of your beard, it needs to be loved and conditioned.  Don’t neglect it, grab some beard oil or balm and slather it on.

Your beard will love you right back.

Shorter beards may benefit more from beard balm for perfect styling, while longer and thicker beards may benefit more from beard oil to keep it ultra conditioned.

Try out both balms and oils on your beard and stick to whichever provides more moisture and styling for your length.

2. Beard Wash

Do you love that dry as straw feeling from your beard?


Good answer.

Let’s prevent that by packing some beard wash in your dopp kit.  Beard wash gently caresses those wiry locks of hair leaving them smooth and soft.

Hotel soap will give you that dry as a dessert look that no one should be going for.

Don’t rely on cheap soaps just because it will be a few days.  Pack your beard wash so you aren’t left laying your beard to rest.

A getaway is no excuse for an unkempt beard.

3. Beard Comb Or Brush

The last thing all bearded men need to bring is your beard comb or brush.

No vacation, weekend getaway, or business trip should be ruined by knotty whiskers.

Even just a few days without brushing can cause your beard to become unruly and hard to style.

Keep your beard in check by brushing it daily throughout your trip.

Dopp Kit Essentials For ALL Men

1. Hotel Soaps Are A Waste And Are Generally Pretty Crummy Products

You’re probably not staying at a 5 star resort every night.

If you are, that’s great, but the majority of us don’t have that luxury.

Because of this, we are often left with cheap hotel soap that dries out our skin like a sponge sucking up water.  Hotel soaps contain all types of alcohols and additives that leave a film on our skin and creates a barrier against moisturizing.

Don’t go home with dry and itchy skin because you forgot to pack your body wash.

Get a travel size version of your favorite soap and pack it in you dopp kit to ensure your skin stays smooth.

2. Shampoo

I love dandruff!

Have you ever said that?  Chances are, probably not.

But, you will be saying how much you hate it if you forget your shampoo at home.  Hotel shampoos have no conditioning agent and dry out your hair after just one wash.

This can lead to damaged ends causing even the best style to look dreary.

Don’t make your hair cry for help; avoid a disastrous situation by bringing along your own shampoo.

Your hair will surely thank you.

get an affordable body lotion

3. Body Lotion

One item you might not think to pack is body lotion.

If you’re traveling in the winter ALWAYS pack your body lotion.  With heaters going, your skin will be dried out.

The other time to pack your body lotion is if you are traveling to the southwest US.  The southwest is a dry desert and it will leave your skin ravaged.

Dry skin can be hard to reverse.  You don’t want to be left with dry skin because of a few day trip.  Make sure to pack a small travel size lotion so your full size bottle isn’t confiscated at the airport.

4. Hair Comb

Unless you’re planning on staying in the hotel room the whole trip, don’t forget your hair comb.

A hair comb should easily fit into your dopp kit and will make a big difference in your style.

This is especially important if you are on a business trip or going to a large event.

Unbrushed hair can lead to hard knots to get out or hair that doesn’t lay right.  Packing your brush can ensure that you keep looking fresh and dapper.

5. Dude Wipes

Don’t want to wad the 1 ply toilet paper a thousand times to get a usable piece?

Maybe you’re camping and feeling like the campground is dirty as can be.

These are great times to pull out your Dude Wipes.  Your wipes will help you to stay clean and ready to go.

Don’t be uncomfortable on your trip with unfortunate toiletries.  Bring along your own set of wipes and use them whenever the situation arises.

The travel packs perfectly fit into your dopp kit without taking up too much space.

6. Antiperspirant or Deodorant

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you get a smell-free pass.  Don’t make the whole elevator pass out from your BO.

Bring deodorant or antiperspirant no matter where you go.

If the weather is sunny and hot, don’t be caught with embarrassing pit stains, bring antiperspirant.

Antiperspirant helps to stop you from sweating while also keeping you to smell fresh.  If it’s winter or the climate is cool, deodorant will keep you smelling fresh and clean.  Deodorant is a great option if you want to keep smelling fresh but aren’t too worried about sweating a lot.

hair clay vs other mens hair care products

7. Hair Styling Products

A good hairstyle can change your life.

If you style it, that is.  Let’s face it; your hair styling products should be the first things you pack (after your toothbrush, of course).

Whether you use pomades, clays, gels, wax, hair spray, whatever, put it in that bag right now!

Is it in your bag?

Phew, good.

Now go double check and make sure it’s not too big of a bottle.  The last thing we need is your hair styling product getting taken away at the airport.

Not only does that suck because they are expensive, but then your lovely locks would be neglected during your trip.

8. Toothpaste

You got your toothbrush packed, right?  How many of us have packed our toothbrush and forgotten toothpaste?

Guarantee we’ve all done it once or twice.

Somehow, that toothpaste just slips our mind.

But guys, don’t forget it.  Write it down on post it notes and stick those around the house if you must.  Nothing is worse than a man with bad breath.  It’s embarrassing for you and it makes everyone want to shut down all conversation immediately.

Kiss your networking goodbye because without your toothpaste, it’s not happening.

9. Q-Tips

Men, your ears are constantly showing.

And without Q-tips, your ears won’t be the only thing showing.  Earwax, even the word is gross.

No one wants to see gooey yellow liquid oozing out of your ears.

Have I sufficiently grossed you out?


Go grab some Q-tips and pack them in your dopp kit right now.  Come on, you don’t need to grab the whole pack of 500, go out and buy a travel pack.

It will save you space and most likely you won’t even use them all.  A small travel pack costs less than a dollar and it can be reused by putting your own Q tips in the case.

It’s a cheap investment, grab one.

best spray deodorant antiperspirant

10. Condoms

After you’ve sufficiently followed all the tips above, you’ll be looking fresh and high on your game.

Because of this, you might even get lucky in the sheets.

There you are, things are going smoothly, they are building up, and there they go, they’re plummeting now because you forgot condoms.  The mood is ruined and your luck just walked out the door.

This unfortunate situation could be yours, or, you could always keep some condoms packed in your dopp kit.

Prepare for the expected or unexpected and keep condoms with you on every trip you go on.  If you keep condoms with you, you never have to run to the store or hit pause.

Protect yourself and your partner from unwanted STI’s by packing condoms in your dopp kit.

Regularly check your unused ones for the expiration date and make sure you switch them before expiring.

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