Best Snapback Hats That Make You Look Like A Badass

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When it comes to wearing stylish men’s hats, there could not be a more hip style for men than the snapback hat. These hats were popularized in the 90’s through hip-hop culture and, within the last few years, have made a re-appearance as a trendy and cool style of hat.

Today, snapback hats are worn with lots of swagger and are a great way to express your sense of style. Snapback hats are a great addition to an outfit for a casual style or streetwear setting. They are also a fantastic way to express your allegiance to your favorite sports team(s).

In this deep dive, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know when purchasing a snapback.

If you’ve never purchased one before, you’re definitely in the right place to find out more about how to wear a snapback and the best ones to buy.

So, put your learning cap on and let’s get started!

The Best Snapback Hats of 2021 Reviewed

1. RVCA Snapback

RVCA is a lifestyle brand that produces sleek and hip apparel for men. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the RVCA Snapback.

This snapback hat is also made of uncommon materials with an 80% acrylic and 20% wool blend. It gives the hat a velvety-smooth feel and makes it comfortable to wear.

This hat also comes with character as well with its all-black design. The VA logo stands out, literally, as it is embroidered with a 3D design.

As for adjusting this cap, it comes with the classic adjustable snapback strap and fits a head circumference of 23 inches.

2. Adidas Men’s Originals Snapback Hat

The Adidas Men’s Originals Snapback Hat is one of the best vintage and stylish snapback hats you can find.

Adidas was once at the fashion forefront of hip-hop culture in the 80’s and it’s hard not to be reminded of Run DMC when looking at this hat. Perhaps the most obvious reminder of the 80’s with this white snapback is the original black Adidas logo on the front.

It also has the same vintage black logo on the back, albeit much smaller. The back also has the typical adjustable snapback strap. It is made of a blend of materials including acrylic, cotton, and wool.

Since it is white, you’re going to have to pay extra attention in maintaining it. If you do happen to notice a blemish on this cap, hand washing it gently is the best way to go.

With this Adidas Originals Snapback Hat, you’ll definitely be giving off a sporty and vintage vibe while also helping to boost up mens hat fashion on the street!

3. Nike Snapback Hat

If you’re looking for a snapback hat for your morning jog or session at the gym, you might want to check out the Nike Snapback.

This lightweight snapback hat comes with sweat-wicking, breathable fabric to help absorb the sweat. This is done through its 100% polyester DRI-FIT body. The addition of small ventilation holes on the side of the snapback further ensures breathability and comfort during your choice of physical activity.

This Nike snapback comes in a few different colors with the trademark Swoosh logo. Like the classic snapback, it also has the adjustable plastic strap to allow you to adjust the size of the cap.

The Nike Snapback Hat is an excellent budget pick and one of the best caps you can find for your workouts.

4. Fox INSTILL Snapback Hat

Fox is an active lifestyle brand that produces outdoor gear and apparel. Some of the apparel they produce extends to hats and one of their best ones is their INSTILL Snapback Hats.

It is also simplistic in design and the front of their cap features their neat Fox logo that uses 3D embroidery design. Like the Vans Drop V II hat, the Fox INSTILL also has their logo woven on the back of the cap. Speaking of the back, this snapback sports the classic look with the adjustable, plastic snapback strap.

This hat is light to the touch and to wear and that’s probably because it is made of 98% cotton materials. It has a very small stretchable quality to it as well thanks to the 2% spandex materials in this cap.

This snapback hat by Fox is modern and fun and comes in a large variety of colors. This will ensure that you’ll be able to find a color to go perfectly with your outfit.

5. NBA Snapback Hats – Chicago Bulls, Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors, etc.

Basketball is one of the flashiest sports around and the same can be said for the New Era Golden State Warriors Tip Off Series 9Fifty Cap. There really is a lot going on with this cap so let’s see what’s up.

At first glance, you’re hit with the Golden State Warriors team colors of blue and gold. What’s neat about this snapback hat is that the logo is not directly in the center of the cap. Rather, it’s tucked away in the top left corner, leaving quite a bit of space for the white embroidered words ‘Golden’ and ‘Warriors’ to fit.

It also has some more decorative elements on the brim of the cap as well as the side and back of the hat. Like we said, there’s lots going on with this hat!

A few other logos make an appearance on this hat as the New Era logo is in its usual spot on the left side of the cap and the official NBA logo is on the back.

Speaking of the back, this hat is of the classic snapback variety with its adjustable strap. The hat’s shape is also slightly taller (high crown) than most snapbacks so it can definitely accommodate most, if not all, head sizes.

6. MLB Snapback Hats – Yankees, LA Dodgers, Red Sox, etc.

What do you get when you combine the most illustrious professional baseball team in history with two premier clothing companies? The answer is an amazing baseball cap collaboration through the ’47 Brand Yankees Carhartt CAPTAIN Cap.

’47 Brand and Carhartt are both respectively lifestyle apparel companies and together with the New York Yankees, produce one of the coolest snapbacks around.

This collector’s item snapback is made of 100% cotton and has a very structured fit. Much like the aforementioned Golden State Warriors snapback, this baseball cap also has a high crown and ensures different head sizes will be able to fit comfortably in this mens snapback.

It comes in those familiar Yankees colors along with the legendary raised and embroidered logo on the front of the cap. It’s not the only logo on the hat, however, as each of the collaborative parties’ logos also feature on the sides of this baseball cap.

A collaborative effort between two great apparel companies and one of the best baseball teams of all-time definitely makes this one of the coolest hats around.

7. NFL Snapback Hats – 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots, etc.

Sporting the colors of one of the greatest dynasties in football history is never a bad idea. With the New Era NFL Basic Snap 9Fifty Snapback Cap of the New England Patriots, you’ll be ready to cheer them on come every game day.

With this Patriots 9Fifty Snapback Cap, you get two distinct color styles. One with the all-solid color cap and the other with a different color brim/visor. Either one is fine as they are both made of 100% cotton and sport the Patriots logo embroidered on the front of the cap.

If you have to sweat out the final tense moments of the big game, you won’t have to worry about that as this hat comes with a moisture-absorbing sweatband on the inside of the cap!

The New Era brand also features prominently on this snapback as well with its logo stitched on the left side of the cap and an adjustable sticker decal that comes on the brim of the cap.

A true snapback wouldn’t be a snapback if it didn’t come with an adjustable plastic strap and that’s what this snapback has.

8. NHL Snapback Hats – Buffalo Sabres, Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues, etc.

As one of the six original teams in the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks are known for their loyal fanbase – you can become a part of this fanbase with the American Needle Adjustable Snapback Hat.

It is made of 100% polyester which makes it breathable, comfortable, and easy to wash.

This cap should be able to fit most head sizes as it comes with the adjustable snapback strap on the back of the cap.

Get ready for game day in style with this sweet Chicago Blackhawks snapback!

What to Know When Buying A Snapback

For those that don’t know what a snapback hat is, it is a type of hat that can be adjusted by using the adjustable snap on the back of the cap. Having this flexibility enables you to adjust the hat to your specific head size.

Now that you know what a snapback hat is, let’s take a look at some of the key considerations when it comes to buying one.

1. Design

When it comes to the design of the snapback hat, it’s all about the classic look. The flat brim of the cap is what really defines the look of the snapback and bending that brim is a big fashion faux pas when it comes to stylishly rocking a snapback. In terms of how they differ from other kinds of hats, we’ll address that at the end of our guide below so stay tuned.

Here are just a few of the different types of snapback caps that are really popular right now.


Whether your favorite sports team is in a big market like New York or a smaller market like Kansas City, you can support your team with their snapback cap.

Snapback hats of sports teams are so cool right now that every team from every league has their own.

Brands & Collaborations

There are a few apparel brands that have also hopped on the snapback cap bandwagon and are now offering their own. Big name brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma, all offer snapback hats.

Sometimes, however, snapbacks can merge two different cultures into one through creative cross-over collaborations. A good example would be the collaboration between prominent Japanese clothing brand Beams and the most prestigious sports team of all time, the New York Yankees. Together, their Beams x New York Yankees snapback cap is a joint effort on both brands’ part to produce something unique, fresh, and cool.

Flat Color

Many snapback hats also come in a simple, flat color. These are often found in non-sports team snapback caps and can consist of color combinations or camouflage patterns.

A common flat color snapback cap that is often worn is one that is simplya plain, black color. This style is easy to mix and match with your casual outfits since the black color of the cap can be paired well with just about any outfit.

Another commonly worn snapback color is gray and this too, can also be matched well with your outfits. To create more of a fashion statement and to stand out a bit more, a dark snapback will do the trick.

Lastly, the camouflage style is one that is starting to be seen more and more in men’s fashion and that extends to snapback hats as well. Wearing a camouflage snapback is a good choice, day or night, and goes especially well with solid color outfits.

2. Price

The price of snapback hats can vary. You can find a regular sports team snapback in the neighborhood of $25-$50. However, a few designer brands also sell snapback hats and these hats can sell for an extremely high price, sometimes as much as $250. So, expect snapback hats to range in price from $25-$250.

3. Material

For snapback hats, there are three notable materials with which these hats are made of: natural fibers, hybrid/synthetic, and leather.

Natural Fibers

Snapback hats made of natural fibers, such as cotton, are the most common types of snapback hats out there. That’s because they’re breathable to wear and are soft to the touch. They’re much easier to clean than synthetic and leather hats, although, it’s still rather difficult to clean given that it is a hat. Despite this, they are very durable and a good snapback cap should last you a few years or more.


Synthetic and/or hybrid materials used to make snapback hats are also durable but not as prominent as cotton snapback hats. These hats have a bit more give in the fabric and are stretchable. This is beneficial for you because it helps to fit different head sizes and won’t feel tight. They are very breathable to wear (i.e. mesh type of hats) and because of this, they are the perfect hat to wear in the warmer summer months. A good example of a snapback hat made of hybrid or synthetic materials are trucker hats.


Leather is the least common fabric of snapback hats and that’s because they aren’t worn for everyday use. Rather, leather hats are more of a fashion or style statement than anything else. While they are quite durable in design, it might be too hot to wear this everyday, especially in the summer months. That is because leather hats don’t have breathable qualities that is more commonly found in cotton hats.

4. Sizing

When it comes to finding the right size, there are three distinct sizing styles when it comes to choosing your hat.


One size does not fit all and that’s the case with fitted hats. They come in a variety of sizes from small to large and they generally fit head sizes with a circumference of 21.5-23 inches.


Snapback hats with an adjustable strap on the back are the classic snapback look and style. With these hats, one size does fit all.

Elastic Band

Snapback hats that feature elastic materials are less rigid than the fitted hat and have the ability to slightly expand. But like the fitted hat, they also come in various sizes, from small to large, and fit heads with a circumference of 54-59 cm.

5. Sticker

Some snapback hats come with a distinctive sticker on the brim of the cap. This can be the logo of the company that makes the cap (i.e. New Era) or an authenticating sticker of a sports league, such as a hologram sticker . You can choose to leave it on as a fashion statement or peel it off.

6. Country of Origin

Where the snapback hat is made is another important thing to keep in mind when buying one. There are lots of snapback brands that produce their hats in the USA and for some men, that’s a big feature because it means they are authentic and properly made. For some men, they just prefer having the peace of mind of knowing that the hat of their favorite sports team or that specific heritage brand is made in the USA.

While you can pretty much buy a snapback hat just about anywhere online or in a physical store, we recommend only buying from legitimate shops and ones that have a trusted reputation. This is to ensure you get the hat you want and not some cheap knockoff.

7. Intent

The intention for wearing a snapback hat is also an important factor because it can make or break your outfit.


Wearing a snapback hat is great for streetwear and in urban settings because of its ability to enhance almost any outfit. A common snapback worn in these settings often displays the logos of sports teams or lifestyle brands, such as RVCA and Brixton. So, whether you’re just hanging out on the street or down by the beach, you can easily rock a snapback hat and do it in style too.

As awesome as it is to wear a snapback hat, an important tip is that it’s imperative to match your snapback hat to your outfit appropriately.


Snapback hats worn in casual environments have always been hip and trendy and that continues today. Rocking a snapback offers a level of confidence and swagger and can be a fashion statement or a statement of support for your favorite sports team. They can also be used to hide your imperfections as well (i.e. receding hairline or messy hair). So, whether you’re heading out for a few beers with friends or shopping with your spouse, you can’t go wrong wearing a snapback hat.

Not Professional

As much as we love the snapback hat, there is a time and place to wear it. The best time to wear it is in a casual or urban setting as it exudes a bold yet relaxing attitude. You should avoid wearing them in more formal settings such as a corporate office or on a first date. Not only is it not professional to do so, you’ll just look completely out of place.

How to Wear A Snapback Hat Stylishly

Now that you know all about the best snapback hats of 2021, let’s delve into the best ways as to how to wear a cap.

1. Front or Backwards Is Fine

When wearing your snapback hat, the key is to wear it confidently and with style. For some men, that means wearing it like a normal cap or backwards.

There really is no best or correct way to wear a cap and so, ultimately, it should come down to how you prefer to wear yours. Just remember that you should feel confident in how you wear your snapback!

2. Don’t Bend The Bill

A big fashion crime when it comes to wearing a snapback hat is bending the bill of the cap! It’s just a big no-no and you should not, under any circumstance, do this.

There is a certain cap style that comes with wearing a snapback and it usually entails wearing it with a completely flat brim. Snapbacks aren’t generally made to look “broken in” because they just look flat out awkward and wrong.

If you are looking to bend the bill of a cap, we suggest you try wearing a visor or a fitted baseball cap.

3. Stickers Can/Cannot Be Included

As we mentioned in the first section, some snapback caps will come with a sticker on them, usually of the authenticating sports league or of the company making that particular snapback.

On a number of occasions in men’s fashion, some men prefer to leave these stickers on their caps while others choose to peel them off.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to keep these stickers on your cap. There is nothing in men’s fashion that says you need to keep the stickers on to exude a certain sense of style.

4. Pair with Streetwear Style

Pairing your snapback hat to your outfit is essential to displaying a fashionable sense of style.

While we want to stop short of telling you what you should wear, we also want to give you a few tips as to what types of clothes a snapback hat pairs well with.

Let’s start with a smart casual outfit. If you’re heading to the office to do some work on the weekend, round out your look with a casual snapback hat.

On a more casual level, snapback hats go well with an oversized graphic t-shirt and ripped, black, skinny jeans. With this outfit, your t-shirt will be the star of your outfit and your snapback will help round out your outfit.

As for shoes, we’ve found that snapback hats pair great with print sneakers but you can pick just about any pair of shoes to work with the right snapback.

How To Clean A Snapback Hat

As great as it is to have a snapback hat in your collection, the reality is, like it is with most hats, that they are incredibly hard to maintain and clean.

1. Nearly Impossible

The problem with cleaning blemishes on snapback hats is that it is often nearly impossible to do so. This is because trying to clean off a stain or blemish will often discolor the affected area. While it may not ruin the functionality of the hat, this discoloration will be very noticeable.

Another thing you absolutely should never do is to wash your snapback hat in the washer and dryer. Believe us when we say that this won’t end well for your hat, as its shape will likely shrink.

2.  Spot Clean With A Small Brush

If you do happen to find a small blemish, the best piece of advice we can give you is to spot clean it with a small brush. We’ll break down this process for you.

You’ll want to first start off by mixing some warm water with a tablespoon of mild detergent. This mixture, when applied to the blemish, will help to lift the stain only.

Once you’ve applied the mixture to the stain, rub it gently and in a circular motion. A key tip here is to not panic by applying more mixture to the stain when nothing begins to happen. Gently wipe the area with a microfiber cloth and let your snapback hat air dry for a few hours, away from heat sources (i.e. heater).

3. Visually Inspect

After you’ve let your snapback air dry for a few hours, take a look at your hat to see if the stain has been removed. If it hasn’t, feel free to go through the spot cleaning process again.

If you go through the cleaning process again and see no improvement in the removal of the stain, it might be a sign to get a new snapback hat, unfortunately.

Common Questions Men Had About Snapbacks

Where are the best places to buy an authentic snapback?

When it comes to buying authentic snapbacks, the best place is always directly from the company that manufactures the hats. Companies like New Era and Mitchell and Ness sell their snapbacks directly on their websites and you can’t go wrong getting it directly from the source.

Another good place to look for snapback hats is on online clothing retailer websites. Companies such as Nike, Adidas, Brixton, Fox, and Obey will sell snapback hats on their websites.

If you’re looking for your favorite sports team snapback hats, the first place you should look is on your team’s website. Generally, all professional sports teams will have a team shop on their website where they sell authentic merchandise and it’s here that you will find your team’s snapback hat.

You can also shop for snapbacks on other large online suppliers websites where they sell all types of snapback hats including sports, trucker, and modern ones. Some of these companies include Macy’s, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and Huckberry, to name a few.

Should you keep the sticker on your snapback?

If you feel confident wearing the sticker on your cap, then do it. If it feels weird for you, then don’t!

As we mentioned earlier, this one is completely up to you. There is no right or wrong way with this one. Choosing to wear the sticker means you’re trying to convey a bit more style and that’s totally cool! As long as you feel confident wearing it on your hat, then go for it.

Choosing to leave the sticker on can be a polarizing topic for some, especially hat purists that say you should not have the sticker on the hat. But it really doesn’t matter what others think or feel as you should do whatever is most comfortable for you.

Why do people like to wear snapback hats?

People love wearing snapback hats because of their fantastic style. They provide a great finishing touch to your outfits and can really help to elevate your sense of style.

Wearing them also exudes team pride when you sport your favorite teams’ snapback cap. Whether you wear it to the game or at the sports bar with your buddies, confidently rocking your hometown team snapback is the best way to show your sporting allegiance.

Lastly, if you’re out on the beach the entire day, a great way to stay cool and avoid a gnarly facial sunburn is to wear a snapback. While it may not be the primary reason you wear one, it still serves as a benefit on those bright, sunny days.

Snapbacks vs. Other Hats

There are a few different types of hats you can wear that add a bit of style to your outfit. Aside from the snapbacks, baseball caps and trucker hats are two of the most common ones. Let’s quickly explore all three.


Snapback hats come with 6 panels (the piece that makes up the body of the hat) and a flat brim. They show off the most style out of all these hats and they can be the perfect accessory to round out your outfit.

They can be worn in casual and urban settings and can perfectly complement your outfit while you’re at the big game!

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps have 5 or 6 panels and generally have a higher crown than snapbacks. These caps usually come in a fitted shape and are not adjustable. They are made of natural animal hair, cotton, or sometimes a blend of both materials. One of the most popular baseball cap brands is New Era and they make snapback hats as well.

When it comes to how to wear a baseball cap, you can wear it either front or backwards with a flat or curved brim. Think about pairing a baseball cap with a t-shirt, slim-fit jeans, and print shoes.

Trucker Hats

Who could forget those green and yellow John Deere hats that become popularized over a decade ago?

With trucker hats, the front of the hat is made of foam, while the sides and back are made of mesh material. These are technically part of the snapback family as these hats have an adjustable snapback closure.

A trucker hat pairs very well with a plaid shirt and a regular pair of jeans. Cowboy boots are optional.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Snapbacks

If there is one key takeaway from this deep dive on snapback hats, it’s that they are the perfect addition to your personal choice of style. They really work well to complement and enhance your outfit choices and can also work with many different styles and situations on any given day.

Of the factors we want you to hone in on when you’re choosing your next snapback, you really should take a good hard look at the materials that it is made of, the size options (if applicable), and where the snapback is made. With the variety of snapback hats available, you should be able to find one that checks all of the right boxes for you.

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