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10 Best Flannel Shirts That Are Soft & Comfy

Flannel can be one of the most comfortable and stylish materials out there. It’s also incredibly versatile. We often think of flannel as tailor-made for chilly weather, hunting through a pumpkin patch, and falling leaves. The truth is, however, you can wear it almost any time, and you don’t have to be a hipster or a lumberjack to look like you should be.

Flannels come from Scottish history, and colors are often matched to the tartans – or the colors – associated with specific bands in Scottish lore.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what you need to know when you’re buying a flannel shirt, and we’ll take a look at some of our favorite products. We’ll also give you some tips on how to look your best and answer some common questions.

Let’s dive in.

Comparison Table of Best Flannel Shirts for Men

Here is a quick comparison table that summarizes the differences between the best flannel shirts for men mentioned in this article. You can find more information about each product by clicking on the product title.

ProductMaterialColors/PatternsTrims/SizesAward (if any)
Wellen Mendo Flannel Shirt100% Organic CottonGreen, Blue, RedXS to XXLBest Quality Flannel
Mizzen & Main Wallace Flannel Shirt100% Polyester5 Different Colors/PatternsS to XXL, Trim or Standard fitBest Dress Flannel
Lisboa Braga Flannel100% Cotton5 Single ColorsS to XXLSolid Color Flannel
Pendleton Wool Flannel Shirt100% Virgin WoolMultiple Colors and PatternsFitted, Big, Tall, and Big & Tall trims100% Wool Flannel
Amazon Essentials Plaid Flannel Shirt100% CottonMultiple Colors and PatternsVariety of SizesBest Affordable (Cheap)
Barbour Flannel Shirt100% Cotton, Elastane3 Distinct ColorsRegular fit
Madewell Flannel Sunday Shirt100% Cotton3 Monotone ColorsS to XXL, Regular fit
Bonobos Flannel Shirt100% Cotton9 Different Colors/PatternsSlim, Tailored, or Standard fit
Legendary Flannel Shirt100% Brushed CottonMultiple Colors and PatternsBig and Tall trims
Alimens Flannel Shirt100% Cotton35 Different Colors/PatternsVariety of Sizes

The Best Flannel Shirts For Men of 2020 Reviewed

1. Best Quality Flannel: Wellen Mendo Flannel Shirt

wellen flannel

Made from 100% organic cotton, the Huckberry Wellen Mendo Flannel is the highest quality shirt you can wear out to the bonfire on a cold night. This brushed cotton flannel comes in three checks, green blue and red, and sized XS to XXL. Huckberry offers free shipping and returns, so if you change your mind, you’re covered. The Wellen is on the looser end of the scale in terms of fit and quite rugged. The large check pattern, accented with black, makes this the perfect shirt for outdoor work. If you’re looking for something to wear to the office, this may not be the one for you.

The price is on the higher end of the scale, but your paying for a very high-quality shirt.


  • 100% organic cotton
  • Traditional, brushed finish
  • Warm


  • The higher end of the price scale
  • Will need some more careful washing

What You Need To Know

Perfect for those cold evenings by the fire or raking the leaves on a Sunday morning, the Wellen Mendo Flannel is traditional, and high quality for a decent price point.

2. Best Dress Flannel: Mizzen & Main Wallace Flannel Shirt

mizzen main flannel

Completely on the other side of the spectrum, we find the Mizzen & Main Wallace Flannel Shirt. The small check pattern here makes for an attractive, well-put-together shirt that is perfect for those cool mornings headed to the office. You’ll find five different color options, all priced at the top end of our range. Made from 100% polyester, with button-down collar and brushed fibers give you that soft flannel feels with a refined look to boot.

Mizzen & Main is known for its well-crafted shirts (as we covered in our full review of Mizzen+Main), and this is no different, offered in Small through XXL and a trim or standard fit. Even the standard-fit here is a bit more trimmed than a more traditional flannel, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

It is also worth noting that the shirt itself features some nice natural stretch, which lends to increased comfort throughout the day.


  • Polyester provides some stretch and wicking
  • Dressier style
  • Easy care


  • Higher price than other flannels
  • Not quite as warm as other options.

What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for the flannel look that you can wear into the office, the Mizzen & Main Wallace shirt is perfect. The price point leaves something to be desired, but the quality can’t be beaten.

3. Solid Color Flannel: Lisboa Braga Flannel

lisboa flannel

We often think of a flannel shirt with a distinctive tartan pattern. Huckberry’s Lisboa Braga Flannel, on the contrary, is offered in a gorgeous single color, with a very fine check in the fabric. Available in five colors and sizes from small to XXL, the Lisboa Braga is 100% cotton, providing that warmth you need with a style that will perfectly straddle casual and dressed. Perfect with a pair of khakis or chinos, the Lisboa can be machine washed and dried. The brushed cotton will give you the soft feel while the single color means you can have a more business-minded look.

A bit higher on our price scale, the Lisboa is well worth the price of admittance. Only available in a single trim level, so be sure to ensure you like the feel – returns are free.


  • Attractive single color
  • 100% cotton for breathability
  • Straddles the line between formal and business seamlessly


  • Lack of trim is disappointing
  • Slightly pricey

What You Need To Know

A shirt that can effortlessly glide between the casual business office and the pumpkin patch, the Lisboa Braga Flannel offers comfort, warmth, and attractive design all in one shirt.

4. 100% Wool Flannel: Pendleton Wool Flannel Shirt

Pendleton Men's Size Long Sleeve Classic Fit Board...

Wool is a fantastic material, and wool flannel shirts are equally as wonderful. The Pendleton Wool Flannel wicks moisture away while keeping that warm air close to your body. Available in fitted, big, tall, and big & tall trims, the Pendleton is made from pure virgin wool sourced from ranchers in Umatilla County, Oregon.

The Pendleton flannel was made for the outdoors and is meant to be worn untucked and layered to provide you warmth in wet, windy conditions. Available in tons of different colors and patterns, the Pendleton is casual or for workwear and is priced well in our range. The brushed cotton is easy to care and can be washed cold and dried.

What customers are saying: Customers appreciate the comfortable fit and beautiful design of the flannel shirt. However, some express disappointment with the perceived decline in quality and the lack of an inner liner that used to be present in older versions of the shirt.


  • Natural wool is both versatile and warm
  • Easy care and wash instructions
  • Well priced


  • It does not transition to work or formal wear
  • We’d like to see a button collar here

What You Need To Know

Are you looking for workwear? This is your choice. The wool Pendleton flannel will keep the warm air in, the cool, moist air out, and you are comfortable working the day away.

5. Best Affordable (Cheap): Amazon Essentials Plaid Flannel Shirt

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Long-Sleeve...

Nothing wrong with affordable and a flannel shirt is no different. If you’re looking for a nice casual shirt or something to get out and rake the leaves in the fall, the Amazon Essentials Flannel is perfect. Made of 100% cotton and available in any color you can think of. Many consumers who purchased the shirt have reported that the fabric itself is not brushed, giving you a smooth, clean look. The single patch chest pocket creates a nice style, and the price truly can’t be beaten.

Machine washable and free shipping and returns make the Amazon Essentials flannel a great go-to.

What customers are saying: Customers appreciate the soft material, good fit, and overall quality of these flannel shirts. However, some customers report issues with sleeve and torso length, particularly for those with longer torsos or taller individuals.


  • 100% cotton for a low price
  • Variety of colors
  • Variety of sizes


  • Slightly lower quality than others
  • No brushed option

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for an affordable flannel that is both stylish and warm, then this one is a great pick. The 100% cotton fabric will feel great against your skin all day long.

6. Barbour Flannel Shirt

barbour flannel

Barbour clothing has been outfitting fishermen and British upland hunters for more than 125 years. The company is still family-owned, and if there’s one thing you can bet they do well, it makes a flannel. Made from 100% cotton and a bit of elastane with button-down color, the Barbour flannel comes in three distinct colors. We’re particularly enamored with the third color accent check that is introduced in each color combo. Free shipping and returns from Huckberry make this regular fit flannel a great option. It’s also squarely in the middle of our price range.


  • The button-down collar delivers a clean, refined look
  • Elastine gives just a bit of stretch
  • Great history


  • Maybe pricier than you’d like
  • Color choices may turn some off

What You Need To Know

The history of Barbour, combined with a great shirt make this flannel a great option for any occasion.

7. Madewell Flannel Sunday Shirt

madewell flannel

Madewell, owned by J.Crew, has made both women’s and men’s clothing for many years. The Flannel Sunday shirt is 100% cotton and is a great addition to their already bulging line of great men’s options. Despite the name, you will want to wear it every day, and it’s quite affordable for a well made (get it?) flannel shirt.

Available in three, monotone colors, it fits true to size as a regular and is available small to XXL. Sunday is perfect for those early fall backyard BBQs and college football tailgates. It also works well with a pair of chinos or khakis.


  • Price is right
  • Monotone elevates the style
  • Versatile and durable pick


  • No fit choices, regular only
  • Lack of color options

What You Need To Know

A great flannel that can be dressed up or down, the Sunday shirt is a great addition to your wardrobe.

8. Bonobos Flannel Shirt

bonobos flannel

Certainly, one of the exploding names in men’s clothing, Bonobos does a lot of things very well, and flannel shirts are just another one of those things. Available in slim, tailored, or standard and varying shirt lengths, the Bonobos Flannel is an amazing option for the man that likes a custom experience. There are nine different colors to choose from, each with differing patterns. 100% cotton means you’re getting breathability and warmth. We’re also impressed with the buttons, which match nicely with the off-color in each check. Machine washable and easily cared for, this shirt can be found on the lower end of our pricing range as well.


  • Highly customizable
  • Great color choices
  • Machine washable & dryable


  • Brushed flannel only

What You Need To Know

Bonobos know men’s shirts, and this flannel is no different. Perfect for a weekend outdoors or lounging with the family, this flannel will keep you warm and looking great.

9. Legendary Flannel Shirt

Legendary Whitetails Buck Camp Flannels Cobalt...

Legendary Whitetails offers a truly outdoors feel. Available in a slew of different colors and sizes, and available at the very low end of our range, these double-pleated shirts offer a great look while offering lasting durability. 100% brushed cotton means you’re keeping warm, and the corduroy lining in the collar and cuffs keeps the cool air out. Available in big and tall and machine washable, this flannel is perfect for the man that needs to get out and get work done.

What customers are saying: Overall, customers appreciate the quality, comfort, and warmth of these flannel shirts. However, some customers experienced size inconsistency, with some shirts not matching their specified sizing or shrinking after washing. Some also suggested that pocket flaps could be removed for easier access.


  • Corduroy lining adds a nice touch
  • Truly warm
  • Available pencil pocket


  • Heavy, not for indoors
  • Subject to shrinkage

What You Need To Know

If you need to stay warm out in the elements, the Legendary Whitetails is for you. Hunting or heading to the tailgate, this flannel won’t lead you astray.

10. Alimens Flannel Shirt

Alimens & Gentle Men's Button Down Regular Fit...

Available in a variety of colors with check and plaid to match anyone’s taste, this flannel offers a warm 100% cotton shirt that breathes well. The color selection for this flannel was among the strongest out there.  With 35 color varieties in total, you could wear a new flannel every day of the month and still never wear something twice.

When it comes to quality, men have reported that the shirts are very well made with extra sturdy sewing and great fit. And, at the very bottom end of our price range, you can’t go wrong.

What customers are saying: Customers appreciate the affordability and stylish appearance of the flannel shirt but have mixed opinions about the thickness of the material. Some find the fabric to be thin and more suited for warmer weather, while others describe the quality as good and comfortable.


  • Well-priced
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Sturdy construction


  • Untested brand

What You Need To Know

Available in a variety of sizes, these brushed cotton flannels are great for a variety of occasions, as long as you can see past the lack of a brand name.

What to Know When Buying A Flannel Shirt

  • Materials: Cotton is breathable, affordable, and soft, perfect for cool evenings. Wool is a natural insulator with excellent moisture-wicking properties, ideal for colder weather. Polyester has evolved into a durable and moisture-wicking fabric. Organic Cotton is a sustainable and pesticide-free option.
  • Fabric Treatments: Brush fibers create a soft feel, while non-iron fabrics are tightly woven and always presentable. Fabric weight is also important, with heavyweight flannels for winter and lightweight ones for summer.
  • Style / Colors: Flannel shirts typically feature plaid or checked patterns in earthy or dark tones. They can be suitable for office settings, tucked or untucked, and are great for fall and winter.
  • Fit: A regular or classic fit is the default option for flannels, with a larger cut for casual wear. A slim fit is more tapered and suitable for casual office or going out wear.
  • Brands: Recommended flannel brands include LL BeanHuckberryWranglerBuffalo JacksonMizzen and Main, and Woolrich.
  • Price: Flannels range anywhere from $20 to $150, depending on the material, treatment, style, color, and brand.

How To Wear A Flannel Shirt

1. To Tuck or Untuck?

This highly depends on the weight of your flannel. If you’ve got something thicker, you may want to keep it untucked, otherwise, you’ll be hot and uncomfortable. Dress flannels, however, are made from a thinner fabric and can often be tucked into any style of pants.

2. Wear With Denim Jeans

Flannels harken the inner lumberjack and outdoorsmen. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you can’t look nice too. Dark, tailored denim jeans complete the refined, outdoorsy look you’re going for.

3. Shoe Selection Sets The Tone

Go with chukka boots over Chelsea boots – chukka is less formal but make a strong statement about your outfit. You can wear flannel with sneakers and other shoes, but they won’t quite work as well as chukkas.

4. Complimentary Scent To Complete The Package

Are you working on a beard? Get a nice woods-scented beard oil. This helps condition the hair and the skin and gives you a clean, refined presence. No beard? That’s alright, a woodsy cologne will work just as well.

5. Pair With A Sensible Jacket

When wearing a flannel shirt, its important that you don’t wear it with a complimentary flannel jacket.  While it may be tempting (as it is still flannel), we would recommend wearing a solid color jacket that compliments the aggressive pattern or style of flannel.

Flannel Shirt FAQs

How do you keep flannel shirts from shrinking?

The most important thing you can do to keep your flannel from shrinking is to follow the washing instructions. This is especially true if the flannel is made from a natural fiber like wool. The rule of thumb, if that tag starts to get a little worn, is wool is always hung dry, and cotton can be tumble dried low.

How often should you wash flannel shirts?

If you’re wearing your flannel with an undershirt (which you should), then washing after wearing a few times is fine, as long as the fabric doesn’t look overly loose or wrinkly. If you’re wearing a wool flannel, you can get away with washing less frequently because the fabric naturally wicks sweat away from the body.

Who makes the best flannel shirts?

This is highly dependent on your needs. There are a lot of good brands that have emerged in recent years. The best thing to do is to stop and think about what you want from your flannel. Then, work your way down our list and find a shirt to match.

How to wash flannel shirts?

Again, this varies depending on the material and finish of the fabric. Following the care instructions by far is the most important factor here. If you’re ever unsure, contact the company.

What are some classic flannel colors?

The most classic flannel color that a men can add to their wardrobe, and often a recommend pattern for first time flannel owners, will be the classic red and black plaid or check design.  This classic color combo can be worn with a variety of styles – making it a great addition to any wardrobe.

How We Chose The Best Flannel Shirts For Men

We looked at a variety of features when we chose our best flannel shirts for men of 2020. Comparing the below elements helped us narrow down what we looked for in great flannel shirts. It’s up to each man to determine what he wants out of a flannel shirt.

  • Materials
  • Fabric Treatment
  • Style / Color Options
  • Fit
  • Prices

Regardless of what you decide, the above should be a well-rounded list to work for any man out there.

John Wellman

John Wellman is one of the most experienced and respected fashion experts specializing in men's clothing. He has worked in the fashion industry for over fifteen years, during which time he has provided an expert eye and advice to numerous fashion clients.

John has developed a keen understanding of the nuances of men's style and the importance of selecting the right pieces for a particular look. He has been praised by peers and clients alike for his ability to create classy yet edgy looks that stay true to the personality of the client.

John has a passion for men's style and believes in the importance of dressing with confidence and flair. He looks forward to continuing to make an impact in the fashion world and to helping men look and feel their best.

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