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Best Men’s Leather Jackets For An Iconic & Timeless Look

There is no denying the timeless and classy look of a leather jacket.

Able to be easily dressed up or down, the best leather jacket will effortlessly complement your style and become one of the most favorite articles in your wardrobe.

But finding a quality jacket can be really tough. From knowing the different types of leather grades to the rich history of the brand that made the jacket itself, there’s definitely a lot to consider.

Before you hand over hundreds of dollars, we wanted to put together this guide to help you in your journey.  Today we will be reviewing a wide variety of leather jackets, provide you with key considerations to know about before you press that buy button, along with answering a few questions that men often have when searching for a leather jacket.

Lastly, we will share with you a few tips on how to care for your new leather jacket so it will last you for several years.

Comparing Men’s Leather Jackets

ProductMaterialStyleProsConsBest For
Schott Leather Moto Leather JacketSoft leatherClassic motorcycleIconic design, Made in the USA, Soft leatherLimited colorsBest Leather Jacket Overall
D73 Redford Leather JacketDistressed top grain leatherClassic motorcycleDistressed leather, Iconic designSlim fitBest Racer/Motorcycle Leather Jacket
Schott NYC G-1 Flight JacketAntiqued lambskinFlight jacketWarm, Removable shearling collarMilitary-inspired patchesBest Flight Leather Jacket
Peter Millar Ranger Nubuck Leather Field JacketNubuck leatherField jacketSharp silhouette, Quilted liningStraight edge styleBest Field Leather Jacket
Allsaints Survey Suede JacketSuede leatherSuede blazerUnique style, Double layersOnly one color, No zipperBest Suede Leather Jacket
Superdry Leather JacketLeatherSlim-cut motorcycleAffordable, Iconic cutLower qualityBest Affordable Leather Jacket
Belstaff Leather Motorcycle Jacket100% Lambskin leatherMotorcycle jacketMade in Italy, Name-brand recognitionLacks rugged allure
The Leather Factory Leather Biker JacketGenuine leatherBiker jacketStylish, Great priceGenuine leather

The Best Leather Jackets for Men of 2020 Reviewed

1. Best Leather Jacket Overall: Schott Leather Moto Leather Jacket


If you’re a guy who’s wondered how Brando got his iconic look in The Wild One, this is it. The Schott leather motorcycle jacket is a classic look that the company has been working on for some time now – it’s been around since 1913. This jacket adds (or rather removes) some features to give it a more modern flavor, but the core of this piece of Americana still comes out vibrantly.

The jacket has nickel-plated brass hardware and has a slightly slim fit to help protect the wearer against the elements. Unlike other leather jackets, this one has been designed to be wearable all year long, because it’s light enough for Summer but still has the protection you’ll need (with layers, of course) in colder months.

A guy who is looking to pick up his first leather jacket can’t go wrong here.

Between the soft leather that’s ready to wear right out of the box (unlike some thicker leathers that take some time to break in) and the classic cotton flannel lining, this jacket really captures the essence of what a leather jacket is: cool, comfortable, and classic.


  • Made in the USA
  • Iconic design
  • Soft leather is wearable from day one


  • Limited colors

What You Need To Know

When it comes to choosing a leather jacket that will check all the boxes and be the coolest piece of menswear you’ve got the day it arrives home, this is the one.

2. Best Racer/Motorcycle Leather Jacket: D73 Redford Leather Jacket


This is the quintessential motorcycle jacket and is a must-have for any man who is trying to dial in the cool and rebellious factor in their wardrobe. It’s made from distressed top grain leather, so it comes out of the box looking like it should be worn by a man who is experienced.

The leather itself is vegetable-tanned (great for guys who are eco-conscious) and lined with polyester which makes for smoother handling when putting on and taking off the jacket.

While the jacket is true to size, it is designed to contour to the body, so larger men should be aware that this jacket will extenuate their frame – unlike other leather jackets, with this one it’s recommended that you size down rather than up.


  • Distressed top grain leather looks amazing and is just as durable as normal top grain
  • Iconic design is truly stunning


  • “Slim fit” may not be appropriate for all guys

What You Need To Know

This is the classic motorcycle jacket that has been donned by heartaches through the decades, and its smoldering charisma puts it in a class of its own.

3. Best Flight Leather Jacket: Schott NYC G-1 Flight Jacket

scott leather

The antiqued lambskin and removable plush shearling collar of this Schott NYC jacket certainly add to its comfort and classic look, but the defining feature of this flight jacket is certainly its military-inspired patches, which give it a vintage and active quality that only a leather moto jacket has.

The jacket itself is quite full bodied, lending itself to both large and small framed men – it is certainly one of the few leather jackets that will provide real protection during the coldest months of the year. The jacket only comes in medium through xxx-large though, so be aware that if you’re more in the featherweight range this jacket might dominate an outfit a little too much.

Between the lambskin leather, rib-knit cuffs, and thick zipper – this is one of the most true to purpose flight jackets out there, and will definitely keep you warm while harkening back to the pilots of the Greatest Generation.


  • Thick lining provides superior protection from the cold
  • Removable shearling collar


  • Military-inspired patches aren’t appropriate for all occasions

What You Need To Know

For a guy who’s looking for the warmest leather jacket out there and doesn’t want to shy away from the bomber jacket’s military roots, this is the perfect pick.

4. Best Field Leather Jacket: Peter Millar Ranger Nubuck Leather Field Jacket

peter millar

This field jacket is a perfect mix between dapper and executive looks – the nubuck leather gives the field jacket a slightly more casual feel than standard top leather does, taking away some of the marshal quality that can come out in field jackets and leaving only a sharp and handsome piece behind.

The jacket is styled with multiple pockets both on the chest, near the waist, and on the interior of the jacket. Its collar can be opened and then snapped into place, providing more protection from biting winds on early Spring or late Fall days.

This jacket has a leather flap that conceals the zipper, creating an extremely sharp and well put-together look. A man who needs a real leather piece for more formal occasions can trust that it doesn’t have the frills that make a leather jacket too casual but maintains its suave nicely.


  • Sharp silhouette
  • Quilted lining for warmth


  • Straight edge style, lacks the rebelliousness of other leather jackets

What You Need To Know

Although it’s far from being strictly prim and proper, this leather jacket brings a level of stability to its style that is missing in many other leather jacket types.

5. Best Suede Leather Jacket: Allsaints Survey Suede Jacket


By far one of the most unique out there, this Allsaints leather jacket is actually more of a blazer. It has two layers, the outer is a slim fit suede blazer, and the inner a wool-blend herringbone jacket. The two pieces have separate button closures and leaving the inner buttoned and the outer opened creates a warm but sharp style, perfect for Autumn barbeques.

The jacket has top leather patches on the elbows, which is a great design feature as suede here is likely to scuff and scratch easily. The cuffs have a single button which can be opened to create a more casual look.

Allsaints has created a unique look with the dark suede leather that comes with a slightly distressed look out of the box but be aware that many reviewers said this jacket runs small – you may want to size up.


  • Truly unique style
  • Double layers provide more versatility


  • Only one color choice, black
  • No zipper

What You Need To Know

A man who is looking for a jacket to upgrade his look will find that this suede jacket hits the spot.

6. Best Affordable Leather Jacket: Superdry Leather Jacket

Superdry Icon Brad Leather Jacket Black

Not only is this an affordable leather jacket for some guys who might have been priced out of the premium leather jacket market, or are just looking for a jacket that can afford to get a bit scuffed up, this slim-cut design also has a couple of features that some of the other jackets we reviewed are missing.

Take the waistline – it features a fastening mechanism that allows you to tighten the jacket in this area to further protect yourself from the elements. The sleek and slightly punk silhouette of the jacket is perfect for a guy who wants to add a little bit of mystique to his wardrobe without doing serious damage to his bank account.


  • Modest pricing
  • Iconic cut
  • Perfect for trying out a leather jacket for the first time


  • Lower quality means less durability over time

What You Need To Know

This is a great starter jacket – it treads the middle of the road well – bringing a bit of everything to the table in terms of style, price, and comfort.

7. Belstaff Leather Motorcycle Jacket

belstaff men s leather v racer B07PJNRMP3

Belstaff is famous for its leather jackets for good reason – when it comes to the classic motorcycle jacket look, they do not disappoint. This jacket has all the classic features you would expect in a motorcycle jacket – quilted shoulders, horizontal chest pocket, and café racer collar.

The lambskin material of the jacket has been tumbled to add a subtle texture that is missing from many other soft leathers. The jacket is made in Italy, so it has the authentic soul of a racer jacket built-in out of the box. A raised leather logo on the shoulder completes the look.

For a guy who wants a motorcycle jacket strictly for style and is willing to pay for the fitted and authentic look, Belstaff is the best choice by far.


  • 100% Lambskin leather
  • Made in Italy
  • Name-brand recognition


  • Lacks the rugged allure of top grain and American brands

What You Need To Know

This is a sleek jacket designed for men who know how to look good.

8. The Leather Factory Leather Biker Jacket

The Leather Factory Men's SWORD Black Genuine...

This is another great pick for a guy who is looking to add the cool factor that only a leather biker jacket brings while still keeping enough “establishment” in their style to be able to go out for drinks at a nice bar.

The jacket is well priced, especially for a lambskin leather – the jacket also has a snap button on a throat tap, to give it a “mandarin” collar look, that can also protect you from the elements. Reviewers noted that this jacket is certainly not purpose built to protect you from the elements – it’s a fashion piece.

The leather is also genuine leather – which means that it is of much lower quality than what you should expect from full or top grain. According to one reviewer, it may have a polyurethane coating that helps it resist water but may give it a distinct chemical smell.

What customers are saying: The leather jacket has a nice design and is of high quality. However, some customers have reported issues with sizing, and one customer found that it was poorly made and definitely not leather.


  • Very stylish
  • Great price


  • Genuine leather

What You Need To Know

If you’re a guy who just needs the look of a leather jacket for going out and maybe stopping by a couple seedy bars, this is a good choice.

What to Know When Buying A Leather Jacket

When you’re shopping for just the right leather jacket, there are seven especially important considerations you need to think about.

  • Leather Quality: Consider full grain, top grain, genuine, suede, or calfskin leather based on your preferences for durability, flexibility, and style. Full grain leather offers a timeless, rugged look, while calfskin leather is softer and more luxurious. Learn more about leather types on Wikipedia.
  • Intent: Determine whether you want a jacket for business or casual purposes, and choose a style that fits your needs and preferences.
  • Extras: Look for features such as shearling trim or insulation, and consider the number of pockets based on your intended use.
  • Coat Style: Choose from bomber, motorcycle/biker, flight, field, suede, or trucker styles, each with its own unique characteristics and uses.
  • Price: Expect to pay between $500 to over $1000 for a high-quality leather jacket. Investing in a durable, well-made jacket will save you money in the long run.
  • Brand: Consider reputable brands like Schott, D73, Allsaints, Belstaff, and Levi’s for quality leather jackets.
  • Country of Origin: USA-made leather jackets often have higher production standards and a rich history in leather goods, making them a top choice for quality and authenticity. Tanneries like SB Foot Tanning Company in Minnesota and Horween Leather Company in Chicago are known for their high-quality leather.

How to Wear A Leather Jacket Like a Rockstar

There’s no doubt that a leather jacket carries with it a certain allure and mystique – but only if it’s worn properly.

1. Coordination for Consistency

Color consistency is a big deal when it comes to making leather products look great together – you don’t want to have leather shoes and gloves that don’t match. Likewise, if you’re going to wear a leather jacket with other leather goods, be it a belt, shoes or gloves – makes sure you’re keeping a consistent color theme – and ideally, a similar leather type as well.

2. When Dressing Up with A Leather Jacket

It’s easier than most guys expect to dress up well in a leather jacket, the key is picking apparel that compliments rather than throws off the look and style of a leather jacket – you certainly don’t want to overdo it with a dress suit.  Pairing a leather jacket with Chelsea boots and dark denim or chinos creates a well put together look that’s true to the smart casual look.

3. When Dressing Down with A Leather Jacket

Dressing down with a leather jacket is quite easy given their rebellious reputation and look. A dark denim that’s washed or distressed jeans all look great with leather jackets, particularly of the biker type.

If you’re a guy who’s looking to go a step further, with the punk look, you can pair a leather jacket with Chuck Taylors or Dr. Martens and a solid tee to really bring out the punk flavor.

How to Care For A Leather Jacket

1. Natural Hide Must Be Treated Properly

Caring for leather is critical to maintaining its long-term durability and letting it live up to its reputation as a material that will last a lifetime.

Leather maintenance has three critical steps – cleaning, conditioning, and protecting. Here we will go over all three steps briefly, but if you’re looking for a more in depth explanation of how to take care of your leather products, we’ve got you covered here.

It starts with cleaning the leather. For this, you want to buy a specialty leather cleaner – certainly don’t use household soap or detergent, as this is liable to dry your leather out and leave residue that will cause long term damage. You may be able to find good leather cleaners (and conditioning and protectants) if you’re shopping for your leather jacket at a specialty store, so be sure to check out their leather care section if they have one.

If not, you should be looking for something called saddle soap. Originally designed for (you guessed it) saddles, it will clean the leather without leaving it too dry. Inevitably though, the cleaning process removes some of the moisture from the leather. That’s where conditioning comes in.

Conditioning the leather is important to both add and retain moisture that may have been lost during the cleaning process. A common leather conditioner is mink oil, which carries with it a distinct smell that fits with leather products well. There are other conditioners out there that work well too, so you are by no means restricted to this one product – feel free to try others out and see what works best for you.

Finally, you’ll need to protect the leather. In layman’s terms, this means polishing the leather to create a protective barrier against chemicals like exhaust and road salt, as well as moisture that may condense on the jacket.

That’s it – properly caring for your leather goods may seem tedious at first, but over time you may start to gain an appreciation for the care it takes to maintain a piece of menswear that will last a lifetime and find it therapeutic to keep your jacket looking great.

2 . If Wet, Dry with A Cloth

Leather should always be dried properly. Leather should never be dried with heat, as it can alter the construction of a jacket, melt plastic inserts (if there are any) and even crack the leather itself. If your jacket has a lined interior, heat might also degrade it. Leather products should never be left wet, as this can create mold problems and degrade the leather relatively quickly – wiping it down with a hand towel is more than enough though.

3. Seek A Professional If Scratched or Damaged

A local tailor or cobbler is generally easier to find that you might expect, given the how common leather goods are – and you should do this immediately if your leather is scratched or otherwise damaged to prevent further deterioration. While larger cities may have specialty leather repair shops, in smaller towns you might want to find a store that deals with leather tangentially, like a shoe store or purse shop. Be sure to check reviews online first though and get a quote for the work, as with any kind of repairs, a novice can do more harm than good and still end up charging quite a bit.

Common Questions Men Had About Leather Jackets

Can you tailor a leather jacket?

While tailors can help make a leather jacket more fitted, it’s not a reversible process so you want to be extra sure about the reputation of the tailor before going to them for work – try to get a referral or check a local review before handing over your jacket. Leather tailors typically use a different set of tools (like unusually thick needles) to work the leather and get into its seams, so don’t be thrown off by that if you walk into a leatherworker’s shop and don’t recognize the tools you might expect.

Brown vs. black leather jacket, which one should I go with?

As with a lot of menswear, black is a safer bet than brown because it goes with just about any combination of clothing colors and styles, and men’s black leather jackets are really an iconic look. Brown on the other hand, gives a more traditional look and can be especially eye catching if it has a touch of mango tones mixed in. This vibrant color is great if you plan on wearing the jacket for casual wear rather than to the office.

Try pairing a black shirt or pants with a brown leather jacket, as a black shirt with a matching leather jacket may be overpowering. When it comes to leather jackets, brown can extenuate the patina that develops on leather a bit more than a black jacket – but black will show as well, so it’s really just a matter of your personal style.

Will a leather jacket be ruined if it is worn in the rain?

Rain has never ruined a leather jacket; poor maintenance practices have.

What causes a leather jacket to be irreparably damaged is neglect and poor care after getting wet. If caught in a rainstorm, simply wipe the jacket dry with a microfiber cloth. Under no circumstances should you put it near a heater to dry it out – even if you have urgent business and you need to get out of the house quickly – as this will cause severe damage and the leather will crack.

Prevention is also key in preventing water damage to all your leather goods, not just your jacket. Regular care and conditioning are necessary to make sure moisture doesn’t settle into the seams and degrade the leather or the thread holding it together, particularly if you live in a humid or moist area. See above for more detailed instructions on how to handle leather maintenance.

Do leather jackets keep you warm?

This is highly dependent on the type of jacket, but generally yes, especially if the jacket has shearling lining (remember, the bomber leather jacket were originally made for flying at high altitudes in aircraft that did not have pressurized cabins – and reached sub-zero temperatures as a result.) If you want a warm choice look out for a fur collar leather jacket, mens bomber jackets usually have this feature. That being said, if you live in a particularly cold region of the US you’ll probably still need your down parka.

Leather jackets are also excellent windbreakers – hence their strong heritage as motorcycle jackets.

That being said, leather jackets are best for the in-between months, Fall and Spring – as there are better options for warmth in the Winter (think down jackets) and lightweight options in the Summer.

A nice lightweight alternative to the leather jacket during the first part of the year can be a spring jacket – these block wind like a leather jacket but are significantly lighter.

Can you dry clean a leather jacket?

While in all likelihood you can bring your leather jacket to a dry-cleaning company and it will be returned to you clean, they may just be handing it over to a specialty cleaner that has an expertise in leather goods. Given the large investment that was required for your leather jacket, its best to ask what their practice is before handing it over.

What sunglasses go best with a leather jacket?

If you want the classic Americana look, then a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers are a terrific choice.

However, if you are trying to recreate the look of Tom Cruise in Top Gun, then there is no better choice than aviator sunglasses.  With their teardrop design, aviator sunglasses were designed for greater eye coverage for pilots.  They truly make for a killer combo with a leather bomber jacket.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Leather Jackets For Men

When it comes to leather jackets for men, our collection is one of the most well-rounded and versatile you’ll find online and has great choices for men looking to meet a variety of needs and intentions.

Be sure to pay attention to the features we mentioned when picking out the right jacket for you – leather quality, style, extras, brand heritage… these are all based on important features for choosing a leather jacket. You may find that a particular company tends to offer the features you are looking for.

Typically, with menswear, brand name recognition is the main reason to pay attention to brand. This is not the case with leather goods – which are crafted rather than manufactured. This means that a well-known brand is probably known because they’re great at making leather jackets – and there’s a good chance they’ve been around for quite a while. Don’t overlook this when choosing your next jacket.

If you’re still a bit confused amount the ins and outs of choosing a jacket and want to familiarize yourself for before starting your search, feel free to read over the first section of this article again, on how to choose a jacket – and good hunting.

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