11 Best Quilted Jackets For Men That Are Stylish & Warm

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Quilted jackets are perhaps one of the most versatile jackets that a man can add to his wardrobe.

Able to be worn during the mild fall and spring months, a quality quilted jacket will naturally resist the stiff winds – especially if you live in the Northeastern United States.

But once fall passes, a quilted jacket becomes an indispensable layering piece under your winter jacket when conditions are bound to get even worse.

In this guide, we will be reviewing a variety of quilted jackets.

In addition to our detailed reviews, we will also provide you with supporting information (after the reviews) to help explain subtle differences of the various features found in quilted jackets.

Additionally, we will also compare quilted jackets to a few other options out there to make sure that these jackets are the best pick for you.

Let’s get started.

Tools of Men Helper

To Help You Decide we have researched and reviewed the best quilted jackets in 2020. Here’s our top picks:

The Best Quilted Jackets for Men of 2020 Reviewed

Best Overall Quilted Jacket: Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Field Jacket

This jacket leaves nothing on the table when it comes to a well rounded out quilted jacket. To start, the waxed canvas shell is made by British Millerain, who are the original creators of the material.

The inside of the jacket is filled with ethically sourced down, and the jacket has multiple lined pockets for both valuables and warming up your hands.

An excellent touch to this jacket is the cinch waist that can tighten in order to lock out the cold in the late Fall, making this jacket easily the wearable for the majority of the year. It comes in every size from XS to XL, and in both black and dark olive green — making this the perfect fit for guys of all sizes, whether they’re looking for something that fits in a formal or more casual setting.


  •  Ethically sourced down
  • Quality touches like lined pockets and snap buttons


  •  Less affordable than other options

What You Need To Know

This jacket by Huckberry is hands down the best option for guys who need a versatile, warm, and modern quilted jacket from Fall through Spring.

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Most Affordable (Cheap) Quilted Jacket: Amazon Essentials Quilted Shirt Jacket

This is an excellent choice for a guy that is value shopping as the price is unbeatable and the piece offers all the essentials you would expect in a great quilted jacket. The two chest pockets provide a bit of added storage, and the wave pattern stitching is a unique touch.

The jacket has a fleece lining which should provide some warmth, but according to some reviewers this shouldn’t be considered a jacket for the deep winter months, as it’s a bit thin. Being 100% polyester, it has a bit of a “windbreaker” feel as opposed to heavy winter jacket.

Many reviewers noted that this jacket runs a bit large, so you may want to size down if you’re considering picking it up. It lacks special touches that would lend it an air of high fashion, but if you’re a guy who’s just looking for a windbreaker to take on fall and spring hikes, or to games on the weekend, this is a great, albeit casual choice.


  •  Unbeatable price
  • Unanimously reviewed as durable


  •  Lacks some finer points of fashion and style

What You Need To Know

If you've been looking for a quilted jacket specifically for keeping the chill off of you when going outdoors in cooler months, the search is over.

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Best Leather Quilted Jacket: Rodd & Gunn Ashwell Jacket

The Rodd & Gunn Ashwell jacket is ideal for men who are looking to stay warm without giving up on a sharp look. It is made of 100% goatskin leather, fully lined with polyester, and padded with Primaloft Black insulation which will keep you toasty. If you’re environmentally conscious, you can rest easy knowing the insulation contains recycled materials.

The piece has a classic but standout look with banded quilts, a subtle contrasting collar and cuffs and a generally slim fit. It also features all black hardware, including a full zipper and snaps.


  • Sharp silhouette
  • Quality materials


  • Requires special care
  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

This jacket has a modern and well put together style that is a good choice for men who want to convey a competent rather than casual style.

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Best Slim Fit Quilted Jacket: Bonobos The Quilted Bomber

This jacket from Bonobos has a couple of great features that make it a stand out choice for guys who are looking for a slim fit. First and most apparent is the ribbed collar and sleeve, which complete the fitted look and add a bit of a seal against the cold.

The jacket is 100% polyester, water resistant, and washing machine safe but should be washed on the gentle cycle with like colors (which may speak to its overall durability, something to keep in mind). Most reviewers found that it was well fitted, but wears a bit small.

Finally, this jacket has the distinct quilted diamond pattern that you would expect from this type of jacket, and it works really well with a front chest pocket and slim fit design. A man who’s looking for a smart jacket that can fit many occasions will find this Bonobos jacket to be just the right piece.


  • Classic quilted diamond pattern
  • Slim fit looks smart


  • Need to handle with care when washing

What You Need To Know

A slim fit quilted jacket is often perfect for slightly more formal occasions and this jacket which comes in blue or black is just the right mix of style and practicality.

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Cole Haan Men’s Diamond Quilted Jacket

The distinguishing feature of this jacket is its 15% nylon material in the fabric (the other 85% is polyester.) This means that it’s a bit more durable and has just a little bit of stretch in it as compared to 100% nylon or cotton pieces. The chest pocket has leather trim lining it, which is a great feature if you’re looking for a jacket to suit slightly more formal occasions.

There’s also an inside chest pocket which is right behind the outer one, which although convenient might cause an unsightly bulge if you want to store something in both pockets. That withstanding, it’s a dapper jacket that brings in the classic quilted jacket design while keeping you warm — some reviewers found that they could even wear a tee shirt under this on cool fall days and keep warm.


  • Classic design
  • Warm
  • Snap cuffs


  • Nylon fabric may be misleading, tight when wearing layers according to some reviewers

What You Need To Know

This jacket is well put together and is an all-around quality pick for a guy who wants to try out a quilted jacket and not break too many style boundaries.

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Banana Republic Core Temp Quilted Bomber Jacket

Banana Republic has brought us a jacket with a distinctly 90’s vibe. This bomber jacket has ribbed cuffs, the collar however has a snap button that continues up from the front buttoning mechanism.

While this jacket had praise from most reviewers, several noted that the double zipper can be a bit of an annoyance. It has three front side pockets, two of which are perfect for use as hand warmers, the other is on the left chest.


  • Throwback look
  • Affordable


  • A bit casual

What You Need To Know

This jacket has a distinct style that is clearly an ode to 90's urban design, and is perfect for casual Fall and Spring outfits.

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Filson Quilted Pack Jacket

This is an excellent jacket for guys who are looking for either a semi-formal outerwear choice, or who want to be able to wear a heavier jacket on top of this one. It has a ribbed collar and cuffs, as well as a drawstring at the waist, so it won’t “peek” out of a larger winter jacket.

The hand-warmer pockets are lined with flannel, a great sign of the quality of this jacket. It comes in either dark otter green or sportsman tan, the latter of which is really perfect for more formal occasions where warmth is still a consideration.


  • Flannel pockets
  • Waist drawstring


  • Not made in the USA

What You Need To Know

Great choice for guys who are looking for a more formal option.

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Faherty Quilted Belmar CPO

One of the most unique designs of quilted jackets on our list, this is the perfect sweater for a walk around the block on a cool night after the leaves have fallen.

The double knit cotton is great for keeping warm but doesn’t provide protection against wind and rain, so this is not a windbreaker — however would be the perfect choice for a lower layer.


  • Stunning quilted pattern
  • Perfect for combination with other jackets


  • Not moisture or wind resistant

What You Need To Know

This is a great choice for men who are looking for something to throw on before going out on a chilly night, or to wear around the house before starting up the fireplace.

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Howler Brothers Merlin Jacket

This is a wonderful choice for backpackers and travelers as it has a feature that allows it to break down into an internal stuff sack — a rare but valuable feature in outerwear.

The shell is both water and rip resistant, lending this jacket to getting out into the wilderness where conditions may be unpredictable. The knitted and ribbed cuffs are perfect to keep out more than just a fall breeze, or the chill coming off of your favorite fly fishing river.


  • Purpose built for cooler temperatures
  • Variety of colors


  • Not necessarily appropriate for more formal occasions

What You Need To Know

This is the perfect jacket for men who spend a lot of time outdoors and need something between a dead of winter jacket and light summer gear.

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Taylor Stitch: The Vertical Jacket

This jacket has recycled polyester filling so it’s great for guys who are eco-conscious and the wave stitch design of the quilt lends this jacket a modern feel.

Most of the features of this jacket are designed to help you retain heat, from its stitching pattern to its water repellent finish that helps block out the wind. The jacket even has adjustable snap button cuffs that help you seal out the cold and make sure this jacket works as intended, as an effective layer against chilly winds.


  • Extra warm
  • Waterproof zipper


  • Wave pattern stitching is relatively casual

What You Need To Know

This jacket is perfect for men who are looking for a modern look that offers great protection against the elements.

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Barbour Liddesdale Jacket

This is an excellent slim fit option for guys whose fundamental intent is to add a quilted style to their outerwear selection. The button closure makes this jacket a bit more casual than other jackets that have zippers.

The collar of this jacket has a unique look — despite its more formal design, it gives the overall look a bit of a rebellious tone.


  • Deep hand warming pockets


  • Button up

What You Need To Know

This jacket is a great casual outerwear choice that will give you a bit of extra warmth during fall and spring.

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What to Know When Buying A Quilted Jacket

1. Exterior Shell


The benefit of a synthetic exterior shell is that it’s water resistant and easily washed. Although they typically aren’t the most eco-friendly material, their convenience is undeniable.


Cotton exterior shells are a great media because they’re lightweight and somewhat breathable. They’re also easily washable (especially if paired with a polyester fill), so they’re great for a guy who’s looking for a low maintenance jacket.

Waxed Canvas

Waxed canvas shells have many of the same features of cotton shells as the base material is the same. The difference is that a waxed canvas shell naturally resists water because of its wax finish, making it great for rainy weather in the fall or spring. This feature makes them slightly less breathable, however.


If you’re a guy who wants to try out a quilted jacket but finds them a bit too casual, try looking for one with leather trimmings. It adds a bit more sophistication — and you don’t have to worry about the leather grade too much as it doesn’t dominate the jacket.

2. Fill

When it comes to fill, there are generally two choices: polyester and down. Polyester is great for men who don’t want to rely on animal products, or have allergies. That being said, there is no substitute for down when it comes to warmth and insulation. Down can come from a variety of sources but the most common is goose. Although some companies offer “ethically sourced” down, it still hurts the bird to harvest it, so if you want to avoid animal products it’s best to steer clear of down entirely.

3. Intent

One of the reasons quilted jackets are rising in popularity so quickly is because of their extreme versatility. They can easily be dressed up or down to meet both casual and business formal occasions. This is perfect both for a man who’s working on a budget and needs outerwear with a warm lining media that can be worn on multiple occasions, and for guys who just don’t have the time to ruminate over what outerwear to chose for which occasion.

4. Quilt Type / Design

The quilt type is critical in defining the look and feel of the jacket. There are a number of different patterns out there, but the most common are either diamond, a traditional style that’s associated with this jacket type, or batten (horizontal bars), which has become a common pattern as well.

5. Length


A short length quilted jacket is quite similar to a bomber jacket style — it’s ribbed at the bottom (making it a great choice for cool days), and rests naturally at the waist.


Mid-length quilted jackets extend a bit beyond the waist, ending around the seat of the pants. They provide a bit of extra warmth and ensure that there’s no sweater or undershirt peeking out, which makes for a more well put together look. It’s a classic length that can be found in both casual and semi-formal jackets.


Long quilted jackets are typically the least popular type. While extending past the seat of the pant provides a greater level of warmth, if that is the main concern guys typically just go for a purpose built bomber or flight jacket.

6. Extras


Hoods can be a great extra feature to extend the season a quilted jacket can be worn by providing a lot of extra warmth, but they do bring the jacket into the realm of casual wear. If you find a quilted jacket you like but it only has a collar, consider picking up a separate hoodie. This way, you can still wear the jacket alone for more formal events.

Water/Wind Resistance

If you live in a cooler or wetter climate (like the Northeast or Pacific Northwest), you definitely want to consider a jacket that is water and wind resistant. Waxed canvas and synthetic shells are great for adding protection against wind and rain, while pure cotton jackets tend to retain moisture and can make you colder.


If you’re looking to double the already high level of versatility a quilted jacket has, consider getting a reversible one. These are perfect for guys who want to get the most value out of their shopping because it really does double up the style choices you have.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking fabrics are often overlooked in quilted jackets, but it’s a great feature to help draw moisture away from your skin and makes the jacket appropriate for performance focused activities like golf or hiking.

7. Brand

There are several brands out there that make quilted jackets for men — some of the more prominent ones include Barbour, Cole Haan, Tommy Hilfiger, Filson, and many more. There are also heritage brands which are often made in the USA and have a more rustic feel. Red Wing Heritage (known for their leather boots,) and Flint & Tinder (Huckberry’s private label) are common heritage brands, among others.

8. Color

The quilt of the jacket adds most of the pattern you will need to create a distinct style, so we recommend avoiding quilted jackets that have additional patterns on them. Solid dark colors are the most popular and versatile, either in black, navy blue, or other dark tones.

9. Size


Although the fit of the jacket largely depends on the company, you will find that quilted jackets tend to have a regular fit, although there are some which are more tailored. The size range is wide given their popularity, ranging from XS to XL.

Big & Tall

Big & Tall jackets will typically have a larger chest area allowing for better movement for larger built men. Tall variants will help to extend the sleeves so that they aren’t inappropriately short, and you may find quilted jackets with a yoke (a patterned piece of fabric) on the back to help movement and maintain the shapeliness of the fabric. The yoke adds a unique style element as well as making the piece more wearable.

10. Price

Depending on the brand and materials used, a quilted jacket or coat can cost anywhere from $100 to $700. The more expensive brands may be relying on high quality grade leather that put them on par with leather jackets, which is something to consider if you’re looking into other jacket types, as most leather jackets begin in the $500+ range.

Quilted Jackets FAQs

Are quilted jackets warm?

While quilted jackets can provide an extra layer of insulation when the weather is getting crisp, we don’t recommend them for the Winter season or anything below about 40 degrees. Like most leather jackets, they’re best worn in the Spring and Fall.

What are the best quilted jacket brands?

There are plenty of great quilted jacket brands, but the most popular at the moment is Barbour. Lots of others are making a splash in the quilted jacket market which are all listed in this guide, but don’t get too hung up on brand — try to focus on intent to find a jacket that will match your own style.

Where to buy quilted jackets?

There are many places to get a great quilted jacket, but a good general rule of thumb is to buy direct from the manufacturer in order to avoid counterfeits and see a wider selection of options. Here’s a general list:

Large Online Clothing Retailers


Quilted Jacket vs. Other Types of Jackets

Quilted Jackets

Quilted jackets are a relatively sleek choice to add some warmth in the fall and spring months. As we mentioned previously, the classic designs tend to have a diamond or horizontal bar quilt. Their fill is generally down or polyester, and they’re a bit more versatile than bomber or puffer jackets in terms of style — as they can be dressed up for more formal occasions. They’re also a relatively sleek choice in outerwear for the fall and spring months — a great choice for guys who are looking for versatility in their outerwear.

Padded Jackets

Padded jackets are the most similar to a quilted jacket and rely on the same kind of poly or down filling. They’re usually water and wind proof, and may have thicker insulated lining than a quilted jacket — the main difference here is the quilt pattern which padded jackets lack.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jacket are often confused as a specific type of jacket, but it’s really a type of cut. Bomber type jackets can be winter jackets, leather jackets, and more — they’re generally defined by their distinct ribbed waist, roomy chest and arm space, and tendency to create a “pillow” effect for warmth. Not all have hoods but it’s not uncommon, some of which are detachable.

Puffer Jackets

A puffer jacket will have a flat and simple design, as they are a “built for purpose” type of jacket that often will contain down or poly filling. They’re made for colder temperatures and are more akin to the traditional winter jacket. While this kind of jacket is a necessary addition to a winter collection for practical purposes, they usually aren’t considered very stylish.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Quilted Jacket

Our list of reviewed quilted jackets should have something in it for just about every man on a search for fall and spring outerwear — just make sure to consider a variety of factors before you pick the jacket that’s right for you. Among those we listed, the material, intent, and fill are probably the most critical, but you know best — so trust your instincts, and if you like what you saw here be sure to share this article with a friend.

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