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20 Best RFID Blocking Wallets Compared & Reviewed In 2019

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Whether you are looking for the extra protection of an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) wallet or are simply wanting to keep all your cards and IDs in order then you may want to check out some of the best RFID blocking wallets.

Some researches have claimed that RFID wallets aren’t simply necessary and that hackers simply don’t care about the credit cards in your wallet. They further state that you can accomplish the same effectiveness of an RFID wallet by simply wrapping your credit cards up in aluminum foil. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to be doing in front of friends or family members is embarrassingly unwrapping my credit cards from their noisy tin foil shell while I am out at a nice restaurant.


I know what you are thinking – RFID blocking wallets are likely for nerds and those who wear tin-foil hats right?


RFID wallets work – and they can look pretty cool. Besides when was the last time you saw a wallet with a beer bottle opener or carabiner loop attached to it? It’s 2019 – it’s about time that your mangy old leather (or god forbid a velcro) wallet finally gets with the times – you are not in high school anymore!

So to get the extra protection of keeping your money and information safe, an RFID blocking wallet will help give you an additional peace of mind that you wouldn’t normally get from your standard wallet that you can pick up from a large discount store.

Here is a list of some of the best RFID blocking wallets available today:

Best RFID Blocking Wallets

1. Alpine Swiss Men’s RFID Blocking Leather Bifold Wallet

This sleek, familiar looking wallet is a staple for any wardrobe. The leather exterior stands up to most wear and tear, and the wallet shape is a comfortable fit in any jean pocket. This wallet differs from your average bifold card holder because of the RFID blocking capabilities built right in, ensuring that your information is protected from hackers and thieves. This wallet has a clear ID pocket, and 8 card pockets for your credit cards. Cash and other papers can be held in the wide cash slot or the interior side pockets.

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2. Bellroy Note Sleeve with RFID Protection

Your credit cards are important, and you want to keep them safe from people who may want to steal your information. This sleek, slim, bifold wallet has everything you need to keep your personal information personal. RFID protection has been springing up in a lot of products lately, but having it in your wallet is a surefire way to keep your money safe in your account. This wallet has slots for your cards, your cash, as well as other pieces of paper you may want to hold on to. It is a bit expensive at nearly $90, but well worth the price.

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3. Bellroy RFID Travel Wallet

This classic looking wallet features a slim, compact profile and numerous features that make it the perfect every day wallet. The most important of these features is the RFID blocking capabilities in the wallet, which serves to protect your information on RFID-compatible cards. It does not hold as many cards as other RFID blocking wallets, only able to hold 4 bank cards at a time. However, it is good for travel, as it features an interior passport pouch to keep important documents. A cash slot and a currency pouch round out this wallet and create a unique product to carry with you

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4. BYRK Stainless Steel RFID Blocking Wallet

This is an interesting wallet to hold all of your cards and cash. It’s a rigid, stainless steel model that also has RFID blocking capabilities, which protects your information from getting stolen.

Besides this added security, it also has a lot of room for your cards and cash. It is small, lightweight, and easily carried in a jacket pocket so it’s always accessible. However, the major downside to this wallet is that it is not flexible, and the sharp corners may dig into the legs if you sit down while it’s in your pocket.

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5. Corature Cork Wallet

Wait a second a wallet made out of cork?

You bet!

This cork backed wallet by corature will not only be a cruelty-free wallet but also completely set you apart from any other brown or leather backed wallet in its extremely warm and inviting earthy tones. In addition to being cruelty-free, the cork from this wallet was sustainably sourced as well – ensuring no long term environmental damage is being done when constructed. Lastly, and one of the those features you hope to never count on, is that cork naturally floats when submerged in water. Therefore if you have an active lifestyle of kayaking or canoeing, this wallet may be your best bet should you ever have a mishap.

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6. Dash Co. 4.0

Thinner than an iPhone 6 – the Dash Co. 4.0 comes in a variety of fabrics and designs – some with RFID blocking (like the one pictured above) and some without. The Dash Co. 4.0 is one of the sleekest wallets that we reviewed that can work in both your front and back pocket. This single piece design makes in incredibly easy for you to find the bill or card you are searching for with relative ease. With the built in ‘preview’ window on the side of the wallet you can ensure that your high frequency cards (i.e. MetroCard or credit card) are even easier to access (for better or for worse). This wallet will block all RFID snoopers operating on the 13.56Mhz band (the same frequency your credit cards and driver license interact with).

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7. Fossil Derek RFID Leather Bifold Wallet

The feel of a genuine leather wallet is unmatched for many men today.

However, did you know that your precious credit cards can be stolen through thick leather?

The RFID protection on this wallet is superb, and ensures that sidewalk hackers can’t get at your information just by standing next to you. This advanced wallet also has a flip out ID window for convenience, and eight card slots for all of your important cards. There is also a cash slot and side slots for the cards that don’t fit elsewhere in your wallet.

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8. Herschel Supply Co. Hank RFID Bifold Wallet

Your credit card is a valuable asset, so it makes sense that you will want to protect it. This RFID bi-fold wallet makes sure that your information is safe in your back pocket. It features strong, quality construction that feels durable, and is not flimsy or cheap like other wallets. The RFID shielding protects any RFID enabled cards from potential thieves, ensuring that your information is safe while in your back pocket. There is also an interior ID window for easy access, slip pockets and three card slots to keep your credit cards.

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9. HuMn Slim Wallet

This wallet by HuMn is completely cruelty free and doesn’t contain any leather or other animal by products. Constructed simply from synthetic materials for the strap between two aluminum metal plates will not only block RFID signals but will be incredibly sleek and contemporary in design. From mint green to matte black, you are guaranteed to find a color that complements your everyday wear and will look incredibly good when making your next purchase.

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10. Johnston & Murphy Leather Wallet

A cool leather wallet that is equally sophisticated and familiar. A man can’t go anywhere without his wallet, so if you are in need of an upgrade, set your sights on this RFID blocking wallet. The enhanced security for your credit cards is a huge bonus, and this slim bi-fold wallet can hold up to four of your cards at once. One exterior pocket, three interior pockets, as well as a transparent ID slot makes this a casual, yet functional every-day wallet. It is made out of genuine leather, making it strong, durable, and long lasting.

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11. prägres Slim Aluminum Wallet

For the men looking for both versatility along with sturdy casing, the aluminum RFID blocking wallet by prägres is a fine wallet to consider.

Coupled with a beer bottle opener built directly into the rear of the wallet, no longer will you be required to ask 5 different people (4 of which you likely never met before) at a party for a bottle opener. Not only is the convenient bottle opener a huge selling point for this wallet, but the aluminum casing will ensure that both your data is never compromised and never damaged.

Most men may initially think that given that this is a metal casing that a hefty weight likely comes along with it – however being that it is compromised of a super light aluminum material – the total weight of this wallet (sans your cards and cash) comes in at a mere 1.3 ounces.

Prägres took careful consideration into the aluminum construction of this wallet as it is rustproof and has grooved sides that should make this wallet last for several years to come. Be the life of the party while not putting your data at risk with this extremely versatile RFID blocking wallet.

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12. Revere Sport Slim Men’s RFID Blocking Wallet

This lightweight wallet does more than just hold your credit and debit cards; it also protects them from the outside world, and especially from potential hackers that may steal your information. The sturdy design is ideal for every day use, and it won’t show wear through regular use as fast as leather or plastic wallets would.

This wallet holds 8 cards, coins, as well as cash, and features a discreet belt loop for hiding the wallet under your shirt.

Great for travel, or every day use, as its sturdy engineering has a lifetime guarantee against wear.

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13. Roco Slim Money Clip

This sweet looking money clip by Roco not only can keep your cards and cash secure but can also safely store away your information behind its aluminum plated walls to block your information from being snooped on.

This aluminum money clip has the capacity of storing anywhere between 1 and 20 cards (although we think 20 is a bit excessive – but definitely nice to know it can hold it if someone is in financial dire straits) and up to 20 bills as well. So if you want to channel your inner svelte CIA agent – then this money clip makes an awesome accessory that can go with your casual workday attire or for the weekends when you are looking to blow off some steam.

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14. Secrid Men Slim Wallet

This aluminum and leather hybrid slim wallet (only 14mm thick without any cards or bills) allows you to easily store and access your cards with its easy access slot found on the top of the wallet. This RFID protected wallet won’t break nor bend when placed in your front or back pocket ensuring that your crisp bills placed in their respective slot maintain their integrity when taken out at a later point in time. When using the wallet, you can simply click on the bottom of the base in order to have each one of the cards slide upwards for extremely easy access that won’t leave you fumbling over which credit card to use for the transaction at hand.

What’s more is that the Secrid wallet comes with a full two year warranty should you ever run into any sort of problems with the construction of the wallet.

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15. SlimFold Wallet

This micro soft shell wallet started via a Kickstarter campaign and is now fully in production. With material that is only .5mm thick (yes you read that correctly) its one of the thinnest wallets we found currently available – while still being able to block out RFID snooping signals as well. Not only is this material incredibly thin, its also extremely durable and has even been crash tested at speeds up to 70mph – hows that for durability? What’s more is that the SlimFold wallet is also water 100% waterproof – therefore if you get stuck in a sudden downfall of rain or simply live in the Pacific Northwest, this wallet will keep your bills and other important docs and cards completely dry.

Unlike many of the other wallets we reviewed, the SlimFold not only works great for domestic cash, but should have no problem storing Euro bills as well. Lastly, everything is back by an impressive 5 year warranty – definitely a slim wallet worth the consideration.

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16. Trask Leather Money Clip Wallet

This handsome leather wallet is everything you need for your everyday life. It features RFID protection for your credit and debit cards, to protect your information from getting stolen.

The interior ID window allows you to easily show your identification when it is needed, without having to fumble in your wallet. The elastic present on the outside of the wallet can be used to hold cash for easy access, but there is also a slip and currency pouch for if you want to keep your money inside the wallet.

With only four card slots, it doesn’t hold a lot, but it is good for everyday use.

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17. Travelambo Front Pocket Slim

This ultra slim front pocket wallet has an extremely sleek and minimalist design that is just for the essentials in your everyday carry set.

Constructed of top grain genuine leather, the Travelambo can fit up to 10 cards and has two longer pouches to retain both your cash and receipts.

One variety of the Travelambo does include an ID window that allows for quick and easy access when entering a bar or club or simply making a weekend purchase of your favorite craft brew. A nice advantage of this wallet is that it blocks the 13.56Mhz frequency that credit and debit cards operate on, but allows the lower frequency (125Khz) to pass freely – this is the typical range that access cards and hotel keys operate on.

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18. Trayvax Original Wallet

If the prägres is a versatile wallet that can open up beer bottles with a relatively minimalist design – well the Trayvax is everything the prägres is and then some. Embracing a very tactical yet rugged design – the Trayvax is built for functionality in mind. With a built in beer bottle opener, side finger grips, and a MIL-spec paracord – this wallet will withstand just about any condition that you can throw at it. Not only does it just look so damn cool on the outside – you can carry up to 14 credit cards within the wallet itself – all of which are protected from hackers trying to swipe your data, all of which is contained between two sturdy stainless steel and aluminum designed plates.

What’s more with this wallet, you can also loop your house keys through the eye ring on the top of the wallet to ensure that you always have your gear together. The wallet is made in the USA and is backed by a lifetime warranty that will give you peace of mind.

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19. Tumi Monaco Leather RFID Wallet

This RFID protective wallet has everything you could need in a wallet, including lots of space for your cards, cash, and receipts. It’s a very lightweight wallet that doesn’t take up too much space in your jeans or jacket pocket, and can hold up to 6 cards comfortably without stretching the leather. The slip pockets can be used to hold extra papers and cards that don’t fit in the regular card slots. The leather is sturdy and stylish, making this wallet one of the most secure and sophisticated bi-fold wallets on the market.

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20. Vachetta Lux Leather Bi-fold Wallet

This handsome leather wallet doesn’t just hold your cards, but it also protects them with a RFID protection shield. The numerous card slots mean you can hold up to 8 cards simultaneously, and the expansive money slot keeps all of your cash in check.

This little wallet has a lot of space, but it doesn’t ever feel bulky in your pocket. Made of genuine calfskin leather, this wallet is sure to stand up to months of everyday use. This wallet is also nice and compact, at only 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

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    Two years ago I wouldn’t have thought about having RFID protection in my wallet. But after being scammed once, I see its importance. My first purchase so far has been DUN Wallet – Black Edition, which includes RFID protection (see link: )

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