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10 Best Wallets For Men That Are Cool & Sleek

Before you head out the door in the morning, chances are that you do the three-point check – keys, phone, and yes, wallet.

A critical everyday carry item, the wallet says a lot about who you are as a man from both a style and organizational perspective.

Quality wallets come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, brands, technology types and more.  A wallet made with fine craftsmanship should not only look beautiful, but should also be built to last you for years down the road – like the Bi-Fold Wallet by Filson.

In today’s guide, we wanted to go over three key areas:

  • 8 very important considerations to think about before you purchase your wallet
  • Reviews of 10 unique (yet best in class) wallets we reviewed for 2020
  • A few tips to save you both time and money so your new wallet doesn’t get destroyed

Let’s jump into the guide:

Before You Decide: 8 Things to Think About When Purchasing a New Wallet

  1. Material: Wallets come in various materials, including synthetic fibers, aluminum, canvas, and leather. Each material has its own unique properties, such as durability, thickness, and style. Consider your wallet preferences and the material’s longevity when making a purchase.
  2. Design: Wallet designs vary, including bi-fold, tri-fold, card cases, and money clips. Each design has its advantages and disadvantages, such as size, accessibility, and card storage. Consider your daily wallet usage and choose a design that fits your needs.
  3. Color: Wallet colors range from classic black and brown to bold patterns and hues. Depending on your personal style and the occasions where you will use your wallet, choose a color that complements your wardrobe and sends the right message.
  4. Price: Wallet prices can range from under $20 to over $100, depending on the materials, style, craftsmanship, and brand. Determine your budget and what you value in a wallet before making a purchase.
  5. Brand: Some brands specialize in wallet-making, while others offer wallets as accessories. Consider whether the brand is important to you and if you prefer a luxury brand or a more affordable option.
  6. Style: Wallets can be categorized into formal, organizational heavy, and tactical styles. Formal wallets are simple and versatile, while organizational heavy wallets offer extra storage options like coin pouches and photo albums. Tactical wallets include additional tools like fold-out knives and bottle openers. Choose a style that suits your lifestyle and preferences.
  7. Card Slots: With the rise of digital payment platforms like Google Pay and Apple Pay, the number of physical cards you carry may decrease. Consider how many cards you currently have and whether you need a wallet with more or fewer card slots.
  8. RFID Blocking: RFID blocking wallets prevent your credit card details from being stolen by blocking radio frequency signals. If you’re concerned about financial safety, especially when commuting in crowded areas, look for wallets with RFID blocking capabilities.

Comparing Men’s Wallets

ProductMaterialCard CapacityExtrasBest For
Bi-Fold Wallet by FilsonVegetable Tanned Bridle Leather6Best Traditional Bi-Fold
Minimal Card Wallet by Tanner GoodsMeridian English Bridle LeatherAbout 6 (2 card slots)Best Slim
Delta ID Lock Billfold by TUMILeather4RFID BlockingBest Luxury
‘Hide and Seek’ Wallet by BellroyPremium Leather5 – 12+ CardsRFID Blocking / Hidden Slots For Cards & Cash / 3 Year WarrantyBest Designer
Ion Wallet by Pioneer10XD Ripstop Fabric6 to 810 Year Warranty
Card Holder by Red Wing HeritageVegetable-Tanned Leather4
Aluminum Wallet by Ridge WalletAluminum / Elastic1 – 12Lifetime Warranty / RFID Blocking
T01 Spec Ops by Dango ProductsAluminum / DTEX (proprietary material) / Stainless SteelUp to 12Multi-Tool / RFID Blocking / Vegan FriendlyBest For Durability
Slim Minimalist Wallet by BuffwayGenuine Leather4RFID Blocking
Trifold Wallet by Levi’s37% Polyurethane / 36% Other Fibers / 27% Nylon6RFID Blocking / 10 Different Colors

The 10 Best Wallets For Men

After reading countless reviews from other men, doing our own set of research, and considering the various styles, materials, price points and more, we found that  the following wallets below were best in class:

1. Best Traditional Bi-Fold: Bi-Fold Wallet by Filson

filson bifold

Materials: Vegetable Tanned Bridle Leather | Card Capacity:  6

With a rich history dating back to the 1890s (read it when you have a minute – it’s pretty fascinating), Filson has established themselves as one of the premium  brands when it comes to men’s outerwear.

Originally designed to dress the men heading into the Pacific Northwest for the gold rush, Filson’s philosophy hasn’t wavered over the years – “Make sure it’s the absolute best”, and this couldn’t be truer than with the Filson Bi-Fold Wallet.

While it might not look like much from the onset, like the Minimal Card Wallet by Tanner Goods, this bi-fold wallet relies on a quality piece of vegetable-tanned bridle leather, ensuring that it lasts you for years down the road.

Like any quality piece of leather than has been meticulously tanned, it will not only soften with age, but also appear better.

Suited for both formal and casual scenarios, this 6-card slot wallet and large cash slot provides easy access to all the essentials.

So even if you find yourself at the bar Friday night with your buddies and had a few too many, you won’t have to worry about expanding slots, clips, etc. getting in the way to pay the tab.

Lastly, this wallet by Filson is made in the USA, a rarity in the world of clothing and apparel these days.


  • Crafted from the finest leather
  • 6 card and cash slots provide easy and quick access
  • Made in the USA (Seattle)


  • It’s expensive – but understandably so.
  • No tech extras like RFID blocking

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for one of the best leather wallets on the market today, this is it.  It will age incredibly well, it provides easy access to your cards and cash and is made in the USA.

2. Best Slim: Minimal Card Wallet by Tanner Goods

B084KJRTWG Tanner Goods Utility Bifold Traditional 4 Card S

Materials: Meridian English Bridle Leather | Card Capacity:  About 6 (2 card slots)

Whether you are going on a trip or are simply looking for a minimalist wallet that is timeless, the Tanner Goods Minimal Card Wallet is a great pick.

With only two card slots and a large central pocket for bill and coin storage, it’s a no-nonsense wallet that will feel great in your pocket.

Like Red Wing Heritage, Tanner Goods is another well-respected leathercrafting brand based here in the U.S. (Oregon) and prides in its value, durability and aestheticism (source).

Minimal Card Wallet, also made in the USA, has two pieces of Meridian English bridle leather which has been vegetable-tanned and sourced from the

The takeaway here is that just like other fine leather-made goods, expect the Minimal Card Holder to last a lifetime.

What customers are saying: Many customers find the wallet to be stylish, durable, and compact, making it their ideal choice for everyday use.


  • Quality sourced leather that won’t fail you
  • Minimal design straddles both classic and contemporary designs
  • Given the quality, this wallet is priced incredibly good


  • May be a bit too small for some men

What You Need To Know

It’s a fine leather wallet that has been made in an uncompromising way.  Not only is it a great wallet now, but it will only get better with time.

3. Best Luxury: Delta ID Lock Billfold by TUMI

tumi wallet

Materials: Leather| Card Capacity: 4 | Extras: RFID Blocking

Known primarily for their incredibly well-made luggage, including garment bags, the TUMI Delta ID Billfold is a great accessory to add to an existing TUMI collection.

Crafted from leather and in a slim profile that is akin to the Hide And Seek wallet from Bellroy, this wallet can slide into the pockets of even a pair of quality skinny jeans with relative ease.

Despite it having a slim design, men were happy to find that the wallet had a rather large capacity, making it easy to stuff several bills and receipts into the larger compartment without the need of folding everything up.

Given that the above wallet is simply made from plain black leather, it is versatile and can be taken out in both formal and casual settings without drawing unwanted attention.

Lastly, this wallet does have RFID blocking tech between the fabric.  While we couldn’t determine the frequencies that it blocks, it should work well at preventing any identity theft from happening.


  • Super slim profile will feel great in your pocket
  • RFID blocking tech
  • Great for both casual and formal situations


  • Unable to determine grade of leather

What You Need To Know

It’s a great wallet for both formal and casual use.  While the RFID blocking tech is a nice addon, most men loved this wallet for its slim profile.

4. Best Designer: ‘Hide and Seek’ Wallet by Bellroy

B07NZ7JPM3 Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet Slim Leather Bifold De

Materials: Premium Leather| Card Capacity: 5 – 12+ Cards | Extras: RFID Blocking / Hidden Slots For Cards & Cash / 3 Year Warranty

Unfortunately for a lot of men who have owned leather wallets in the past, one of their turnoffs may have been that they were a bit too bulky and felt uncomfortable when they sat down…

…if this hits a bit too close to home and you aren’t ready to jump on the tactical wallet bandwagon, then the Bellroy ‘Hide and Seek’ wallet is a sound choice.

Founded in 2010, Australian-based Bellroy set out to challenge what a leather wallet truly is.

While still using the finest leathers, Bellroy approached the design of this wallet a bit differently.  Instead of taking the easy way out and copying what had been done previously in the market, they created a wallet that relies on fewer layers of leather while also having card slots that aren’t necessarily stacked upon one another.

Therefore, when you slide this wallet into the pocket, it will almost feel as though nothing is there (in a good way, of course, so you aren’t always checking for it).

Proven in the marketplace, this wallet has won rave reviews from men, receiving an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 (at time of publication) with men stating the wallet is “sleek, thin and functional” and has “perfect size and compartments”.


  • Super slim profile is its best feature
  • Quality leather will only get better with age
  • Rightly priced for the material selection


  • 5 card slots may be too limiting for some men

What You Need To Know

If you want a quality leather wallet, yet don’t want the heft that many of them come with, the Bellroy Hide and Seek is an elegant improvement on an age-old accessory.

5. Ion Wallet by Pioneer

pioneer ion

Materials: 10XD Ripstop Fabric | Card Capacity:  6 to 8 | Extras: 10 Year Warranty

When it comes to durability, the Ion Wallet by Pioneer beats all.  Constructed from some of the strongest fibers on earth that is typically used for military body armor and cut-resistant kitchen gloves, it will be able to handle the rigors of your everyday life.

Now normally when something is so durable, the wallet will be tough to close, isn’t practical, and in often cases, just looks downright ugly.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth when looking at this wallet.

Built as a smaller bi-fold wallet, it is both stylish and moderately functional (more on this in a minute).

With a diamond design pattern, it can easily work across both casual and formal occasions.

Now, as far as functionality, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

The compact design is highly welcomed, but if you aren’t a fan of folding your bills when placing them into your wallet, you might find it a little bit cumbersome.

With that being said, if you are a man that embraces mobile payments and only carry a few bills on you at most, then this wallet is perfect.

What customers are saying: Many people enjoy this wallet’s slim design, durability, and high-quality materials.


  • Extremely durable fiber backed by 10-year warranty
  • Compact design keeps a slim profile
  • Moderately priced given the craftsmanship


  • Limited storage compared to others

What You Need To Know

This is a moderately priced, yet incredibly durable wallet; it looks and feels great.  Pioneer does offer up a 10-year warranty against both defects and/or material failure.

6. Card Holder by Red Wing Heritage

red wing heritage card holder

Materials: Vegetable-Tanned Leather | Card Capacity:  4

When it comes to purchasing the finest leather goods, there is simply no beating the quality that is delivered with Red Wing Heritage’s Card Holder.

We recently found their Pioneer belt to be one of the best belts for men, and their card holder is equally impressive.

Made from vegetable-tanned leather that is sourced by the highly prestigious Hermann Oak Leather Company (est. 1881), this card holder should have no problem lasting a lifetime.

For the patriotic men out there, as is often the case when it comes to Red Wing Heritage, their products are made right here in the States.

Now this card holder may be a bit limiting for some, especially around both the capacity and functionality; after all, it can only hold four cards and a few bills in the center pouch. You will be happy to learn that Red Wing Heritage does sell a few additional wallets on their website as well in a variety of different styles.


  • A ‘buy it for life’ purchase
  • Made in the USA
  • Crafted from vegetable-tanned leather


  • Limited functionality
  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a card holder that will turn heads and that you can likely pass down to other generations, this is it.  While it’s more expensive than most, it will never need to be replaced.

7. Aluminum Wallet by Ridge Wallet

ridge wallet

Materials: Aluminum / Elastic | Card Capacity:  1 – 12 | Extras: Lifetime Warranty / RFID Blocking Tech

Acting as a hybrid money clip and card holder, this aluminum wallet by Ridge Wallet is the ultimate pick when it comes to functionality and form.

Weighing only 2 oz., this wallet is one of the lightest that we reviewed.

However, what makes this wallet special is that while it’s light, it doesn’t compromise in any way when it comes to card capacity.

Able to hold up to 12 credit cards and a side clip for your cash, it has no problems working for you.

For the security conscious guys out there, The Ridge Wallet does come with RFID blocking abilities to prevent the possibility of your card or identity from being skimmed.

Given that Ridge Wallet isn’t exactly a household name like Tumi, Red Wing Heritage and others we reviewed, they do stand by their products and offer a lifetime warranty to put your mind at ease.


  • Slim profile is great for casual and discrete use
  • Lifetime warranty provides peace of mind
  • Color selection to suit your style


  • Limited compartments may be tough at times

What You Need To Know

This is a great everyday carry wallet that is both lightweight and functional.  Some men may find the organizational compartments to be a bit limiting (i.e. no place for change).

8. Best For Durability: T01 Spec Ops by Dango Products

dango wallet review

Materials: Aluminum / DTEX (proprietary material) / Stainless Steel | Card Capacity:  Up to 12 | Extras: Multi-Tool / RFID Blocking / Vegan Friendly

Tactical wallets are finding themselves into the pockets of more and more men lately.

Not only can they be wildly functional, but their contemporary design aesthetics are a natural evolution to the classic bi-fold leather wallet.

While they have yet to withstand the test of time, they are worth considering.

Sure, there are countless cookie-cutter tactical wallets available at mega online retailers, but one that really stood out during our review were those made by Dango Products.

Whether it was their meticulous design aesthetics, uncompromising materials, functionality or Made in the USA label, it quickly won our hearts and the hearts of many other men, too.

To give you a better feel for what Dango is all about, check out this slick marketing video they put together:


Perfect for vegans and other men who like to avoid animal derived products, this fully synthetic wallet contains aluminum, DETX non-leather material (their proprietary fabric) and stainless steel.

The biggest reason for considering this wallet above all others will be its functionality.

While we couldn’t figure out all the components on the wallet and what they did, here’s an excellent diagram that Dango put together explaining everything:

If this weren’t enough, Dango also builds into some RFID block tech, making it great for men who like the extra sense of security.

Lastly, unlike virtually all other tactical wallets on the market today, this one is made in the USA, so you know it has a bit better craftsmanship.


  • The multiple tools make this a great EDC wallet
  • Uncompromising materials will last for years
  • Made in the USA
  • Holds up to 12 cards


  • Not the best wallet for formal occasions

What You Need To Know

For a tactical wallet, this is as good as it gets.  With the countless tools always at the ready, you will never find yourself in a bind.  Being made in the USA is also a nice touch.

9. Slim Minimalist Wallet by Buffway

Materials: Genuine Leather | Card Capacity:  4 | Extras: RFID Blocking

Some men don’t need the finest leather, nor a tactical wallet that has so many tools you don’t know what to do with them all…

…and that’s completely okay!

For the guys reading and looking for the no-frills option, we think we found the perfect pick for you.

Here’s why:

  • It has over 4,500 reviews*
  • The review average is 4.6 out 5.0*
  • It can carry 4 cards
  • Contains RFID blocking tech

* At time of initial publication

Now normally to get all of this in a wallet, you would have to pay at minimum $40.

However, if you chop that price in half (and then some), you can walk away with this wallet for less than $15, making it one of the best value picks on our list.

Sure, there might be a few small compromises, the most noticeable one being that your bills must be folded before they are placed in the center pocket.

But if you don’t mind this, or perhaps you like to use your phone to pay for everything, then this is one that will make perfect sense.

Now it is worth noting that the company making it, Buffway, does say that it’s crafted from Genuine Leather.

As you may have remembered from what we mentioned earlier in our guide, this is the lowest form of leather and is just a mixture of both glue and hide pieces.

Therefore, unlike the Red Wing Heritage or Filson wallets we reviewed, this one won’t last you for years down the road.

So as long as you buy this wallet with the right expectations, then it should suffice.  But if you are looking for a ‘buy it for life’ purchase, this isn’t it.

What customers are saying: This wallet is praised for its durability, minimal design, and RFID-blocking features. Many customers are happy with its performance after years of use, and some repurchased it as a gift or replacement.


  • Incredibly affordable pick that gets the job done
  • Perfect for men who just need to store a few cards
  • Color selection is one of the widest we have seen


  • It won’t last forever

What You Need To Know

It’s a great cheap wallet for men who don’t mind a few small design compromises.  The overwhelmingly positive ratings indicate that it’s a hit with a lot of men.

10. Trifold Wallet by Levi’s

Materials: 37% Polyurethane / 36% Other Fibers / 27% Nylon| Card Capacity:  6 | Extras: RFID Blocking / 10 Different Colors

While we all know Levi’s for their incredible lineup of denims (which we recently found out in our review of skinny jeans now encompasses 20 different styles), few are familiar with terrific wallets for the budget-minded men out there.

Sure, it might not be made from top grain leather, and that’s completely okay…

…but with a sub $30 price tag, it’s within reason for a lot of men reading.

One of the best features that men loved about this wallet was the color selection (10 in total) which allows you to subtly display your personal sense of style without trying to make it the center of attention.

The trifold design gives it a fair bit smaller footprint than many of the bi-folds that we reviewed.

Secondly, the wallet has an ID window as well.  So, when going out on the town with your friends, it might make things a bit easier.  But based on our experience, nearly all bouncers ask you to take out the ID anyways, so the thumb opening in plastic shield should make this a bit easier.

Lastly, the wallet has RFID blocking tech built in, making it great for the security conscious men out there.

What customers are saying: Customers praise the wallet’s size, quality, and feel, while some mention concerns about tight card slots, and a few experience issues with the small chain and durability.


  • Incredibly affordable wallet for men looking for a modest upgrade
  • 10 different colors to compliment your style
  • RFID blocking tech is a nice addon feature


  • Not real leather – won’t last a lifetime

What You Need To Know

This is a great leather inspired wallet that should last a few good years.  The subtle color selection is a nice touch.

5 Tips to Getting the Most from Your New Wallet

Now that you have your next wallet just about purchased, you need to know just a few things in order to get the most out of it.

The tips below will not only help the wallet to last a bit longer, but also make it look much better as well.

Here’s what you need to be mindful of with your new wallet:

1. Sitting on It Is Expected – But It Shortens Its Useful Life

Most men reading this probably store their wallet in their back pocket…

…and that’s completely okay!

But here’s the deal when it comes to fabrics and hides, especially leather:

If left in a position for too long, it will begin to stretch out.  Just like when stretching out an undershirt, once the fabric has been stretched  too much, it will never go back to its original shape.

Therefore, what we recommend is that when you sit down (i.e. office and at home), take your wallet out of your pocket.

This little habit is also most important to ensuring that even the finest Filson or Red Wing Heritage wallet lasts for many more years.

2. Cleaning It Properly

Accidents happen.

Whether you set your wallet on the bar in a puddle of beer, or you drop it in some questionable fluids while waiting in line, to prevent any sort of surface stains, you will want to clean it properly.

While it might be a habit for some men to grab hand soap or multipurpose spray to try and reverse the stains, you shouldn’t do this.

Instead, reach for a microfiber rag and just get it slightly damp and try to buff it out with a bit of elbow grease.

If you opted to go with a real leather wallet like the ones we reviewed above, then you are in luck.

For leather wallets, you can use a saddle soap, like this one by Fiebing’s.

It will ensure that a well-worn leather wallet maintains both its suppleness and strength.

Furthermore, leather experts recommend that you do this

3. Don’t Over Stuff It

Going together with our first point about sitting on your wallet, you will also want to make sure that you don’t over stuff it.

Doing so will cause the fold to stretch and get warped in short time (especially if you sit on your wallet while it’s stuffed).

Our recommendation here:

Once a week when you plan your upcoming activities or do a bit of paperwork, make it a habit to go through your wallet and clean out any sort of receipts.

If you find that this is still a big problem for you, just use an app like Microsoft Office Lens or Smart Receipts to keep yourself organized and clutter free.

4. Use Wallets for Different Occasions

Wearing your wallet every day undoubtedly puts it through a ton of abuse.

Therefore, one way to lengthen the useful life of a wallet is to switch it out regularly, perhaps with the seasons.

A canvas wallet looks great in the summer while your leather one equally looks good in the fall and winter months.

Furthermore, if you work in a field where you are constantly wining and dining your clients, then using a fine leather wallet to impress is a great choice for such occasions while you can go back to your tactical wallet on the weekends or when business is slow.

While this might not be applicable for some men, it’s worth at least thinking about, especially if you buy a wallet that you really want to last a long time.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight

From the onset, this probably makes no sense at all.

However, once you get yourself in the habit of taking your wallet out of your pocket when sitting down, or simply when hanging out at home, make sure it’s not in direct sunlight.

Men who live in the South especially know how brutal the sun can be on dying fabrics…

…and your wallet is no different.

So, take just a quick second on where you will toss your wallet when coming home from a long day at work.

How We Decided on the Best Wallets for Men

We knew that finding the best wallet for men in 2020 was going to be tough.  There are just so many options out there.

In fact, if you just simply type “wallets for men” into Amazon, you are returned with 60,000 results.

The main point being is that we might have missed a couple.

But if that’s the case, or you have a wallet that you are happy with and is worth sharing, we would absolutely love to hear about it.

Send us a quick note at hello {at} domain name {dot} com.

With that being said, after reading through countless reviews, visiting subreddits like /r/BuyItForLife and /r/malefashion, viewing other countless online forums and conducting our own research, we are confident in our list above, and we think you will be really happy with them, too.

We hope that you all loved the guide and found it helpful.

Until next time gents!

Adam Williams

As the lead editor of Tools of Men, Adam loves men's grooming products. Particularly of interest is managing facial hair and perfecting the art of the modern man's skincare routine. His work has been featured or quoted in several publications, including New York Magazine, Vice, Sharpologist, MIC, Elite Daily, and more.

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