Best Money Clips: The Cool Way To Handle Your Cash

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In A Hurry? Our Top Picks:

  1. Best EDC Money Clip: Lever Gear Tool Card Money Clip
  2. Most Stylish Money Clip: Brooks Brothers American Alligator Money Clip
  3. American Made: Studebaker Bessemer Money Clip

While sure, mobile payment platforms are quickly becoming the norm for many, there is still something to be said for a man that takes out a money clip and thumbs through his bills when making a payment.

Whether you are at a nice restaurant or a gas station, there is a simple yet cool old school feeling about this process.

But here’s the deal:

Before you thumb through your bills, the money clip that you use to keep everything organized can say a lot about you and your style.

In this guide, we not only review some of the coolest and best money clips, but we take it a step further and share with you a few considerations to take into account when making your decision, along with answering a few common questions men had about the use and care of money clips.

Let’s dive in:

Best Money Clips for Men

1. Best EDC Money Clip: Lever Gear Tool Card Money Clip

In the increasingly popular EDC – every day carry – market, the Lever Gear Tool Card Stainless Steel Money Clip is one of the top contenders. This stainless steel solid construction is perfect for guys who don’t want to leave home without at least a few tools in their pockets.

The simple lever will hold several bills and one or two credit cards while providing a whole range of easily accessible tools. Some of the tools included are a wrench, bottle opener, various rulers, great cord cutter.

The number of accessories packed into this product is truly astounding. At the lower end of our price range, you can afford to get this money clip and another, dressier looking option for heading out on the town.

Available in a silver finish stainless steel and a slick black.  Lastly, Lever Gear products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.


  • Sleek, durable metal construction
  • Looks very cool to pull out
  • Slim profile for secure money storage


  • Would have liked to see a credit card holder somewhere
  • Compass would’ve been nice

What You Need To Know

If you’re headed into the unknown but still need to carry a few dollars along for the hike, the Lever Gear Tool Card Money Clip is the one you’ll want.

2. Most Stylish Money Clip: Brooks Brothers American Alligator Money Clip

This American Alligator Leather Money Clip from Brooks Brothers can be described in one word – stunning. Coming in toward the top of the price range and worth every penny, this gorgeous clip is made in Italy and lined with calfskin. Perfect for people who attend business and formal events, this designer money clip will keep your cash comfortable to see and reach.

You may have a hard time storing credit cards here, and proper care may be a bit of a chore. At the top end of the price range, this clip could be a bit out of reach for some.

Still, the beauty and elegance can’t be denied and the product is available in black and brown.


  • Gorgeous Italian design
  • Available in black or brown
  • Perfect for dress events


  • Requires proper care
  • Not magnetic, so may loosen over time

What You Need To Know

The Brooks Brothers American Alligator Money Clip is an excellent addition to any wardrobe and makes a perfect gift.

3. American Made: Studebaker Bessemer Money Clip

No, not the car company, but still has an equally cool store.

Studebaker hand forges all of their items in Pittsburgh from solid American metal (read more about their story here). The Bessemer money clip is available in either brass or copper and is left unfinished. The cool thing here is the clip will develop it’s own patina over time, giving you a beautiful statement piece with minimal necessity for care.

It’s also simple – it will hold cash and a few cards and nothing else. The definition of a minimalist clip in the middle of our price range.


  • Hand-forged in America
  • Available in two colors
  • Patina with time



  • Natural metal so it will stretch
  • The style may not work for all

What You Need To Know

If you want a more personalized look for a money clip, search no more. The Studebaker Bessemer is a perfect addition to any wardrobe and makes a beautiful statement piece.

4. SOG Pocket Knife Money Clip

Developed in 1986 in honor of a special operations group, SOG creates some of the highest quality and downright cool tactical outdoor and hunting gear. The SOG Pocket Knife Money Clip continues that tradition and introduces a slim way to carry both your cash and knife easily in your pocket.

Access the blade with a quick flick of the thumb or turn it over to reveal a few dollar bills. At 2.75 inches, the design will allow men to do what needs to be done, whether that’s on the street or out in the bush. It’s a casual design and only intended for people who need to move seamlessly from nature to the store.

At the lower end of our price range, the SOG Pocket Knife Money Clip is an excellent addition to any wardrobe.


  • A smart way to carry what’s needed
  • Easy access to both knife and cash
  • Lightweight, ultra-strong stainless steel


  • No color choice
  • Large SOG logo may be a turnoff for some

What You Need To Know

Looking to purchase a pocket money clip that doubles as a knife while still providing easy access to cash? This is the one for you.

5. Gerber GDC Money Clip

Founded in 1939, the Gerber GDC Money Clip is made from rustproof materials with a titanium coated body and anodized aluminum accents, making it sturdy and durable.

The thumb loop and serrated grip keep the included knife secure in the hand. If it’s needed, it can slide easily out from the sheath with the push of a button, and the large money clip is one of the best we’ve reviewed in such a small package.

The green accent makes for a very nice polished look. The clip itself holds up to five credit cards or a combination of cards and cash.

Gerber is well known for making some of the finest boot knives, tactical pens, and other EDC gear around, and at the bottom of our price range, this clip knife combination is well worth it.


  • Button spring allows the blade to slide smoothly for use
  • The sleek shape has a slim profile
  • Durable materials


  • Small design means minimal carry
  • May not always want to carry a straight blade

What You Need To Know

Outdoorsmen rejoice, the Gerber GDC Money Clip is one of the best options for carrying some necessary items while keeping a solid, slim edge right at hand.

6. Carbon Fiber Card Holder & Money Clip

The Carbon Fiber money clip is slightly larger to allow you to carry a bit more stuff than some of the other options on the list.

It also has a specific card area and is branded as a cardholder money clip. The extra space means your cards and cash won’t be packed tight, causing bending of the clip mechanism. At the lower end of our price range, it is one of the best money clips with card holder we’ve found.

The carbon fiber front and rear panels are connected with elastic bands, which means you don’t have to carry any more than you want to.

The seven hex screws featured hold the clip together while offering a beautiful design element.


  • Somewhere in between a money clip and a wallet
  • Slim construction with RFID blocking technology
  • Emphasis on credit cards


  • Elastic connections can slack over time
  • Not appropriate for business use

What You Need To Know

This minimalist money clip wallet combination offers a great middle-ground for holding more of your stuff and keeping your pockets from bulging.

7. Travelambo Carbon Fiber Money Clip

The Travelambo Carbon Fiber Money Clip is a straight carbon fiber money clip.

No frills, no extra features, no pockets. Just an easy way to hold your cash and credit cards. The slim, minimalist design will keep your cash secure, and the carbon fiber means reduced weight.

Perfect for use day in and day out and appropriate for business meetings, the clip is durable and inexpensive, making it one of the best money clips for guys.

The Travelambo is coming in at the absolute bottom of our price range.


  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Easy to care for
  • No frills – it will hold cash


  • May stretch over time
  • Won’t be able to keep more than a few cards

What You Need To Know

If you’re on the search for a simple, no-frills money clip and don’t want to spend a ton of the dough you want to carry in it, the Travelambo Carbon Fiber Money Clip is the one for you.

8. Filson WWII Shell Casing Money Clip

Truly one-of-a-kind, the WWII Shell Casing Money Clip is hand stamped from salvaged World War II ammunition.

Crafted by artist Devin Johnson in Minnesota, the clip also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Durable and able to wipe clean, this money clip looks stylish, and the story you can tell along with it will make you look smart too. At the higher end of the range but likely well worth it.


  • Great back story
  • Wonderful design
  • Handmade


  • Not for everyone.
  • Only available in brass

What You Need To Know

Still searching the digital landscape for a statement piece for your outfits? Look no further – handmade, one-of-a-kind and crafted in the USA, the WWII Shell Casing Money Clip is what you’re looking for.

9. TUMI Nassau Etched Money Clip

TUMI is well known for making nice garment bags, durable backpacks for men, along with other products, and their Nassau Etched silver money clip is no different.

A clean, mirrored design on one side, with a nice cross-hatch pattern on the reverse, make the clip attractive for both everyday or special event carry.

Reviewers note that you can comfortably hold several bills and a card or two in the clip. This clip is right in the middle of our price range, which for TUMI product is very well priced.


  • TUMI brand name
  • Well-made and designed
  • Stays tight


  • High price
  • Imported from China

What You Need To Know

You can’t beat a shiny silver money clip from a great name like TUMI. This is the best money clip for you if you’re looking for style and brand recognition.

10. Serman Brands Magnetic Money Clip Wallet

This money clip credit card holder and wallet from Serman Brands features especially strong magnets and RFID blocking to keep your belongings extra safe and secure. It is made of durable full-grain leather with several color options to choose from.

It features 4 card slots and an ID window to keep you organized. As money clip wallets go, this one is especially sturdy and cost effective.


  • Made with full-grain leather
  • Extra strong magnets


  • May look a bit cheap

What You Need To Know

This is the best magnetic money clip for those men who are on a strict budget yet want a sturdy design.

8 Tips on Finding the Best Money Clip

Before heading into a shop and asking the clerk to toss any money clip in a bag, there are a number of factors a guy should consider.

The 8 considerations below will help you to choose the right one for you.

1. Material

Metal / Carbon Fiber / Composite

Money clips come in a variety of different metal materials, from stainless steel to titanium, aluminum to luxury metals like gold, silver, or platinum. The choice of metal can change the look and feel of the money clip.

Composite materials like carbon fiber are lightweight and very strong.

They can also reduce the weight of the money clip. The clean lines and stylish finish of metal money clips present well and offer both practical or classic designs.

Leather / Animal Hides

Leather and animal hide money clips come in several options, in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Money clips tend to be small, so the grade of the leather isn’t as crucial as it would be in another accessory (like a men’s leather belt).

However, you’re always better off going with a full or top grain as opposed to genuine leather. Leather will be durable, which is especially important when you’re repeatedly accessing money. A quality leather won’t show aging and is stylish and fashionable. An alternative to leather can be deer or alligator skin.

Natural / Synthetic

If you’re looking for a casual money clip or you’re an animal-conscious man, natural or synthetic fiber is a great way to keep the sleek, compact look of a money clip without the environmental impact.

Ballistic nylon is an increasingly popular material for money clip construction and offers outstanding durability.

2. Style

As with all men’s fashion, the style you go for with a money or cash clip is highly dependent on how you intend to wear or use the product.

Classy / Formal / Business

Classy or formal money clips will often be made from precious metals, like sterling silver, gold, or platinum, and may be treated differently. These clips are designed to be showcased when you’re making a payment and look smart and sophisticated when compared to a bulky wallet.

They are often given as a gift and may feature monograms for greater personalization.


This is your daily driver.

Whether you need credit card slots or just stick to bills, a compact, functional money clip is one of the essentials of the modern man. Casual clips are designed to be a bit more rugged and durable and can be minimalist or feel more substantial – thus offering more storage – depending on use.

3. Size / Holding Capacity

Size and holding capacity are a personal choice. How much money will you be carrying? Will you be holding onto cards and cash or just currency? Will you have a wallet in addition to a money clip? You can even get wallets with money clips if that’s more your speed.

Slim design will come at the expense of features, and you’ll have to whittle down your wallet to include only the essentials. A larger clip will provide full coverage for bills and may provide a more discrete fit in your pockets. Simple clips can also give an excellent visual of the bills you have.

Larger clips can accommodate credit cards and receipts – like a quality RFID blocking wallet, this technology will prevent theft of your personal information.

4. Magnetic vs. Non-Magnetic

A magnetic money clip is a bit bulkier to accommodate the necessary items. In addition, magnetics limit the number of bills and cards you can carry. A magnetic money clip is perfect for the man who is carrying a few items.

Non-magnetic money clips work for any bill amount, but the metal may become stretched over time if you store too much inside of it. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and your experience will vary based on what and how much you carry.

6. Extras

Custom Engraving / Monogram

Adding a bit of personal flair is a popular, simple way to make your items truly yours. Initials are a common way to finish a money clip, but you could also elect to put your family name on the outside as well. This is much easier and cheaper if your clip is metal.

RFID Protection

RFID blocking protects from thieves stealing your credit card information using simple, easily hidden electronics. These typically take the form of a protective sleeve within a credit card holder. These are great for people who want that added level of security.

Additional Card Slots

If you just can’t seem to pare down your wallet to a pocket money clip, extra slots for credit cards, IDs, and other accessories will help bridge the gap. Great for additional cards beyond just one credit card – library card, driver’s license, health insurance cards, etc.  You may also want to check out a front pocket wallet as well.


A great option if your essentials include small coins, especially for our Euro using readers. Small pockets can also be used to carry essential cards or smaller pieces of paper.

7. Brand

Money clips are a men’s accessory where brand almost universally does not matter. You’ll want to make sure that the money clip you decide on holds the types of things you need to carry, is solid, and has the features you need.

Brands only really matter if you want a real statement piece, authentic precious metal, or a rare animal hide or family heirloom.

8. Price

Cost varies depending on materials, craftsmanship, extras, and brand name. Aluminum, stainless steel, or genuine leather will always be cheaper than precious metals or full-grain leather.

Our research has found that prices vary between $20 and $200. In short, spend what you’re comfortable with.

Money Clip FAQs

Q: What is the best money clip wallet?

As with all men’s products, the best one is the one that meets your unique intent and style. If you’re looking to hold several cards, IDs, and cash, you’re probably more interested in wallets. Products that have fewer features like money clips are better for men that need to carry less. Magnetic enclosures can help keep various sizes of items still and solid, including cards.

Available in a variety of materials and prices, from the very inexpensive aluminum to the very expensive exotic leather money clip wallet or premium metals, money clips can fit any budget or intent. It depends on what you want it for.

Q: Are money clips better than a wallet?

Again this is dependent on what you need to carry. If you only need to take a small number of items like a few dollars and a credit card, a money clip far superior. However, if you’re looking to carry more details, a wallet may be the better way to go. Also, a consideration is where you want to carry your clip or wallet.

Wallets tend to sit in your back pocket. Some are designed for front pocket use, but money clips are generally only used in the front. If you live in a large city, you may want to consider a money clip or wallet that will fit in your front pants pocket to prevent theft.

Q: Will money clips damage credit cards?

Generally, money clips will not damage credit cards. Even a magnetic clip will have no affect on debit or credit cards. Other things, however, like hotel room keys, may be damaged by a magnetic device inside of your money clip. Use caution.

Q: What do you put in a money clip besides bills?

Anything you can fit. Credit or debit cards as well as identification or other cards can be put in a money clip depending on size. If you need to carry just a bit more, you may want to consider a money clip wallet. These can get the best of both worlds.

Q: How many bills can a money clip hold?

The amount a money clip can hold is highly dependent on the size of the clip itself and the other features available.  Larger clips will hold more. Keep in mind, however, that clips can stretch if you overload them, thus making it more challenging to carry smaller amounts.

Q: Where can I buy a money clip?

You can buy a money clip virtually anywhere, from Brooks Brothers to Amazon. Some popular locations include:

Money Clip vs. The Alternatives

Let’s take a quick look at money clips versus the alternatives. If you only have time to read one section of the article here, make it this one.

Money Clips

Money clips can stand alone but are also sometimes a feature of other products. Some of the best front pocket wallets include money clips. But, for now, let’s take them on their own. Here, we’re talking about a slim piece of metal or leather that is used to keep currency or a small number of cards in place. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, and many include tools or knives.

Metal money clips can be made from just about any type you can think of, from titanium to aluminum to stainless steel. They also come in a variety of leathers or even some natural or synthetic substances, like wood. Many also have magnetic attachments that help keep your possessions in place.

Since they come in a wide variety of styles, they also are wearable in a wide variety of places. You’ll want a classier, dressed up money clip for heading out on the town or even heading to work. Alternatively, a solid metal or even tool card money clip would work well for casual use. If you’ve got just a few things to carry like some currency and a card or two, a money clip will work well.

Front Pocket Wallets

Front pocket wallets are specifically designed to be worn, you guessed it, in your front pocket. Many also feature a money clip to keep currency stashed neatly for easy access. Front pocket wallets are designed with a slightly thicker profile, but a much more rectangular look. This will allow it to slide easily into most front pockets. Since you’re not sitting directly on it, the money clip or slightly larger depth won’t matter.

Front pocket wallets also come in a variety of styles and materials but are generally made from leather or a mixture of metal and leather. Front pocket wallets are equally wearable most anywhere and are for those gents that need to carry a bit more than just a thing or two.

Back Pocket Wallets

When we think of a wallet, we generally think of back pocket wallets. They’re much the same as front pocket wallets with a few key differences. First, they are almost universally made from natural or synthetic materials like leather, canvas or even plastics.

Second, they generally do not include a money clip – since the wallet sits in your back pocket it simply wouldn’t work. Finally, they tend to be squarer in shape and offer the most room of any of the options here.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Money Clips

We looked closely through scores of different money clips and gathered our list based on a few key criteria.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Style
  • Closure
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Extras

At the end of the day, the best money clip is the one that meets your specific needs. If you’re headed into the mountains, an alligator skin money clip probably isn’t the one you want to take along.

Conversely, if you’re headed to a black-tie affair, whipping out your money clip that includes a fixed blade knife won’t work either. Think about what you’ll be using your money clip for, where, and how much you need to carry.

No matter the answer, you can find the money clip you’re looking for on our list.

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