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7 Best Scrubs for Men That Are Super Comfy And Cool

When working in the medical field, your scrub pants shouldn’t be a source of constant distraction, nor should they look like they were out of the 1970s.

Instead of worrying about your pants, the focus should, of course, be placed on the patient.

With more men entering the medical field in droves, scrub companies such as Figs and Carhartt have taken notice and started offering more contemporary and tailored styles that not only look much better but also feel better as well.

But a quality scrub shouldn’t just look and feel good; it should also have a great blend of fabrics for both quick-drying and durability, provide plenty of function through smart pocket locations, and perhaps most importantly, be affordable – like the Cherokee Workwear Professional Scrubs for men.

Reviews of The Best Scrubs for Men

1. Best Overall Scrubs For Men: Cherokee Workwear Professionals Scrub for Men

Materials: 63% Polyester / 34% Cotton / 3% Spandex | Pockets: 1 | Color Variants: 16| Don’t Forget The Pants: Cherokee Workwear Professional Men’s Pants (5 pockets)

While Cherokee may seem like the new kid on the block when it comes to their workwear professionals’ line of performance-focused fabrics, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Serving those who serve others since 1972, Cherokee understands what men in the medical field require from their scrubs.

To put it succinctly, there is a lot to love about these scrubs from Cherokee; they are among the highest-rated garments out there (4.5 out of 5.0 at the time of initial publication).

The biggest selling point to their scrubs is the fabric itself.  Within the workwear professional line, you will find the following fabric compositions:

  • 63% Polyester
  • 34% Cotton
  • 3% Spandex

This blend works perfectly together.  The polyester provides the structure and anti-wrinkle properties, while the cotton makes the shirt much easier to breathe, and the little extra touch of spandex allows for a greater range of motion when the job becomes physically tough.

Whether you are 5′ 2″ or 6′ 2″, men of all shapes and sizes loved the fit of these scrubs as they didn’t bunch up in the wrong places nor did they restrict motion in any way.

If there were any downsides to these scrubs, it would be around the pockets.  On the top half, you only have one chest pocket (no lower side pockets).

Given that Cherokee sells their scrubs separately and not part of a set, you will also want to make sure you pick up the matching pair of workwear professional pants to ensure exact color coordination and fabric composition, and five additional pockets to compliment the top.


  • Perfect blend of fabrics is great for all-day wear
  • Fits on men of all body shapes and sizes
  • Tailored fit won’t be baggy and tight in the wrong areas


  • Must purchase pants separately
  • Limited number of pockets on the top half

What You Need To Know

Overall, these are one of the best scrubs for men on the market today.  Cherokee has perfected the art of making scrubs a step up from the unisex offerings, yet not as expensive as the premium brands.

2. Figs Chisec Scrub for Men

Materials: 72% Polyester / 21% Rayon / 7% Spandex | Pockets: 10 Total (3 top / 7 pants | Color Variants: 4 | Don’t Forget The Pants: FIGS Axim Cargo Pants

If there was any brand that is currently trying to disrupt the age-old world of scrubs, it would be FIGS.

Founded in 2013, FIGS is challenging what scrubs are and should be by not only relying on fibers that increase durability without sacrificing comfort (they referred to as Technical Comfort) but scrubs that are highly functional as well.

When looking at their composition, you will see the following fibers being used:

  • Polyester – 72%
  • Rayon – 21%
  • Spandex – 7%

With one of the highest concentrations of spandex out there, these scrubs move effortlessly with your body, ultimately ensuring that you get a full range of motion when you are serving others.

Now one might think that the scrubs will create an environment that will be both itchy and sweaty given that there is no natural fabric such as cotton to be found; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Each of the FIGS scrubs features moisture-wicking technology that ensures that the sweat is pulled away from your skin during high-performance scenarios.

Fabrics aside, what many men really loved about these scrubs were their pockets.

With 10 total compartments (three on the top and seven on the pants), you can keep all your gear well organized.

Lastly, the fit.

This is where we think FIGS shines the most.  Perhaps it’s due to the fact that we are a men’s fashion site, but the ability to get a pair of scrubs that are perfectly tailored and contemporary is welcomed.

These scrubs will make you appear more presentable to not only your boss but more importantly, to the patients and their families.


  • These are the most contemporary and best-looking scrubs on the market
  • Made from synthetic fabrics that can withstand a ton of abuse
  • 10 pockets will be welcomed by all


  • These are pricey

What You Need To Know

These are among the best made looking scrubs on the market today.  However, expect to pay quite a premium.

3. Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Utility Scrub

Materials: 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester | Pockets: 1 | Color Variants: 12 | Don’t Forget the Pants: Carhartt Utility Scrub Bottom

Trusted by men since 1889, Carhartt is all but guaranteed to withstand some of the toughest conditions you throw at it.

Their trademark cotton and polyester blend are terrific at not only providing plenty of ventilation but also at resisting tears and wrinkles.

While the pockets for this particular scrub top are fairly limited with only one chest pocket, when doubled with the Carhartt Utility Scrub Bottom that has eight pockets, organization won’t be an issue.

A few other standout features about this particular scrub from Carhartt that caught our attention and many other men’s is the color variety, 12 in total, along with a tagless back to prevent any discomfort or itchiness throughout the day.

Unlike some of the other scrubs out there, Carhartt does take comfort a bit further than just simply a tagless back by having a bi-swing at the back yoke.

What does this mean?

Greater range and comfort of movement, especially when you may be lifting up or setting down patients.


  • Smart design for greater range of motion
  • Fabric is thick enough to resist tears, yet provides breathability
  • Extra length on back provides additional coverage when bending over


  • Must be purchased with the scrub bottoms to make up for lack of pockets
  • Somewhat expensive compared to most

What You Need To Know

Carhartt is a trusted brand by many and is built with uncompromising quality.  Their designs are made for optimal comfort and movement.  If you are a man who finds themselves getting their hands dirty, you will love the range of motion and breathability in the Carhartt scrubs.

4. Dagacci Scrubs for Men

Materials: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester| Pockets: 8 (3 top / 5 bottom) | Color Variants: 24

For the men looking to shave a few bucks off their scrubs bill – then the Unisex Dagacci Scrubs makes perfect sense.

This complete set costs about $20 making it one of the cheapest picks on our list.

Now naturally, given that this is designed for both men and women, there will definitely be some compromises made when it comes to build quality.

Noticeably absent from these scrubs will be any “manly” design aesthetics such as a tapered leg, extended yoke for a greater range of movement, and pockets galore on the pants.

However, for the price and the general design, it’s still not a bad deal, especially if you are neck-deep in student loans and simply need a scrub to get you through the day.

When it comes to color selection, this scrub has quite a few–24 in total.  However, being that you are shopping for masculine colors, we spotted about 12 useful colors (mostly the neutrals and blues).

A few other fit, fabric, and functional aspects that stood out on this scrub was that it was made from a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester, making a great everyday scrub.

The Dagacci scrub set has eight pockets—three up top and five on the bottom.

Lastly, the waist on this set of scrubs features a mixture of both an elastic band and drawstring so you won’t have to worry about your pants sagging throughout the day.


  • Greater starter set of scrubs
  • 8 pockets allow for organization at an arm’s reach
  • Color choice is one of the best out there


  • Somewhat restricted range of motion compared to the nicer brands
  • Unisex design is unflattering and not tailored

What You Need To Know

For the value delivered, this is a great set of scrubs for those just starting out.  They are affordable, made from quality materials, and have eight pockets for easy organization.

5. M&M Scrubs for Men

Materials: 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton | Pockets: 8 (3 top / 5 bottom) | Color Variants: 22

A nice transition from the Dagacci unisex scrub set will be this set by M&M.

Designed specifically for men, it offers a bit more tailored fit while still providing you with plenty of function.

As any man in the medical field will tell you, pockets are key when selecting a set of scrubs.

Like the Dagacci’s, these scrubs by M&M offer eight pockets in total – three on the shirt and five on the pants (2 front – 3 cargo).

Not only will this make for easier access to your important reference cards or instruments, but the sheer amount ensures that you don’t have to pile everything into only a few pockets and find yourself constantly fishing through them to get what you need.

Now, of all the scrubs featured on our list, the M&M scrubs do contain quite a heavy mixture of polyester compared to cotton – 65% vs 35%.

This not only decreases breathability but also given that there is no elastane or spandex contained within the fabric, they may feel just a touch more rigid than most.

While you may lose a bit when it comes to range of motion and breathability, the M&M scrubs will be resistant to ripping, allowing these to have quite a lifespan.

Lastly, the cost.

At about $20 bucks for a complete scrub set, these are fairly cheap and will work great for most men.

Just a quick word of note – they do run a little bit larger, so if you want something a bit more form-fitting, go a size smaller.


  • Highly durable fabric composition
  • Color variety is great for men
  • Smart pocket locations allow for easy access


  • Restricted breathability in the fabric
  • Range of motion may be limited due to lack of smart design and elastic fibers

What You Need To Know

These scrubs are a highly durable and affordable offering for men who find themselves in some pretty rough situations time and time again.  Just be sure to get a size smaller as they do run large.

6. Barco Grey’s Anatomy Scrub for Men

Materials: 77% Polyester / 23% Rayon | Pockets: 3| Color Variants: 12 | Don’t Forget The Pants: Modern Fit Cargo Pant

Look – we all know the TV drama Grey’s Anatomy and how it’s not at all an accurate representation of what goes on in the real medical field (seriously, walking into a dark room will hit you with a stench of God knows what – not two people having sex).

But be that as it may, there is still no denying the clout they bring to the medical field and their officially licensed name on this set of Barco scrubs.

Now if you push the TV show out of your mind and objectively look at these scrubs, we think they are a pretty great pick.

Not only are they highly functional, double-chest pocket and a sleeve pocket, but they also have a nice fit around the neck with a shallow V-neck cut that is great for the more conservative men.

Unlike other scrubs that offered a cotton heavy fabric, these ones by Barco are made completely with synthetic fibers – 77% polyester and 23% rayon.

Now some may be turned off by this notion, but the instant disregard would be misplaced.

While polyester is incredibly durable and perfect for the medical field, the rayon composition is also incredibly soft.  In fact, according to this article, rayon is commonly known as artificial silk.

This was further confirmed in reviews from other men raving about just how soft these scrubs felt.

Like the Cherokee’s, these scrubs are sold individually, so you will have to buy the matching pants separately.

Sure, this may seem like a bummer; if you do get blood or any other body fluids on your scrubs, you can easily just buy a replacement piece instead of rebuying the entire set.


  • Ample pockets on chest and arm are really convenient
  • Unique fabric texture is durable and really soft
  • Shallow cut V-neck


  • Must buy the pants separately
  • Somewhat expensive

What You Need To Know

For better or worse, these scrubs were modeled after the hit TV drama.  However, looking beyond this, they are a durable scrub that feels soft.  The pocket locations are smartly thought out.

7. Elements Unisex Scrub Set

Materials: 65% Polyester / 32% Rayon / 3% Spandex | Pockets: 5 Total (1 top / 4 pants) | Color Variants: 5

The Elements Unisex scrub set is a nice change of pace from the other unisex sets featured in our list that are primarily made from a mixture of both cotton and polyester.

The feel of these scrubs is truly a game-changer for many.

Relying heavily on rayon (artificial silk), these will feel incredibly smooth on your body throughout the entire day.

But unlike silk, the mixture of rayon and polyester gives this scrub the required durability that is necessary in the medical world.

Whether you snag yourself on a bedside pole or simply catch yourself on some other object, you won’t have to worry about your scrubs tearing.

To further sweeten the deal, these scrubs are rather light and flowy, so even when you are on your feet all day, it will feel like you are wearing next to nothing.

Now, as great as the feel of these scrubs are, there are a few downsides when it comes to both fit and function.

It’s important to remember that these are unisex scrubs; therefore, they will be a bit boxier when compared to others and won’t have any sort of tailored aesthetics.

Secondly, the pockets are a bit lacking.

If you are a pocket junky, you may be disappointed that you only have five total pockets across both the shirt and pants – so you may want to mix and match across brands, if necessary.


  • Soft and strong fabrics can withstand tough conditions
  • Extra bit of stretch through the spandex is welcomed
  • Affordable given the quality


  • Unisex design is a bit unflattering
  • Some may find the number of pockets to be a bit lacking (5 total)

What You Need To Know

These scrubs will feel soft and airy throughout those long workdays.  We just wish Elements offered a bit more when it came to pockets.

5 Tips for Buying Scrubs

When buying scrubs, consider the following:

1. Waist Closure

When looking at all the different types of scrubs, you will see primarily three waist closure options:

  • Button Up: Great for having a closure that won’t wear out nor come untied; a buttoned waist is nearly always paired with an elastic waistband – as seen on the Dickies Scrub Pant.  
  • Elastic: Typically found on the cheapest scrub pants, an elastic waistband is great for putting on and taking off your pants with ease.  But you have to be careful here; too tight of a waistband will lead to discomfort and just general annoyance. On the other hand, one that is too loose may cause sagging in the pants, which require you to keep pulling them up.
  • Drawstring: This is the most common waist closure on scrubs.  Not only is this option one of the cheapest, but it’s also one of the most reliable.  While the string can dig into your waist, the drawstring ensures that the scrubs stay put throughout the day.  

2. Fabric

During your research, you’ll find that scrubs often come in three main fabrics:

  • Cotton: This fabric is used in everything, from undershirts to denim, and naturally, it plays a big role in scrubs.  As breathable and comfortable as cotton may be, it easily wrinkles and is susceptible to tearing.
  • Polyester: This artificial fabric is durable and can support the hectic work style of those in the medical field.  Beyond fabric strength, polyester also holds its form well.  This makes your scrubs look somewhat presentable when talking to patients while not looking like a wrinkled mess.
  • Spandex: A little bit of extra stretch in the fabric will help to reduce any chance of ripping or tearing in the material.  This not only makes working a bit easier, but it will also save you money on having to replace any shredded scrubs.

3. Fit

When selecting a pair of scrubs, one key feature you must think about is the fit.  Consider the following:

  • Unisex Scrubs: These scrubs are great and one of the most affordable picks. But given that it’s designed for both men and women, the scrub itself is not at all tailored. 
  • Neck:  V-Necks are easy to take on and off while also providing a fair bit of breathability to increase comfort when on longer shifts.  Crewnecks, such as the Dickies Dynamix, are great for men who want a scrub that fits more like a t-shirt.
  • Pants: You have a few different pants varieties to choose from here, including jogger, cargo, and standard.  Jogger pants are a much more contemporary scrub and allow for greater comfort when walking throughout the day.  Cargo pants are highly functional and have extra pockets along your legs, allowing you to carry reference material, pens, etc. Finally, standard scrub pants are the traditional pick and often cheapest – good if you regularly replace your pants.

4. Function

As anyone in the medical field can attest to, pockets are key.  Not only do they allow for organization, but given that you don’t have a desk you sit at all day, pockets bring all the necessary instruments and materials with you at all times. So, if you ever find yourself fishing through your two pants pockets for everything, think about buying a pair of scrubs with a few extra pockets to make your day just a little bit easier and less hectic.

5. Underscrubs

When it comes to the top half of your body, some men in the medical field like to double up their scrubs with a Henley or simply an undershirt.  Undershirts designed for use with scrubs are a bit more form-fitting than your standard undershirt. 

For the bottom half of your body, given that you are on your feet for the better part of the day, compression socks are a great way to increase circulation and comfort to your lower extremities.  While they do sell specific ones for those in the medical field, just a simple pair of compression socks will get the job done.

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