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7 Of The Very Best Waterproof Socks To Keep Your Feet Dry

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Whether you are hitting the local trail, wading through swamps, or are fast on your way of becoming a 46er in the Adirondacks or 14er in Colorado, one of the most essential part of your pack list is going to be the socks that you are wearing.  While a proper pair of boots may help to keep your feet in place to prevent nasty slippage or even sprained ankles, the best waterproof socks will do an amazing job in keeping your toes dry while also allowing them to permeate the sweat build up to prevent a soggy mess after a long days hike.

Not only will your dry feet simply feel much more comfortable, but preventing that dampness within your shoes will cause your toes to unleash a foul odor that will need special remedies in order to remove the scent.  But not only that, the top waterproof socks will also be key in warding off fungus from growing on your feet.

So whether you are in the frigid cool temps of Alaska or the hot and humid swampland of Louisiana – here are the all-around best waterproof socks for you:

Best Waterproof Socks For Men

1. DexShell Coolvent

While these socks may look like they belong as a prop in the movie of TRON, their technology, much like the movie, is way ahead of its time. These mid-calf waterproof socks from DexShell have an outer shell that is resistant to abrasions ensuring maximum lifespan for some of the toughest conditions in the world. As tough as their outer shell may be, the inner shell has a wonderfully soft breathable membrane that will keep your toes feeling comfortable after a long days hike. In addition to simply having a comfortable inner shell, it is also designed to be anti bacterial which does a terrific job at warding off those foul odors and potential foot fungus.

To help ensure comfort on those long hikes, DexShell has also included an additional cushion within the shell of the sock that runs from the toes past the ankle and then eventually up the entire calf. This extra padding, while might seem excessive at first, will help to prevent blisters from forming when your foot is repeatedly rubbing against the edges of your boot after several miles in rough terrain.

These DexShell socks are the defacto standard when it comes to finding the best waterpoof socks – well worth the investment.

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2. Hanz Waterproof Sock [Submerge]

Every single one of the Hanz waterproof socks are tested under high pressures to ensure that no leaks will ever happen when they are fully submerged under water – giving you the absolute best peace of mind. Whether you are trudging through swamps or simply hopping in and out of your favorite kayak or canoe, these socks will keep your feet dry the entire time. Constructed from three layers of fabric, the outer nylon/Lycra will keep the water out, while the inner lining will do a terrific job at allowing the moisture to escape.

In addition to the quality materials that make up the Hanz waterproof sock, its also designed in a way to be ‘stretch-to-fit’ meaning that there will never be wrinkles in the fabric that will cause discomfort with prolonged use. An added benefit to the ‘stretch-to-fit’ design is that the upper cuff on this particular sock tightly wraps around the contours of your skin ensuring that no accidental water gets between the outer shell and your skin.

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3. RANDY SUN Waterproof Sock

Whether you are hitting the tough trails, on a long hike in the military, or perhaps even just looking to do some work in damp or swampy areas – these all-around waterproof socks are terrific at keeping your feet dried in any condition. The “Y” structure of the heel allows for maximum comfort without any sort of slippage after long term use. When it comes to the construction of this waterproof sock, like the Hanz sock above, contains three layers of protection. The outer layer is made up of 74% nylon, 23% lycra, and 3% elastane.

For the interior layer of this sock, sweat build up is easily permeated through the layer so you don’t have wet toes or eventual foul odors that will be built up with prolonged use. Like any other waterproof sock, these are best suited to be washed by hand under warm water. Many men found it best to just simply use a gentle dish soap such as Dawn or Palmolive and gently scrub clean and hang dry. These waterproof socks are by and far one the most casual and are best for general use.

If you are looking for a sock that comes in a variety of different designs and patterns, RANDY SUN has the widest lineup of all the waterproof socks that we reviewed.

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4. Rocky Gore Tex Socks

Wether you are spending a cool night in Banff or planning for a beautiful like around the Delaware Water Gap, these Gore Tex shells will not only keep your feet dry – but also incredibly warm as well. These socks provided by Rocky aren’t intended to be worn by themselves, instead they are meant to be worn in tandem with your favorite socks. This allows you to choose the best fabric for your comfort while also enjoying the advantages of having your toes waterproof. If you are worrying about sweat build up on your toes after only traversing a few hundred feet, don’t. These Gore Tex lined socks are designed to keep the water out while allowing for the sweat build up to permeate outwards.

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5. Sealskinz Mid-Weight Mid-Length Waterproof Socks

These waterproof socks utilize superior construction with ergonomic design to bring you the very best in warm, functional, all purpose socks. They are made with soft Merino wool and StretchDry technology to make a comfortable waterproof, windproof, and all around breathable sock that you can wear all day out on the docks or in a kayak. The sock is tighter to promote blood circulation, which is ideal if you spend long hours working in cold water. It’s also very thin, which allows for wear in snug boots.

This sock features cupped heels and toes for added support and warmth. The snug fit ensures that it won’t slide around on your foot, causing unnecessary pain and blisters. The water wicking fabric combined with the drying tech keeps your feet feeling fresh and clean all throughout the day. The snug fit of the sock helps to promote blood circulation, but it also ensures that the socks stay upright through the day. These are a huge advancement over normal socks, which can twist and slide to uncomfortable positions.

While these socks do say they are waterproof and windproof, they aren’t necessarily the warmest socks. They will keep your feet relatively dry in wet conditions, and will protect your heels from blisters caused by rubbing, however if you happen to step in snow, or work in very cold conditions, you may still feel cold. Layering with additional wool socks would be the best thing to combat this.

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6. Showers Pass

Originally designed for cyclers in the Pacific Northwest, Showers Pass puts together a terrific constructed sock that will leave both your feet dry and well ventilated. While the Showers Pass socks may run a bit on the smaller end of the spectrum, men have loved these socks due to their sheer comfort and overall great performance. The outer shell of these socks, comprised mostly of nylon will help to keep the wind and water from seeping through while also keeping your toes nice and warm.

Through the three layer design, also found in other waterproof socks, will allow your toes to fully expel any sort of built up sweat that may be caused from long hikes or just regular walking.

The low profile design of these socks will allow you to wear them with casual clothes for weekend wear or when you are hitting the road cycling making them the most versatile waterproof socks available. Just remember to get a size bigger to ensure a comfortable fit.

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7. Titanium 1mm Longsocks

Working in the water can be difficult, but it is even more so if you don’t have the proper equipment. Having water get into your boots and wet your socks opens up a door of problems like blisters, sores, foot odor and more. These socks are specifically designed for wear in the water, and feature a unique neoprene fabric that keeps them waterproof. They are also very thin, and are perfect for wear under a wet suit or boots.

These socks offer considerable warmth for being so thin.

The neoprene fabric keeps in heat while keeping out the cold, and they stay nicely dry if water does get into the boot. When you are done wearing them, you can simply shake out the sock and it is ready to go again. They are best used under boots or a wet suit, or anywhere that your feet may get wet. This ensures that you stay comfortably dry, and ensures that you won’t be dealing with unsavory medical conditions at the end of the day.

These are long socks, and cover the calves just below the knee. This is great for protecting your shins against boot friction, which in turn leaves you more comfortable at the end of the day.

These socks are great for heavy duty work as well as for leisure, and can be worn under regular socks for extra warmth. Whether you are paddling or trudging through swamp, these socks are a great choice for keeping your feet nice and dry.

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