Best Watch Case: Top 15 Brands Compared And Reviewed

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Storing a watch should be easy right?

After all, even the best watch cases are really just a box that has a pre-defined number of slots for your collection.

How complicated can it really be?

Well, what if you want to add to your collection one day?  

Take your beloved watch case with you on the road?  

Have your watches stored in a discrete case so a thief doesn’t take notice?

Fit watches for both you and your significant other in a single box?

As you can see, it can quickly become overwhelming to find a watch case that suits your exact needs.

Whether you are man who revels products that just bleed elegance (psst. then the Volta case may be for you) or one that loves a more tactical feel to their gear (hey: you are going to want to check out the Invicta 3 Slot case), you are sure to find a watch case that fits both your style and scenario.

But to make things even easier on you, we went ahead and sorted everything out in an easy to read grid that allows you to give a preview of 15 different watch cases and easily compare them side-by-side:

Comparing The Best Watch Cases

NameDimensionsItem WeightStorage CapacityPrice Range
Caddy Bay Collection 36 Watch Case14.3 x 11.9 x 7.2 inches10 Pounds36$$
Caddy Bay Collection Carbon Fiber Watch Box12.2 x 8.2 x 3.8 inches3.1 Pounds10$
Diplomat Eight Watch Zippered Travel Case7 x 9.5 x 2.8 inches15.20 Ounces8$
Diplomat Prestige Wood Watch Case13.5 x 10.7 x 10.6 inches9.4 pounds16$$$
Fossil Four Piece Leather Watch Case3.2 x 9.6 x 3.5 inches5.3 ounces4$$
Hives and Honey Men’s Luxury Valet Box16 x 9 x 15 inches6.5 pounds5$$
Invicta 3 Slot Yellow Plastic Watch Case5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches4.1 pounds3$
Orbita Roma Five Watch Display Case Storage Box11 x 5 x 3.5 inches1.5 Pounds5$$$
Rapport Portman Single Watch Clasp7.2 x 3.5 x 1.6 inches3 Ounces1$$$
Royce Leather Luxury Smart Watch Box5.5 x 3.2 x 4.2 inches1.5 pounds1$
Tech Swiss Metal Watch Case14.9 x 9.5 x 4 inches3.6 Pounds12$
Vegan Leather Watch Roll Organizer3.5 x 7.75 x 3.75 inches9.9 ounces3$
Volta 8-Watch Case with Storage Drawer11 x 9.5 x 7.2 inches8 Pounds8$$$
WOLF Savoy Five Piece Watch Box13.8 x 10.4 x 4.4 inches3 pounds5$$$
Wolf Windsor 10-Piece Watch Box14 x 12 x 6 inches4.3 pounds10$$

The 15 Best Watch Cases Reviewed

Caddy Bay Collection 36 Watch Case

Collectors, meet your superior watch case organizer. This behemoth holds up to 36 watches at a time, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors.

With removable cushions to fit many different watch types, and more than enough clearance to put all different sizes of watch face, this large storage organizer is ideal for keeping your watches safe, secure, and all together.

The top of this elegant case is made out of actual glass, not a plastic replica. Perfect for viewing your collection easily, while also keeping the dust off.

This box has two layers, each able to contain 18 watches each. It’s a 14 inch by 11 inch box, so while it is very spacious and able to hold all of your watches neatly, it will also take up a lot of space on your wardrobe or dresser.

Made out of wood and glass, with a locking mechanism and a drawer to keep your valuables safe.

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Caddy Bay Collection Carbon Fiber Watch Box

Watch boxes come in many shapes and sizes, but when all you need is a box that holds your watches, you want something simple.

The Caddy Bay watch box holds up to 10 watches of your choice on an elegant display of leather and glass. The large glass top allows you to look at your watches while you aren’t wearing them, and the box itself is ideal for storing on top of a dresser.

You can also take out the pillows to store small items such as cufflinks and rings. There are no drawers or keys, it is all in one piece. The box is 12x8x3.8 inches, with just enough room between your watches and the glass top to prevent scratching.

The latch is a bit of an annoyance to open at times, but it’s sleek and works well with the overall look of the product.

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Diplomat Eight Watch Zippered Travel Case

If you go from place to place fairly frequently, and need something to effectively carry your watches while on the go, this product is for you.

It holds up to 8 watches in the shaped holes, and the case closes to a short 3 inches. There is a leather insert that keeps the watches in their place, as well as away from each other. You won’t have any scratches on your watches while traveling.

This product also zips closed to keep it from opening and spilling your watches all over your luggage. This is so much better than a clasp or a lock, as those can fail over time. The zipper is sturdy and won’t accidentally come undone, ensuring the safety of your watches until you get to your destination.

It is not genuine leather, but it does still look nice with the red stitching and the shiny surface.

Great for getting to and from your destination, or just for long term storage.

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Diplomat Prestige Wood Watch Case

This watch case is ideal for space saving watch storage. It features two trays of eight that can hold up to 16 watches in total.

The pillows are soft and pliable, able to hold many different sizes of wristband. The wood is a sleek black, and the interior leatherette lining is a complementary cream color.

The combination makes a very elegant and sophisticated box that adequately stores your collection. The case is also lockable to keep your watches safe.

The downside to this product is that there are no drawers. This means that you have to lift the top tray out of the box in order to get at the watches stored on the bottom.

A little inconvenient, and this product would have been better with a drawer. As it stands, it is still a very sleek and useful product for keeping your collection, if not for displaying it. There is no glass on the top to view your watches.

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Fossil Four Piece Leather Watch Case

This leather watch case is stylish and functional, able to hold up to 4 watches comfortably.

Fossil is a well known name for making quality leather products and this watch case is no different. The inner lining is soft, and the pillows are big enough to hold your watches effectively.

Definitely a must-have if you have just a few watches you need to store.

The primary leather material is made from calfskin, so it is soft and smooth, as well as lightweight. Of course, it isn’t the most rugged material, and it will scratch, scuff, or tear if it catches on the wrong material.

The box itself is a little over 9.5 inches long and 3.5 inches high/wide, so it’s suitable for most sized watches. Unfortunately, it can only hold 4 watches at a time, so if you have a lot of timepieces to store, you may be out of luck

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Hives and Honey Men’s Luxury Valet Box

This Hives and Honey watch case is beautiful in design and function. It has many different slots with which to hold your small items, but it’s primary function is to keep your watches in a safe place while not in use.

This box has a spring loaded plush watch bar that holds your watch collection securely, while also protecting them from dust.

The box is 16 inches by 9 inches, so it fits comfortably on any surface.

This box holds watches, but it also can store other things as well. There are empty spaces to hold larger items such as a wallet or keys, and there is a space that is designed to hold small, loose items such as rings and cufflinks.

Overall, it’s a versatile container that keeps your valuables safe and hidden. Plus, the entire box looks great on any dresser. Perfect as a gift or for yourself.

For what it is, it is exceptionally affordable; many boxes like this go for $100 or more, but this is priced at a decently lower price.

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Invicta 3 Slot Yellow Plastic Watch Case

This box is the sturdiest watch case you will ever own. It’s not flashy, it’s certainly not good looking, but it will keep your watches safe through all sorts of bad weather.

This case is waterproof, dust proof, and impact resistant. No matter what you do with this box, it will stand up to protect your valuables.

It’s also bright yellow, ensuring that you won’t lose it. It closes with two heavy-duty clasps on the side, which helps maintain the waterproof feature.

The inside is lined with foam. Foam top, foam inside, and foam pillows keep your watches safe and secure.

The box can only hold three watches at a time, but that it to maintain the impact resistant quality of the box. Your watches are going to remain safe and secure while traveling, and will be free of dust for long term storage. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable for what you get.

This case is about 6 inches long, wide, and high.

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Orbita Roma Five Watch Display Case Storage Box

This genuine brown leather case is ideal for storing and displaying up to five of your prized time pieces.

This case is a handsome centerpiece for your desk or dresser, and with your watches set on the interior suede pillows, they are sure to be protected.

This box can be locked to keep your watches safe, and the glass top not only allows you to view your watches while it’s closed, but also keeps them safe from dust and bugs that may try to get in.

This case is 11x5x3 inches, perfect for keeping on a nightstand. It doesn’t take up too much room, so it’s ideal for smaller spaces.

Because of its design, it is also a little expensive. There are other models on the market of similar make that aren’t as pricey, but this box makes up for it in quality. It’s truly a genuine leather product with fantastic design.

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Tech Swiss Metal Watch Case

Watch collectors will love this smooth leather case, perfect for holding your entire collection and keeping it safe.

This case features a foam top and black silk inserts to hold your watches in place and keep them from getting scratched. Even though this box doesn’t have a glass top, it does keep your valuable and precious watches from getting dust on them, plus, it allows you to easily grab your watches to wear.

This metal watch case is capable of holding up to 12 watches simultaneously.

Even though the watch case is made out of metal, it isn’t a thick metal like you would expect.

The trim is definitely sturdy, but the case itself is very lightweight. The flip locks aren’t meant to keep anyone out, and you will have to take care not to catch them on anything, as they are very easy to open. Otherwise, it makes for a perfect place to put all of your watches safely.

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Vegan Leather Watch Roll Organizer

This case is small, but ideal for those men without a whole collection of watches to store.

This case is made from vegan leather, and has a sturdy plastic mold that ensures the case stands up to rough wear and tear.

The roll looks nice, and can hold up to three watches at the same time. Because it’s made from vegan leather, it is animal friendly.

The cushions measure 8” around when uncompressed, allowing for even large wrist watches to fit inside this small and compact carrying case.

The three cushions are also separate, allowing you to take them out and put them back in for ease of use. This case is ideal for travel, as the soft interior protects the watches from being jostled around too much.

Overall, this is a very unique, affordable, and convenient watch case for when you don’t have a lot of watches to store.

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Volta 8-Watch Case with Storage Drawer

The Volta 8-watch storage box is a handsome addition to any room, and will display all of your watches on a sleek, leather interior.

This box holds up to 8 watches on smooth leather pillows, with the addition of a storage drawer underneath for other items, such as a nice pair of sunglasses, keys, or other valuables.

It’s a sturdy box, made from wood, leather, and glass, giving it a very heavy but secure feel to it. Plus, when it’s closed, it keeps the dust off of your watches, keeping them nice and clean for when you wear them next.

The Volta watch case is 11 inches long and 9 inches wide, with a height of about 7 inches. While this product is a little pricey, it does have a few features that make it worth the money.

Additionally, the bottom drawer can be locked with the supplied key, which makes this ideal for your little valuables such as cufflinks, earrings, or rings.

This is a very beautifully designed box to display your watches and other trinkets.

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WOLF Savoy Five Piece Watch Box

A handsome watch box if there ever was one. This storage case is made out of gorgeous red burlwood, a classy and contemporary piece to show off in your bedroom.

It holds five different watches on soft, silk lining, and your watches are easily viewed through the glass top. It features golden hinges and a gold lock to further add to the elegance of the piece.

Some buyers complained that the slots are too narrow, but the fact of the matter is that if you put your watches in face up, you should have no issue displaying your watches.

There may be some problems when displaying oversized watch faces side by side, but overall it’s a wonderful product that looks fantastic.

The box can be locked if you want, but cannot be used as a carrying case like other models. Elegant, handsome, and perfect for all of your watch-storing needs.

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Wolf Windsor 10-Piece Watch Box

This box is an elegant solution to holding your entire watch collection. Lined with silk and able to hold up to ten watches simultaneously, this box is perfect for organizing all of your watches.

It can even hold 52mm watches on the pillows, and can hold up to 46mm watches side by side.

The glass top ensures that you can easily display your watches without getting dust on them.

Available in three colors: black/gray, brown/orange, or black/purple, and it is made from wood covered in leather.

It does display very large (52mm) watch faces very nicely, but the issue lies in putting them side by side; the pillows are situated very close together, so if you have several large watches, you may have to spread them out among the 10 pillows.

If you have smaller watches, the spacing works fine, and is convenient.

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Hello Sir, Is That An Automatic Watch You Have?

While automatic watches are ahead of their time in a technological sense, traditional watch cases like the ones we outlined in this article (and everywhere we looked) don’t really account for those men out there that own a wide array of watches including those both automatic and not.

Should you be looking to store your automatic watch in any of the cases for an extended period of time (more than a week), then your automatic watch may have inaccurate time keeping which will require an adjustment before you head out the door.

Unfortunately this makes for a precarious scenario where men have to wield two separate cases.

Should you have one or many automatic watches within your personal collection, you are going to want to head over to this article where we outline all the best watch winders designed specifically for automatic watches.

A quality watch winder will ensure accurate timekeeping of your automatic watch(es) between wearings when its not being powered by your body’s natural movement.

Big, Small, Or Somewhere In Between

Whether you are 7′ 4″ or 5′ 4″, watch faces can vary anywhere to 55mm+ all the way down to sub 35mm faces.  However, many watch case manufacturers to create a ‘one size fits all’ case for every watch that may exist within the market.

While manufacturers may be a bit light on the details of the watches that a particular case may be able to hold, our best advice here is to check out what others have said in the review section of the product page found on a retailers or manufacturers website.

This may give you some indicator on whether or not the desired watch case can carry your personal collection.

Of course, its worth noting that many retailers that sell watch cases account for this by offering gracious return policies should a case just simply not work for you.

So whether you are ordering through a large online retailer or a small mom and pop shop, be sure to review their return policy before making the final purchase.

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