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Summer Breeze: 20 Of The Best Sandals For Men

Let’s face it guys – we all know that sandals and flip flops aren’t the most stylish summer gear in your wardrobe.

However, there is no denying just how great it feels to have a pair of your favorite open-toed flip flops (or sandals) on when drinking an ice cold beer while grilling in the middle of July.

We wanted to put together this post of some of the best sandals that are not only comfortable, but do actually look pretty damn good as well.

But before we go into the list – just a few things to note:

Open vs. Closed Toe Sandals

While we do feature a few closed toe sandals below, most of the products in this post are of the open-toe variety?


Well you see, closed-toe sandals are usually best for hiking or water play.

They are constructed in a way to protect your toes when traversing for miles on end but still require the flow of oxygen that you wouldn’t otherwise get in a typical hiking boot.

We feel that this design is a bit too rugged for those summer causal days.

With open-toed sandals you enjoy all the benefits of not having to worry about your feet smelling like a putrid mess that would rival the horrible smells of NYC sidewalks in the middle of summer.

Although if your feet are stinking – check out this article to fix that nastiness.

Backstraps? Yay or Nay?

Some sandals will have a single strap on the heel to keep the sandal fastened to your feet.

Whether or not you want this is largely down to personal preference.

Generally speaking – if you plan on wearing your sandals for hours on end and don’t need to slip them off every hour or so – then a sandal with a backstrap will probably be better.

However, if you have pretty strict rules in your house where you need to take your shoes off before galavanting on the carpet – then the slip on/off varieties might be a bit better for you.

Therefore, give a minute or two to think about the scenario on when you would be wearing sandals to see what design makes sense for you.

Best Sandals & Flip Flops For Men

Here is a list of some of the top-rated sandals and flip flops that are available for men this summer:

Bally Sleeter Slide Sandal

Sandals are simple, comfortable, and versatile footwear that can be worn for most of the year, both inside and outside.

Sandals are ultra-casual, but they aren’t limited to the beach; pairing them with a nice pair of shorts works as a nice casual look without being too under-dressed.

These Bally Sleeter Slide sandals are a great comfortable sandal that are easy to put on and take off every day. They are ideal for the beach or just to wear downtown, and are becoming increasingly popular across all age groups.

Unfortunately, this particular model of sandals comes in one color scheme: black, garnet, and white.

The open toed design coupled with the padded insole makes this shoe a very comfortable article to wear. The sole is thick, and will support your arches while you walk. The style makes them great for beaches, as the sand cannot get trapped in the shoe like closed toe shoes.

They are also less prone to holding on to foot odor due to the open nature of this footwear. In terms of style, these shoes are very trendy and are sure to stay in style for years to come. As for comfort, because the soles are lightly padded, they offer some slight cushioning to your steps.

Chaco Men’s Z1 Sweep Sandal

Sometimes you just want sandals that strap to your feet.

Nothing fancy, nothing “designer”.

Just good, old sandals that support your feet and get you where you need to go. Chaco’s Z1 sandals are just that; they are definitely not the best looking sandals on the market, but they are easy to wear and the thick cushioning sole is perfect for walking around all day.

Two sliding clips allow you to adjust across the top of the foot and around the heel for a truly customized fit.

The biggest thing with these sandals is that because the straps are made from a textile material, you may be looking at blisters for the first little bit. They aren’t cushioned in any way, so if you plan on doing a lot of walking, you may need to use some moleskin around where the straps rub against your feet.

Otherwise, they make for a great shoe that can even be worn in the water. The other minor downside to these shoes is they are big, and they are rather heavy for being a piece of rubber attached to what is essentially backpack straps.

The arch is high, so if you need that extra support, this is a great sandal for you.

Cole Haan Men’s Zerogrand Thong Sandal

Are you looking for a more athletic sandal?

One that, while not designed for running, still gives you the support and the moisture wicking technology that a regular shoe would have?

The Cole Haan Zerogrand flip-flop looks like it was made for running, but it is not. This shoe features a thick sole with Zerogrand technology that supports and cushions the feet while you walk.

The perforations on the insole allow for greater comfort and they let the shoe breathe while you aren’t wearing them. This ensures that the shoes don’t hold on to gross foot odor for long periods of time.

The sandals are made of a synthetic and rubber material. Exceptionally comfortable without the risk of warping or rubbing against your foot, causing blisters.

They also make for great beach shoes, because they aren’t made from materials that will hold onto moisture for long periods of time.

These Zerogrand shoes are also perfect for walking, and you may find that you can spend the whole day without needing to take them off. Overall, they are a great, all around sandal; wear them to the beach, wear them down town. You could even wear them in the house as a dedicated slipper. Very stylish and comfortable.

Crocs Yukon Mesa Flip-Flop

Crocs are exceptionally comfortable rubber sandals that have been described as walking on pillows for your feet.

Many people know Crocs as the open-heeled shoes with the holes in the body of the shoe, but not all Crocs look so tacky.

These flop-flops are designed to be subtle and fresh, with the signature Croc bottoms that feel good on your feet, but with the traditional flip-flop top that allows air to circulate around the foot.

The upper portion of these sandals is made from soft leather, which helps minimize the blisters you would get from plastic or rubber.

These shoes run a little small and a little narrow, so it is best to order the next half size up to get the best fit.

This is true even if you have owned Crocs in the past and are looking to replace; compared to other sandals of the same model, these shoes appear to have shrunk in size according to some reviewers. Once you find the size that is right for you, this sandal is ideal for beaches or just casual wear, and goes well with most outfits.

The Yukon Mesa is available in sizes ranging from US 7 to US 13 in whole sizes only.

FitFlop Gogh Slide Adjustable Sandal

Summertime is the perfect time to bring out the sandals; these shoes are great for beach wear, casual wear, or even around the house.

However, if you’re going to be wearing sandals for most of the day, it is important to wear shoes that support your feet.

The FitFlop Gogh Slide is one such sandal that is designed to disperse your weight along the entirety of your foot using Microwobbleboard technology. This soft, pillow-like material distributes weight evenly from the heel to your toes, which helps maintain comfort and stability throughout the day.

These shoes are made from soft, supple leather along the tops and the sides, and feature two straps across the top of the foot to keep them on your feet. These are open backed shoes, so they are incredibly easy to put on and off throughout the day.

The Gogh Slide sandals are also treated with AEGIS, and anti-microbial treatment that helps combat foot odor caused by wearing shoes for long periods of time. Velcro straps across the shoe let you adjust how loose or how tight the shoe is on your foot.

These are a great summer sandal that come in 3 different colors, and are available in 6 sizes, from a US 8 to a 13.

Gucci Pursuit 72 Slide Sandal

What’s better than having a regular pair of sandals that fit you well?

Having a pair of designer sandals that fit you well.

The Gucci Pursuit sandals feature pretty much anything you could want in a sandal of this type and then some, all for a very reasonable price. Considering it is Gucci, you may be thinking these sandals are well into the 300 price range, but they are not.

That alone makes these sandals worth looking at.

They are made with a synthetic material for the uppers and the insoles, with a rubber sole to help with traction and grip when walking on wet, slimy surfaces. For this, they are ideal as a water shoe as they can become wet without you needing to worry about fabric or leather.

Of course, because they are a name brand, you can try and protect them for as long as possible, but you do you. These are an incredibly stylish and comfortable shoe that works with any outfit, from shorts to jeans, and the style is becoming increasingly popular with men in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

Great, quality construction at a reasonable price for the brand you are getting, you can be sure that these sandals are going to be a top pick.

Gucci Titan Flip-Flop

Gucci makes accessories that are highly sought after in the fashion world.

Sunglasses and sandals are only some of their products, but they certainly make a difference when you wear them with your outfit.

The Titan flip-flop may not look like much at first, but this shoe is a fashionable shoe that works for you. Featuring a leather upper and insole with textile straps and a rubber bottom, these shoes are designed to endure heavy daily use. The sole is relatively thin, and doesn’t offer a whole lot of support, but it still is very comfortable to wear.

These sandals are lightweight and easy to wear, although they do run a little small.

To find your fit, go for the next whole size up, as these shoes are not available in half sizes. You can purchase these shoes from a size 7 to a size 15, a nice healthy size range that fits most men.

You also get two color options, and here is where the style tends to falter a little bit; the two color options are incredibly similar, the only difference being the color of the textile strap and a slight difference in the base of the shoe. Otherwise, great shoe that is stylish and functional.

Hari Mari Fields Sandal

Simple is king in the world of sandals.

If you don’t want fancy, confusing straps and thick, clunky soles, then Hari Mari Fields sandal is perfect for guys like you. This is, in simplest terms, a standard flip-flop with a few extra features that make it well worth wearing.

For starters, this sandal is made with nubuck leather insoles which feel fantastic against your feet. The toe is made from memory foam, and the midsoles provide arch support while walking throughout the day.

These shoes are lightweight and feel fantastic wherever you wear them.

These sandals are definitely made for the beach. They possess non-marking rubber soles that grip onto wet and slippery surfaces, and the rolled uppers are designed to be comfortable all through the day. You won’t have to worry about blisters with this shoe at all.

These are more comfortable than other regular flip-flops, and are great for your foot health as well. Airy, light, and designed to keep your feet cool, you can wear these all day, or just for certain occasions. Hari Mari sandals run true to size (available in sizes 8 – 13), but they aren’t available in half sizes. Instead, if you have a wider foot, you could try the next whole size up to ensure a proper fit.

Hugo Boss Delight Black Slides Sandals

When it comes to designer brands, it is hard to not mention Hugo Boss. They have added innumerable to the fashion industry, from sunglasses to sandals and everything in between. In fact, their Delight slides sandals are exactly what you would expect to come from BOSS; solid black, with just enough detail along the upper to impart a truly designer feel, as well as a soft instep and textured sole to make walking comfortable and stylish.

The majority of this sandal is made from synthetic materials, but there is a leather strip that gives this shoe its signature look.

The Delight sandal comes in a decent selection of sizes, from a 7 to a 13. Unfortunately, there are no half sizes, but slipping into the next size up should still be comfortable without causing too many issues.

These sandals are ideal for every day wear, or even just at the beach. You could probably get them wet as well without too many issues. Wear them with shorts to pull off that athletic look, or wear with casual pants for a laid back style.

No matter how you wear these, you are sure to experience a whole lot of comfort on the bottoms of your feet.

Island Slipper Classic Leather Slipper

You may be tempted to call this a flip-flop, but from the tropical Hawaiian Islands, these are called slippers. They are the most popular outdoor shoe due to their breathable design and comfortable fit.

Ideal for all day wear, these slippers feature a foam foot bed that feels like you’re walking on air. This also helps to support the foot and allow you to walk for long periods of time without excessive foot pain.

The shoe is beautifully designed, like the island that designed them, and can be paired with any outfit. Shorts, trunks, or pants, anything is fair game with these sandals.

These shoes were inspired by the tropics, and are remarkably cool compared to other sandals of a similar make.

They allow air to circulate around your foot, eliminating foot odors and keeping your feet happy and healthy.

These Island Slippers are made from 100% genuine leather, and are designed with arch and heel support for all day, every day wear.

Whether you want these for on the beach or every day walking, you can’t go wrong with shoes made by people who wear them every single day. Made in Hawaii, USA, and come in sizes 7 – 13.

Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Final Word Sandals

These leather, open toed sandals aren’t just for the beach, and you definitely don’t want to get them wet.

They are soft and supple, made from leather and suede, and feel fantastic on the bottoms of your feet. Kenneth Cole isn’t known for cheap products, but with these shoes being a reasonable price as well as a great quality, it is hard not to look at them.

The suede uppers prevent blisters while wearing for long periods of time, a problem that many people have with plastic and rubber flip-flops. These shoes also have a cushioning insole, to help your step and your posture if you plan on wearing these all day.

The only complaint you may have with these shoes is that the soles are very thin.

This makes it easier for the uppers to come apart, but if you just use them for walking around casually, you shouldn’t have this problem. Very affordable and very nice to wear, these shoes are great for just being downtown.

Pair them with a pair of shorts or casual pants for a fashionable look. KC Final Word sandals come in two colors and range in sizes from a US 7 to a 13. There are no half sizes available, so choose the next size up.

Mephisto Men’s Raphael Sandal

Breaking out the sandals for summer is usually a task no one thinks about. You have your old favorites, the worn in, the broken down, or the falling apart sandals that you’ve loved for years.

If you’re in the market to replace your beloved footwear, but aren’t too keen on getting something trendy, the Mephisto Raphael sandal is probably going to catch your eye.

This sandal is reminiscent of a traditional BBQ sandal, and covers most of the foot instead of just a few straps across the top. It encloses the foot with a solid heel, and is adjustable due to the Velcro strap at the top.

These sandals are ideal for men who don’t like things between their toes, and aren’t big fans of the open toed style. These sandals can be worn with shorts, khakis or jeans very easily, and they are extremely comfortable to wear.

They are made from 100% leather, with a cushioning insole that features perforations to help release moisture. The SoftAir mid cushion is in place to help support your arches as you walk. Overall, a very comfortable and traditional sandal.

They are rather expensive, though, but you do pay for what you get in terms of footwear.

Mephisto Men's Rafael Fisherman Sandal,Dark Brown Smooth,10 M US
Mephisto - 10 D(M) US - Dark Brown Smooth
BUY NOW AT AMAZON from $219.99

Mephisto Men’s Zonder Sandal

Back to the classics with this old-fashioned sandal.

The Zonder sandal from Mephisto sports a familiar look, with two adjustable straps across the top of the foot and a slightly raised heel in the back. This shoe is made with leather uppers and a synthetic sole, with a comfortable suede lining to help prevent blisters while you walk.

The sole is also cushioned in such a way that it feels like you are walking on air. These are a very comfortable sandal that supports your foot all the way from your heel to your toes.

The polyurethane outsole is designed to be worn outside. It’s tough and textured to tackle rough and uneven terrain.

Perfect for camping and the great outdoors, this sandal is ready to go on your next adventure. Because it is open across the toe and the heel, it is easy to put on and take off every day. Many buyers compare these to Birkenstock’s shoes, and say that these Zonder sandals are just as comfortable, if not more so.

If you are in the market for a great, long-lasting pair of sandals, give these shoes a go.

No socks necessary.

Mephisto Men's Zonder Sandal,Desert,10 M US
Mephisto - 10 D(M) US - Tan Grain

Rainbow 302Alts Flip Flop

Soft leather sandals go with any outfit throughout the summer, especially if you’re looking for a very casual look.

These sandals by Rainbow are a super simple sandal with comfortable soles that will make your feet thankful you bought them, even if the price looks a little high at the start.

These shoes are made from nubuck leather, both the soles and the uppers, which makes it feel as though your are walking on clouds.

Nubuck is super soft and luxurious; owning any pair of shoes that feature this exquisite material is amazing in itself. They also have a rubber sole that helps to prevent slipping on uneven or wet surfaces, so you can go ahead and take these on a boat or to the beach.

Many buyers of this product say that these shoes are the best thing to happen to their feet. They are soft, supportive, as well as lightweight and easy to wear. They last for a good long while because they are made with care.

The quality is why you will see these shoes with such a high price for what they are.

Of course, you do need to take care of them to ensure that they last as long as advertised.

Reef Men’s Twinpin Sandal

Flip-flops are always a go-to shoe for the summer months, and are great for the beach. Reef’s Twinpin sandal is simple in it’s design, but is also functional and comfortable for all day wear.

It is a flip-flop, so in terms of stability it’s not all that great, but the insole is soft and cushioning, and the ridged underside helps maintain grip on rough and uneven surfaces.

These sandals also offer arch support, which is unusual in sandals of this type.

While the shoe does look like leather, it is actually made of a synthetic material. You can own these shoes for a fraction of the price of those made from real leather, without sacrificing much for quality.

Of course, these may not last as long as ones made from genuine products, and there is always the risk that your uppers can become separated from the sole. These sandals fit small, so you will have to go up a size or two to find the right fit for you.

Otherwise, they are a fantastic water sandal and perfect for long, idyllic days at the beach. They also make for a great house shoe due to their soft soles and gripping bottoms.

Reef Men's Twinpin Sandal, Brown, 10 M US
Reef - 10 D(M) US - Brown
BUY NOW AT AMAZON from $21.59

Rockport Get Your Kicks Sandals Strap Slide

For the best in style and comfort, Rockport shoes tend to be a go-to for many people.

They are comfortable, easy to wear, and go with any style of clothing. These Rockport sandals are everything you could want in terms of comfort, with EVA foam insoles that conform to the shape of your foot over time.

This results in a unique fit for your foot, and offers superior support exactly where you need it. The shock-absorbing heel is also implemented to boost your stride and help with posture. The mesh lining of the sandal helps the shoe breathe, which also reduces trapped moisture in the shoe.

These sandals are made with a soft leather upper and an open toe to promote air circulation around the foot, which in turn helps minimize lingering foot odor as you wear them.

The open toed design also makes it incredibly easy to put this shoe on or take it off. Ideal for beach wear, as the sand will not stay in the shoe.

Comes in two colors, with sizes from US 8 to 11.5, and half-sizes are available. There is also the option to choose between a medium and a wide width, so this makes it great for men with wider feet.

Salvatore Ferragamo Groove Slide Sandal

Salvatore Ferragamo is known for making pricey, but high quality products. These sandals reflect that quality, and unlike other sandals that feature dull colors like brown and black, these sandals have gone the opposite direction.

The Groove sandal features colors such as a bright orange upper and white soles in a harmony of summer colors. If you are looking for something exceptionally trendy for the summer, this may just be a good starting point.

The upper is decorated with the Salvatore Ferragamo logo and brand name, and you are getting the real deal with this product.

There are other colors available as well, including your standard black and brown. But these shoes have gone for a bolder approach, true to the essence of summer. Great for beaches, vacations, house wear, or even walking into the water, these shoes are all weather, all the time.

Groove sandals are made with synthetic materials that are comfortable and cool around your feet, and they won’t hold onto odors the same way fabric lined shoes will.

Overall, these sandals are ideal for men who want something bold and something simple to slip on and off. Depending on the color, these sandals are available from a size 5 to a size 14.

Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Filicudi Sandal

Salvatore Ferragamo is widely recognized as a brand that specializes in high class design and unparalleled quality.

Of course, this comes at a price; Ferragamo products are not cheap in any sense of the word, and these sandals are no exception. However, they are made very well, and feature some unique stylistic choices that can rarely be found anywhere else.

For one, these sandals are made of 100% leather, and feature not one, but two upper straps to hold the shoe in place. While there is a buckle on the upper-most strap, this appears to be more for style than for function.

As for the comfort of this sandal, the sole is very thin, and does not offer a lot of support in the arch or the heel.

As far as using these shoes for long days spent walking, this probably shouldn’t be your first choice. Other than the lack of foot support, they look very comfortable and the stitching on these shoes is impeccable.

One of the main reasons that they are so expensive is the brand; if they were anything else, they would probably be a lot cheaper. They are only available in the color black, and in limited sizes.

Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Filicudi Sandal Black Sandal
Salvatore Ferragamo - 10 D(M) US - Black
BUY NOW AT AMAZON from $345.99

To Boot New York Men’s Burgess Sandals

These sandals aim to be simple and stylish, and this is most noticeable in the elegant crisscross shape of the upper leather bands.

These shoes are made from calf skin, a very soft and supple material used in high class leather products. These sandals exude Italian craftsmanship with all-American style and class.

The rubber sole is designed to mold to your foot over time, which gives you better support throughout the day. These Burgess sandals are perfect for the casual man, as they can be paired with shorts or trousers for that ultra laid back look.

These are a lightweight sandal that go well with any sort of look, and are ideal for walks on the beach or just walking around downtown. The soft padding underfoot is amazing to walk on, and the supple leather of the uppers is less likely to give you blisters like regular old plastic would. It’s a solid model, though the only sticking point may be the price.

It’s a bit on the expensive side, but if you are looking for a good quality sandal that will last for a good long while, this is definitely worth checking out.

Tommy Bahama Men’s Relaxology Jareth Slide Sandal

Slide sandals are popular with beach goers and casual wearers alike. They are easy to put on, easy to take off, and they don’t usually hang onto odors like closed sandals do.

These Jareth sandals are made for casual wear, with a soft insole for walking around and a thick sole to help with shock absorption.

The sandal is made from leather, which is soft and flexible, unlike plastic or synthetics that are only made to look like leather. These shoes are fantastic for walking around all day because of how they are built, though because of the soft interior, they may tend to hold onto foot odor.

These shoes fit a little snugly, but they are available in a wider array of sizes, from a US 7 to 15. Choosing the next size up will not only get you the width that you need, but also the length.

Unfortunately, with leather comes certain precautions and care.

There are oils you can use to maintain your sandals and keep them looking new, but this is entirely optional. Over time, the leather may become hard, split, or fade due to excessive sun damage. Otherwise, this is a fantastic shoe that is both comfortable and relatively affordable for a casual shoe.

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