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How Coconut Oil Can Boost Your Beard & Skin IMMEDIATELY

So, this is embarrassing, but because we’re all friends here, I’ll share this with you.

I had a big night a couple years ago. I can’t remember what we were celebrating or what the occasion was. All I remember was the alcohol. Lots. Of. Alcohol.

There were plenty of shots going around. Me and a few of my buddies were trying to outdo each other at just about everything. Basically, we thought we were in college again.

But we most definitely weren’t. We were just a bunch of man-boys that ended up WAY too drunk and WAY too hung-over the next morning.

And silly me, I forgot that the next morning was a get together my partner had planned with a few of our friends.

But wait, It gets better…

I got up, feeling pretty rough from the night before, but my partner had no sympathy for me at all. I agree with her now. It was, as the Koreans say, a very stupid thing to do. Actually, I think anybody would say that.

I got up, well, more fell out of bed. I put on my pants that had somehow ended up in the shower stall. And I slipped on a shirt that smelled half decent. And I stumbled into the bathroom.

I quickly brushed my teeth. Through my bleary-eyed state, I didn’t pay too much attention to what I was doing. I noticed that my toothpaste felt a little strange, but I thought I was simply feeling the after-effects of the night before. I had a pretty foggy brain.

It wasn’t until I was about 20-30 strokes of brushing in that I realized that the taste was different as well. I just thought that I was using a new toothpaste brand that my partner had purchased.

No bother.

But then I started to notice that the smell was unlike any toothpaste I’d tried before. Not minty. Not fruity. More like an Asian stir-fry actually.

I glanced over at the ‘toothpaste’ and I had accidentally grabbed the wrong tube!

Now, I’ve heard of people grabbing vaginal creams or hair gels (I won’t make that mistake), but my misstep wasn’t as bad as those.

I had grabbed a portable squeeze bottle of coconut oil, meant to moisturize my partner’s hair.

My upset stomach was already threatening ‘reverse action’, so the realization of my toothpaste quickly overwhelmed me. Thankfully, I was already in the bathroom and made it over to the toilet just in time.

At least my breath smelled tropical and pleasant afterwards.

Coconut Oil Market Growth

As silly as my story sounds, I don’t think it’s unique. Somebody must’ve been as foolish as I was, at least one other time. It can’t be just me! And it’s because coconut oil is everywhere. It’s being used in so many different applications, both in food and as a cosmetic.

There’s good reason for it too. Coconuts have long been understood to be full of health benefits. There’s a reason that the castaways on Gilligan’s Island could last as long as they did. They were absolutely spoiled with coconuts.

While remaining one of the most versatile plant products, we can use coconuts for so many purposes. You can form a rope that supports human weight, use the husk to create cutlery, create kindling for fires, use the water and milk for sustenance, and extract the oil for so much more.

Coconut oil has been used in the following ways:

  • Combat Alzheimer’s
  • Burn fat
  • Decrease wrinkles and age spots
  • Improve digestion
  • Cooking oil
  • Coffee enhancer
  • Moisturize Skin
  • Lip Balm
  • Calm cold sores
  • And much more…

It’s been deemed incredibly safe as a food or an additive. It has no cancer causing agents, no toxins, causes no allergic reactions, and there are no restrictions on amounts currently known to have any adverse effect. It’s also incredibly cheap.

I wouldn’t say it’s the healthiest of cooking oils to eat. It’s pretty high in saturated fats, or the bad fats that your heart doesn’t appreciate. It does have a high smoke point for cooking with, but we’re not here to get all culinary.

Today we are more interested in the cosmetic effects…

One thing I do appreciate about coconut oil is that it’s a sustainable product to harvest. One of its competitors, palm oil, is incredibly harmful to harvest and devastates the environment and the natural habitat of many creatures.

Most importantly, the orangutan has its home among the palm plantations in Borneo and Sumatra. Estimates put forward scary numbers like 90%, which is the amount of orangutan habitat wiped out by harvesting palm oil. And that’s just in the last 20 years. Please go here to learn more.

Also, in comparison to coconut oil, which can be used in nearly 25 different types of products, palm oil just doesn’t even stand up to other oils. Coconut oil is natural, sustainable, and supports local farmers.

making your own beard oil

Best Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair

You’ll find two different types of coconut oil out there; Refined and Unrefined.

Refined – To get the type of coconut oil found in most home uses, the oils are refined, bleached, and deodorized (a process called RBD) before use. Typically, these coconut oils don’t even taste or smell of coconuts, having all their aromas leeched out during the process.

The oil is extracted from the dried nut, which is superheated and then put into powerful presses. The kernel of the coconut yields about 60% of its weight into oil. It’s then put though the RBD process because this doesn’t produce a pure product. There are too many contaminants in the refined oil to be used for cooking. Instead, it makes a great addition to oils and balms.

Unrefined – Unrefined, or virgin coconut oil is produced from the fresh kernel, or meat, of the nut. It’s pressed, spun in a centrifuge, or heated until the oil separates from the combined liquids. This process happens rapidly without exposing the coconut flesh to extremely high heats. This, in turn, retains the tastes and smells of the coconut and it’s perfect to use in home cooking.

As good as coconut oil can be for food and for general health, we’re interested in something different.

We’re interested in beard health.

Coconut Oil for Beard Health

Coconut oil penetrates deeply into the follicles of your hair and moisturizes those tired, dry whiskers. It makes the hair appear smooth, shiny, and healthy. They also work into the split ends of your beard (Yes, your beard can get split ends) and lessens the appearance of the split ends in the future.

That’s great news for the appearance of your beard. It won’t be scraggly and unkempt (Think ZZ Top). Instead, you’ll have a luscious beard that people will actually want to touch (Think if David Beckham had a beard).

Coconut Oil For Beard Dandruff

If you’ve ever grown a beard, you’re familiar with that scratchy, itchy sensation. Sometimes, it passes without any real annoyance, while other times, you need both hands rubbing and scratching your poor face. That’s due to one thing.


If your beard or face is too dry, it becomes irritated and starts to itch. That’s a great sign that you need some sort of beard care to manage your dry, irritated skin.

And although the market is saturated with options to moisturize your face, many men like to rely on just coconut oil for all the reasons I already mentioned; it’s cheap, it’s sustainable, and it’s completely natural.

As the coconut oil penetrates the beard hair, it also gets into the skin and under the pores of your dry follicles.

I’ll talk about why that’s so important in a minute.

Not only that, it’s an antibacterial and antifungal oil, reducing any flare-ups of acne or blackheads.

Have you heard of dandruff? Of course you have. It’s not a problem I have (bald men rarely do), but I do occasionally get beardruff. It’s dry, flaky bits of skin that fall out of your beard due to dry skin.

Coconut oil reduces any possible flare-ups of beardruff by keeping that skin moisturized and lubricated.

Remember, just because it’s hidden underneath your beard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it.

Benefits Of Shaving With Coconut Oil

Don’t have a full beard?

Not manly enough to try it? (Kidding, of course)

If you’re one of those gentlemen who aren’t going for the rogue mountain man look, coconut oil still works for you. Take care to use coconut oil as your pre-shave oil, and you’ll keep the blade lubricated as you glide over the skin.

Not only that, you can use the coconut oil as a post-shave balm to moisturize a fresh, raw skin that’s been stripped of hair.

This is great to note if you’re prone to dry, sensitive skin after a good shave. If you live in a dry climate coconut oil is also a great save when you need it. Use it on your cheeks and neck to prevent any redness or dry, flaky skin you’d get from a dry winter or a blowing wind.

pre shave oil will help make your face feel much better

Beard Oils & Balms WITH Coconut Oil

I’ll give you some popular products that contain coconut oil in a second, but first…

I’m always fond of saying that what one person uses for their face won’t necessarily correspond with your face. Don’t just copy what bloggers and YouTube stars use. Figure out what’s right for you.

That being said, here is a list of just a few of the brands I’ve come across that use coconut oil in their compounds.

Spartan’s Den Premium Beard Balm

Although it comes in three varieties, this popular beard balm (say that three times fast) offers a classic mainstay. The beard balm uses coconut oil to act as a lubricant and moisturizer for your beard and skin.

It does contain other products as well to aid with the purpose of softening and smoothing out your beard. It uses Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, and Beeswax. They call this a ‘beard conditioner’ which really helps you understand what it does to the stiff hair on your face. It will loosen it up, and make it look shiny and fresh again.

Certified Organic Beard Oil

Certified Organic keeps all of its products free from artificial additives. It maintains an all-organic ingredient list that smoothes your beard and soothes your skin. It contains organic Sunflower Oil, vitamin E, and Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Fractionated coconut oil simply refers to the practice used to extract the oil from the coconut flesh. It goes through a process where the long-chain fatty acids are removed through heat treatment. This keeps the oil in liquid form, even at room temperature.

It applies easily onto the beard hair, and they say it promotes growth and thickness of the beard hair.

BC Beard Works Coconut Beard Oil

I’m not particularly turning you towards one product or another, but I’m a fan of BC Beard Works. They love all stuff beard and manly. And that’s why they pump out great products like this coconut beard oil.

The owners should know how to craft an effective beard oil using coconuts. They both sport incredible beards themselves. This beard oil treats the split ends we talked about before. It also moisturizes and softens your beard hair so that within 1 week, you’ll have a noticeably moisturized skin that doesn’t itch or dry out.

Urbane Men Pre-Shave Oil

If you’re not going to commit to a full beard, at least care for your face with coconut oil pre-shave cream. Urbane uses coconut oil as one of their main ingredients as a commercial pre-shave oil.

Simply apply to your face before you put on your shave cream or soap. It acts as an additional moisture barrier that prevent razor burn and dry, flaky skin. Once you try a pre-shave oil, you won’t go back to just pure creams again.

Coconut Oils To The Rescue

The term ‘au naturale’ is, I believe, a Spanish term meaning, ‘good for your body’ (Please don’t email me. I know what it means).

No, I’m a fan of the coconut oil because it’s a natural salve and moisturizer to care for your beard. Most men don’t realize how important it is to care for the hairs on their face, regardless if their down to their chest, or just a few days old.

Coconut oil has so many uses (not toothpaste!), and softening your beard and moisturizing the skin underneath is one of the best I’ve come across.

Care for your beard, because it will still look good when you’re old.

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