Best Towel Warmers: Top 13 Brands Compared & Reviewed In 2021

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There is no better feeling than hopping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a nice warm towel.

However, to achieve this effect is rather difficult and expensive if you don’t have a towel warmer.  Most men who want a bit warmer of a towel post-shower will have to either toss it into the dryer (that’s likely in another room), or simply rest the towel on a radiator or heater (also incredibly dirty).

Towel warmers are great in that they not only get your body towel warm, but also hand towels too!

Now when it comes to towel warmers, there are a wide array that exist on the market.  You have compact models like the Heatwave Industries Towel Warmer that can be both portable and require very little in the way of installation, all the way to the full-fledged Sharndy Electric Towel warmer that has a slim profile and can be affixed to your bathroom wall with only a few screws.

As you can see in the summary below, you should be able to find an electric towel warmer that suits your needs:

Comparing The Best Towel Warmers

Amba RHW-SP Radiant Straight Hardwired Towel Warmer11.1 poundsNo$$$
Amba RSWH-B Hardwired Radiant Square Towel Warmer10 poundsNo$$$
Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer10 poundsNo$$$
Brookstone Towel Warmer10 poundsYes$$
Conair Therma Luxe PTW1 Towel Warmer8 poundsYes$
Conair Towel Warmer and Drying Rack8.3 poundsNo$
Heatwave Industries Towel Spa Towel Warmer6.8 poundsYes$$$
Homeleader 100W Towel Warmer and Drying Rack9.2 poundsNo$
Sharndy Electric Towel Warmer Curved5.7 poundsNo$$
Warmly Yours 4 Bar Towel Warmer7 poundsNo$$
Warmrails HSKC Kensington 39.5 Inch Wall Mounted Towel Holder12.5 poundsNo$$
Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39 Inch Towel Warmer10.8 poundsNo$

The 13 Best Towel Warmers Reviewed

1. Amba RHW-SP Radiant Straight Hardwired Towel Warmer

This wall mounted Amba towel rack is ideal for heat dispersion when warming up your towels or robes.

The horizontal bars heat up to allow for greater warmth distribution, and the vertical bars are used to heat up bathrobes. Just be careful when retrieving your garments, as this product does not have a safety shut off that starts the cooling process.

The bars are hot up until you turn the switch off. The advantage of this is that there is no chance of your towels cooling while you are still in the shower.

It looks sleek, and it’s big enough to hold one big towel or a couple of smaller ones. The numerous racks enable you to stagger and stack clothing items as well for easy grabbing. It would be nice if this product had an auto shut off for safety, but if you are careful it should not cause any problems.

Works wonderfully as a heating tool and as a drying aid for towels, clothes, and robes. In the winter months, you can even use this to heat up and dry off socks that have gotten wet from the snow.

2. Amba RSWH-B Hardwired Radiant Square Towel Warmer

The Amba RSWH-B towel warmer, like others of the same name, is a wall mounted towel warmer and dryer for when you need a warm hug after a refreshing shower.

This stainless steel product heats up entirely, offering a complete warming experience that leaves no spot unheated. The horizontal and the vertical bars heat up when the on switch is pressed, and will continue to heat your garments until the product is switched off. This ensures that your towels stay warm until you are ready for them. Simply switch off the towel warmer when you are finished.

The RSWH-B does not have any additional safety features, such as an automatic shut-off. It relies entirely on the manual on/off switch present near the bottom.

As a result, failure to turn off the Amba towel warmer means it will eat electricity until you remember to turn it off. It is wall mounted, and is about 32 inches high by 24 inches long, and only juts out 4.5 inches from the wall. This makes it a space saving alternative to bulky, “portable” box towel warmers.

3. Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

A hot shower in the evening opens your pores to the cool air after you’ve turned off the shower. Wrapping up in a towel is comforting, but a warm towel makes your shower feel more complete.

The Amba RHW-CB is a wall mounted towel warming rack that makes drying off feel luxurious. Simply weave the towels onto the bars for an all over warm that you can apply directly out of the shower.

Alternatively, you can use this rack to dry your towels after each shower. Both the horizontal and the vertical bars of this 31 inch rack heat up to better distribute warmth throughout your garments.

This product is made of stainless steel, and heats up completely when you press the integrated on/off switch. It is important to note that the entire rack heats up when on, vertical bars included. This is a bit of a strange design choice, as towels do not go on the vertical bars.

With this rack, caution should be exercised; if you happen to accidentally grab the vertical bars when it is hot, you will burn yourself. There is also no automatic shut off, so if you happen to forget you’ve left it on, your hand will show it.

4. Brookstone Towel Warmer

Nothing beats a warm towel straight out of the shower.

You’re cold, you’re wet, you’re exposed to the air, and a regular towel just doesn’t feel as nice. Enter the towel warmer; a handy device that takes your towels and warms them up to a nice toasty temperature.

The Brookstone towel warmer is one such product, holding up to two towels at once to warm for when you get out. This trashcan sized device is easy to use; simply put in your towels and press the button. In about ten minutes, you will have ultra warm towels ready for when you get out. If you take longer than ten minutes to have a shower, then the towels will stay warm for you for about 20 minutes.

While it does warm your towels, it is not designed to warm anything else. It is imperative that you do not allow children to play in or around this product as they can suffer serious burns.

Care should be taken when retrieving your towel as the inside of this product can reach temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, this product is not known among its buyers for being long lasting. At most, the product lasts a few months before something goes awry.

5. Conair Therma Luxe PTW1 Towel Warmer

A warm bath or shower is best followed by a warm towel or warm pajamas. But putting either in the dryer is not only a waste of electricity, it defeats the purpose of having your garments right there to grab.

The Conair Therma Luxe towel warmer is perfect for putting your towels or pajamas to heat up while you relax. The unit is small enough to be conveniently stored in your bathroom, but big enough to hold towels, pajamas, or even a thinner bathrobe for warming.

This convenience makes the unit and ideal candidate for all your bathroom warming needs.

The soft white towel warmer is portable, as it connects to any standard outlet easily. Move it from your bathroom to your bedroom to warm up your outfit before you get dressed.

The heating element takes about 15 minutes to heat your clothes, and shuts off as soon as the internal temperature reaches a certain point. At that point, your towels should be good to go. It should be noted that this unit works best with thinner items, as the heating element is on the bottom.

Because of this placement, rolling up your towels will leave them cooler in some places, and warm in others.

6. Conair Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

The Conair towel warmer and drying rack is a product you put in your bathroom if you want style and function.

This product is a free standing structure that looks like a heat element, and is used to hold your towels while you shower. Its primary function is to warm your towels, so that when you exit the shower, there is a toasty warm towel waiting for you.

When you are done drying off, turn off the element and hang your towels to dry. Easy installation and use makes this product a must have.

It stands at 32 inches high and 24 inches wide, can hold two towels comfortably, and four towels if you don’t mind the ends dragging on the floor a little. Depending on how warm you want your towels, you can stack your towels so that the upper most towel traps in heat, thus making it warmer for the other towels.

Unfortunately, this warmer rack has decidedly mixed reviews: most buyers either say that it works great without issue, or it works terribly and only heats up the part of the towel that is touching. Of course, with these sorts of racks, it is the risk you run. Thankfully, there is a return policy if you aren’t happy.

7. Heatwave Industries Towel Spa Towel Warmer

A compact towel warmer is great for any bathroom.

The Heatwave Towel Spa is just the thing to tuck away next to the shower to ensure that you have a toasty warm towel to greet you after a long shower. This little device measures 7.5 inches deep, 11 inches wide and 11.5 inches high, perfect for your towel, robe, or clothes to be ready and waiting in minutes.

It doesn’t take long for this little piece of machinery to get hot, and your articles stay warm for hours.

There is a safety feature in place to ensure that you aren’t overheating your towels. Once the inside of this warmer reaches the predetermined temperature, it sits and shuts off after five minutes.

Of course, this does not get your towels steaming hot; instead it leaves them warm, as though you had just popped them into a dryer for a couple minutes.

This device does not dry towels, only warms them up, so putting a wet towel into this device isn’t going to change how wet it is.

8. Homeleader 100W Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

This towel warmer by Homeleader looks great and works even better. If what you are looking for is a sleek, smooth, towel drying rack that holds and warms your towels for a “fresh from the dryer” feeling, then this may be the product for you.

It is 32 inches high and 25 inches wide, a very balanced height to width ratio that ensures fitting at least two towels simultaneously on this rack.

This sleek product has an inline switch to turn the heating element on and off, but does not have any auto shut off to speak of.

The flexible nature of this towel rack is also admirable. Not that it can twist to hold more towels, but you can easily change it from a standing rack to a wall mounted rack easily, depending on what you need.

The material the Homeleader towel rack is made of is designed to eliminate first-time odors that are attributed to burning electronics.

A joy to have in the bathroom; nothing beats a warmed towel after a refreshing shower.

9. Pursonic Home Fashion 6 Bar Towel Warming Rack

Towel warming bins are ideal when you want a warm towel after a hot shower, and can greatly extend feelings of relaxation even after the water has been turned off.

However, the boxes can heat your towels unevenly, resulting in cold spots.

With the Pursonic towel warming rack, you don’t have to worry as much about uneven heating, as you can simply drape the towel over all of the bars to get a more complete heat along the entirety of the towel. Warm multiple towels at once, or use the rack as a drying stand for the next time.

This towel rack can either stand on the floor, or it can be mounted to the wall to save space in a cramped bathroom.

When standing on the legs, it is about 13.5 inches deep. Wall mounting this product takes up about 5 inches, plus it leaves the floor for other things. The Pursonic towel warmer stands at 35 inches high and 23 inches wide, making it ideal for many different widths and lengths of towels.

Multiple towels warming at the same time may reduce how warm outer towels get.

10. Sharndy Electric Towel Warmer Curved

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and if you only have a few small articles to heat up, the 30+ inch wall-mounted warming racks may not be for you.

Thankfully, the smaller Sharndy electric towel warmer is a mere 16.5 inches high, giving you a compact place to warm your towel while you shower.

It is easy to install and easy to use; simply hang your towel and turn on the switch to start the heating process.

This product has four horizontal bars from which to hang and weave your towel. Due to its size, it is ideal for smaller items, as longer and bulkier towels will not be heated to their full length.

The towel bars are curved to allow easier placement of your towels, and the shape makes it easier to remove them without burning yourself. The on-off switch is in a convenient location, but does not have an automatic shut off like other towel warmers do.

11. Warmly Yours 4 Bar Towel Warmer

An interesting take on the towel warmer rack, the WarmYours 4 bar towel warmer implements an interesting, heating-element style rack to warm your towels while you shower.

It is 28.5 inches high and 16 inches wide, which is great for longer towels if you drape them over the top most rung, but less fantastic for very wide towels. Folding wide towels in half should satisfy the width restriction.

Alternatively, you can also hang two shorter towels to get the most out of your heating experience. To save space, this rack is wall mounted, and can swing on hinges to remove it from the wall when in use.

Some of the most prominent complaints about this product is that it does not heat the towels all the way.

Due to the spacing of the rungs, it does appear that the towel should at least get spots of heating throughout, but many buyers state that the only heat their towels get is from the rung which the towel is hung.

This is problematic, as the rack itself is not cheap.

Meanwhile, other buyers say that yes, the towel warmer does work as intended, but it doesn’t get hot enough to make the towels toasty. More or less a lukewarm towel. Even still, there are customers that are happy with the product and have had the model for years.

12. Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39 Inch Towel Warmer

Just like in the hotels, this luxuriously large towel rack is just what you need to have your towels perfectly placed for when you exit the shower.

This is a floor standing rack, and, like the name suggests, it is 39 inches high. It is also 24 inches wide, so while it will easily hold your towel lengthwise, you may need to fold it in half to get it to fit on the width.

This product can easily hold 2 towels for maximum warmth.

Of course, it is not limited to simply towels; you can hang your clothes as well to keep them warm, so that as soon as you are out of the shower, you are warm.

It plugs into any standard US outlet, and uses less electricity than if you were to dry your towels in a dryer. It’s handy and efficient for that out of shower burst of warmth.

This product has mixed reviews over all, but there are glowing reviews that state this product does everything they need and more.

13. Warmrails HSKC Kensington 39.5 Inch Wall Mounted Towel Holder

Save space on your floor with this wall mounted towel rack. It is designed to hold on to your towels and give them a lightly warm feeling.

Ideal for colder climates, as the first rush of air right out of the shower can be a bit of a jolt. This Warmrails product is 39.5 inches high and 24 inches wide; enough to hold your towels, but not wide enough to take up a whole lot of space on your wall.

Installation is easy enough; as long as you have an outlet, this will run. Make sure to turn it off when you’re done, as this product does not have an auto-off switch.

This towel warmer has enough rungs to thoroughly warm your towels, and the bars do get hot to the touch.

Thicker towels will have wildly different results compared to thinner towels, but given enough time either kind will eventually get warm.

It’s a completely metal product, with the exception being the feet and the holders on the sides, so it retains heat for longer than other materials. It also runs at 105 watts, to help save energy.

Important Considerations When Selecting The Best Electric Towel Warmer For Your Bathroom

When it comes to investing in an electric towel warmer, you will find in our handy table above that many models may look somewhat similar from the onset.

However, upon closer inspection you will quickly realize it is the features of the towel warmer that will set it apart.

Popular features found on towel warmers include the following:

  • Dimensions
  • Portability
  • Automatic On/Off Switch
  • Weight
  • Price

Dimensions – Whether you live in a shoebox sized apartment in New York City or a McMansion in the burbs, dimensions always play a key role when selecting a towel warmer.  The size of the unit is critical if you plan on mounting it within your bathroom.  So therefore, be sure to take measurements of your wall before making your purchase decision in order to prevent the hassles and headaches of returns.  Should you go with a towel warmer like the Conair or Heatwave, the biggest concern here will likely be the footprint of the unit – so measure accordingly.

Portability – While traditionally towel warmers are going to be used within your bathroom, portability can be a welcome convenience for some.  Even in cool summer evenings, having a portable towel warmer next to your jacuzzi would definitely be nice!  Also renters will enjoy taking their towel warmer with them when their lease is up.

Automatic On/Off – Amazingly, many of the towel warmers on the market don’t feature an energy efficient on/off switch.  Therefore, should you invest in a towel warmer without onboard automatic controls, then you will want to purchase a timer as well.  This will ensure that you don’t have a enormous electric bill at the end of the month.

Weight – Of all the features, weight has to be among the most important features of towel warmers.  The reason being is that if you decide to go with a portable option, this can be tough if the unit weighs a hefty 10 pounds (not including towels) and you want to go from point A to point B.  When it comes to mounted towel warmers, if you are installing yourself, you will want to get a until that has a manageable weight.  For any mounted towel warmer, you will want to be sure that you install it into studs as opposed to just drywall or sheet rock in order to ensure that it doesn’t fall post-installation.

Price – When it comes to towel warmers, its largely a ‘you get what you pay for’ scenario.  

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