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11 Best Sunglasses for Men That Are Stylish & Cool

In A Hurry? Our Top Picks:

  1. Best Overall Sunglasses for Men: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses
  2. Best Cheap Men’s Sunglasses Under $50: Shady Ray’s Classic Series Sunglasses
  3. Best Affordable Men’s Sunglasses Under $100: Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses

A quality pair of men’s sunglasses should not only look both stylish and cool when worn, but also provide you with adequate protection from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

But picking out a pair of sunglasses isn’t nearly as simple as it may seem.  When looking at various features including intended use, lens color, frame shape in relation to your face shape, price, brand and more, there is a lot to consider.

We are here to help.

In this guide we not only review the best sunglasses for men in 2020, but we also go over all the key features and what you need to know in order to get the best pair of sunglasses for you and your budget.

Let’s get started:

Table of Contents

The Best Sunglasses for Men of 2020 Reviewed

1. Best Overall Sunglasses for Men: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses, Rubber...

If you know anything at all about sunglasses, you’re probably familiar with Ray-Ban and their iconic Wayfarer sunglasses. They have spawned hundreds of knock-offs and imitations, and they’re classic for a reason – they look great. These are potentially the most popular men’s sunglasses on the market.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are great for all-around use. They are built with a sturdy nylon frame that’s both lightweight and durable, and the lenses are a blend of glass and acetate. Every detail of these sunglasses confirms that they’re built to be sturdy, durable, and versatile. They offer 100% UV protection and come in more than two dozen frame and color combinations.


  • Classic design that works well on almost any face
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Wide variety of lens and frame color choices
  • Reliable Ray-Ban brand


  • Not extremely affordable

What You Need To Know

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a classic, and rocking a pair of these shades is a great choice if you’re looking for a pair of solid sunglasses for all-around daily use.

2. Best Cheap Men’s Sunglasses Under $50: Shady Ray’s Classic Series Sunglasses

Shady Rays Classic Series Polarized Sunglasses...

If you’re shopping for sunglasses on a budget, look no further. The Shady Ray’s Classic Series of sunglasses are durable, polarized, and at an unbeatable price. Every pair of these has a lens width of 53 millimeters, which is pretty standard. However, the fact that there’s only one size means you should probably know whether 53 millimeters will fit you before you decide to make a purchase.

The Shady Ray’s Classic Series come in four color and frame options and are made of composite materials. They also provide 100% UV protection, making them an affordable option for extended outdoor use. All in all, these are likely one of the best cheap sunglasses for men on the market.


  • Attractive price point
  • Trusted brand


  • Reviews do have some complaints of quality issues

What You Need To Know

These are a great option for men who want sunglasses that look good without breaking the bank. They’re not top-of-the-line, but they get the job done at a great price point.

3. Best Affordable Men’s Sunglasses Under $100: Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses

warby parker sunglasses

Warby Parker, founded in 2010, is a new entry to the eyewear market. However, the brand lost no time in finding immense success and building a large fanbase in a matter of just a few years, and they’re one of the most popular eyewear brands on the market today. They’re known for their modern aesthetic and relatively affordable sunglasses, and their Fletcher sunglasses are no exception.

These are offered in prescription and non-prescription variants, with different lens materials being used for each. These acetate sunglasses create a lightweight and durable feel, and all lenses are scratch-resistant and offer 100% UV protection. Simply put, Warby Parker has put together a pair of shades that feels like it costs hundreds more dollars than it actually does, and that’s a good thing.


  • Exceptional quality for the price point
  • Attention to detail and design
  • Prescription offerings available


  • Design may be too minimalistic for some
  • Limited color options

What You Need To Know

If you want sophistication and style at an unbelievable price, Warby Parker’s Fletcher sunglasses are worth a look. Durable and high-quality, these feel more expensive than they really are.

4. Best Flip-Up Men’s Sunglasses: Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Flip-Up Sunglasses

Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Flip-Up Sunglasses

Designed for baseball players, the Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe sunglasses are flip-up shades that work well within sports situations. They come with a headband strap to secure them during games, and they’re an affordable option for baseball players who prefer to play with a pair of shades on.

These sunglasses offer strong protection from UV rays, and the frame and lens are both made with durable polycarbonate materials to prevent them from getting damaged or breaking during games. They also feature blue mirrored lenses to reduce glare — a must when that baseball is soaring right past the sun.


  • Cost-effective option
  • Flip-up mechanism works well
  • Popular among baseball players


  • Very limited use outside of baseball and other sports

What You Need To Know

If you or someone you know needs some simple baseball flip-up shades, the Franklin MLB Deluxe sunglasses are the perfect option. Affordable and durable, you can’t go wrong with these.

5. Best Tactical Sunglasses for Men: Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 3.0

Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 3.0 Array with Black...

Protecting your eyes is always important, especially if you’re doing something that puts you at risk for small fragments or projectiles flying your direction. Whether you’re at a shooting range or playing a round of Airsoft, tactical sunglasses are key to making sure your eyes stay safe and protected.

Made by Oakley, the SI Ballistic tactical glasses aren’t designed for protecting your eyes from UV rays, and they’re certainly not designed with fashion in mind. These glasses are designed to protect your eyes, and that’s exactly what they do. They’re constructed with a sturdy frame and durable plastic lenses, and Oakley is a respected brand for a reason: they make high-quality eyewear.


  • Trusted brand
  • High-quality components
  • Great online reviews


  • Expensive
  • Not useful in casual applications

What You Need To Know

These aren’t your everyday sunglasses, but if you’ve got a need for some tactical eyewear, the Oakley SI Ballistics are a perfect choice.

6. Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men: Maui Jim South Swell Polarized Sunglasses

maui jim

Maui Jim’s South Swell sunglasses are a versatile pair of shades that work well in almost any situation. The advanced polarization cuts through glare, making these a perfect pair if you’re spending a lot of time on the beach, around water, or driving. An added bonus of the polarization technology is that it also enhances colors, making them more vivid and allows you to see with greater contrast.

These sunglasses are built with nylon frames and Maui Jim’s signature SuperThin glass, allowing them to be both lightweight and durable. They’re not the cheapest pair of sunglasses on the market, but they’re certainly one of the best.


  • High-tech polarization technology
  • Sleek style
  • Durable, high-quality materials


  • Very expensive
  • Only one color option

What You Need To Know

They’re one of the most expensive options on this list, but the Maui Jim South Swell sunglasses are high quality and one of the best sunglasses for driving.

7. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses

Ray-Ban unisex adult Rb3025 Classic Sunglasses,...

Aviators are a classic to rule all classics, and when you add the Ray-Ban brand, this particular pair of aviator shades shouldn’t be passed up. Whether you’ve seen them in movies or on your grandpa’s desk, they’re a timeless design that are still worn confidently by many men today. They’re one of the few options on this list with frames constructed from metal, and they offer 100% protection from UV rays. You don’t have to look like a military pilot to pull these off, as they suit a variety of face shapes and styles.

The unique thing about Aviator sunglasses is that they function as both a fashion statement and functional eyewear, making them perfect for almost any application. They’re just retro enough, and just classic enough to make the wearer look effortlessly cool and fashionable. They come in the three traditional Ray-Ban sizes, meaning there’s a perfect fit for any guy.


  • Timeless, recognizable design
  • Both stylish and functional
  • Lots of color options to choose from
  • Trusted Ray-Ban brand


  • Price point is higher than some people might want to pay
  • Very popular design, the look is potentially too mainstream for some men

What You Need To Know

Tom Cruise isn’t the only guy who looks good in aviators; they’re classics for a reason, and there’s so much to love about this pair by Ray-Ban.

8. Persol Sunglasses for Men

Persol PO3048S Rectangular Sunglasses,...

With a semi-rectangular frame and a semi-affordable price point, Persol sunglasses are a basic-yet-functional offering for men who want to wear a pair of sunglasses that don’t necessarily stand out.

Persol has been a respected Italian eyewear manufacturer since 1917, and their sunglasses truly have stood the test of time. They only come in one color and size option, but they work well for most men who decide to give them a try.


  • Traditional design
  • Durable build
  • Not very expensive


  • Only one color option
  • Some user reviews have complained about them being too big

What You Need To Know

A no-frills option for those who don’t want to spend upwards of 200 dollars, Persol sunglasses are a good option for men who like to keep things low-key.

9. Hugo Boss Men’s Rectangular Sunglasses

BOSS by Hugo Boss Men's 0919/S Rectangular...

Hugo Boss has managed to craft a pair of men’s sunglasses remarkably simple with their standard rectangular shades – they’re no-frills and come in two colors. They’re non-polarized and have a plastic frame, so while they may not be the most functional option on the market, they make up for that with loads of style.

These are, without a doubt, some of the best shades available for those who want a designer look at an affordable price. They’re stylish sunglasses with a 100% UV protection coating, so while they’re not incredibly functional, they still do protect your eyes from the sun.


  • Look like high-end sunglasses, but come at an affordable price point
  • Simple and packed with style
  • From a recognizable brand


  • Not polarized
  • More durable options on the market

What You Need To Know

These are excellent for guys who want to be able to wear something that’s subtle yet fashionable all at once, and the price point isn’t terrible for a pair of designer shades.

10. Shwood Canby Wood Sunglasses


Men who want sunglasses with a wood frame should look no further than the Shwood Canby sunglasses. Made from high-quality components and built to last, these combine a wood frame with a plastic lens for impressive style and durability.

There is also a polarized lens option at a slightly higher price point, and overall, these shades are worth a wear even if you’re not into wood lenses.


  • Unique wood lens style
  • Popular brand
  • 1-year warranty


  • Wood is not the most durable frame material
  • Not many color options

What You Need To Know

Whether you’re into wood lenses or not, Shwood has put together some remarkable sunglasses that look stellar on nearly any face shape.

11. Zeal Optics Boone Polarized Sunglasses

zeal optics

Zeal Optics Boone Polarized Sunglasses are designed for men who love to adventure in the outdoors. The polarization technology helps to cut through the glare, and the frame is made from castor oil, meaning that it’s both organic and durable.

These are easily compatible with prescriptions and come in a variety of creative colors, meaning you can accessorize almost any outfit with these. They’re one of the best men’s sunglasses on the market, and they’re worth a look even if you don’t spend your time exploring the outdoors.


  • Highly durable
  • Designed for the outdoors
  • Made from organic materials


  • Lenses might be too large for some
  • Not a good style for formal settings

What You Need To Know

If you’re a guy who likes exploring the outdoors in style, you’d be remiss not to check out Zeal Optics Boone Sunglasses – they’re an attractive and eco-friendly option.

Other Men’s Sunglasses Reviewed

Tom Ford FT 0673 Jamieson Sunglasses 01A...

Tom Ford Jamieson Sunglasses

Respected designer, Tom Ford, puts together a classic round eye pair of sunglasses.  If you are looking for a high end designer and not sure which to go with, these make a sound choice.

sun buddies

Sun Buddies Edie Tortoise

With a thick and bold frame, the Sun Buddies Edie Tortoise sunglasses make a statement.  Featuring Carl Zeiss lenses, they will also provide 100% UV protection.

cary grant sun

Oliver Peoples Cary Grant Sun

Lending on the iconic Hollywood movie star, Cary Grant, these sunglasses are inspired by the 1959 film North by Northwest.  Not only do they look distinct, but they are also available in 5 different colors.

8 Tips on Finding the Best Sunglasses for Men

1. Intended Use

Before you start shopping for sunglasses, it’s helpful to figure out what you’re planning to use them for. The type of sunglasses you buy will depend on many different factors.  For example, if you’re looking to buy sunglasses simply for style, you might not care about the darkness of the lens or the level of eye protection, but if you’re looking for a pair for driving, lenses that are too dark can impair your ability to see dashboard instruments.

Plenty of sunglasses are made for all-purpose use, so if you’re not quite sure about a specific intent for them, don’t worry too much. However, it’s always useful to have some sort of idea about what you’ll be using your sunglasses for, as it will make your search much easier.


Many men aren’t looking for sunglasses for eye protection, but rather as a fashion statement. If you fit this description, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. There are thousands of sunglasses available that function mainly as a stylish accessory. Most of these sunglasses do still protect your eyes from the sun, an important feature no matter what you’re using your sunglasses for, but it’s a function that’s less emphasized with shades that primarily function as accessories.

Sunglasses in this style can be an unusual shape or color, have oversized lenses, use unconventional frame materials, or have a sleek design (think Wayfarers).


If you’ve never used a pair of sunglasses for driving, you’re missing out. They can help to reduce glare, prevent the sun from blinding you, and allow you to see the road better on bright days. If you’re looking for a pair of driving sunglasses, there are a few features you’ll want to consider above all others: glare reduction and tint.

Sun protection is still important with a pair of driving sunglasses, but glare reduction is even more crucial. Sunglasses with high glare reduction eliminate one of the most uncomfortable aspects of driving during sunny weather, and if there’s one thing to consider for a pair of driving shades, it’s glare reduction.

Polarized lenses can really help to reduce glare, and a graduated tint – meaning sunglasses that are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom – can help you reduce brightness on the road while still allowing you to see your dashboard instruments. Your ability to see small details is important to your safety while driving and tinted windshields can cause visibility issues when paired with the wrong color sunglass lenses, so opt for copper and amber tints, as they increase contrast and allow you to see those small details better.


Every guy wants a good pair of shades for the beach. They simultaneously help you to look great and shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. When looking for a pair of sunglasses for summer days at the beach, make sure you get sunglasses with 100% UV protection, as you want your eyes to be completely insulated from the sun.

Glare reduction is an important factor as well, which is why many men opt for polarized sunglasses for beach use. When it comes to lens shape and size, you generally want sunglasses that provide full coverage of your eyes, but avoid anything too big as larger lenses can lead to a raccoon eyes look if you’re someone who tans easily.

Salty air and water are highly corrosive, so you’ll want to look for shades built from materials that are resistant to both water and rust, as this will prolong the life of your sunglasses.


Not everyone likes to wear sunglasses during sports, but they can be helpful particularly for sports like golf and baseball. When you’re choosing sunglasses for sports, consider similar criteria as you would if you were choosing sunglasses for the beach: sun protection and glare reduction are major factors. Another thing you’ll need to consider is the fit of your sunglasses, particularly if you’re wearing them during an active sport. Choosing a frame that wraps around your face a bit is great, and you want something with a tight fit to ensure that your shades don’t fall off during a game.

Durable materials are a must, as there is always the chance of your sports shades falling off and taking a beating. Flip frame styles are popular for some athletes, especially for baseball.

2. Shape/Style

When it comes to sunglasses for men, there are all sorts of shapes and styles to think about. From classic Aviator shades to unique round and oval styles, there really is something for everyone. The shape you choose inevitably comes down to your own personal style, but it can help to understand your own face shape when you’re choosing a style.

As a general rule, your face shape should contrast with the shape of your lenses. If you have a round face, round lenses won’t complement your features very well and you should look for something more angular; similarly, if you have a square jawline, you’ll want shades with rounded corners.

3. Fit

Fit is very important to understand when choosing sunglasses, and if you’re buying online, it helps to understand a brand’s sizing guide to figure out what size will work for you. Not only is fit critical for comfort, but sunglasses that are too loose tend to slip off, and tighter sunglasses can give you a headache.

A great example of straightforward sizing is Ray-Ban. Their sunglasses have three different sizes to choose from: small, standard, and large. The nose bridge size, meaning the area around your nose, is important as well. Too big of a nose bridge size, and the sunglasses won’t properly rest on your face.

If you’re uncertain about size, check your glasses, if you own a pair. Their size will be printed on the inside of the frame, and you can generally use that size to help you figure out what size of shades will work for you. If you’re still not sure, go to the store and try a few pairs on – that’s a foolproof method that can help you be more confident about the size you end up purchasing.

Furthermore, there are different types of nose bridges available – with the most common being the keyhole bridge.  The keyhole bridge rests nicely on the upper nose and is best suited for men with thinner or smaller noses.  Those with large noses may want to look at the saddle bridge as it rests on both the sides and top of nose.

Lastly, if you want versatility, then nose sunglasses may have adjustable nose bridge pads.

4. Sunglasses Brand

From designer to heritage, men’s sunglasses brands range far and wide (and so do prices). Popular brands include Oakley, Smith, Ray-Ban, and Maui Jim, but there are plenty of others. Plenty of high-end designer brands also produce sunglasses, but these are usually very expensive and serve as more of a fashion statement than as functional eyewear.

We’d advise that you choose a sunglasses brand that’s known and respected, as these brands generally offer quality products and stand by them with rock-solid guarantees and warranties. Popular brands are also easier to find and purchase, and customer service is often top-notch. Another thing to consider is that many designer labels’ sunglasses are just cheaper sunglasses re-branded with a designer name, which is why it’s so important to focus on features when you’re picking out sunglasses.

If the high prices of designer sunglasses bother you, try looking for a heritage brand, or a company that makes their own; think of Warby Parker as an example.

5. Color


There are two main options for color when it comes to sunglasses: the frame and the tint. Choosing the color for each of these says a lot about your style, and the color of your frame comes down to personal preference. Choose whatever color you like, but keep in mind colors that you know complement your face.

Frames are most commonly available in black, brown/tortoise, or metal (like silver or gold). Most high-end sunglasses don’t come in bright hues like neon orange or yellow, but you can still find options with those frame colors if that’s the kind of style you want to go for.


Unlike the frame color, intended use does have some bearing on the tint color of your lenses. A gray tint reduces brightness, amber and brown reduce glare, and a gradient tint is darker at the top fading to a lighter tint at the bottom. Yellow is a favorite tint color for polarized glasses, as it helps to define detail, while green can reduce eyestrain and filter blue light. Tint does not impact UV protection, so don’t automatically assume that a dark lens means your eyes will be more protected.

6. Materials (Frames & Lenses)



Plastic frames are common with inexpensive sunglasses. You will generally only find basic plastic frames on cheap sunglasses. There are, however, newer and more technologically-advanced plastic frames that are used on more expensive sunglasses. Acetate sunglasses are strong and flexible, but they’re much more expensive than basic and flimsy plastic frames.

Some newer plastics are made from renewable sources, ranging from castor oil to coffee, and these frames are considered organic. Wearing a pair of sunglasses with renewable plastic frames can be a statement on your views on the environment and renewable resources.


Metal frames are more expensive, and thus are generally seen on higher-end sunglasses. There are a wide variety of metal types used, and each provides different benefits:

  • Monel frames are a malleable, corrosion-resistant metal, one of the most widely used metal mixtures on the market (source).
  • Titanium frames are durable and lightweight, resists corrosion, and is often made from an alloy (a combination of titanium and other metals). It is one of the most affordable metal types for sunglasses.
  • Beryllium is a metal that’s similar to titanium but at an even more affordable price point. Lightweight, strong, and flexible, it’s a great option for guys who want metal-framed sunglasses on a budget.
  • Stainless steel is lightweight, durable, resistant to corrosion and heat, making it a great option for men who spend a lot of time on the beach.
  • Aluminum sunglasses are lightweight, very resistant to corrosion, and offer a unique look. Aluminum is typically modified and mixed with silicone and iron to add strength that aluminum does not have on its own.

There are, of course, other less practical frame options that are used as fashion statements. Wood and crystal frames are two examples of these fashion statements, and they’re generally flimsy and expensive.


Tempered Glass

Lenses made from tempered glass offer the best viewing quality and are also the most scratch-resistant lens type (source). However, they are more expensive, heavier, and prone to shattering, which are all things that you’ll want to consider. If you’re planning to wear your sunglasses while doing something active, you might want to consider a different lens type.


Plastic lenses provide a lot of advantages: they’re light-weight, and impact-resistant. They aren’t quite shatter-proof, but they’re the most impact-resistant lens material on the market. Organic plastic options are available here too, and plastic lenses are usually either acrylic or polycarbonate plastic. Between these two options, always go with polycarbonate plastic, as it’s much stronger than acrylic plastic and is great for sports as well.


Nylon is a modern solution to sunglass lenses, as it’s very shock resistant and incredibly lightweight, making it a great option for sports and activities.

7. Price Tag

With a wide range of brands, styles, and materials comes a wide range of prices. Sunglass costs can vary from ten dollars to several hundred dollars, but as a general rule, a price tag between 50 and 200 dollars should be enough to get you a good pair. Spending more than that can get you top-of-the-line features or fashion sunglasses from designer labels, but that’s not a necessity for all men.

Most importantly, make sure to focus on features and materials over price, as spending more doesn’t guarantee a better pair of sunglasses. An exception to this rule is allowed if you’re brand-conscious and you want a designer label pair of shades; if this describes you, then a higher price is inevitable.

8. Features/Extras

There are plenty of extra features that can work well for specific scenarios and uses of sunglasses. Though these extra features aren’t necessary for the casual guy, men with specific applications in mind should take a look at some of these extra features.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are great for sports, the beach, and fishing. They help cut through glare (which is not the same as UV protection), and they’re great if you’re in bright situations where glare might be an issue. Polarized lenses are also useful for driving due to their ability to eliminate the sun’s glare and offer better road visibility.

UV Protection

Protecting your eyes from the sun is just as important as protecting your skin, and UV protection is a must. 100% protection is always recommended, but if you’re planning to wear your sunglasses more as a fashion statement and not for practical uses, you don’t always need lenses with immense UV protection. As always, consider your intended use and evaluate from there.

Photochromic (Transitional) Lenses

Photochromic lenses are a unique lens type that get darker when exposed to specific types of light, generally UV light. They are clear when they’re not exposed to that type of specific light, and this type of lens is most common in prescription sunglasses.


Hypoallergenic sunglasses are only useful if you have sensitive skin or allergies, but they can be helpful if you fall into those categories. It’s always important to carefully check the materials listed for anything you might be allergic to, though, hypoallergenic is not a well-regulated term and can be used by almost anyone.

Hypoallergenic materials include acetate, titanium, and stainless steel, but make sure that metal blends don’t include nickel, as it can be a fairly irritating metal.

Blue Light Blocking

While typically paired with clear lenses, a blue light blocking lens will block light emitted from LED screens from going into your eye.  This can impact your sleep habits and cause you to stay up longer.  The Sleep Foundation put together an interesting article about the impacts of blue light on sleep if you want to learn more.

Prescription Sunglasses

Men with prescription glasses may feel limited when it comes to sunglasses.  While yes, you can wear contacts underneath a pair of sunglasses, when you have a long day head and don’t want to deal with dry eyes, contacts may not be optimal.  We would recommend contacting your optometrist to see if you can buy a regular pair of sunglasses and have the lenses replaced with prescription lenses.  Some shops offer this, so be sure to call ahead of time.

Sunglasses: Must Have Accessories


MoKo Eyeglass Soft Case, Zippered Neoprene...

A case is very important for keeping your sunglasses in great condition and storing them when they’re not in use. Many sunglasses come with cases, but often the cases they come with can be flimsy, and it’s a good idea to invest in a separate case for your sunglasses.

A good case will offer better protection, which is especially important if you take your sunglasses a lot of places where they might get jostled around – think traveling, taking them to the gym, and other situations where it’s important to keep your sunglasses secure. A case will help you avoid scratches and breaks, which is the last thing you want to happen, particularly if you spent a lot of money on your sunglasses.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Eyeglass Spray

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 6 PACK

We can’t emphasize how important it is to invest in eyeglass spray and a microfiber cleaning cloth. A cloth will help you to keep your glass lenses in excellent shape, and spray cleans and maintains your sunglasses. Usually, a microfiber cloth and eyeglass spray will come with your purchase, but it’s always great to have more on hand in case you run out.

Cleaning spray is also much better than water – it’s pure, and doesn’t contain mineral deposits which can be a detriment to lenses.


Oakley womens Sunglasses Leash Accessories Kit...

A strap certainly doesn’t function for style, but it’s useful during activities where your sunglasses might fall off. Straps generally have a small loop on each side to attach to the arms of your sunglasses and keep them secure while you’re playing sports or doing some other form of activity. They can help to keep them from getting lost, especially if you’re at a theme park, fishing, jogging, or doing something where there’s a risk of them falling off.

Temple Tips

Temple Tips Eyewear Comfort 3 Pair

Temple tips are plastic sleeves that can slide over the temple (ear) part of the frame.  If you have a problem with your sunglasses sliding off, especially due to dry skin, adding a pair of temple tips can provide a nice bit of grip.


Jack Black , Oil-Free Sun Guard SPF 45 Sunscreen,...

Sunscreen is probably the biggest miss on most men’s grooming regimens. It’s extremely important, yet often gets overlooked. If you’re wearing sunglasses, you’re likely wearing them outdoors, which means you’ll need to make sure you have sunscreen on as well.

Wearing sunscreen prevents awkward tan lines around your eyes after wearing sunglasses, and a minimum of 15 SPF is necessary no matter the season, and even if it’s cloudy out. We’ve put together an article on our favorite men’s sunscreens, if you’re not sure what to purchase.

Sunglasses FAQs

What brand of sunglasses are the best?

Brand depends on what you’re planning to use them for. Brands like Smith and Costa target men who like to be in the outdoors, while designer brands emphasize style. Brands like Ray-Ban are somewhere in between. In the end, it depends on what you’re looking for!

What are the top sunglasses?

As with most products, the best sunglasses for men depend entirely on what they’ll be used for. Keep your intent in mind and you’re golden.

What are the best polarized sunglasses?

Some polarized sunglasses are definitely better than others, and generally those will be the most expensive ones. The polarized sunglasses in this article some of our absolute favorites, so give those a look.

Are polarized sunglasses worth it?

Polarized sunglasses are sometimes worth it, and it all depends on what you’re planning to use them for. If you just want sunglasses for style and casual use, you don’t need polarized sunglasses. However, if you are wearing them on the beach, around water, or while driving, polarization may be very valuable to help cut out the sun’s glare.

What color polarized lens is best?

If you just want to reduce glare, amber and brown tints excel in that department. If you’re a fisherman and you want to be able to see through the water better, gray and yellow are the colors of choice.

Are Aviators cool?

Yes, aviator sunglasses are very cool. If you’re asking this question, it might be time to go re-watch Top Gun – that should answer your question.

Are expensive sunglasses better?

As with anything, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, but it can be a good indicator of quality. Something to understand with sunglasses is that designer sunglasses will be expensive regardless of quality, simply because of the brand name. However, expensive sunglasses made by a dedicated eyewear manufacturer will likely be expensive because of quality components and construction.

What should I look for when buying sunglasses?

Think about what you’re going to use them for, and then look for a pair that fits your intent.For some, that will be a durable pair of polarized glasses, and for others, a designer pair that screams style.

Which is better, polarized or UV protection?

Polarization and UV protection aren’t two things that should be compared; they’re two separate things that serve separate purposes. Polarization helps to cut through glare, and UV protection protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Ideally, you want both!

Are all Ray-Bans UV protected?

Yes, every single pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is UV protected. However, some have 100% UV protection, while some have a weaker UV coating, so it’s important to take a look at the details before you purchase a pair.

Sunglasses vs. The Alternatives


Sunglasses are pieces of eyewear designed to protect your eyes from the sun. They have evolved into a huge market, and men’s sunglasses are often viewed as more of a fashion statement than protective eyewear.

Sun Visors

Sun visors are designed to protect your eyes from the sun. They’re similar to a hat, except sun visors don’t cover your head – they just have a visor portion that extends in front of your head to shield your eyes from the sun. Of course if you want full coverage up top, you can always pick up a good sun hat.

Baseball Hat / Snapbacks

Men’s snapbacks and baseball hats are a classic style of hat, and they’re worn both for style purposes as well as protection from the sun. Often, baseball hats don’t just protect your eyes from the sun, they protect your entire face.

Activity Specific (Safety Glasses, Snow Goggles, etc.)

There are plenty of pieces of eyewear that aren’t sunglasses: safety glasses and snow goggles are a few examples. These are designed for specific applications, like snowboarding or working with toxic chemicals.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Sunglasses

In our search for the best sunglasses for men, we evaluated a long list of criteria to find the top competitors on the market. When you’re looking for your ideal pair of men’s sunglasses, it’s important to remember your intent: if your intention is something other than casual wear, you’ll need to double-check that the sunglasses you purchase have the features you’re looking for.

Our list above represents an objective look at the most functional and stylish sunglasses available, and we believe there’s a product for every man on this list.

Adam Williams

As the lead editor of Tools of Men, Adam loves men's grooming products. Particularly of interest is managing facial hair and perfecting the art of the modern man's skincare routine. His work has been featured or quoted in several publications, including New York Magazine, Vice, Sharpologist, MIC, Elite Daily, and more.

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