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Best Merino Wool Sweaters for Men: Stay Cozy This Winter

Merino wool is naturally odor-resistant, dries quickly, keeps your temperature regulated, along with a host of other advantages.  From socks to sweaters, it’s easy to see why this fabric is a wardrobe staple.

In addition to the many benefits of merino wool, it’s also a versatile wardrobe item.  You can easily dress it down for casual weekend wear or dress it up for a semi-formal gathering.

Today we want to share a few sweaters we think you’ll love wearing.

Before making a purchase, consider the following:

How do you plan on wearing your new sweater?

Sweaters will broadly fall into two categories.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Work or Formal Wear: Both fit and material will allow the sweater to drape nicely on your body while also providing some warmth. Thinner fabrics are standard here.
  • Casual: A looser structure to the sweater conveys a more casual appearance.  Consider a relaxed fit if you are looking for comfort rather than style.

You can wear merino wool sweaters for both casual and formal wear.  However, getting one too loose-fitting restricts its versatility. Instead, we recommend a proper and close fit, especially if it’s your first sweater.

What neck style do you prefer?

You’ll find that sweaters come in various neck styles; here are a few tips you should know:

  • Crewneck: This versatile style will never look out of place in a business boardroom meeting or while playing some backyard football with the kids.
  • Turtleneck: Allowing for coverage up to your Adam’s apple, the turtleneck provides more warmth compared to other neck styles.
  • Half-Zip: Great for those men who like a more practical look to their style. The half-zip front also makes it easier to put on and take off the sweater.
  • V-Neck: Almost always paired with a button-down shirt, this sweater allows you to layer your clothing for better insulation and appearance. For a shallow v-neck, consider wearing a crewneck undershirt.  This will help to increase comfort and insulation.

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Summary of the Best Merino Wool Sweaters for Men

ProductMaterialBest ForSizes AvailablePrice Range
Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater100% Merino WoolBest OverallXS to 2XL, Slim and Standard Fits$$
Minus33 100% Merino Wool Chocorua Men’s Crew100% Merino WoolFor Big GuysXS to 6XL$$
Peter Manning Wool Sweaters Crew Neck100% WoolFor Shorter GuysCustom Sizing for Men under 5’8″$$
Uniqlo Men Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater100% Extra Fine Merino WoolAffordableXS to XL$
Everlane The Felted Merino Cable-Knit Crew100% Merino WoolLoose-FittingXS to XL$$
ASKET The Merino Sweater100% Traceable Extra-Fine Merino WoolEco-ConsciousXS to XL, Short, Regular, and Long Lengths$$$
Tom Ford Merino Wool SweaterFine Merino WoolLuxury PickStandard Sizes$$$$$
Banana Republic Italian Merino Turtleneck Sweater100% Italian Merino WoolTurtleneckXS to XL$$
Ramblers Way USA Crew Neck Wool SweaterRambouillet Merino WoolMade in the USAXS to XL$$$
Proof 72-Hour Merino Crewneck Sweater80% Merino Wool, 20% NylonFor TravelXS to XL$$
Filson 400g Merino Long Sleeve Half-Zip100% Merino WoolHeavyweightS to 2XL$$$

1. Best Overall: Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater 

bonobos sweater

Crafted from 100% merino wool, this sweater by Bonobos is a hit among men.  The classic cut and colors allow you to wear this sweater for various occasions.  But what we like most about this sweater is the sizing options.  Available XS to 2XL along with slim and standard fits, you’re guaranteed to look great once you slip it on.

Best worn with: Casual to semi-formal wear.  Denim and chinos work well.

2. For Big Guys: Minus33 100% Merino Wool Chocorua Men’s Crew

minus33  sweater

Founded in 2002, Minus33 specializes in wool apparel for men and women.  But what caught our attention was their Chocorua Men’s Crew.  This 100% merino wool sweater is available in sizes ranging from XS to 6XL.  This allows you to get a sweater to fit your body perfectly.  

Additionally, Minus33 also has one of the most extensive color palettes available – so you can get the exact color sweater you want .  To top it all off, the sweater is easy to clean – no trips to the dry cleaner necessary.  Just machine wash cold and tumble dry low. 

Best worn with: Casual and outdoor wear.  

3. For Shorter Guys: Peter Manning Wool Sweaters Crew Neck

peter manning sweater

If you’re a ‘not-so-tall‘ guy, then you have probably heard of Peter Manning; if not, let me introduce you.  Peter Manning is an NYC-based premium men’s clothing retailer specializing in clothes for shorter men – typically under 5′ 8″.  This narrow focus allows Peter Manning to make clothes that fit and look better.  Their Wool Sweaters are a hit among men, as they are crafted from 100% wool and are soft to the touch.  

If it’s your first time buying from Peter Manning, be sure to check out the sizing chart or take their handy size quiz to get the appropriate fit.

Best worn with: Smart casual to semi-formal wear.  Dress pants, denim, and chinos.

4. Affordable: Uniqlo Men Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater 

uniqlo sweater

While many fast fashion brands justifiably get a lot of bad press about their impact on the environment, Uniqlo is one of the few trying to make a difference, as evident in their intense commitment towards a more sustainable future.  That said, saving money, getting a quality sweater, and looking stylish is an instant home run in my book.  Made from 100% extra fine merino wool, this sweater by Uniqlo will keep you nice and cozy as the temperatures drop.  

Available in six neutral colors, it’s a versatile sweater you can wear for many occasions.  

Note: Uniqlo also makes a crew neck version here.

Best worn with: Casual wear for denim and jeans.

5. Loose-Fitting: Everlane The Felted Merino Cable-Knit Crew

everlane sweater

In 2010, Everlane changed the fashion industry forever when they were transparent with their pricing and what goes on at their factories.  Many years later, they continue to push the envelope through sustainability initiatives and workplace culture.

Their Felted Merino Cable-Knit Crew fully lives up to the uncompromising and quality standards of Everlane.  Crafted from 100% merino wool, this cozy and comfortable sweater is perfect for the long weekends when you simply don’t want to go outside.  The durable and warm design will keep you comfortable from morning till evening. But, of course, this sweater isn’t just relegated to in-home wear; it works well when running a few errands. 

Best worn with: Casual wear.  Denim, chinos, and some joggers.

6. Eco-Conscious: ASKET The Merino Sweater

asket merino wool sweater

Make quality apparel that you only need to buy once; that’s essentially the ethos that ASKET lives by.  This premium fashion label was founded in 2015 by August Bard Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky.  Rather than designing for seasons, ASKET is committed to making classic clothes that’ll stay out of landfills.

With this in mind, we think you’ll love what ASKET has to offer with The Merino Sweater.  This sweater is made from 100% traceable extra-fine merino wool and delivers a classic fit.  Available in sizes XS to XL and lengths of short, regular, and long, it should fit nicely for most men. 

Furthermore, ASKET shares many transparency details about this sweater’s craftsmanship.  Including the cost breakdown, garment origin, and CO2 impact.  

Best worn with: Casual to semi-formal.

7. Luxury Pick: Tom Ford Merino Wool Sweater

tom ford sweater

Tom Ford sets the tone that so many other fashion labels follow.  Their classic yet stylish designs always look great.  Made in Italy from fine merino wool, this sweater pairs perfectly with a blazer or dress pants.  Of course, getting your hands on one of these sweaters will be out of reach for most – but it’s okay to look…right?

Best worn with: Semi-formal to formal.  Pair with dress pants or chinos.

8. Turtleneck: Banana Republic Italian Merino Turtleneck Sweater

Banana Republic Merino Crew-Neck Sweater in Responsible Wool

When the temperature drops and the winds pick up, this Italian Merino Turtleneck Sweater by the Banana Republic provides all the necessary protection you need to keep you nice and cozy.  The 100% Italian-sourced wool has been spun to an extra-fine diameter allowing this sweater to feel exceptionally soft against your skin.  Banana Republic makes this sweater in five neutral colors and sizes ranging from XS to XL.  To sweeten the deal, it’s currently priced at $60.

Best worn with: Semi-formal or officewear.  Dress pants and chinos.

9: Made in the USA: Ramblers Way USA Crew Neck Wool Sweater

ramblers way merino sweater

Founded in 2008, this Portland, Maine-based company makes tried-and-true apparel right here in the USA.  Relying on a finely spun Rambouillet merino wool, the sweater will be plenty breathable while also feeling soft on the skin.  

It’s important to note that Rambouillet merino wool isn’t technically the same as merino wool.   While they are nearly identical in texture and performance, Rambouillet is a different type of sheep that lives in America.  For reference, most merino wool sweaters source their fabrics from Spain, where the merino sheep is a native species.

Ultimately, it’s a great sweater and one that is entirely sourced and made in the USA – a rare find.

Best worn with: Casual to semi-formal.  Denim, chinos, and dress pants.

10: For Travel: Proof 72-Hour Merino Crewneck Sweater

proof  sweater

One of the primary benefits of merino wool is its a naturally odor-resistant fabric.  This allows you to wear the sweater multiple times before washing. So whether you are going on a weekend getaway or perhaps for a more extended trip, consider the Proof 72-Hour Merino Crewneck Sweater.  

This soft yet durable 80% merino wool and 20% nylon sweater is a road warrior.  Able to resist odor for 72 hours, it’s a sweater you can wear a few times before needing to refresh.  It also presents well with a classic waffle knit paired with ribbed cuffs, waist, and collar.  

Best worn with: Casual to smart casual.  Travel pants, chinos, and denim.

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11: Heavyweight: Filson 400g Merino Long Sleeve Half-Zip

filson  sweater

Most merino wool sweaters will have a weight of 235 g/m2 (grams per meter squared).  Most men will find that this weight is more than enough to keep you plenty warm for casual and light outdoor use.  

However, if you are frequently outdoors for an extended period, you should consider wearing a heavier weighted sweater.  Enter the Filson Merino Long Sleeve Half-Zip.  At a hefty 400 g/m2, this sweater is the best at warding off cold temps.  Despite the heavy weight, expect many of merino wool’s classic benefits to shine through, including high breathability, temperature regulation, a soft texture, and odor resistance.  

Lastly, Filson made excellent design choices to increase comfort, including flatlock seams and an extended collar for coverage from cold winds.

Best worn with: Heavy outdoor wear and work pants.

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