Best Men’s Slip On Shoes That Are Laceless & Comfy

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In A Hurry? Our Top Picks:

  1. Best For Casual Wear: Vans Classic Slip On
  2. Best For Athletic Wear: Adidas Running Slip On Shoe
  3. Best Skate Slip On Shoes: DC Men’s Slip On Skate Shoes

Slip-on shoes are quickly becoming a trend in men’s footwear with good reason — they’re easy to take on and off, and they are very versatile, offering semi-formal comfort and style.

In this article we review great brands, as well as different styles and intents.

After our reviews of both the best casual slip on shoes for men and more formal pairs, we cover other points that you should be aware of. By the end you’ll be all set to buy the perfect pair.

The Men’s Slip On Shoes

1. Best For Casual Wear: Vans Classic Slip On

The Vans Classic slip-on has been listed on Amazon since 2003, and it’s had such longevity for a reason. It’s a great casual product to be worn either to go out for errands, to a party, or to class. This is a great all purpose shoe as long as the occasion is not too formal or active — it is more casual, but stylistically related to Rivieras classic design.

In terms of formality, the canvas upper (which comes in either black or checkerboard) is a bit too casual for an office environment. For an active sneaker, you may want to search elsewhere as some reviewers commented that it is not very durable if worn excessively.


  • Classic slip-on silhouette
  • Affordable
  • Brand recognition


  • Not appropriate for formal situations

What You Need To Know

These slip-ons are perfect for guys who want a casual shoe that they can slip in to for a variety of occasions outside the office.

2. Best For Athletic Wear: Adidas Running Slip On Shoe

Adidas has providing athletic products for decades and they’ve figured out how to offer a stylish shoe that provides enough support for moderate exercise. The foam midsole in these slip-ons is not extremely supportive, but will definitely work for walks or light sports. If you want to get a shoe for your next marathon, you should find a pair with a more supportive sole.

This is the perfect shoe for men who want a slip-on to wear to the gym. While it might not be up to the consistent pounding of a cross-country run, it has enough padding and ankle support to make it to the gym.


  • Cushioned sole provides high level of comfort
  • Ankle strap helps keep foot secure


  • Not supportive enough to be used as a pair of running shoes

What You Need To Know

These slip-ons are perfect for the gym or shooting some hoops, but may be a bit soft for long distance runs — they’re stylish enough to be a part of a casual or athletic outfit.

3. Best Skate Slip On Shoes: DC Men’s Slip On Skate Shoes

This is a great pick for men who skate or who want a cool mixture between a casual and slightly more put together pair of shoes. The upper is stitched on to create a moccasin type style.

Although the top lining is seemingly well ventilated, some reviewers said this shoe can get stuffy, so if you are sensitive to that you may want to opt for a pair of slip-ons with more ventilation. The shoe comes in white, black, and several shades in between, and displays DC’s logo with its signature star.

If you’re looking for a slightly more formal look, consider the getting the white pair, as the branding is less bold.


  • Pill pattern tread provides good grip
  • Great brand recognition


  • Top stitch is weak according to reviewers

What You Need To Know

This is a great choice for men who are looking for both skate shoes and a presentable pair for shoes to wear around town.

4. Best For Summer Wear: Nisolo Alejandro Woven Men’s Slip On Shoe

This shoe has a summer vibe to it for sure. It’s made of a weaved top-grain leather, and the vegetable tanning process used on the leather is both environmentally sustainable and produces great colors.

Whether paired with jeans or shorts, this shoe is great for guys who want to stroll around on the beach or have a great casual shoe that is shocking in its quality and construction. This is as close as you can get to a leather slip on hybrid, and it is one of the best slip on walking shoes for men.


  • Unique woven leather upper
  • Durable


  • Takes some time to break in and size properly

What You Need To Know

This is one of our favorite pairs, and its woven design make it especially great for men seeking a breathable slip-on for summer. However, you’ve got to be careful about sizing, so be sure to follow the on site instructions before purchasing.

5. Best For Plantar Fasciitis: Vionic Men’s Slip On Shoes

These slip-ons were specifically designed by podiatrists to correct foot misalignment and get your foot back into its natural position. The slip-on has a tab to help pull the shoe on, rather than slamming the heel down into the shoe — all around, this shoe is design to help support foot health.

It’s a great choice for men who want to have more accessibility to the outdoors or other activities that foot conditions may have been locking them out of.

Vionic offers black, two-tone, and navy material, either of which makes this slip-on great to smoothly zoom through casual events as well as wearing for outdoor activities.


  • Great heel protection
  • Easy pull tab
  • Versatile style


  • Limited color options

What You Need To Know

If you’ve been suffering from foot arch or heel pain this is the perfect pair of slip-ons (in combination with corrective exercises!) to help realign your foot.

6. Best For Dress Wear: Clark’s Men’s Escalade Step Slip On Loafer

What makes a great dress shoe, other than being presentable and reliable, is comfort. Often dress shoes are inflexible and have a hard sole that makes for back pain, heel pain, and overall discomfort that doesn’t lend itself to long days at the office or moving between meetings. Clark’s has been making dress shoes for decades and has figured out this critical feature of a dress shoe, and it’s evident in this pair.

As one of the best slip on dress shoes for men on the market now, you’ll find that this loafer is a cut above the rest when it comes to comfort, without giving up anything up in terms of formality.


  • 100% leather lining
  • Excellent comfort for a dress shoe


  • Less durable than full grain leather shoes

What You Need To Know

This is a timeless dress shoe, ideal for men who love comfort but value style and presentability.

7. Astorflex Patnoflex

If you’re looking for a classic looking slip-on that could be on the foot of James Dean or Elvis himself, this is a great pick. They have a Tuscany feel to them — perhaps because they are crafted in Northern Italy by a family of shoemakers who have been in the business for years.

The leather is high quality and has a noticeably distinct color, owing to the unique process by which it is made. This is a casual yet smart pair of shoes — it has a more casual style than a pair you would wear into work, but is quite dapper, it’s definitely going to get noticed and is one of the best casual options out there, and you’re unlikely to find these in the weekly department store newsletter.


  • High quality leather upper
  • Handmade in Italy


  • Leather requires maintenance to keep luster

What You Need To Know

This is a very “Casino Royale” type shoe, and definitely has an air of luxury and mystique to it that offers accessibility to everyone.

8. Crocs Santa Cruz Playa Slip On Loafer

This is a really unique pair of slip-ons — it can convert between having a short heel collar and no heel at all by folding it down and into the shoe, making it on of the best summer slip on shoes, perfect for taking on a boating or fishing charter trip.

The entire shoe is synthetic which makes it breathable and also washable, which is a great feature for after a day on the boat. The convenience of this shoe also lends itself to being used as a travel shoe, easily taken off in close quarters so you can zoom through TSA checkpoints.


  • Affordable
  • Adaptable shoe type


  • Very casual appearance not appropriate for all occasions

What You Need To Know

This is an excellent pair for any guy to have in the closet ready to use on both summer outings and as a convenient throw on to go to the store.

9. Allbirds Men’s Wool Lounger Slip On

The liners of this slip-on are entirely made of Merino wool, which is extremely fine and makes this a cozy and warm choice to wear around the house in the winter time or in cooler Fall and Spring days.

Wool has the unique attribute of being cool in the heat and warm in the cold, and it also wicks moisture, so if you have a problem with overly sweaty feet this may be a good option for you to try out. Because of their all wool construction, they’re also super flexible.


  • Work well in both warm and cool environments
  • Made in a sustainable way


  • Wool can irritate some people’s skin

What You Need To Know

This is an excellent slip-on for a guy who needs casual wear that’s flexible, comfortable, and reliable.

10. Toms Slip On Shoes

As a company, Toms has a great concept — they donate a pair of shoes for every pair that is sold, in a direct one-to-one ratio. If you’re conscious of global socio-economic inequality, this is a good company to support with your money.

The slip-ons are minimalist, offering a very simple style, and the upper comes in both neutral and vibrant color schemes (from simple navy blue to bright red), thin soles, and a sleek silhouette. They are a great, smart looking slip-on that will also add color and character to an outfit.


  • Supports a great cause
  • Huge variety of colors


  • Rubber, synthetic sole, and canvas upper is not the most durable

What You Need To Know

Not only a great pair of slip-ons with an easy to wear style, but a great cause as well.

11. SeaVees Hawthorne Slip-On

Named after the town where The Beach Boys released an album in the sixties, these slip-ons are classics. This pair of slip-ons features an oiled leather upper, which adds a vintage look and allows you to dress these up or down.

There is also a slip-resistant outsole, and cotton canvas lining for comfort.  If your feet tend to sweat, the footbed is custom-contoured and perforated, meaning your feet should stay relatively dry and fresh no matter the season.


  • Versatile, vintage style you can dress up or down
  • Comfortable, cool interior


  • Leather requires special care
  • A little pricey

What You Need To Know

For men in need of something versatile and long-lasting, the Hawthorne slip-on is the complete package.

8 Tips on Finding the Best Men’s Slip On Shoes

Slip-on shoes offer a wide style range — but there are some aspects of them you will want to check before you figure out which is the right slip-on to meet your needs.

1. Intent / Style


Dress shoes are the best slip on work shoes as they come in leather or suede, and are intended for the office or more formal settings. Monk shoes and loafers are both considered stylish dress type footwear. If you’re in search of footwear that’s easy to wear but has a formal design, these will fit your needs.


Drivers are a slip-on that are perfect for a smart casual style, because they bridge the gap between dress and leisure. This type of slip-on is typically crafted from leather.

Casual Shoes

Casual slip-ons are made from canvas and are similar to Vans’ classic slip-on with regard to their comfort level. These kicks have a thick rubber sole, and may also have stylish decorative prints or colors on them. They are easily taken on and off because they feature an elastic tongue and no laces.

Beach / Tropical

This type of intent is frequently fulfilled with boat shoes and sandals. These slip-ons have a rubber sole that has great durability and soft leather lining to reduce chafing on your heel. Lightweight leather is used to increase ventilation and comfort, and they sometimes have a mesh toe to make the sneaker a little cooler – just don’t forget the sunscreen.


Athletic slip-ons are made for running or weightlifting. As such, they have a sleek silhouette and very few frills that can catch on things. Their material is typically mesh fabric that is made to be durable, soft, lightweight, and comfortable.

2. Fit

As with most shoes, before buying a pair of slip-ons it’s important to get your feet measured — which is made easy by online scales that you can print out. Nearly all companies’ design follows the Brannock scale. Miss sized shoes may cause discomfort so it’s worth taking some time to find the right size sneaker.

3. Materials


Mesh is exceptionally breathable and hybrid fabrics that are made from wool, cotton, or man made synthetic fabrics can enhance this effect. Mesh is a modern material that’s been becoming more popular – especially for brands like Allbirds.


Canvas uppers are cheaper and great for casual use. The canvas upper is more breathable than other materials.


Leather has many different grades — slip-on shoes for dress or formal occasions should use full-grain or top-grain leather as they maintain their shape well and present nicely. Suede is stylish but not as durable as other leathers.


Synthetic sneakers offer the most durability of any material used in slip-ons.

4. Outsole

Formal or dress shoes should have a modest but present outsole. A thicker outsole is ideal in shoes that will be worn during rigorous activity. Generally speaking, you won’t find a typical welt construction which is the sign of a Blake stitch or Goodyear welt (these are classic types of shoes that involve a slightly wider sole) – if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, there is an entire subreddit dedicated to talking about these shoe welts.

5. Insole

Popular brands like Dr. Scholl’s are a great addition to a pair of slip-on shoes, and generally aren’t too expensive. If you have a wider or larger foot, inserts may cause discomfort, so don’t immediately search for a set if you don’t need them. A common feature of many slip-on sneakers is an extra memory foam insert.

6. Price

Depending on the intent, name brand, and materials used, a good pair of slip-ons will typically cost between $50 and $200.

7. Brands


Heritage brands like Nisolo, Vulcanizer, Yuketen, Sabah, SeaVees and Astorflex have a rich history in slip-ons and generally use authentic materials like full grain leather. Their considerable time spent making slip-on shoes means they have stylistic details that other brands may be missing.


Be it Lacoste, Kenneth Cole, Sperry, Topman, Cole Haan, Florsheim; exclusive designer brands are liable to have prominent logo placement, and are specifically designed to be a premium style piece that you can base an outfit around when you’re out and about on the weekend. These sneakers are often designed more for style than support, so keep that in mind if one or the other is significantly more important to you.

Casual / Skate

Brands like Vans (think checkerboard design), DC (think signature star logo), Etnies, Emerica, and Champion are often much more durable than other shoe types, and offer some of the best slip-on skate shoes available. They provide ample cushioning on the insole to reduce vibration. Some other brand names that make casual slip-on kicks are Sketchers, Crocs, and Crevo. If you’re seeking great slip on casual shoes, you’ll find some comfortable choices to wear the whole day in our reviews.


The best slip on athletic shoes are breathable and lightweight. They have a rubber bottom that provides traction, making them an excellent pair to easily throw on before a walk or moderate exercise. Nike, Adidas, and Allbirds offer athletic slip-ons, among other companies.

8. Extra Features

Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re in search of best slip on shoes for plantar fasciitis, you’ll want a pair that has additional support at the bottom of the sole, as lack of support is a common cause of the condition. Some brands (like Vionic) specialize in shoes with added comfort and support. If you indeed to wear slip-ons as a daily use shoe, look for an extra padded sole which also makes for the best slip on shoes for flat feet.

Shoes for plantar fasciitis are recommended by the Mayo clinic as a great lifestyle and home remedy.


Slip-resistant shoes can be great in a workplace setting and are a favorite of those working in the restaurant industry due to their their convenience. The added grip on the sole lends itself to a confident step on slippery or wet surfaces, and is also a great choice in slippery weather conditions where things like black ice may be a hazard.

Steel Toe

Steel-toed slip-on shoes provide a lot of extra protection, and are great to wear in hazardous work environments like construction sites. The lack of laces is also a safety feature in these environments as laces won’t get caught on debris.


Trail shoes will have a thicker outer sole and footbed, and may include some water protection and resistance. They’re good during summer hikes and are made of rugged materials like leather.

Water-Resistant / Waterproof

Recent advances have made the Gore Tex which is often used in the inner liner of some water resistant slip-on shoes (and non-slip water shoes) less stuffy and hot inside. They’re a great choice for extra protection if you plan on wearing the shoe regularly and don’t want a separate pair of rain boots. They may increase the bulk of a shoe body and expand its silhouette though.

Must Have Accessories For Slip On Shoes

There are several accessories, not necessarily exclusive to this type of shoe, that will help you to get the most out of yours.

Insole Inserts

While some slip-ons have fairly adequate inserts included, all of them generally can benefit from an added insole. They will help distribute the cushion to the entire foot which is great for your back and foot support, but may be a bit too warm for some men and will definitely decrease space within the shoe — so if you know you’re going to get extra insoles you may want to consider the implications on sizing.

Shoe Bag

A shoe bag is great for traveling, just be sure to throw it in your carry lest you forget it in the terminal. A bag can also make sure that the dirty shoe bottoms don’t get the rest of your gear dirty, and can double as a gym bag.

Shoe Deodorizer

Shoe deodorizer is not just for reducing the odor of the shoe. If you’re wearing the shoe regularly, a dry and deodorized environment will definitely help keep the odor from getting out of hand.

Q: What is the difference between loafers and slip ons?

There’s a bit of grey area here, but generally speaking loafers are slightly more formal than other slip-ons and usually have a smaller heel.

Q: Where to buy slip on shoes?

You can find slip-ons on the company websites of any of the previous mentioned brands, on Amazon, or even at department stores and local outlets if you want to try before you buy.

Q: How to keep slip on shoes from slipping off?

Prevention is key here, so you need to be sure you get the right size slip-on. If you find that the shoe is too loose, you can consider adding an insole; if it’s too tight, consider buying a shoe expander to help you zoom around town without any slippage.

Q: How to tighten slip on shoes?

You have a few options here — a heel insole, or you can stuff the toes with newspaper in a bind. You can also add heel strips if that’s where the trouble is. In the winter and as a last resort, consider wearing an extra pair of socks.

Slip On Shoes vs. The Rest

The lines are sometimes blurred between several types of shoes — let’s clear up some of the confusion.

Slip-On Shoes

As we covered above, slip-on shoes come in many different intents and styles. The outsole is typically more rugged than loafers and they have a variety of other features and prices. Their overall design is also more oriented towards comfort — the classic seavees look.


Although a loafer is technically still a slip-on shoe, it’s more often associated with dress shoes than athletic or casual shoe types. They’re generally made from leather and fit in a more formal or office setting well. One surefire sign of a loafer is a strip across the bridge. You’ll find many exclusive designer brands offer this type of shoe.


Many types of shoes out there have laces, and they provide greater security of the shoe on the foot. Some laces are purely decorative rather than functional (like on boat shoes) and are still technically slip-ons.


Moccasins bridge the gap between dress loafers and casual slip-on shoes — they’re usually made from suede and are made for comfort rather than intense activity.  They are usually lined with a soft, warm material like sheepskin.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Men’s Slip On Shoes

Shoes are an article that you can build an outfit around, and as such, it’s important to consider your intent before making a decision on what kind of product is ideal for you. No matter your intent, we’re confident the above list has a shoe that will fit your needs — and if you find something you like, be sure to share this article with a friend!

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