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Best RFID Blocking Wallets Compared & Reviewed

RFID blocking wallets are a terrific two-in-one product in that it provides financial protection along with easy access to various cards and cash within your wallet.

Beyond providing added peace of mind, RFID blocking wallets should be made with tested materials that prevent thieves from sifting your financial details, along with providing adequate storage, uncompromising and stylish design materials, and withstand the test of time – like the Fossil Derek RFID blocking wallet.

In this review and guide, we not only take a look at some of the most popular RFID blocking wallets currently available on the market, but we also go over a few key considerations if this is your first time buying an RFID blocking wallet.

Let’s get started:

Comparison Table of Best RFID Wallets

ProductMaterialRFID BlockingCard SlotsCash SlotID WindowPassport Pouch
Bellroy Note Sleeve with RFID ProtectionLeatherYesMultipleYesNoNo
Fossil Derek RFID Leather Bifold WalletLeatherYes8YesYesNo
Dash Co. 4.0FabricYesMultipleNoYesNo
Herschel Supply Co. Hank RFID Bifold WalletFabricYes3YesYesNo
HuMn Slim WalletAluminum & SyntheticYesMultipleYesNoNo
Johnston & Murphy Italian Leather Slimfold WalletLeatherYes4YesYesNo
Secrid Men Slim WalletAluminum & LeatherYesMultipleYesNoNo
SlimFold WalletSoft ShellYesMultipleYesNoNo
Bellroy RFID Travel WalletLeatherYes4YesNoYes

1. Bellroy Note Sleeve with RFID Protection

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet (Slim Leather Bifold...

Your credit cards are important, and you want to keep them safe from people who may want to steal your information. This sleek, slim, bifold wallet has everything you need to keep your personal information personal. RFID protection has been springing up in a lot of products lately, but having it in your wallet is a surefire way to keep your money safe in your account. This wallet has slots for your cards, your cash, as well as other pieces of paper you may want to hold on to. It is a bit expensive at nearly $90, but well worth the price.

What customers are saying: The Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet is praised for its sleek design, functionality, and RFID protection. However, a few customers experienced issues with its durability and the ease of accessing cards and coins. Overall, the wallet is highly recommended, with most customers loving its style and capacity.

2. Fossil Derek RFID Leather Bifold Wallet

Fossil Men's Derrick Leather RFID-Blocking Bifold...

The feel of a genuine leather wallet is unmatched for many men today.

However, did you know that your precious credit cards can be stolen through thick leather?

The RFID protection on this wallet is superb and ensures that sidewalk hackers can’t get at your information just by standing next to you. This advanced wallet also has a flip-out ID window for convenience, and eight card slots for all of your important cards. There is also a cash slot and side slots for the cards that don’t fit elsewhere in your wallet.

What customers are saying: This wallet boasts high-quality leather and effective RFID-blocking technology. However, some customers experienced durability issues, while others were satisfied with its long-lasting performance.

3. Dash Co. 4.0

dash co slim wallet

Thinner than an iPhone 6 – the Dash Co. 4.0 comes in a variety of fabrics and designs – some with RFID blocking (like the one pictured above) and some without.   The Dash Co. 4.0 is one of the sleekest wallets that we reviewed that can work in both your front and back pockets.  This single-piece design makes in incredibly easy for you to find the bill or card you are searching for with relative ease.  With the built-in ‘preview’ window on the side of the wallet, you can ensure that your high-frequency cards (i.e. MetroCard or credit card) are even easier to access (for better or for worse).  This wallet will block all RFID snoopers operating on the 13.56Mhz band (the same frequency your credit cards and driver’s license interact with).

4. Herschel Supply Co. Hank RFID Bifold Wallet

Herschel unisex adult Hank Rfid Bi Fold Wallet,...

Your credit card is a valuable asset, so it makes sense that you will want to protect it. This RFID bi-fold wallet makes sure that your information is safe in your back pocket. It features strong, quality construction that feels durable, and is not flimsy or cheap like other wallets. The RFID shielding protects any RFID-enabled cards from potential thieves, ensuring that your information is safe while in your back pocket. There is also an interior ID window for easy access, slip pockets, and three card slots to keep your credit cards.

What customers are saying: The wallet receives mixed reviews, with many praising its stylish look, compact size, and practicality. However, some customers raise concerns about its durability and sufficient storage for their needs.

5. HuMn Slim Wallet

HuMn Mens Wallet Mini Sky White-One Size

This wallet by HuMn is completely cruelty-free and doesn’t contain any leather or other animal by-products.  Constructed simply from synthetic materials for the strap between two aluminum metal plates will not only block RFID signals but will be incredibly sleek and contemporary in design.  From mint green to matte black, you are guaranteed to find a color that complements your everyday wear and will look incredibly good when making your next purchase.

What customers are saying: This wallet has held up well after 4 years of daily use, securely holding cards and cash. A replacement band was easily obtained from the manufacturer, making it an excellent long-lasting investment.

6. Johnston & Murphy Italian Leather Slimfold Wallet

Johnson and Murphy Slim Fold Wallet

A cool leather wallet that is equally sophisticated and familiar. A man can’t go anywhere without his wallet, so if you are in need of an upgrade, set your sights on this RFID-blocking wallet. The enhanced security for your credit cards is a huge bonus, and this slim bi-fold wallet can hold up to four of your cards at once. One exterior pocket, three interior pockets, as well as a transparent ID slot make this a casual, yet functional everyday wallet. It is made out of genuine leather, making it strong, durable, and long-lasting.

7. Secrid Men Slim Wallet

Secrid Men Slim Wallet Genuine Leather RFID Card...

This aluminum and leather hybrid slim wallet (only 14mm thick without any cards or bills) allows you to easily store and access your cards with its easy access slot found on the top of the wallet.  This RFID-protected wallet won’t break nor bend when placed in your front or back pocket ensuring that your crisp bills placed in their respective slot maintain their integrity when taken out at a later point in time.  When using the wallet, you can simply click on the bottom of the base in order to have each one of the cards slide upwards for extremely easy access that won’t leave you fumbling over which credit card to use for the transaction at hand.

What’s more, is that the Secrid wallet comes with a full two-year warranty should you ever run into any sort of problems with the construction of the wallet.

What customers are saying: Customers enjoy the compact size, ease of card access, and design of this wallet, though some have experienced quality control issues and early wear on the leather.

8. SlimFold Wallet

SlimFold MICRO Minimalist Front Pocket Vegan Slim...

This micro soft shell wallet started via a Kickstarter campaign and is now fully in production.  With material that is only .5mm thick (yes you read that correctly), it’s one of the thinnest wallets, we found currently available – while still being able to block out RFID snooping signals as well.  Not only is this material incredibly thin, but it’s also extremely durable and has even been crash-tested at speeds up to 70mph – how’s that for durability?  What’s more, is that the SlimFold wallet is also water 100% waterproof – therefore if you get stuck in a sudden downfall of rain or simply live in the Pacific Northwest, this wallet will keep your bills and other important docs and cards completely dry.

Unlike many of the other wallets we reviewed, the SlimFold not only works great for domestic cash but should have no problem storing Euro bills as well.  Lastly, everything is back by an impressive 5-year warranty – definitely a slim wallet worth the consideration.

What customers are saying: This RFID-blocking wallet is praised for its slim design, functionality, and comfort. Many mention it as a great alternative to other minimalist wallets, and appreciate its durability and ability to securely hold multiple cards. Some mention difficulties in accessing less frequently used cards stored in the extra pockets.

9. Bellroy RFID Travel Wallet

bellroy rfid

This classic-looking wallet features a slim, compact profile and numerous features that make it the perfect everyday wallet. The most important of these features is the RFID blocking capabilities in the wallet, which serves to protect your information on RFID-compatible cards. It does not hold as many cards as other RFID blocking wallets, only able to hold 4 bank cards at a time. However, it is good for travel, as it features an interior passport pouch to keep important documents. A cash slot and a currency pouch round out this wallet and create a unique product to carry with you.

3 Tips for Buying an RFID Wallet

1. Form

Wallets come in many different types, from the classic bifold, front pocket wallet, money clip, and beyond.

Here’s a look at all the most popular types and the RFID blocking protection they provide:

  • Clip: Provides quick access to cash while also keeping your credit cards organized.  This is a risky wallet as card slots are limited, and you may need to store a few under the clip – exposing yourself to potential data sifting.  
  • Credit Card Holder: Typically made of just a single sleeve that can store a few bills (at most) on the inside pouch, a credit card holder is perfect if you’re a minimalist man.  Wallet: You have either the bifold or trifold option.  The bifold has a thinner body and a classic style.  Trifold has a smaller footprint but adds considerably more bulk to your back pocket.  An RFID blocking lining will keep everything inside safe.
  • Passport Wallet: Did you know that your USA passport likely has an RFID chip that contains your name, date of birth, and other biographical information (source)?  It’s for this very reason that RFID blocking passport wallets are so popular with international travelers. 
  • Sleeves: These are great if you like your current wallet but want RFID protection for only a couple of credit cards.  For a few dollars, RFID protective sleeves can keep select cards secure.

2. Storage

Beyond simply holding cash, there are other options that you should think about before purchasing a new wallet:

  • Card Slots: Whether it’s your health or dental insurance cards, library card, or any other identification cards, the slots in your wallet can quickly fill up.  Double-check how many cards you currently have on hand and make sure your new wallet can accommodate.
  • Picture Sleeve:  Sure, everyone has a smartphone these days, but sometimes having a printed picture of your significant other, children, etc., can serve up some great memories.  If you like carrying a picture with you, consider buying a wallet with a few picture sleeves.
  • Coin Pocket: If you don’t want your pockets to jingle with each step, get a wallet with a coin pocket.  However, you should know that it will add considerable bulk.
  • ID Window: Getting carded is annoying – especially when you are of the legal age. An ID window can make getting into places or receiving your drink a bit quicker.

3. Material

RFID blocking wallets can come in a variety of materials, consider the following:

  • Leather: A classy material that never looks out of place.  If possible, go with top or full-grain leather.  This is a better cut of the cowhide and will last a lot longer.  Genuine leather will start to crack and fray after a year.
  • Aluminum & Carbon Fiber: Super lightweight and durable, metal will last a lifetime.  Depending on the style, you will have super casual or formal options – use your judgment here.
  • Natural Fibers: Animal-friendly and affordable, natural fibers come in several different styles.  These wallets tend to be pretty lightweight as well.

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