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Best Blazers for Men That Are Stylish & Fit Perfectly

An instant way to class up any look is to add a blazer. Wearing a button-down and some khakis but have a client coming in for lunch at a moment’s notice? Throw on a blazer. Have a last-minute date, and you’re stuck wearing what you’ve got, a pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt? You guessed it…blazer.

The key to making the blazer work is the cut, fit, design, and color that best matches the look for which you’re shooting.

In this comprehensive guide, we not only review some of the best blazers for any body type (tall, short, big, small, or average), but we also go over important considerations to take into account when buying a blazer.

The Best Blazers for Men Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer

Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Blazer

There is no matching the Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer when it comes to finding a classic blazer.  Available in Navy (although they have other blazer colors and fits on their site), it is a versatile blazer that can be easily dressed up or down. Here are a few details that we really liked about this jacket:

  • Constructed from quality wool with a touch of stretch

This blazer is constructed from a summer, lightweight wool that was woven in Italy. The naturally lighter fabric can be worn for 3 months out of the year and is perfect to wear to meetings all year round.  

One feature that we think you will really like about this blazer, especially when compared to others reviewed, is that it contains just a touch of elastane/spandex.  This little bit of extra give will increase your range of movement – great if you lead an active lifestyle.

  • Little details throughout the blazer are nice touches

What we particularly liked about this blazer were the small details found throughout the jacket.  When giving this blazer a close look, you will find a subtle pick stitch along the seams, along with brass buttons that don the Brooks Brothers sheep.  

Above the right hip, there is a ticket pocket, which harkens back to the day when men used these to store coins while riding horseback, and in later years, to store tickets when riding railroads (source).

  • The Regent fit is a timeless cut that works for most men

When browsing blazers over at Brooks Brothers, it’s important to know the lingo before you make a purchase.  The Regent fit (pictured above) is essentially a tailored fit cut.  Other cuts found in their blazers include Milano (slim fit) and Madison (classic cut).  

Other Important Features

  • Available in chest sizes 38 to 48
  • Regular and Short lengths are available
  • Back of the blazer has side vents
  • Men report that it does run a bit bigger


  • Classic navy blazer with unmatched versatility
  • Lightweight wool can be worn for 3 seasons
  • Small details throughout are a nice touch


  • Would have liked to see a few more color options

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a classic blazer that is versatile and timeless, there is simply no beating this jacket by Brooks Brothers.  By relying on quality fabrics and craftsmanship, it will be a favorite pick in your wardrobe.

2. Best Unstructured Blazer: Bonobos Italian Wool Blazer For Men

Bonobos Blazer For Men

Italian wool. You can’t beat it for a great look, and the Bonobos Italian Wool blazer delivers. This sharp, unstructured blazer is available in 19 different colors and patterns and slim, athletic, or standard fits, dependent on color. The unlined interior lends itself to an unstructured, modern look, while the flap pockets and notched lapel mean it can still be dressed up.

You’re paying for a modern take on the blazer here, and the price tends to be a bit higher, at $450. But, with timeless patterns and styles that won’t go out of style and the versatility of the fabric itself, you’ll be making an investment.

Bonobos accommodates all sizes of men as well, offering sizes from 36 to 46 and short, regular, and long lengths. All things considered, this is the best unstructured blazer we’ve found out there.


  • Wide selection of colors and patterns
  • Variety of sizes and cuts
  • Unstructured, yet refined


  • High price
  • No stretch

What You Need To Know

If you’re looking to invest in a great blazer that will stay in style and attractive, look no further than the Bonobos Italian Wool. The price may be a bit higher, but the size, fit, and color options make this blazer worth the investment.

3. Best for Work: Mizzen+Main Lavelle Blazer For Men

Mizzen Main Best Blazer

The best work blazer should combine a clean, professional look with comfort that allows you to get through the day feeling good. That’s what you’re getting with the Mizzen+Main Lavelle blazer. The company is known for its “performance fabric” menswear, especially its shirts. Classic styling combined with moisture-wicking fabrics makes for a great dress shirt.

We’re not surprised that they make a great blazer as well. The navy blue color means it’s incredibly versatile. Throw it on at the beginning of the day for a dressed-up look and throw it on over what you’re already wearing to snazz up anything.

Made from a 96% wool, 4% polyester blend, the Lavelle combines the classic look of a wool blazer with the all-day comfort that polyester provides. You can feel professional and comfortable in those long meetings. The notched lapel paired with the two open side pockets makes for a blazer that straddles the casual-dressed line well.

At $350, the Lavelle is in the moderately high range. It also only comes in trim fit, sizes 38-48. If you’re a larger man and you’re comfortable in a tighter-fitting blazer, this could work for you.  It’s also dry clean only, and there are no customization options available.


  • Dressed and refined while remaining casual
  • Comfortable materials
  • Well-priced for the quality


  • Dry clean only
  • Trim fit only

What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a comfortable, refined, and dynamic blue blazer for work and fit well in a trim fit suit, the Mizzen+Main Lavelle blazer will be right for you.

4. Wrinkle-Resistant: Untuckit Wrinkle-Resistant Palazzo Sport Coat

untuckit blazer

The Palazzo Sport Coat by Untuckit is an instant style upgrade to any wardrobe.  With a 100% wool exterior, the blazer will look great when worn for that extra touch of sophistication during the weekends, when visiting family and friends for a holiday, or simply to the office.  The weave of the wool provides some built-in durability, so the jacket should retain both the structure and a wrinkle-resistant appearance.  

Available in sizes 36 to 48 and in short or regular lengths, most men should have no problem sliding into one.  Consider pairing this with one of the Untuckit dress shirts to complete the look.

5. Lightweight for Summer: Grayers Aventura Washed Linen Blazer

Grayers lightweight summer blazer

Derived from flax plants, linen is a naturally airy fabric that is well-suited for summer wear.  The Aventura Blazer by Grayers is a top contender for those who want to look dapper without breaking a sweat.  Consider wearing the Aventura Blazer to the horse track, family reunion, or backyard wedding.  We suggest that you pair the blazer with denim or chinos, given linen’s slightly more casual appearance.  

This summer-focused blazer features a vent back opening, a chambray lining, and three-button closure. Unfortunately, sizes are limited and may require an additional trip to the tailor.

6. Best for Travel: Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer

bluffworks blazer

When considering a travel blazer, the fabric is everything.  While wool is the traditional choice for many, synthetic fabrics are a must when traveling.  Synthetic fabrics are durable, lightweight, and, most importantly, wrinkle-resistant.  Therefore, when you arrive at your destination, you don’t have to worry about how your jacket will look.

Whether traveling locally or going to Europe for a business meeting, the Gramercy Blazer should be what you reach for first.

The Gramercy Blazer is 100% polyester, machine-washable, features ventilation throughout, has a staggering ten pockets (seven of them are interior for security), and features a classic notch lapel.

The addition of security pockets ensures that you can always have your passport, cash, and more with you at all times.

Size options are best-in-class and are available in short, long, and regular lengths.

7. Custom Made: Indochino Hemsworth Navy Blazer For Men

Indochino Custom Blazer For Men White

Historically, custom-made blazers were exclusively available to those who could pay a tailor to make one for them. Indochino has redefined what it means to be custom-made, using the beauty of the internet to allow everyone to make a blazer that is perfectly styled to them.

Only the navy is pictured above, but the Indochino Hemsworth blazer is available in a veritable ton of different colors and styles. By far, Indochino provides the widest variety. The 100% wool construction means that there’s no stretch in this piece but plenty of breathability.

You can customize everything here, including shoulder type, lapel, chest pocket, button colors and numbers, vents, and more. You can even monogram the blazer so you won’t misplace it at those long, boozy wedding receptions.

Simply put, you can get the exact blazer you want.

“But I don’t know what I want?” you may ask. Fair point. Indochino provides recommendations based on how you’ll wear the blazer, preferred cut, and size, so you don’t have to be a fashion expert to figure out what works best for you.

The blazers are cut precisely to your measurements, so there’s no wrestling through racks to try to find a short or tall version. The versatility of the blazer depends on your style choices. If you’re looking for something that you can wear to both the office and out at night, stay away from the wild colors. Given all that, you’d think the price would be steep, but at $279, it’s surprisingly affordable to get a custom-made blazer.

Because everything is custom made here, the shipping time will be long, often 2-3 weeks. Additionally, the return policy is not generous – unless there’s something wrong with the piece itself, you won’t be getting a refund. Indochino does, however, offer free alterations at one of their showrooms or reimbursement for local tailoring.


  • 100% customizable
  • Affordable, given customizable options
  • Widest selection


  • Long shipping time
  • Virtually no returns

What You Need To Know

A relatively affordable price for a nearly entirely custom suit is what’s on offer from Indochino. With the cut, fit, and style entirely up to the shopper, you can get exactly what you’re looking for or rely on Indochino’s suggestions. The original internet custom tailor delivers another winner.

5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Blazer

1. Fit

When it comes to buying a blazer – the fit is everything. A well-fitting blazer on the cheaper end of the spectrum will always look better than an ill-fitting pricey one. When you’re thinking about the fit of your blazer, consider your body. There’s no right or wrong type but getting something that matches you is best. Here are the popular blazer fits:

  • Slim:  This fit means that it’s cut narrow against the body and arms. When wearing a slim-fit blazer, make sure the clothing you wear under a slim blazer is equally slim.  This fit is ideal for men with little bulk in the chest, arms, or midsection.
  • Tailored/Fitted: This fit is designed to give you a bit more breathing room and make you look a bit more formal. Truly a piece of clothing for any occasion, you can wear a tailored or fitted blazer with anything.
  • Regular: This fit is great for men with a bit of extra weight in the midsection.  This fit is also a fair bit more comfortable.
  • Athletic:  Athletic cut blazers allow for more space in the arms and chest. The blazer is slightly tapered below the chest line. 

2. Color & Patterns

Unless worn as a fashion statement, most blazers skew towards a classic navy or charcoal color.  If uncertain, go with navy.  A lighter color, such as beige, could be pulled off for summertime wear, whereas a dark burgundy makes for classy holiday wear.

Secondly, some blazers offer subtle patterns such as plaid, stripe, tweed, or houndstooth.  We recommend that you consider patterns for a second or third blazer.

3. Materials

The fabric is one of the most important aspects of any blazer. Climate, use, and look are all essential parts of what material you choose.

  • Wool: Wool is one of the most popular materials for blazers and can be worn on almost any occasion.  When buying a blazer, you will find that many may reference an S number.  This refers to how fine the wool has been twisted during the spinning process.  The higher the S Number (180 to 220), the finer the diameter of the wool – making the blazer well suited for formal occasions.  The lower S Number (100 to 150), the thicker the wool is, and the intent for the blazer will be best for daily wear.  Additionally, a higher S Number is often found in summer blazers, whereas a lower S number is for fall and winter blazers. 
  • Linen: This material is more casual and relatively breathable. The thinner material lends itself well for warm climates – especially during the summer months.  One downside to linen is that it wrinkles easily.
  • Cotton:  While not too popular, cotton is both durable and breathable.  This casual material is excellent if you intend to wear the blazer for weekend wear only.
  • Artificial: Some modern men’s brands may offer wrinkle-proof or travel blazers.  These blazers are made from manufactured fibers such as polyester.  While intensely durable, they may have a slightly unnatural look.  Additionally, this material also suffers from that “swooshy” noise.

4. Price

With blazers, it’s essentially a balance between the fabric, cut, and brand.  Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a well-made blazer.  Any more than this, and you are likely paying for the label rather than the craftsmanship.  

5. Design & Details

Here are a few details to be mindful of when buying a blazer:

  • Buttons: Traditionally, blazers come with two buttons.  The buttons can either be muted in color, brass or somewhere in between.  Additionally, some modern brands may be button-less.  A button-less blazer is significantly more casual.
  • Unstructured: This style is much more casual and lighter.  It is an ideal blazer for warmer days.  It also looks great on men who have a tone physique.
  • Pick Stitching: These subtle details along the edges of the blazer are done to make it appear as if it were a custom suit.
  • Pocket Square: Some may add a pocket square to the breast pocket.  Consider a complementary or monochromatic color scheme here.

John Wellman

John Wellman is one of the most experienced and respected fashion experts specializing in men's clothing. He has worked in the fashion industry for over fifteen years, during which time he has provided an expert eye and advice to numerous fashion clients.

John has developed a keen understanding of the nuances of men's style and the importance of selecting the right pieces for a particular look. He has been praised by peers and clients alike for his ability to create classy yet edgy looks that stay true to the personality of the client.

John has a passion for men's style and believes in the importance of dressing with confidence and flair. He looks forward to continuing to make an impact in the fashion world and to helping men look and feel their best.

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