6 Best Work Pants for Men That Are Durable & Tough

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A quality pair of work pants should withstand tough working conditions, present well, and allow for effortless movement throughout the day. But here’s the deal: All work pants are not created equally.

From materials used in their construction to the various features found throughout the pant, there is quite a bit you will need to consider when making your purchase.

In this guide, we not only review the most popular and best work pants for men but also share with you some key considerations you should be thinking about before you make your purchase.

Let’s begin.

6 Best Work Pants for Men Reviewed

1. Best Overall Work Pants for Men: Carhartt Double Flex Rigby Double Front Work Pant

Carhartt has been developing work-focused men’s clothing for decades and has made a name for functional and often stylish clothing. The Rugged Flex Rigby is our choice for the best work pants out there. Available in hickory and shadow, these pants feature a button-top closure and are made from 98% cotton with 2% spandex for just a tiny bit of stretch. The relaxed seat and thigh allow for easy movement, and the double front allows for the insertion of knee pads. Reviewers note that these are more of a straight fit than relaxed, so larger gents may want to steer toward a pant with a bit more space. Right in the middle of our range, you can get several pairs, so you don’t look like a ragged mess, even on the job site.


  • Move seamlessly from the job site to the bar afterward
  • Knee pad inserts
  • Cotton construction


  • Limited color options
  • Slim fit may not be best for all

What You Need To Know

Well-priced, a great brand and nearly 100% cotton makes these Carhartt Double Flex Work Pants the best option out there for discerning workmen.

2. Best Dress Work Pants: Carhartt Rugged Professional Series Pant

The best dress work pants are those that can exist simultaneously on the job site as well as in the meeting afterward. The Carhartt Rugged Professional series pants do just that. Crafted from a cotton, polyester, spandex blend, these pants aren’t necessarily for heavy-duty work. Still, they’re excellent for foremen or engineers who need to be present but do not necessarily work on location. Care is easy – pop them in with your other clothes and right into the drier afterward. Available in four colors, these pants won’t be out of place in a traditional office environment either, where business casual is the norm. Right in our average price range, these pants are cut and designed to impress.


  • More refined look than traditional work pants
  • Still rugged enough to be on the job site
  • Low cost


  • Normal cut may not work for some
  • Could use at least one more pocket for storage

What You Need To Know

If you’ve got to walk the line between the job site and the office, the Carhartt Rugged Professional Series Pant is the pair you want, especially for the cost.

3. Best Construction Work Pants: Wrangler RIGGS Ranger Work Pant

The best construction work pants will be durable, have few stress points, and not break the bank. The Wrangler RIGGS Ranger Work Pant check the boxes, and at the lower end of our price range, they’ll do it for less. Made from 100% Cotton Ripstop Fabric with a relaxed fit, these work pants are developed specifically for you to move and get the job done. They include lots of space for storage, including a hammer loop, leather tape measure clip, side, back, and front pockets, as well as roomy front pockets. In addition, the gusset crotch provides important durability and mobility. Wrangler is known for making some of the best denim pants out there – these cotton canvas pants are perfect for the man at work.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • About average price range
  • Ripstop fabric


  • For true heavy work only – not stylish
  • May be bulky for smaller men

What You Need To Know

The best heavy-duty work pants will be unobtrusive and keep you protected while providing easy access to your tools. These are the pants that do all of those things and don’t cost more than they should.

4. Best Cheap (Affordable) Work Pants: Dickie’s Double Knee Work Pant

These may be the best affordable work pants on our list, but it doesn’t mean Dickies’ Double Knee Work Pants are any less functional. They do have fewer pockets but are available in a variety of colors with an easy machine-washable fabric. Deep front and back pockets allow for the wearer to get what they need. The distinctive tunnel belt loops also add a touch to that Dickie’s style.


  • Inexpensive
  • Stylish
  • Available in many colors


  • Logo label on the front left leg may not work for all
  • Not cotton

What You Need To Know

Watching your budget isn’t all bad, and you can likely get away with a pair or two of less expensive work pants. These are the ones that will get the job done and hold your budget down.

5. 5.11 Tactical Taclite Work Pants

Tactical wear doesn’t have to look like a policemen’s uniform, and the 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro work pants definitely do not. One of the coolest features here is the Teflon finish on the pants, which resists stains, wear, and soil without compromising the breathability of the pants themselves. Taclite ripstop fabric is constructed from a polyester-cotton blend that makes the pants sturdy and flexible. The crotch is fully gusseted, making stretching and reaching easy. Available in a whole host of different colors, the pants are foam kneepad ready and right in the middle of our price range to boot.


  • Plethora of pockets
  • Fixed D-Ring on the hip
  • Teflon coated


  • Reviewers note that the cut is tight
  • Casual look

What You Need To Know

While some reviewers note that the cut is a bit tight, the plethora of pockets and neat Teflon coating mean that the pants are perfect for getting out there.

6. Filson Oil Finish Double Tin Pants

These aren’t so much pants as they are a protective covering for your legs. The Filson Oil Finish Double Tin Pants are button fly with a snap top, water repellent, and a roomy cut. These oil canvas pants are made from 15 oz. tin cloth that is perfect for hunting, fishing, field, or work. Available in hemmed and unhemmed lengths, these Filson pants are the toughest out there and have the price point to prove it at the very top of our range. They cannot be washed and must be brushed clean and reoiled to keep the fabric supple and waterproof. With two slash pockets, a coin pocket, and two rear utility pockets, these are perfect for welders or those who need as much protection as you can get.


  • The strongest pair of pants you can buy
  • Wide leg opening
  • Button fly with bottom hem options


  • Very difficult to care for
  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

Sometimes you need a pair of pants that will stand up to anything, including water, fire, sparks, and weather. The Filson Oil Finish Double Tin Pants are the investment you want to make, as long as you’re okay taking on their care.

5 Tips on Finding the Best Work Pants

1. These 6 features are what men love in work pants

The features of your work pants are one of the most important considerations when you’re making a purchase. Consider the features you need the most to do your job the best that you can. Maybe you need a utility pocket or knee pads.

Maybe you need hammer loops or slash pockets. Perhaps bib overalls are more your speed or abrasion resistance is critical. Whatever pants you select, make sure they fit your needs.

  1. Utility/Cargo Pockets: Utility or cargo pockets are large pockets to hold your gear and tools. Utility pockets and tool pockets are typically larger (and therefore hold larger tools) and can be only partially attached to the pants.  Cargo pockets are more of a patch, feature accordion folds for added storage potential, and have a secured closure like snaps, buttons, or Velcro. These are particularly important if you need to carry smaller items separate from or without a toolbox or workstation. Moreover, don’t underestimate the importance of back pockets in a pair of work pants. They may not seem terribly important, but your work environment can drastically change, and you may need as much storage as you can get. The back pocket is the perfect place for construction workers to clip their tape measure, for instance.
  2. Stretch Fabric: Stretch fabric improves comfort and ease of movement and is essential for workers who need the freedom of movement. The other option here is a loose-fitting fabric – this can be dangerous though if working in an area where extra fabric can be caught in machinery.
  3. Utility Loop: Similar in concept to a belt loop but stronger, larger, and usually placed on the upper leg or thigh. These are most often used to hold a hammer, with the head sitting above the loop and the handle dropping down.
  4. Knee Protection: Taking care of your knees is important, and knee protection is a must-have feature if your work conditions keep you on your knees. These take a lot of different forms, including double knee pouches to insert pads or sewn-in reinforced knee pads.
  5. Gusset: Possibly one of the most important features in work pants for the active man, a gusset is a diamond-shaped piece of fabric sewn into the crotch of pants. It eliminates all seams coming together in one spot to improve comfort and movement. It also keeps your pants from pinching your junk as you crouch – if that’s not important, we don’t know what is.
  6. Ripstop Fabric: Ripstop fabric refers to the way fabric is woven – it’s a special reinforcing technique that makes it resistant to rips/tears, a great feature for pants that will take a beating during your work. To create it, the fabric is interwoven with a crosshatch of nylon. While ripstop can be made from a number of different fabrics, it is most commonly cotton reinforced with nylon.

2. How should your work pants fit?

Fit depends on what type of work you do and how comfortable you are. It’s a matter of preference. A standard fit, for example, generally fits straight on the hips, legs, and bottoms. It’s not loose or tight. A relaxed fit will be looser in these areas. A slim fit will be tighter with less fabric. It’s important to note that these terms are often not defined the same way across the board. Check your favorite pair of pants or designer to ensure you match the size chart provided.

3. What style and type of pants will perform and look best for your workplace?


  • Active styles allow you to move with ease.
  • Features like stretch waist and fabric provide for a better range of motion. Other features most often associated with active style types are moisture-wicking technology for sweat, and stain and wrinkle resistance for easy wearing and care.
  • Active pants are usually made from a breathable fabric like cotton.


  • The key feature of cargo-style is the larger, open flap pockets that allow for lots of storage space.
  • These are a very popular style of work clothes due to the pocket space, perfect for construction workers.
  • Most commonly made of quick-drying cotton blends, including cotton canvas, that is ruggedly stitched. High-quality cargo pants are made with ripstop material.


  • Made from soft denim, carpenter pants lack some of the storage options of a cargo pant but are some of the best men’s work pants for those that need lots of freedom of movement.
  • They generally have more room in the seat for carpenters and other workers who bend and move around the workshop.
  • Common features found in these pants are multiple tool and utility pockets, a hammer loop, and a leg hole meant to fit over boots.


  • More professional styles of work pants may resemble chinos
  • They generally feature fewer visible pockets and are made from smoother fabrics
  • A good pair should still offer the features you need but not look out of place when you go from your workbench to your office.

4. Here are work pant materials most commonly used by companies

Cotton and Cotton Blends Cotton is the most common fabric for work pants due to durability and versatility. There are several types/blends, but two of them stand out as the most common.

  • Cotton duck: The most common and the most durable, duck utility pants have nothing to do with actual ducks. It is simply a durable woven canvas, spun similarly to “duck” or duct tape (source). They most often come in tan, khaki, or brown and have a smooth surface not prone to snagging or tearing. They’re also generally great at blocking the wind, won’t melt when exposed to high heat (important if you’ll be welding), and although initially stiff, they soften with wear and washing. They can be washed normally too, making care easy.
  • Denim: Initially made with workwear in mind due to affordability, toughness, and accessibility, denim is simply jean material. This means it is a rugged cotton twill fabric that is easily recognized with diagonal ribbing. It’s very comfortable to wear and is exceptionally durable. They are generally easy to launder and soften with wear and washing. Denim work pants are thicker than fashion denim.

Synthetics Work pants made from synthetic materials like nylon and polyester were not popular in the past, but technological advances have them rising in popularity. This is generally because they did not appropriately protect against heat, fire, and water and did not wear as well. Technological advancements have made this fabric much better.

5. How much should you pay for a good pair of men’s work pants?

Price ranges drastically between $25-200, with most around the $40-50 mark. There are no luxury designer brands here, so be sure you’re paying for features and durability. There are some common brands, like Carhartt and Dickies, but the features and functionality matter far more than the brand.

Work Pants FAQs

What are the best work pants?

The best work pants are those that work for you. This could mean that you need something heavy with lots of pockets or something lighter and focused on movement. Think about your price point as well.

Are Dickies work pants any good?

Yes. There are better options out there if you’re willing to invest a bit more money, but Dickies pants are perfectly good.

Are five-pocket pants business casual?

They can be – this depends on the fabric choice, style of pockets, and their location.

What are work pants called?

Work pants have many different names, including canvas pants, cargo pants, cast iron utility pants, duck canvas, and more.