12 Best Watch Winders For Automatic Watches Reviewed

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In A Hurry? Our Top Picks:

  1. Best Single Watch Winder: Wolf Heritage Single Watch Winder
  2. Best Double Watch Winder: Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder
  3. Inexpensive: CHIYODA Single Watch Winder

Watch winders are a must-have accessory if you own an automatic watch and you want accurate timekeeping between uses.

By rotating continuously, they keep the automatic watch engaged so you can put it on without having to always set the time, making it especially important if you want to quickly put on your watch and head to the office in the morning.

Additionally, many winders can also act as a watch case to safely store your watch.

A well-made watch winder will be one that has several turns per day settings, relies on a quality motor, and have a case that has been meticulously crafted, like the Wolf Single Watch Winder that we found for you.

In this guide, we will review the best watch winders currently available along with a buying guide for an explanation of important features and considerations when deciding on your next watch winder.

RankWatch WinderBest For
1Wolf Heritage Single Watch WinderSingle
2Wolf Heritage Double Watch WinderDouble
3CHIYODA Single Watch WinderInexpensive
4Wolf Viceroy Single Watch WinderRolex
5Rapport London Single Watch WinderLuxury
6Barrington Single Watch WinderExpandable
7Heiden Monaco Single Watch WinderTravel
8JQUEEN Automatic Double Watch WinderQuietest
9TPR Double Watch Winder with Three-Watch StorageWith Storage
10Versa Automatic Watch Winder with Sliding CoverUnique
11Volta Cambridge Wood Watch Winder6 Watches
12CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch WinderSafety

Best Watch Winders Reviewed

1. Wolf Heritage Single Watch Winder

Letting an automatic watch just sit and collect dust only ensures that you will have to wind it manually when you put it on again.

You could occasionally wiggle the watch, but that takes time and dedication. The Wolf Single Watch Winder is ideal if you have only one watch, and you don’t want to have to hassle with rewinding it every single time.

This single watch winder features a speed of 900 turns per day, and it has several direction settings including clockwise, counterclockwise, or a combination of both depending on what your watch needs.

The watch holder clicks into the turning mechanism to ensure a secure grip on your watch as it spins, so you are guaranteed to get your watch wound by using this device. Because it only charges one watch, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, and it is quiet enough to put on a bedside table at night.

It works through a 3V AC adapter cable (which is included) or through battery power, depending on what you need.

The Wolf Heritage is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Quite simplify it’s one of the best watch winders that money can buy.

Best for: a single watch or limited watch collection.

2. Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder

If you own two watches, you know it’s important to keep them properly wound, or else you end up with inaccurate readings. Using a motorized pedestal such as the one in the Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder it can wind up to two different watches at the same time.

This box features a faux leather exterior with a clear glass cover to view your watches. It also has programmable knobs to adjust the rotation, as well as three pre-set settings such as intermittent rotation and sleep.

You can program the different dials for several directions including clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional, ideal for watches that need two different winding directions.

It’s a moderately sized box at 10 inches long and 7 inches wide, but it isn’t so big that it won’t fit on a dresser top or office desk.

The motor can be battery-powered for travel, or you can power it exclusively through the power adapter. In case of a power out, using both may be recommended to maintain your programmed settings.

It is also very quiet, no more than a gentle hum while it is working. Very nice to keep on your bedside or in an adjacent room.

Best for: men who own multiple watches.

3. CHIYODA Single Watch Winder

With a large pillow that can hold even oversized watches and settings to determine turn direction and turns-per-day settings, it is great for any kind of watch you may have.

This product is installed with a super quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor, a powerful motor known for its silent operation. This makes it suitable for use in the bedroom as it will not make much noise. The plexiglass window allows for easy viewing of your watch, so you know whether or not it is done turning.

The CHIYODA has settings for 650, 950, 1250, and 1850 TPD, and it rotates clockwise or counterclockwise.

Unfortunately, there is no option to have it switch to bi-directional – likely a reason it has an inexpensive price point. It is a very simple watch winder with easy to understand instructions, and it is extremely effective at what it does. For the price, the quality is superb and it does exactly what you need it to do – a great value here.

Best for: men who want an inexpensive single watch winder.

4. Wolf Viceroy Single Watch Winder

Whether you own the Rolex GMT Master II or the Daytona, the Wolf Viceroy Single Watch Winder is worthy of such beautiful watches.

Able to be fine-tuned to the optimal 650 TPM that is recommended by Rolex, this watch winder will keep your valuable watches in pristine condition between uses.

The LCD allows you to not only control TPD, but also direction including clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional.

Clad in velvety black vegan leather, it will present well on any surface including your nightstand, dresser, man cave, or office desk.

One feature that is both slick, and really nice, is the watch storage that is on the top of the box.  Able to accommodate three additional watches, you can keep all your fine time-keeping pieces together.

Additionally, the Wolf Viceroy is dual-powered so you can use either batteries or an AC adapter.

Lastly, this winder features a glass window, chrome finishes, and a small key to keep your valuables safe.

Best for: High-end Rolex watches that demand the very best.

5. Rapport London Single Watch Winder

For men that demand the absolute best and will pay top-dollar for products, then there is none better than the Rapport London Single Watch Winder.

With brushed aluminum details coupled with a cedar wood finish, this single watch winder will make any surface look markedly better.  Beyond decor, this watch winder features three direction settings including clockwise, counterclockwise, and bi-directional.

The TPD can be fine-tuned thanks to a dial that is on the back of the winder.

One detail that many will love is the power reserve.  While the primary source is a DC adapter, should the power go out, or simply become unplugged, the winder features a battery backup power reserve that will keep your watch accurate.

Made in the UK by expert craftsman, expect this to last a lifetime.

Best for: men that want a super-luxury high-quality watch winder.

6. Barrington Single Watch Winder

Based in the United Kingdom, the Barrington Single Watch Winder is a great little box that sets the standards for many.

Able to be neatly expanded upon, it takes up very little space, while doing a great job at keeping accurate timekeeping for your watch.

With several rotation settings including 650, 750, 850, 1,000, or 1,950, it should work well with just about any watch model out there.  The rotation can be set to any of the following three directions: clockwise, counterclockwise, and bi-directional.

With flex and standard cushions, both small and large watches should have no problem fitting on this winder.

Lastly, the Barrington Single Watch Winder does not have a glass window, exposing your watch to incidental damage.  

Best for: Expanding watch collections for keeping all your watches wound.

7. Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder

The Heiden Monaco is affordable and features a small size making it ideal to travel with.  Powered by either batteries or the included AC adapter you can always keep your watches spinning.

It has 4 turn settings: 650, 950, 1250, and 1850 that cover most commercially available watches. It also has settings to turn clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional, depending on your watch’s preference.

These 12 settings together offer unmatched customization. The materials that this winder is made out of are also designed to be long-lasting as well as fashionable.

The pillow accepts both small and large wristbands; using the pillow lengthwise will allow you to set larger watches. The unit is powered by either batteries or the included power adapter for maximum flexibility.

With the ultra-quiet Japanese motor, you can even put it in your bedroom to work while you sleep. Overall, it’s a very small and functional piece that does exactly what you need it to effectively. For the price, you can’t really go wrong.

Best for: travelers that want to bring their watch winder with them on the road.

8. JQUEEN Automatic Double Watch Winder

The JQUEEN Double Watch Winder is a unique and well-made winder that will keep your automatic watches going.

What you will like about this double watch winder is that it can wind two watches at the same time while not taking up nearly as much space as other double watch winders.  The JQUEEN is able to do this as it relies on one watch pillow with two slots, rather than two dedicated pillows.

Now there is a drawback, in that this only relies on a single Japanese MABUCHI motor – therefore, you can’t turn each watch independently.

However, the motor itself is top-notch and is ultra-quiet.

The winder has 4 settings that alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise for varying lengths of time, with rests between each rotation time.

Besides this dial, it cannot be customized further. The pillows that the watches rest on are not very big, so men with large wrists may have some trouble keeping the watch from slipping off if it is not adjustable. It’s 7”x7”, great for small to medium-sized watch faces.

Overall, it is a very good quality winder that works without too many issues.

Best for: Bedrooms and offices thanks to the ultra-quiet motor.

9. TPR Double Watch Winder with Three-Watch Storage

For the avid watch collector, this watch winder is for you.  The TPD double watch winder is simple in design, but it is so much more than a basic motorized watch winder.

For starters, it features an LCD display that lets you see exactly what you’ve programmed the motor to do. Whether you want a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, or you need bi-directional rotation, this display shows it all.

This winder also has space to hold three additional watches, so if you are a gentleman with innumerable watches and nowhere to store them, this watch box will store up to five watches with the added benefit of winding two of them.

It’s handy if you regularly change watches from day-to-day. It’s ultra-quiet, meaning it emits minimal noise through the night if it sits in your bedroom.

Overall, this watch winding box is elegant and functional and serves as a useful decoration piece on your nightstand.

Best for: watch collectors that want ample storage solutions.

10. Versa Automatic Watch Winder with Sliding Cover

The Versa Automatic Watch Winder is sleek and handsome, while also well-made given the inexpensive price.

For starters, Versa has three TPD settings (650, 850, and 1050).  While this isn’t necessarily the best-in-class, it should work for most watch brands.  As for directions, the Vera Automatic can turn watches clockwise, counterclockwise, and bi-directional.

Versa does rely on a quiet and quality Japanese motor.

Depending on what your watch requires, this winder has all of the applicable settings to ensure that you are winding your watch the right way. The Versa watch winder is easy to set up for optimal watch winding.

Due to its small size, the Versa Automatic Watch Winder is great for travel as it will easily fit in your luggage, or even in your carry-on.  Take it wherever you need to be to keep your watch running on time. 

The sliding cover protects your watch from dust and scratches and is easy to move around to take your watch out. The pillow is easily removed and can hold many different sized watches.

Unlike other winders that rely on a glass cover, the Versa Automatic Watch Winder uses an acrylic window.  Priced under $50, it is an extremely affordable option for budding watch collectors.

This single winder is backed by a 1 year warranty.  Lastly, this relies on AC power only, no option to keep it winding with batteries.

Best for: Unique closure protects your watch while offering enhanced visibility.

11. Volta Cambridge Wood Watch Winder

While it is not the biggest contender on the watch winding market, it is certainly still a viable option if you are looking for something that is sleek and effective.

The Volta Cambridge watch winder is handsomely finished with numerous features that make it amazing to use for all of your automatic watches.

For starters, it has programmable motors to ensure that your watches rotate the way they need to be in order to wind effectively.

An LCD screen lets you see exactly what you are setting, and the different settings for your turns-per-day are also clearly visible.

There is an LED light that lights up your watches, so you can see even in the dark what watches you are putting on. It also adds considerable style to this phenomenal product.

It takes up about the same amount of space as a 4 watch winder, sitting at 14 inches long by 8 inches deep, and 11 inches high.

This makes it ideal for nightstands, as it does not take up a lot of room. You may want to put it near an outlet, as this unit can only be plugged in; there is no battery power to speak of.

But what seals the deal on this winder is that each of the six holders can be independently customized for their own TPD.

Best for: Men that want to wind up to six automatic watches at once.

12. CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder

Every automatic watch needs to be wound a certain way to ensure the longevity of your timepiece.  Many dual watch winders only go one way or the other for both watches, which is fine if both of your watches need to co clockwise or counterclockwise.

However, if one watch has to go clockwise and another watch has to go counterclockwise, you run into a problem.

The CHIYODA solves this problem by allowing you to customize each motor to rotate one way or the other. Both dials can go the same way, or they can rotate in opposite directions simultaneously.

This ensures that your watches are wound no matter their needs.

The LCD touchpad allows you to customize how you want your watches to spin, and for how long. If your watch requires a very specific amount of spins, you can program the watch winder to do that for you.

The motors are exceptionally quiet, and the case bleeds elegance; it’s an ideal object to put in the bedroom while you sleep. In addition to being fully customizable, the pillows are designed to hold any kind of watch with any size watch face, including oversized watches.

This watch winder also comes with a lock and key that will keep your watch free from quick, prying hands.

Best for: men that want a bit of extra safety with a lock and key closure.

Watch Winder Buying Guide

If you are looking for a simple and safe way to store your automatic (or even manual) wristwatch, here’s a few considerations to take into account before you make your purchase:

Motor Type

By and far the most prevalent motor type that top-rated watch winders have come to rely on is the highly touted Japanese motors by Mabuchi.  With their ability to emit very little in the way of sound as the watch is wound, watch collectors from all across the world have come to rely on this motor type.

Proprietary motors, while well made, often command a much higher price tag.

Watch & Storage Size

First and foremost, should you wear a watch that is 45mm in width, some watch winders may be a bit narrow to fit your entire collection.  Therefore, you will want to check the manufactures website or product detail page for further information on dimensions between winders.

Another consideration when it comes to winders will be your current collection size.  If you find yourself enamored by collecting automatic watches we would highly recommend that you get a watch winder with at minimum one or two additional winders for future storage options.

If limited, a single winder where you rotate your favorite watches regularly can suffice.


Be sure to consider the size of the box prior to purchasing.  Winders that can hold several watches at once are rather large and can take up a considerable amount of surface space.  If limited, just consider single watch winders.

Speed Settings

When examining each one of the watch winders, you will notice instantly that manufacturers will have a setting called TPD or Turns Per Day.  This is referring to how many times the watch winder will make a full turn in any 24 hour period.

Most watches on the market will recommend around a 700 TPD setting for accurate timekeeping.

However, as you will quickly discover, many of the watch winders featured in this article will have variable settings allowing you to either decrease or increase the TPDs.

To determine the best TPD setting for your watch, check with your manufacturer for further details.


Purely for decor, the exterior of the watch winder can come in many different varieties including faux leather, wood, leather, acrylic, and other composite materials.  Take a moment to consider where the watch winder will be placed and if the design aesthetic matches the room when making your selection.


Varies greatly depending on motor options, power options, and case materials.  Expect to spend anywhere between $100 and $300 for a good quality watch winder.

Frequently Asked Questions about Watch Winders

What is the best watch winder?

As we reviewed, many watch winders come in several varieties.  If you only own a single automatic watch, then the best watch winder is the Wolf Heritage Single Watch Winder

If you have a large automatic watch collection then consider either the Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder or Volta Cambridge Wood Watch Winder.

Will a watch winder damage my automatic watch?

A well-made watch winder, such as the Wolf Heritage Single Watch Winder keeps track of the movements of the watch as it is wound.  This allows for accurate movement and winding of the watch. 

Furthermore, watch winders mimic the movement of your wrist that will not over tighten the mainspring of the automatic watch. 

Of course, you will want to still get your watch serviced regularly so a trusted jeweler can check on the mainspring and apply lubricants if necessary.

Do I need a watch winder?

Watch winders offer convenience when owning an automatic watch.  It allows for the watch to always have an accurate time even if not worn for a prolonged period of time. 

When mounted, a watch winder will wind your watch through rotational movement. If you only own a single watch, then single watch winders are small and affordable and also double as a great storage solution.

What watches require a watch winder?

Only automatic watches with a self-winding mechanism require a watch winder to keep accurate time. 

Different watches that feature a hand-wound or quartz movement do not require a watch winder.  

Do you need a watch winder with batteries?

As you have noticed in our reviews, a watch winder box may rely on AC power or batteries (typically C or AA batteries) – such as the Wolf Heritage Single Watch Winder

Batteries can either provide backup should the watch winder become unplugged or allow the watch winder box to travel while still keeping your watches to keep accurate time.   The best watch winders will have dual power options for ultimate flexibility.

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