7 Best Woody Colognes For Men

Ahhh, rise and shine!

There is absolutely no better feeling in the world than waking up lakeside in a tent while snuggling up to that special someone.

Maybe it’s the way the lake looks like a sheet of glass, how the air feels, or perhaps it’s the serene silence of the wilderness…

Or better yet, the wonderful smell of timber from last night’s fire still lets out a subtle scent that leaves you wanting to cook up some steak and eggs for breakfast while enjoying a fresh cup of joe from your makeshift french press.

If there is one thing that leaves a lasting impression of the great outdoors, it will undoubtedly be the beautiful smell of pine, cedarwood, or any other timber-based fragrance that the towering pines, oaks, birches, and other woods naturally emit.

To make the transition from those serene weeklong camping trips back to your 9 to 5 gig a little less painful, we wanted to round up some of the best woody colognes.

With a couple of quick pumps, these colognes will remind you of the great outdoors (minus the mosquitos, of course):

Comparing the Best Woody Colognes

Here is a summary of the woody colognes mentioned in this article. Each cologne has its own unique blend of scents and notes, creating a diverse range of fragrances suitable for various occasions and preferences.

ProductNotesBest For
Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau de ParfumSandalwood, rosewood, eastern spices, amberEvening wear, exotic scent
Calvin Klein ETERNITY for Men AQUA Eau de ToiletteCucumber, deep woodsFresh, ocean breeze scent
English Leather by Dana for Men Cologne SplashLeather, wood, mossCasual, outdoorsy scent
Atelier Cologne Absolue Spray, Santal CarminCedar, sandalwood, guaiac, white muskBold statement, all-day wear
Christian Dior Homme Cologne Spray for MenIris, floral extracts, wood, mossCrisp, sharp scent
Cowboy Cologne Spray for MenJuniper, moss, musk, wood, black and white pepperRugged, western fragrance
Usher Cologne Eau de Toilette Spray for MenAmber, sandalwood, guaiac, lavender, white pepper, musk, suedeSensual, masculine evening wear

7 Of The Very Best Woody Colognes

1. Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau de Parfum

tom ford oud wood

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau de Parfum features exotic and woody notes for an exceptionally unique fragrance that you are sure to love.

It is a quality composition that features many different scents and spices, all of which make this cologne a pleasure to wear all night long.

Notes in this fragrance include sandalwood, rosewood, eastern spices, and a sensual amber base note.

Overall, this is a fantastic evening-wear scent, perfect for dinners or gatherings. It has a prominent scent, but it should not be excessive if put on key points around the neck. Warm and uniquely exotic, this cologne is a must for any man.

2. Calvin Klein ETERNITY for Men AQUA Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men AQUA Eau de...

Calvin Klein is a very well-known brand among fashion enthusiasts, and their line of men’s cologne and the fragrance is equally revered as high quality.

This particular cologne features fresh notes of cucumber coupled with the prominent scent of deep woods. The result is a handsomely musky, woody fragrance that is appealing to anyone close to you.

ETERNITY AQUA is advertised as fresh as the ocean’s breeze and is suitable for the modern man. The fragrance exudes confidence, and while it is a potent fragrance, it isn’t incredibly overwhelming. In short, it is definitely worth the price if you are looking for a high-quality cologne while also being affordable.

Reviewers are crazy about this scent; it’s clean, it’s fresh, it’s incredibly invigorating, and it’s hard not to notice this scent nearby—a fantastic scent for making a good impression. Wear casually or for evening wear.

What customers are saying: Many customers enjoy the fresh, clean scent of this cologne and find it long-lasting throughout the day. However, some are disappointed with the short-lived fragrance and the high price point for a small quantity.

3. English Leather by Dana for Men Cologne Splash

Dana English Leather Cologne for Men 8 Oz/ 240 Ml,...

Do you like the scent of leather mixed with specific fragrances taken straight from nature? If your answer was yes, then the English Leather cologne splash has what you need. This men’s fragrance features the rugged scent of leather with wood and moss for a truly authentic experience.

This cologne is recommended for casual wear due to the notes of wood, leather, and moss. However, it does smell very outdoorsy, which makes it less appropriate for wear in a formal setting. For everyday wear, however, it’s fantastic.

Customers that have used English Leather products for years appreciate the company’s commitment to consistency. This product smells exactly how you would expect it to; leather, wood, and adventure. Some reviewers question its staying power, but because it’s not a strong scent, to begin with, it tends to hang on the subtler side.

What customers are saying: Many customers enjoy the nostalgic scent of this cologne and report it as long-lasting. However, some are disappointed with the lack of a sprayer and there are concerns about the authenticity of certain products, believing the scent to be different from the original.

4. Atelier Cologne Absolue Spray, Santal Carmin

Atelier Cologne Absolue Spray, Santal Carmin, 3.3...

This pleasant-smelling cologne features woody notes of cedar, sandalwood, guaiac, and white musk to create a truly sensational fragrance for all-day wear.

This cologne is great for the modern man, as it has a good, strong scent attributed to it, making it a bold statement even after several hours.

The bottle is nice and small, but it contains enough product to last for several weeks, even months, depending on how frequently you apply this cologne. A few dabs on the neck and behind the ears will last for several months before you need to replace it again.

Customers love this product’s scent. It’s described as incredibly masculine, but it does not overpower the senses. It makes for a great fragrance for any occasion: weddings, office parties, or just casual wear.

What customers are saying: Customers have mixed opinions about this woody cologne; some love the scent and find it light, subtle, and appealing, while others feel it lacks strength and longevity. There are also reports of issues with delivery for those not available to receive the package.

5. Christian Dior Homme Cologne Spray for Men

Christian Dior Homme Cologne Spray for Men, 2.5...

Dior scents are incredibly well made, and this cologne spray has that signature touch that makes it incredible to wear.

It could be considered a luxury scent, but it certainly does not have the luxury price tag, making this an ideal first step into the world of cologne.

This cologne features soft, woody scents accented by high notes of iris and other floral extracts.

This leaves the cologne extremely refreshing without being incredibly overpowering. The scent is advertised as crisp and sharp but accented by deep, rumbling notes of moss and wood. Perfect for spring and summer, for day or night.

Reviews are mainly positive, with customers really loving the scent of this incredibly woody fragrance. The ingredients play well together, creating a unique profile that is as interesting to wear as it is to be around.

What customers are saying: Customers have mixed feelings about this cologne. Many enjoy the scent and find it attractive, while others feel it lacks longevity or question its authenticity. Some customers also mention the product being expensive for its size.

6. Cowboy Cologne Spray for Men

Cowboy Men's Cologne by Tru Western - A Mix of...

Cowboy cologne is exactly what it sounds like: a rich mixture of the west combined with the fresh scent of the great outdoors.

This cologne combines juniper, moss, musk, and subtle wooded scents to make a rugged fragrance pleasing to the senses.

The cologne is spiced with black and white pepper, two distinctive scents that give this fragrance a kick of zest without being incredibly overpowering. The addition of this, alongside mellow wood infusions, brings out the best of the country without all of the heavy lifting.

This Cowboy fragrance works as either a casual or a dress scent, but many people choose to wear it as a daily fragrance. Reviewers love this fragrance every day, and all the reviews are incredibly positive. It’s a great scent for any man, whether you are out on the town or in the office. It’s great for enclosed spaces as well and won’t be stifling in close quarters.

What customers are saying: Many customers love the scent of this cologne, with some describing it as manly, woody, and spicy. It is repeatedly praised for being noticeable without being overpowering. However, some customers feel the scent doesn’t last long enough and wish it were more long-lasting.

7. Usher Cologne Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Usher By Usher For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray,...

A great cologne has many different notes that all tell a similar story. For Usher Cologne, this story is deep, musky tones accented by hearty wood notes such as amber, sandalwood, and guaiac.

These tones create a sensual experience for the user, giving it an exceptionally masculine vibe rarely felt in other colognes.

Many fragrances for men feature some citrus scent. This product doesn’t have citrus but instead features the lightness of lavender peppered by white pepper. Sweet and spicy intermix in a predominantly woody aroma.

Musk and suede give the fragrance a leather-like scent and are incredibly popular amongst men who want to make a statement.

Use this cologne in the evening for a great impression, as its heavy, sultry notes are designed to carry through the evening. It isn’t a strong scent, but it definitely is there.

What customers are saying: Customers enjoy the long-lasting, amazing scent of this cologne and often use it daily. However, some have encountered issues with the product seeming old or not having any smell at all, leading to some dissatisfaction.

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