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13 Best Pocket Watches (Vintage To Digital) For Men

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Pocket watches are truly a thing of beauty.

What was once the standard over a century ago, pocket watches still find their way into mens hands (and pockets) even while smartwatches reign supreme.

Their nod to tradition coupled with simplicity make them an accessory that can add a sense of flair to your look.

In order to honor this age old timekeeping device, we wanted to take note of 13 of the very best pocket watches that caught our attention.

Not only do many of these offer an incredibly resilient sapphire watch face, but they also carry distinct design patterns that really stand out.

While all of these pocket watches will do their job perfectly, each and every single one of them will be great as serving as a conversation piece.

Without further ado, here are the very finest pocket watches (in alphabetical order):

13 Of The Best Pocket Watches For Men

1. Armourlite Tritium Pocket Watch

This watch by Armourlite looks more like a stopwatch than anything, but it has a feature that no other pocket watch on this list has: Tritium lights.

What’s unique about tritium lights is that they continually glow without the need for additional battery power. This makes it a more modern approach to the every-day pocket watch, and is certainly a step up from styles like Topwell and Bulova.

This pocket watch also has two inner dials; one is for counting the seconds, and the other is an alarm that you can set. Perfect for using as your daily watch, you can set an alarm and have it go off in your pocket.

The watch also features scratch resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, a prime choice among watch makers due to its durability and long lifespan.

The case is smooth stainless steel, and the whole thing is small enough to just fit in the palm of your hand.

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2. Avalon Skeleton Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are a very personal timepiece, more so than a wristwatch or a cellphone. For many, a pocket watch is a symbol for getting older, but for some, it’s a fashionable statement.

This pocket watch by Avalon is a thing of beauty, with a dual sided skeleton face and a mechanical wind up mechanism. The external shell is made of durable stainless steel, with a scratch resistant mineral crystal to keep this time piece looking its best. The steel chain is sure to last through years of use, and if it doesn’t, the watch comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

It keeps time very well, though you do need to wind it about once every 30-40 hours to ensure that it keeps time appropriately.

Other than that, it’s an affordable and handsome gift that you can enjoy for a long time.

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3. Bulova Stainless Steel Pocket Watch

Bulova is well known for their high-quality watches, and this pocket watch is no exception.

Featuring a simple case and face that draws the eyes exactly where they need to be, this watch is as elegant as it is affordable. There are places for engraving, and the chain is sturdy and easy to clip wherever you need it to be.

The pocket watch comes in a handsome gift box, perfect for storing if it is for you, and ideal for giving as a gift. It is a genuine Bulova product, with the signature tuning fork etched on the front of the case. This particular pocket watch uses analog quartz movement, common among these types of pocket watches.

Overall, this is an excellent watch with superior time-keeping power. Great as a gift, but no one will blame you if you want to keep this one for yourself!

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4. Charles-Hubert Pocket Watch

The Charles-Hubert Paris pocket watch is similar to the SIBOSUN, though perhaps less ornate. It features the skeleton face and a small inner dial. The back is also skeletonized, giving you an in-depth view as to how the watch works.

The top of this pocket watch is stunning, with a timeless adornment and ridges to help with grip. The whole thing is made of stainless steel, making it incredibly durable wherever you decide to take it.

Customers love how heavy this watch is in their hand. It’s got a nice feel to it; not too heavy that it weighs down your pocket, but heavy enough to make a difference when you carry it.

It’s beautifully crafted, winds up very nicely, and is one of the nicer watches you can get in this price range.

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5. Gotham Men’s Silver-Tone Mechanical Pocket Watch

Like the Avalon skeleton watch, this pocket watch features a double sided skeleton design with both the front and the back covers opening and closing for the full effect. While it is simple in design, the gears make this a truly intricate piece that makes for a phenomenal conversation starter.

As well, it’s a small watch that fits most anywhere comfortably, from the pants pocket to a vest.

This pocket watch comes with not only a fabulous chain, but also a hanging stand so that you can display it on your wardrobe or desk without worry.

Men say that this is a phenomenally gorgeous watch, with every detail stunning in design and function. For gift givers, there is space on the case for engraving, if you so choose.

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6. PeleusTech Spovan SPV600 Pocket Watch

This pocket watch is an interesting piece because instead of the standard analog dial, it is a digital watch. This allows the pocket watch to have numerous other functions like a barometer, a thermometer, fishing timer and water depth. Essentially, if you do a lot of fishing, you would benefit greatly from this watch.

The thick, silver chrome case and the handsome face are a beautiful harmony, with lots of data for making the most of your fishing trip.

The watch is water resistant, which makes it extra-good for being out on the boat or near water.

Customers say that it is a bit weighty, and admittedly there are a lot of functions that the average Joe isn’t going to use. But it’s a great conversation starter, and it does feel good to wear. It’s a great, long lasting pocket watch that you are sure to love, even if all you do is check the time.

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7. Regent Hills Brass Case Mechanical Open Face Pocket Watch

Unlike the Tissot or the Avalon, this pocket watch by Regent Hills is an open faced pocket watch. While this does expose the mineral glass to the elements, it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the watch.

Additionally, the partially skeletonized watch face is stunning to look at, and makes for a fantastic conversation piece.

It has a dual time display, as well as a 60 second face, a long stainless steel chain, and durable mineral crystal glass to keep this watch going. It also relies on quartz movement, which keeps it accurate.

Men love the way this pocket watch looks, due to it being so ornate, but they also like the way it feels. It’s a heavier, bigger pocket watch that sits nicely in the pocket, and with the addition of the skeleton face, it’s a timepiece that is certainly timeless.

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8. SEIKO Pocket Watch

Ah, the traditional pocket watch style; a simple watch strung up on a string, easy to grab and even easier to read.

It comes with a braided robe instead of a chain, and the watch is made of white stainless steel. The glass is made of acrylic, so it’s sturdy without being extraordinarily expensive.

While it is a bit pricey for what it is, it’s good for several years of use; all you need to do is wind it once every couple of days to ensure that it stays on time, and you’re good to go. The rope is durable and inconspicuous, and will blend well with any sort of pant, from denims to dress pants.

Overall, it’s a good quality watch that is both simple and elegant. Putting on a chain will instantly transform this watch into a dressier watch in no time.

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9. SIBOSUN Antique Men Pocket Watch

The SIBOSUN pocket watch is an interesting piece of work; instead of a whole, single ring around the edge, it features some decorative holes that make it very unique in the pocket watch world.

It is a skeleton face, meaning you can see inside all of the gears and pins that make a watch tick.

It’s incredibly shiny, with two tones of metal making up the majority of the watch. Inside, the bronze gold stainless steel, and on the outside, just a plain silver. The face of the watch is made of acrylic instead of glass, which makes this watch a little less durable than some of the others on this list.

Acrylic does scratch and scuff, so care should be taken when bumping it against surfaces.

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10. Stuhrling Original Mens Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

If you’re looking for a classic pocket watch to keep you on time, then the Stuhrling watch may be what you are looking for. Featuring a skeleton face and roman numerals around the edges, this is a great watch for yourself or for a gift.

The watch comes with a stainless steel chain complete with belt clip, and a handsome box with which to store or give as a gift.

The glass protecting the face is made of Krysterna crystal, and is dual sided with a protective coating which helps to prevent scratches, scuffs, and marks from every day wear and tear.

This watch is also one of the least expensive ones on this list, clocking in at under $100. It’s a quality watch, and incredibly affordable for anyone just looking into getting their first pocket watch. It does need to be wound every day or every other day, but this is about standard for pocket watches.

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11. Tissot Savonnettes Stainless Steel Pocket Watch

Like the Avalon pocket watch, the Tissot Savonnettes is a handsomely crafted piece of work that is positively stunning. While it doesn’t have the skeletal face, it is beautiful in its simplicity, featuring a white face with black numbering around the edges.

The case is polished steel, and is simplistically designed to let the piece speak for itself.

This pocket watch also has a date display set at the 6 o’ clock marker, a handy feature that gives you more information with just a glance. It utilizes quartz movement to keep time, and should stay accurate for a good while.

Customers love the simplicity of this pocket watch, as well as the superior quality that it is made of. The case is shiny, and with good care shouldn’t scuff or scratch, and the glass is clear and scratch resistant thanks to the mineral crystal.

Great value and great quality, especially from Tissot.

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12. Topwell Black Pocket Watch

Like the ZIJAE pocket watch, this is another one with roman numerals and an interesting color palette. However, instead of browns and golds, this one is black. The case is intricately designed with swirls, and a window is set in the center, allowing for easier reading without opening the case.

It comes with a long chain with a clip, so you can safely store it in your pocket without fear of it coming loose.

It uses quartz movement to remain precise throughout the day, though you will have to re-wind it every so often to ensure that you are reading the correct time.

Men do say that this is one of the nicest watches they’ve owned, but they took some time trying to figure the watch out as it doesn’t come with instructions. To set, pull out the stem and wind until it starts to feel tight, then push the stem back in. Ideal for pocket watch enthusiasts who are familiar with how they work.

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13. ZIJAE Mens Dragon Skeleton Pocket Watch

This handsomely crafted watch by ZIJAE has got to be one of the most intricate watches on this list. The case is phenomenal; it features a carving of a Chinese lung dragon alongside a fiery phoenix, all surrounded by clouds engraved in an Oriental style.

Where there is no metal, the watch can be seen clearly underneath, and when you open it up, a fantastic gold and brown color-scheme makes for a beautiful frame around the golden gears that make this watch run.

The hands are very fine, with the hour hand being more ornate than the minute hand. Roman numerals in a deep rose gold decorate the outside, set upon what appears to be wood.

This is an ideal gift for yourself or someone you love; it’s positively phenomenal, and incredibly cheap. Only $20 for this handsome pocket watch.

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    Shawn: I found your article very helpful in my search for a pocket watch. One correction you might want to consider regarding the Armourlite Tritium Watch, tritium does not charge in the sun and then glow in low light conditions. It continually glows; one just can’t see that in daylight. I have several quality tritium equipped wrist watches and they work great! Tritium is the radioactive isotope of the element hydrogen and it has many uses. It is used as a radioactive tracer, in radioluminescent light sources for watches and instruments. In addition to being used as a component in nuclear weapons, as a radioactive label in chemistry lab work, as a tracer for biological and environmental studies, and for controlled nuclear fusion, tritium is used for self-powered lighting ( – Gary

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      Thanks for the insight! Updated the article and linked to a Wiki article that can better explain the science behind it than I can. 🙂

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