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Complete & Affordable Latherless Comfort: Cremo Review

If there was any word that I could use to describe Cremo it would be this:

Shaving bliss (okay that’s two words)!

But seriously, if you haven’t tried out Cremo’s incredible lineup of shaving cream products, you should.

Quick note: I am in no way shape or form being paid by Cremo to promote their products.  Sure, they sent me a few samples to try out, but if they just don’t make the cut, I’ll tell ya.  I have no reason to give them a plug over any other shaving creams we have tested to date.

Back to the story:

So as regular readers may be aware, I use shaving cream…

…a lot!

As a bald man and one who shaves his face on occasion (although not in the past month), there is no shortage of shaving cream to test within my medicine cabinet.

While some may see baldness as an affliction, I see it as an opportunity to thoroughly try out a TON of shaving products throughout the course of the year.

Which leads me to Cremo.

If you head to your local drugstore, you are likely to see Cremo stocked on the shelf:

(Even with NYC’s grossly inflated prices, Cremo is still under $10 bucks)

Now get this:

Nearly all shaving creams (latherless or otherwise), that are distributed widely are often chalked full of alcohols and harsh detergents.

But why should you care?

Well for a few reasons:

First and foremost, these harsh detergents and propellants are rated poorly by the highly-touted non-profit, Environmental Working Group, as being bad for your skin and general health.

For instance, check out your standard shaving gel:

We aren’t going to name any names here, but it likely contains an ingredient like Isobutane as a propellant.

Unfortunately for Isobutane, its rated a 7 on the EWG hazard scale (out of 10), as its classified as being an ‘irritant’ and may cause ‘organ system toxicity’.


I am not a tree hugger, nor do I donate to the Greenpeace, but if something is toxic, I am not exactly keen on applying that goop all over my face, head, or junk.

I have standards people, sure they may be low, but still, I am not looking to have glowing skin by way of toxic chemicals!

This is why Cremo caught my attention (again – I am not being paid).

While Cremo doesn’t bill their shave cream as being 100% ‘natural or organic’ (i.e. Hippy Juice), it doesn’t rely on harsh ingredients to deliver a quality product.

But enough, about the ingredients:

Why Latherless Is The Future

Sure, I could rely on my trusty Taylor of Old Bond Street to whip up a quality lather.

It’s not only rich, but gets the job done in an overly adequate manner.

But, when it comes to latherless solutions like Cremo, it’s a welcomed change.

Latherless is great for many reasons:

  1. It doesn’t require a shave brush to accomplish the job (sure you COULD use a shave brush, but it simply isn’t necessary).
  2. It doesn’t reply on a propellant (which is harmful for the environment) to eject the solution from the bottle. So, if you want to lather up, you won’t be killing Fern Gully.
  3. It adds a thin layer of lubricated cream that delivers an extremely comfortable shave.

In fact, just the other day we outlined 10 reasons why men should consider latherless shave cream as their next cream of choice.

Cremo Shave Cream Tested

While its one thing to sit here and talk about the nuances of a brushless cream like Cremo’s Shave Cream, it’s another thing to actually test the product.

So after just hopping out of the shower, I added some Cremo Sandalwood Shave Cream to the palm of my hand (using a bit more than recommended by Cremo as it will be going on my head):

I then simply rubbed my hands together to ensure an even application:

And lathered up that beautiful bald head for even coverage:

Note: The point of latherless shave creams are to provide a thin layer of shave cream.  If you come from a traditional shave cream background, the above coverage may look incredibly light, but I found that this is more than enough to get the job done.

I then make the passes with my trusty cartridge razor (read why I prefer a cartridge razor for shaving my head here):

After a few passes, the buildup of hair and cream on the cartridge head was incredibly light:

Here is a quick 5 second rinse (before):

…and after:

Once I made all the passes with the razor along my head, I noticed that Cremo leaves an extraordinarily slick residue behind (in a good way).  With a simple rinse of water I was able to remove any shave cream remnants.

Here is some post-shave proof (taken a few minutes after I was done shaving):

Price Of Admission

Of all the latherless shave creams on the market, Cremo will be one of the best options out there for the men who are on a tight budget.

When visiting the Cremo website, you will find that any of the size options offered (6oz, 3oz, and 1oz) all come in with a sub $10 price tag.

From a price per ounce basis when to compared to offerings like Jack Black’s Beard Lube at $2.83/oz, Cremo rings up at only $1.33/oz.

A total savings of 53% ($1.50/oz) for a comparable latherless shave cream!

Oh, and did we say that this 6oz tube will last you about 90 shaves?

Not bad for efficiency!

Final Thoughts on Cremo

Overall, Cremo lives up to their slogan of being ‘Astonishingly Superior’.

Their shave cream will work perfectly whether you have a electric razor, cartridge razor, or even an old school safety razor.

The latherless solution will help to keep an airtight seal along the surface of your skin which will work to both increase the overall comfort of your shave while also delivering a rich induction of moisture and nutrients to your skin.

So if you have been using a canned cream for a while, you can kiss ashy cheeks and post-shave skin irritation goodbye with this fine offering by Cremo.

Shawn Burns | @toolsofmen

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