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8 Best American Made Jeans for Men

When it comes to denim, America has an incredibly rich history.  A staple among working-class men in the 1920s who gave it their all in developing this great nation, denim remains a classic to this day.

Unfortunately, finding a pair of jeans that are still made in America is quite tough. This is because so many brands moved their operations overseas and compromised their name and quality for a few extra bucks.

But in recent years, a resurgence of American denim is starting to happen.  Not only are American-made jeans a point of pride, but their quality of craftsmanship is unsurpassed.  

Often relying on beautiful raw denim coupled with a selvedge seam, these jeans are built to last you years rather than a single season.  

Let’s take a look at some of the best American made jeans available today:

Comparison Table: Best Made in USA Jeans

Here’s a quick comparison table of the best jeans made in the USA that we’ve reviewed. We’ve included their key features, so you can easily find the perfect pair for you.

ProductKey FeaturesBest For
Flint and Tinder Stretch Selvage DenimReinforced seams, added Spandex, classic constructionGeneral Wear
Todd Shelton Pro Selvedge Dark WashGorgeous selvedge stitching, bartacks for extra support, Todd Shelton Fit KitUpgrade Pick
Tellason Stock Slim Tapered FitMade in America, 14 oz. denim, button flyButton Fly
Dearborn Denim Tailored Fit JeansExpertly crafted in Chicago, customized cuts, great dye optionsAffordable
KATO’ Pen Slim Stretch SelvedgeHandmade in Los Angeles, 14 oz. denim, great break-inTrending
American Giant Dakota Straight Men’s JeansStellar cut and fit, durable, enough stretch to be comfortablePlenty of Stretch
Gusset Regular Fit Industrial BlueAffordable, relaxed fit, made in the USAAmericana
Detroit Denim Co.Bespoke jeans, high-quality fabric and hardware, handmadeBespoke

1. General Wear: Flint and Tinder Stretch Selvage Denim

huckberry american made

The Flint and Tinder Stretch Selvage Denim by Huckberry are well-built and extremely durable. Relying on a 13.4oz denim fabric, you can expect these jeans to last you years, not months like some other cheap import brands. In addition, the jeans can withstand abuse with a reinforced seam and should never give out whether you are chopping wood or simply picking something up off the ground.

One nice feature of these jeans is the touch of Spandex (1%) that has been woven into the fabric. With a little bit of extra give in the fabric, you never have to worry about it bunching up along the crotch.

What We Like

  • Reinforced seams and hefty fabric greatly extend the lifespan
  • Added Spandex provides greater comfort
  • Classic construction

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited styles
  • Popular sizes often out of stock

The Bottom Line

The Flint & Tinder jeans are well-made and super comfortable. What more could you possibly want?

2. Upgrade Pick: Todd Shelton Pro Selvedge Dark Wash

todd shelton

Sometimes high quality made in the USA jeans requires men to make a bit of an investment. The ROI on the Todd Shelton Pro Selvedge Dark Wash is, however, some of the best jeans out there.

With a customizable waist, inseam, and tapering when purchasing and made in East Rutherford, New Jersey, this pair of jeans will serve you well for a slightly dressed-down outfit to heading out to the bar with the bros. The dark navy tone gives the pair a refined, dressier look, while the bartacks provide a bit of extra structure and solid construction. The denim itself is made in Japan, one of the world’s hot spots for great denim. Additionally, the Todd Shelton Fit Kit makes ensuring you get the right size for your top dollar. 

What We Like

  • Gorgeous selvedge stitching
  • Bartacks for extra support
  • Todd Shelton Fit Kit

What We Don’t Like

  • Very expensive
  • Fabric made in Japan

The Bottom Line

If you’re willing to invest in a great pair of jeans, the Todd Shelton Pro will not disappoint.

3. Button Fly: Tellason Stock Slim Tapered Fit


Tellason is a great company and has been selling high-quality denim products for many years, and they’re offering a stellar choice with the Stock Slim Tampered Fit jeans. Plus, near the bottom of our price range, you get great quality for a small investment.

Made from 14 oz. non-selvedge denim sourced from North Carolina, these button-fly jeans have a mid-rise and offer a normal back rise, keeping your bottom covered up no matter what you’re doing.

What We Like

  • Made in America quality with 14 oz. denim
  • Button fly adds a nice touch
  • American small business

What We Don’t Like

  • Button fly may not be right for everyone
  • These do tend to run a bit tight

The Bottom Line

Tellason is a small business with big offerings, and the Stock Slim Tapered Fit is perfect for all your Made in America denim needs.

4. Affordable: Dearborn Denim Tailored Fit Jeans


As the name suggested, these Dearborn Denim Tailored Fit Jeans are made in the most American of places, Chicago, Illinois, home to the deep dish pizza. 10oz tri-blend stretch and ringspun cotton provide structure with just a hint of movement to ensure you stay comfortable. At the bottom end of our price range, these are mid-rise, sleek through the hip, and fit great for any occasion. Wear the darker washes to your favorite restaurant or to work.

What We Like

  • Expertly crafted in Chicago.
  • Customized cuts
  • Great dye options

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly tighter fit – may not work for all
  • The denim sourced from Mexico

The Bottom Line

A stellar pair of jeans for men that are on a budget and looking to up their style.


A great pair of jeans made in the USA that are available in five different wash colors, the KATO Pen Slim Stretch Selvedge is a pair of jeans made for men with discerning tastes who want a slightly distressed look. Each pair is handmade in Los Angeles with premium 14 oz Japanese denim from a company known the world over for stretch and comfort while maintaining a great look. The selvedge provides a great addition that elevates the style. Wear the Pen Slims anywhere you’d wear a nice pair of denim. A bit on the pricier end at the top of our price range – worth it for the price.

What We Like

  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • Great 14 oz. denim
  • Great break-in

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Only available in waist sizes

The Bottom Line

If you’re willing to invest in a great pair of selvedge “Made in USA” jeans, then these are the ones you’ll want to buy.

6. Plenty of Stretch: American Giant Dakota Straight Men’s Jeans

american giant

No-fuss, no muss, the American Giant Dakota Straight Men’s Jeans are optimal for getting things done. Made from Mount Vernon custom 12.5 oz denim, these are 80% denim with 18/2 polyester and spandex. That added bit of material makes for a great amount of stretch while ensuring your jeans stay looking like jeans. American Giant hand sands their Dakota Straights before adding a custom leather patch – that probably accounts for the slightly higher price tag – near the top of our price range. 

What We Like

  • Stellar cut and fit
  • Durable
  • Enough stretch to be comfortable

What We Don’t Like

  • Would love to see more wash options
  • Length and waist are fixed so you may not find exactly what you need

The Bottom Line

American Giant Dakota Straights are made in the USA and filled with passion – you can see it in the stitching. A great buy for any guy.

7. Americana: Gusset Regular Fit Industrial Blue


Want some tried-and-true American jeans, but not from a brand that hasn’t truly withstood the test of time?  If so, then you should really check out the jeans made by Diamond Gusset Jean Co.  Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Tennesee, Gusset jeans are about as authentically American as you can get.

While we feature their Regular Fit Industrial Blue jeans, which offer a slightly relaxed fit, and are made from a heavy 14.5oz cotton (100%), do know that Gusset makes a variety of styles, including relaxed, easy fit, big and tall, and even workwear.

One shining point to these jeans compared to virtually any other modern brand is the price.  At $67.95, they can work into any budget. Lastly, Gusset does source their denim from both Georgia and Mexico.

What We Like

  • Affordable for American-made jeans
  • Relaxed fit provides plenty of room

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks modern or slim fits
  • Some denim is sourced from Mexico

The Bottom Line

If you like a relaxed fit and don’t want to pay over $100 for a new pair of jeans, then Gusset should be moved to the top of your consideration list.

8. Bespoke: Detroit Denim Co.

detroit denim

When buying high-quality jeans, your style and size options are limited. For example, some premium jean companies don’t offer inseam options (only waist) and require you to make a separate trip to a tailor for a proper fitting!  This can be frustrating, especially when paying over $100 for a pair of jeans.  

What makes Detroit Denim Co. so unique, and the reason we added them to this list, is that they put you in the driver’s seat of the jean creation process.  When buying one of their bespoke jeans, you have complete control over fabric, zipper, waist shape, leg style, and even a little personalization flair – this is truly pretty amazing.  

Detroit Denim Co. allows you to get high-quality jeans precisely the way you want. Each pair of jeans you purchase is handmade – no off-the-shelf stuff here.  

This company is even more remarkable because if you are disappointed in the pair you are buying, you have a 30-day return window (no questions asked).

As the name suggests, Detroit Denim Co. is located in Detroit, Michigan. Expect to pay about $300+ for a single pair.  Lastly, it will take four to six weeks from when the Buy Now button is clicked until the jeans reach your doorstep.

What We Like

  • Bespoke jeans
  • High-quality fabric and hardware
  • Each order is handmade

What We Don’t Like

  • A long time between purchase and delivery

The Bottom Line

One of the first companies we have come across that offers bespoke jeans made in the USA from high-quality fabrics.  Just make sure you plan ahead of time since the shipping time is significantly longer than most.

How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

1. Fit

Jean Fit for Men

Jeans can come in many different fits; here’s how they differ from one another:

  1. Skinny: Tightest fit throughout with a tapered leg opening. They are often low to mid-ride and are best for men who have slimmer frames. 
  2. Slim: Not too tight but not loose. Usually mid-rise, the slim cuts are straight at the hip and slim through the thigh. Great for men who want a bit of a snug fit. 
  3. Regular: Regular cut jeans are straight from hip to leg and not too tight or loose. They’re also usually mid-rise. Perfect for men who like to have some room.
  4. Relaxed: Comfort is key here. Loose throughout from hip to leg.
  5. Loose: Loose fit are baggy and roomy with extra space throughout the entire jean, from hip to leg. Great for men that need to be able to move.

2. Cut

Like the fit of the jeans, the cut from the knee to the foot varies greatly. Here are some of the options:

  • Straight cut: Straight from the knee downwards.
  • Boot cut: Generally have a wider leg opening to accommodate the jeans fitting over a pair of boots. The bottom flares from the calf downwards.
  • Tapered: Tapered cut jeans gradually become narrower from the calf downwards.

3. Materials

The fabric impacts how the jeans feel and wear over time. Here are the key differences among popular materials:

  • Denim: Made of 100% cotton twill – usually blue and white cotton with a diagonal weave. Virtually all quality jeans are made from denim.
  • Spandex: This fabric is added to provide a slight bit of stretch to jeans. It greatly enhances comfort when sitting for an extended time.
  • Polyester: While not as soft as cotton, polyester is much more durable and abrasion-resistant. A few percentages of the total composition should be welcomed.
  • Hardware: Rivets are most often made of copper, and zippers, snaps, buttons are typically steel.

4. Color

Jeans often favor an indigo blue palette. However, some lighter and darker colors are also available. Dark blue or black denim is currently on-trend and can be easily dressed up with a blazer or down with a shirt.

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5. Brand

Here are a few respected brands that currently make their jeans in America:

Brand NameLocationYear Founded
American GiantSan Francisco, CA2012
Buck MasonLos Angeles, CA2013
All American Clothing Co.Arcanum, OH2003
TellasonSan Francisco, CA2011
Bullet BluesCoral Springs, FL2012
Dearborn Denim & ApparelChicago, IL2016
KATO’Los Angeles, CA1999
Flint & Tinder / HuckberrySan Francisco, CA2010

6. Price

High-quality jeans generally aren’t cheap, and American-made usually doesn’t help with the price. Prices vary; expect to pay between $75 and $300 for a quality pair of jeans.

7. Features/Extras

  • Ripped/Distressed: This can provide a cool, worn look for your jeans. Distressed jeans are given a vintage look to appear worn-in, but not all distressed jeans are ripped. Rips and distress can vary from slight “damage” to severe with large or multiple rips and lots of fading. Not all men can pull off the very distressed look, so be aware of your style.
  • Stretch: Added stretch through the addition of Spandex can be more comfortable and sometimes offer a better fit. Don’t be afraid if a bit of stretch is added; it is generally a good thing.

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