Best Razors For Sensitive Skin

When you have sensitive skin, shaving can be a dreadful experience.  Oftentimes, irritation can be the result of poor performance from the razor that you are using.

Below we’ll share with you a few razors that should help alleviate post-shave irritation. 

Sensitive Skin Razors Compared

RankingRazorNumber of BladesPricePrice per RefillMulti-Use?Award
1Gillette SkinGuard Cartridge RazorTwo$10$4.00YesBest Overall
2Merkur 34C Safety RazorOne$36$1.00NoSafety Razor (Beginners)
3Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety RazorOne$50$1.00NoSafety Razor (Experienced)
4Gillette Mach3 Cartridge RazorThree$10$2.00YesAffordable
5Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Cartridge RazorThree$11$2.00YesModern (Affordable)
6OneBlade Core RazorOne$40$1.00NoHybrid
7Braun Series 9 Electric ShaverN/A$310$50.00NoElectric

Best Razors for Sensitive Skin

Here are the best razors for sensitive skin currently available:

1. Best Overall: Gillette SkinGuard Cartridge Razor

gillette skinguard razor

Designed for men with sensitive skin or susceptible to razor bumps, the Gillette SkinGuard provides a pleasant, irritation-free shaving experience.  

Unlike other cartridge razors that hold up to six razor blades, the Gillette SkinGuard relies on only two cutting blades.  Set above and below the proprietary SkinGuard insert, the two blades won’t experience the hysteresis phenomenon (lift-and-cut).  Therefore, you can expect the Gillette SkinGuard to leave some stubble behind.

Should you be susceptible to razor bumps, you will find that this remaining stubble will be significantly less likely to become ingrown.

As is the case with most Gillette razors, the SkinGuard refills are expensive.  You can expect to pay approximately $3 per cartridge refill.

While the Gillette SkinGuard does have a pivoting head, it lacks the FlexBall technology found in the Fusion line, so it cannot tilt side-to-side.  The limited motion may slightly reduce the maneuverability of the razor when it comes to head shaving or body grooming.

Despite the high long-term costs, the Gillette SkinGuard is one of the few cartridge razors that genuinely delivers on its promise of an irritation-free shave.

What customers are saying: Most customers praise this razor for its excellent performance on sensitive skin, providing a comfortable and close shave without irritation. However, a few customers had negative experiences, including receiving fewer blades than expected or finding the quality unsatisfactory. Overall, many consider it a great razor for sensitive skin.

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  • Specifically designed for men with sensitive skin
  • The design also reduces razor bumps from occurring
  • The sharp blades provide irritation-free results


  • High long-term costs

2. Safety Razor (Beginners): Merkur 34C Safety Razor

merkur 34c razor

The Merkur 34C is a well-rounded and entry-level safety razor.  The razor head on the Merkur 34C offers a very mild shaving experience which should lessen post-shave skin irritation.  

The moderate blade gap and closed-comb design help reduce pressure and flatten out your skin with each pass.  

With a universal blade setting, razor blades from brands such as Feather, Derby, Wilkinson Sword, Gillette, and more are compatible with the 34C.  The universal setting allows you to find a blade that compliments your facial hair and skin to improve overall performance.

Like all safety razors, the Merkur 34C lacks a pivoting head.  Therefore, this razor is best if you intend only to shave your facial hair.  We don’t recommend shaving other areas of your body with this razor.

Made in Germany, the Merkur 34C offers expert craftsmanship, as demonstrated by the handle’s knurled etching.  Should you have large hands, consider the Merkur 38C instead.  The Merkur 38C provides a similar shaving experience as the Merkur 34C but has a 0.75″ longer handle (4″ in total length). A complete comparison between the Merkur 34C and 38C is available here.

What customers are saying: The Merkur 34C razor is well-made, suitable for small hands, easy to maneuver, and provides a smooth shave. Some people may not find it aggressive enough for a close shave, but overall, it is a popular and high-quality product.

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  • The affordable price point makes it accessible to all
  • Mild aggressiveness provides comfortable results
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany


  • Intended for facial hair use only
  • Despite the beginner-friendly design, there is a learning curve

3. Safety Razor (Experienced): Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety Razor

merkur 37c razor

If you are comfortable using a safety razor and want to take the shave experience even further, then the Merkur 37C should be at the top of your consideration list.  Unlike virtually all razors that cut the hair straight on, the slant bar on the Merkur 37C cuts hair at an angle. 

The unique cutting motion, akin to a scythe, lessens the pulling on the hair follicle root.  The Merkur 37C has a mild blade gap and cuts the hair just a touch more aggressively when compared to the Merkur 34C.

Given the unorthodox cutting angle, we think that the Merkur 37C is best for those already comfortable with a safety razor and know how to get a nick-free shave.

The Merkur 37C also has a long-handle alternative; the Merkur 39C.  Featuring an identical head, the Merkur 39C is for those with large hands or who prefer a heavier razor.

What customers are saying: This razor is praised for its smooth, efficient shaving experience that tackles tough beards without irritation. The slanted blade design is considered a game-changer, and Merkur shavers are highly recommended. However, some find the short handle uncomfortable for bigger hands.

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  • The unique cutting head was designed specifically for sensitive skin
  • The razor can be used with, across, and against the grain


  • Requires some previous experience before first use

4. Best Value: Gillette Mach3 Cartridge Razor

gillette mach3 razor

Introduced in 1998, the Gillette Mach3 is a proven, affordable, and comfortable three-blade cartridge razor.  

But why should you consider the Gillette Mach3?

By relying on fewer blades, the hysteresis phenomenon, also known as lift-and-cut, is less pronounced when compared to most modern cartridge razors.  The reduced number of blades provides a less aggressive shaving experience.

As great as the Gillette Mach3 performs, it does lack some features, with the most notable being the absence of a precision trimmer.  While not a deal-breaker for most, if you like to clean the sideburns or mustache with a precision trimmer, post-shave cleanup will take just a slight bit of effort with the Gillette Mach3. 

You can expect the Mach3 to cost you approximately $50 per year.  This is significantly cheaper when compared to other current-generation razors that cost roughly $125 per year.  

What customers are saying: People find this razor to be highly effective on sensitive skin and providing a smooth and close shave. However, some customers mentioned it being expensive and receiving fewer blades than expected.

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  • Three blades allow for close and comfortable results
  • Lower long-term costs when compared to modern cartridge razor systems
  • Widely available


  • No precision trimmer makes cleanup a bit tougher
  • Unable to tilt side-to-side
  • Relatively light when compared to other razor systems

5. Modern (Affordable): Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Cartridge Razor

schick hydro skin comfort razor

Like the Gillette SkinGuard, the Schick Hydro Skin Comfort is a cartridge razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin.

To achieve close and comfortable results, the Schick Hydro Skin Comfort relies on three razor blades that have been paired with skin guards behind the blades to reduce blade pressure when shaving. 

What sets Schick razors apart from many others is the lubricating strip.  With seven gel pools, the Skin Comfort has been loaded with aloe and pro-vitamin B5 to help provide instant relief while shaving.

Unlike the Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser we recently reviewed, the Skin Comfort lacks a flip-top precision trimmer.  Therefore, detailing is tougher with this cartridge razor.  

Ultimately, the Schick Hydro Skin Comfort is a modern yet affordable cartridge razor.  

What customers are saying: Many customers praise this razor for its smoothness, gentleness on sensitive skin, and ability to provide a close shave without irritation. However, some experienced poor quality and irritation, and there were also concerns about false advertising regarding blade quantity.


  • Skin guards help to lessen pressure and increase comfort
  • Gel pools contain ingredients to alleviate irritation while shaving
  • Refills are a bit cheaper compared to Gillette


  • The lack of a precision trimmer is a surprising oversight

6. Hybrid: OneBlade Core Razor

oneblade core razor

Blurring the lines between safety razors and cartridge razors, the OneBlade Core offers the best of both worlds.

Like a safety razor, the OneBlade Core relies on a single cutting edge.  This makes the shave less aggressive and suitable for men with sensitive skin or susceptible to razor bumps.  

However, unlike virtually all safety razors, the OneBlade Core has a pivoting head like a cartridge razor.  This makes it much easier to learn as it provides a very familiar shaving experience.

As great as the OneBlade Core’s features may be, there are some notable compromises for this razor:

First, there is no lubricating strip.  Therefore, reliance on well-made shaving cream is required to get the job comfortably done.  

Additionally, while the OneBlade Core may rely on a single blade, it does not have a universal blade setting like most safety razors.  Very few blades can work with this razor, with the most notable being the Feather FHS-10 Single Edge Razor Blades.  

While we found the Feather razor blades to perform well in our in-depth review of the OneBlade Core, the limited selection of razor blades is a notable drawback to this razor.

Lastly, single-edge razor blades are not travel-friendly.  Therefore, you will need to store this in your checked baggage if traveling via air.

What customers are saying: Customers rave about the smooth, comfortable shaves provided by this razor, often noting significant improvements over disposable alternatives. However, some users express disappointment with the difficulty of removing used blades and the expense of replacement blades. Overall, the majority of reviewers acknowledge the high quality and enjoyable shaving experience.

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  • Unique and beginner-friendly design
  • Low long-term costs


  • Compatible with few razor blades
  • No lubricating strip
  • Not travel-friendly

7. Electric: Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

braun series 9 razor

When considering an electric shaver for sensitive skin, the most crucial consideration is shaving efficiency.  Shave efficiency is a measurement of how quickly the razor blades on the electric shaver cuts through hair.  An electric shaver with a higher shave efficiency will require fewer passes and will be less likely to pull or tug on the hair.  

At 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, Braun Series 9 razors deliver smooth and consistent results with each pass.  

Additionally, Braun Series 9 electric shavers are wet and dry compatible.  Therefore, when paired with sensitive skin-focused shaving cream, the results can be even more measurably comfortable.  

To help prevent the spread of bacteria, the Braun Series 9 comes with an alcohol-based cleaning system that will remove all dirt and grime between each use. 

The Braun Series 9 electric shavers are expensive.  Typically priced above $300, this electric shaver is an investment.  However, when looked at for several years, you will find that the long-term costs of the electric shaver aren’t nearly as high compared to other manual razor systems.

If you are considering the Braun Series 7, 5, or 3 electric shavers instead, while well-made, be aware that they don’t rely on the same robust motor as the Series 9.

What customers are saying: This electric shaver has received mixed reviews, with some praising its smooth shave, ergonomic design, and convenience, while others have experienced issues with battery life, poor quality, and difficulty shaving certain areas.


  • Best-in-class shave efficiency
  • Wet shaving compatible delivers more comfortable results
  • An alcohol-based cleaning system removes bacteria and lubricates the blades


  • High initial price

Other Considerations

Here are a few other razors we reviewed that you may want to consider:

Philips Norelco Oneblade – Not to be confused with OneBlade Core (reviewed above), the Philips Norelco Oneblade is a hybrid razor and electric shaver.  Able to cut just a fraction above the skin’s surface, it provides non-irritable results.  The MicroTouch Solo is a nearly identical replica also worth considering.

MicroTouch Tough Blade – Slim and cheap, the MicroTouch Tough Blade is a three-blade cartridge razor.  The razor provides non-irritating results.  Unfortunately, it’s not environmentally friendly as cartridge refills are not sold separately.

Edwin Jagger DE89 – A suitable alternative to the Merkur 34C (reviewed above), the DE89 is a classic safety razor.  The DE89 provides a mild shave that will leave just a bit of stubble after a single pass.  Consider this razor if you are also susceptible to razor bumps.

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) – A subscription shave service is a great way to get fresh and sharp blades delivered regularly.  Only consider DSC if your skin sensitivity is relatively low as their razors are good but not great.  

A Razor is Only One Part of the Shaving Routine

A comfortable shave doesn’t end with a new razor; consider the following:

Pre-shave Oil

Pre-shave oil provides lubrication to allow the razor to glide effortlessly on the skin.  In some instances, pre-shave oil may help to alleviate irritation.  Learn more about what a pre-shave oil is in this guide.

Shaving Cream

A rich and thick shaving cream lather will provide cushion and lubrication.  These properties help increase the comfort of the shave no matter the razor you are using.  Given that you have sensitive skin consider a fragrance-free shaving cream.


Not all aftershaves sting upon application.  An aftershave balm nourishes the skin and provides post-shave relief.  Learn more about the different types of aftershave in this guide.

5 Quick Questions to Consider Before Buying a Razor

When buying a razor, specifically for a sensitive area, consider the following:

1. Does the number of blades matter?

Modern cartridge razors depend on the hysteresis phenomenon, also known as lift-and-cut, to get close results.  While increasing the number of blades may provide smoother results, it may also result in irritated skin. If you like using a cartridge razor, select one with fewer than four blades.  

Safety razors depend on only a single blade.  Safety razors are much tougher to master and require a steady hand for close yet comfortable results.  

2. How do you plan on using the razor? 

Depending on how you use the razor will determine which types you should consider.  If for facial hair use only, electric shavers, cartridge, disposable, and safety razors can be used.  Should you plan on shaving other areas of your body such as your chest, arms, legs, or pubic region, then a cartridge or disposable razor should only be considered.  

3. How often are you changing your razor blades?

Dull blades cause skin irritation.  You should be rotating the blades regularly, about once every ten shaves for a cartridge razor and once every five shaves for a safety razor.  

4. Do you travel frequently or like to shave at the gym?

Cartridge and disposable razors are travel-friendly.  Safety razors are best for home use only.  Safety razor blades are prohibited from carry-on luggage and must be stored in your checked baggage (although you can bring the handle in your carry-on).  

5. Are you a thrifty shopper?

Over a year, a modern cartridge razor will cost you approximately $125 in blade refills.  Safety razor blades will cost you roughly $15 per year.  

If you prefer a cartridge razor’s convenience but want to keep your grooming expenses low, consider purchasing a previous generation razor such as the Gillette Mach3.  The expected annual cost the Mach3 is approximately $70.

How to Shave With Sensitive Skin

When shaving with sensitive skin, it’s important to take things slow.

  1. Start with a warm shower or use a hot towel to soften the hair follicles. This will make shaving easier and help reduce irritation.
  2. Apply a pre-shave oil to further lubricate the skin and hair follicles.
  3. Lather up with a rich shaving cream or gel. If you have sensitive skin, look for a shaving cream that is fragrance-free and designed for sensitive skin.
  4. Shave with a sharp razor. A dull razor is more likely to cause irritation. Replace the blade after 5-7 shaves. Be sure to make your passes with the grain of your hair to avoid irritation.
  5. Rinse with cold water and apply an aftershave balm designed for sensitive skin. This will help soothe any irritation caused by shaving.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I shave if I have sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to shave less often to avoid irritation. Depending on your hair growth, you may be able to get away with shaving every other day or even once a week. This will allow your skin time to heal between shaves.

Does the razor make a difference?

Absolutely! A sharp razor is less likely to cause irritation than a dull one. You should also look for a razor that is designed for sensitive skin. For cartridge razors, fewer blades is better. A safety razor will give you a closer shave but may be more difficult to use.

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