Best Mustache Combs

Whether it’s hair on the top of your head or hair on the front of your face, you need to keep it combed so you can look your best. From the humble plastic tooth comb to a more aesthetically pleasing horn or wood comb, a mustache comb can be a mark of style. 

Most importantly, however, a mustache comb keeps your lip whiskers looking clean and well-kept. There’s nothing worse than a shaggy-looking stache. This can be especially true if you have darker hair. 

Today we’ll share the best mustache combs of 2024 that work exceptionally well.

Mustache Combs Compared

RankingMustache CombSizeMaterialCountry of OriginTeeth SpacingPriceAwardRating
1Kent A 81T Mustache Comb2.8″ x 0.5″Cellulose AcetateUnited KingdomUniform spacing$8Best Overall100
2Sapling Mustache Brush & Comb7″ x 0.75″Boar Bristle & BambooChinaUniform spacing$16Eco-Friendly97
3Speert 1618 Mustache Comb4.75″ x 0.75″Cellulose AcetateSwitzerlandUniform spacing$15Ergonomic94
4Kent 87T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb4.5″ x 0.7″Cellulose AcetateUnited KingdomUniform spacing$10Folding92
5Folding Horn Comb Men2.8″ x 0.5″HornUnited StatesUniform spacing$17Horn91
61541 London Pocket Moustache Comb Keyring3.11″ x 0.5″Cellulose AcetateUnited StatesUniform spacing$5Keyring90
7Personalized Folding Wood Comb7.25″ x 0.5″WoodUnited StatesUniform spacing$12Gift Giving87
8Airisland Stainless Steel Keychain Comb3.15″ x 1″Stainless SteelChinaUniform spacing$10Metal85
9Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool4.33″ x 6.69″PlasticChinaUniform spacing$10Versatile82

Here are the Best Mustache Combs of 2024

Kent A 81T Mustache Comb

Best Overall

[amazon box=”B00354XMH6″ template=”product-image”]

What We Think:

The Kent A 81T Mustache Comb is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, handmade comb. Its small size makes it perfect for travel, and the company’s guarantee means you can purchase with confidence.


Great size with a larger handle

Approved by the Queen!

Cut, as opposed to molded means smooth


The tortoise look may not be for everyone

Not terribly bendable

The Kent A 81T Mustache Comb is a handmade must-have for guys with mustaches or beards. Beautiful with a tortoiseshell finish, the comb features round-tipped teeth for skin comfort and a wider handle for an easy grip. The comb is saw cut then hand polished, and its extra small travel size means you can keep it in your pant or jacket pocket for grooming on-the-go. The Kent A 81T is cut from a single sheet of acetate instead of molded, creating a smooth finish. 

Kent is one of the world’s oldest brush manufacturers and has been in business since 1777. It features a royal warrant from Her Majesty the Queen and the company has the guarantee to back that up. If you’re not 100% satisfied you can get your money back, no questions asked.

What customers are saying: This mustache comb has received mostly positive reviews for being a convenient size, sturdy, and effective at managing facial hair. Some customers found it smaller than expected, but the majority were satisfied with its performance and portability.


  • Size: 2.8″ x 0.5″
  • Material: Cellulose Acetate
  • Brand: Kent
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Sapling Mustache Brush & Comb


[amazon box=”B094HWMD3R” template=”product-image”]

What We Think:

Those eco-beardsmen out there will love the Sapling Mustache Brush and Comb for its sustainable wood materials and 100% natural boar hair bristles. Plus, for every purchase made, a tree is planted! If you’re not satisfied, return it for a full refund and the company will still plant a tree.


Environmentally conscious materials and packaging

Boar hair helps to smooth flyaways

Great money-back warranty


The long handle and comb size are small

Pricey for a comb that requires replacement

If you’re ensuring your environmental impact is an important factor in your decision making process, the Sapling Mustache Brush and Comb is the product for you. Made from wood and boar hair, the comb and brush combo is made from sustainable wood materials, and all other ingredients are 100% natural. Need a company to go a step further? For every purchase of a Sapling product, the company plants a tree. Don’t love the comb? You can return your Sapling Mustache Brush and Comb for free, get your money back and the company will still plant a tree!

The long handle allows you to hold the comb/brush easily, and the boar’s hair allows you to smooth flyaways. The additional spacing between hairs lets you grab those whiskers and get them back in place. Wooden comb and teeth mean anti-static and easy brushing.

What customers are saying: Customers like the softness of the bristles, the easy-to-use design, and the effectiveness of the comb and brush in styling their mustache. Some customers mentioned that the product might be overpriced and that the comb can break after a few months of use. Overall, a majority of the customers found the product helpful and of good quality.


  • Size: 7″ x 0.75″
  • Material: Boar Bristle & Bamboo
  • Brand: Green Beard

Speert 1618 Mustache Comb


[amazon box=”B0108ZAAPQ” template=”product-image”]

What We Think:

The Speert 1618 mustache comb is a high-quality, handmade product that is perfect for those with thicker whiskers. The comb is made from a single sheet of cellulose acetate and is hand-polished for a beautiful light brown tortoise color.


Comb shape allows for easy grip

Handmade in Switzerland

Great in-between size


Teeth are a bit close together which could be tough for guys with thicker hair

Would love to see other color options

The Speert 1618 Mustache Comb is handmade in Switzerland, and its design doesn’t suggest otherwise. Cut from a single sheet of cellulose acetate and hand-polished, the Spreet 1618 Mustache Comb is handsome in its light brown tortoise color and a perfect size to throw in your bag or keep on your bathroom vanity. The teeth are rounded at the bottom to help protect the skin. The rounded handle means the comb rests easily in the palm of the hand, allowing for a lighter touch, perfect for training hair.

The Speert 1618 comb’s teeth are a bit closer together than some other options, which could mean some tugging if you’ve got thicker than normal whiskers. Still, Speert has been making stand-out products for over two centuries, so they know something about making a great mustache comb.

What customers are saying: Customers are highly satisfied with this mustache comb due to its durability, ability to separate hairs without pulling, and ease of use. Many have mentioned that it makes grooming and training the hairs simple and comfortable.


  • Size: 4.75″ x 0.75″
  • Material: Cellulose Acetate
  • Brand: Speert
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland

Kent 87T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb


[amazon box=”B018F1HR6A” template=”product-image”]

What We Think:

The Kent 87T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb is perfect for those that need to tame their mustache on the go. The teeth are smoothed to massage the hair follicles and release natural skin oils. The 100% money-back guarantee is also a great touch.


Foldable for easy transport

Saw cut and hand polished

Teeth designed to massage skin


The hinge could become dirty or rusted in time

A bit flimsy between hinge and comb

Do you often need to get freshened up for meetings or a date on the go but don’t have a mustache comb that allows you to do that easily? Look no further than the Kent 87T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb. Specifically designed to fit in the breast pocket of a suit coat, the Kent 87T is essential for guys that need to tame the flyaways while out and about. 

Saw cut from a single piece of cellulose acetate, the non-petroleum-based material means less static and a small environmental footprint. The teeth are smoothed, allowing them to gently massage the hair follicles, releasing natural skin oils. The 100% money-back guarantee is also a great touch, and, as we said in a previous Kent review, they’ve got a Royal Warrant, so that’s got to be pretty darn good.

What customers are saying: The majority of customers praise the high quality and how easy it is to carry around, making the comb great for mustaches and shorter goatees. However, some customers express disappointment with its size, finding it too small for their needs, and few found it to be cheaply made.


  • Size: 4.5″ x 0.7″
  • Material: Cellulose Acetate
  • Brand: Kent
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Folding Horn Comb Men

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Folding-Horn-Comb-Men-1024x683.jpg

What We Think:

The Folding Horn Comb is a unique and beautiful piece that is perfect for your mustache. The comb is made from buffalo horn, which contains keratin to help reduce static. The foldable design makes it easy to take with you on the go.


Natural buffalo horn

Long enough for home, foldable for travel

Naturally anti-static


Some note that the hardware is a bit lackluster

Pricier than some may want to pay

Natural horn combs are one-of-a-kind items, and this Folding Horn Comb is exactly what your mustache needs. Made from buffalo horn, the colors and grain are unique to the piece you receive. Horn also contains keratin which naturally produces an anti-static barrier between your whiskers and the comb itself. Measuring in at roughly 6 ½ inches, this comb is the perfect piece for your bathroom or dresser. The foldable design cuts the length in half, meaning you could take it on the go if needed. 

Some of the reviewers note that the hardware leaves something to be desired but the comb’s beauty makes up for it. The cost is a bit higher here, given the buffalo horn material, but again, worth the price of admission for such a lovely piece.


  • Size: 2.8″ x 0.5″
  • Material: Horn
  • Brand: ArakiCrafts
  • Country of Origin: US

1541 London Pocket Moustache Comb Keyring

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1541-London-Pocket-Moustache-Comb-Keyring-1024x683.jpg

What We Think:

You say you need a mustache comb on a keychain?! Say no more, the 1541 London Pocket Mustache Comb Keyring is exactly what you need. The small size is both a pro and con here – this isn’t the comb you’ll want to use to when you’re getting ready for work or a night out. But if you need to straighten some of your hair after you’ve already left the house, this is a great option.


Perfect size for on-the-go grooming

Easily attaches to keys

Handsome color


Not your everyday brush

Always a little wary of additional hardware

The 1541 London Pocket Mustache Comb Keyring is exactly what you need to groom on the go in exactly the right tiny package. Handmade from cellulose acetate, the 1541 makes keeping your whiskers tamed quick and easy. Just attach it to your keys and you have a comb anywhere you need one. Its small size is both a pro and con here – this isn’t the comb you’ll want to use to when you’re getting ready for work or a night out. But if you need to straighten some of your hair after you’ve already left the house, this is a great option. An attractive brown color and rounded teeth means style and function. 

Plus the price is certainly right!


  • Size: 3.11″ x 0.5″
  • Material: Cellulose Acetate
  • Brand: 1541LondonGroomingCo
  • Country of Origin: US

Personalized Folding Wood Comb

Gift Giving
Personalized Folding Wood Comb

What We Think:

Whether it’s for a gift or for yourself, the Personalized Folding Wood Comb is perfect. The comb can be customized with a name, initials, or design of your choice.


Customizable with name, initials or symbols

Size allows for travel and home use

Beautiful wood construction


Price could be high depending on the customizations selected

Hardware is a bit rough

Need a more personal touch with your mustache comb? Considering giving one as a gift? This Personalized Folding Wood Comb is perfect. Available in two types of wood, amoora and sandalwood, these combs can be customized with a name, initials, or a design of your choice. The wood means a naturally anti-static substance for your whiskers and the rounded tips allow for easy brushing and styling. Best of all, the comb extends to just over 7 inches, which means it’s the perfect comb for both your daily routine and traveling on-the-go. Depending on your desired personalization, the price can be a bit high but the reviews suggest that its worth every penny.


  • Size: 7.25″ x 0.5″
  • Material: Wood
  • Brand: Bgenius15
  • Country of Origin: US

Airisland Stainless Steel Keychain Comb


[amazon box=”B071R2N2QR” template=”product-image”]

What We Think:

While a bit sterile in feeling, the Airisland Stainless Steel Keychain Comb will last a lifetime. The small size is perfect for your pocket or keychain. The smooth teeth mean no snags or pulls, and the price is also right.


Stainless steel lasts

Great, portable size

Priced well


Small size not for all men

Stainless steel may not appeal to everyone

Sometimes you just need something that works. No frills, no extra just a comb that puts your mustache where it should be. That’s what you get with the Airisland Stainless Steel Keychain Comb. Small, clocking in at just 3.25”, this mustache comb is sharp and stunning in its stainless steel construction. Metal will naturally last longer than either wood or plastic as well, meaning you can get years of mustache combing out of this tiny package. Smooth teeth mean no snags or pulls, and the price is also right.

What customers are saying: Customers like the sturdiness, quality, and ability to fit in wallets and pockets. The comb works well with facial hair products, without snagging or pulling. However, some customers found it too big for a keychain, and one customer experienced beard hairs being pulled out by the comb.


  • Size: 3.15″ x 1″
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Airisland
  • Country of Origin: China

Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool


[amazon box=”B01N5OT49P” template=”product-image”]

What We Think:

Whether its your beard, mustache, or goatee, the Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool helps you comb and style your facial hair to perfect symmetry. No more barber trips just to keep things the way they should be; this tool will help you visualize which hairs need a trim and which don’t.


Different shapes make keeping the mustache lined up easy

Comb sides help straighten

Solid construction


Not portable

The comb area is quite small, and plastic

If you’ve got a beard or mustache you know that you can spend more time than you’d like to admit trying to get those straight lines when shaping up. It’s hard to do and you always end up having that one area that just is never quite right. The Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool helps you comb and style your mustache to perfect symmetry. No more barber trips just to keep things the way they should be; this tool will help you visualize which hairs need a trim and which don’t. This isn’t a comb in a traditional sense and likely isn’t something you’re going to want to be carrying around with you. For a great price, however, you’ll get a tool that can help you in the bathroom as you shape up and keep that ‘stache top notch.

What customers are saying: Customers appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of this mustache comb, helping them maintain a neat and groomed appearance between barber shop visits. However, some felt that the comb could use improvements, such as added flexibility and easier handling. Overall, the product received mostly positive reviews for its quality and ease of use.


  • Size: 4.33″ x 6.69″
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Beard Black
  • Country of Origin: China


There are a few key things to keep in mind when looking for a mustache comb. First, it’s important to remember that these items aren’t mutually exclusive. There are mustache combs for all men regardless of hair type or length.


Like a beard comb or hair comb, the material your mustache comb is made from plays a large role in how it feels, how it looks, and, most importantly, how much it costs.

  • Wood: A classic option for guys everywhere, a wood mustache brush harkens back to a bygone era. Wooden brushes also have the added benefit of durability and a pleasant scent, especially if you get one made from cedar, which is very common. Downsides? They can be difficult to wash, may splinter if they become dried out and need to be conditioned.
  • Plastic: Let’s face it, plastic makes things extremely durable and cheap. Also known as cellulose acetate, high-quality mustache combs, like those from Kent, won’t cause static. Plastic brushes are generally saw cut and hand polished. 
  • Horn: Talk about a bygone era, horn brushes come from the height of luxury and have the price tag to reflect it. Anti-static by nature, horn brushes work extremely well to smooth your whiskers but are susceptible to breakage if you’re not careful.
  • Metal: Simply lasts forever, doesn’t it? Metal offers extreme durability and is generally priced fairly well. Easy to clean, a metal mustache brush should be kept dry to avoid rusting. They also may feel a bit rougher on the stache and aren’t as smooth as some of the other materials.

Form Factor

Mustache combs are tiny, clocking in at no more than a few inches. It’s important, therefore, to get a comb that feels good in the hand. This can be difficult for guys with larger hands. Trying out several different combs can help. Some are hinged and fold, allowing for easy storage. This also tends to protect the teeth, especially important if your brush is made from wood or horn. Many also offer keychain loops to take your brush on the go.


You can find cheap and expensive iterations of all kinds of products. A gold-plated mustache comb is going to cost you quite a bit. On the whole, however, a good mustache comb is going to run you between $10 and $20.


Some mustache brushes may have a bottle opener or double as a beer shaper. Additionally, many come as part of a large comb, accessing the mustache-specific teeth by turning the comb over. Ideally, you want to have a high-quality mustache comb that stands on its own. Novelty combs or those that come as a small part of a larger comb simply aren’t as functional.

Do mustache combs work?

Yes, the smaller size of mustache combs makes them easier to align with your face and work the details of your mustache. Part of a great mustache is training the hair to grow in a specific way. Mustache combs help that, in conjunction with mustache wax.

Which direction should you comb a mustache?

This is highly dependent on the guy and the style. Generally, however, you’ll want to start at the philtrum (the indented area in the upper lip) and then comb down and outward.

Is it necessary to own a mustache comb?

If you keep your mustache closely shaved, a comb may not be required. A beard comb or brush can also work in a pinch. Still, a good mustache comb can help you take your whiskers to the next level.

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