The 14 Best Men’s Pajamas Compared & Reviewed In 2021

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In A Hurry? Our Top Picks:

  1. 100% Cotton Pajamas: PajamaGram Classic Men’s Pajama Set
  2. Affordable (But Good): Hanes Men’s Sleep Set
  3. Most Comfortable: Brooks Brothers Fun Pajama Set
  4. Best Satin Pajamas for Men: Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Satin Pajamas

From the cool summer breezes that come through the window in the middle of the night to the frigid days in the middle of December, a quality pair of pajamas will ensure that you feel comfortable no matter the occasion.

But not only will pajamas make you feel incredibly comfortable, they will also be functional allowing you to enjoy those lazy Sunday mornings around the house sipping coffee and catching up on the latest political shows.

From shorts to long sleeved options, we outline below some of the best men’s pajamas that will not only feel downright comfortable, but will also last for years given their incredible attention to detail and high quality design.

Without further ado, here are some of the top contenders:

14 Best Men’s Pajamas of 2021

1. Most Comfortable Men’s Pajamas: Brooks Brothers Wrinkle-Resistant Pajama Set

Best Pajamas For: Men lounging around looking for a comfortable 100% cotton pajama set.

If you are looking for a pair of pajamas that not only look nice but feel comfortable against your skin, then there is nothing better than this pajama set by Brooks Brothers.  Made from 100% cotton, this PJ set includes a long sleeve top coupled with a drawstring waistband pant.  

Able to be worn in both hot or cold weather conditions, the fabric strikes the perfect amount of weight in order to maintain your body temperature comfortably.  

With a fun design, this pajama set looks great and acceptable to wear in the morning and evening hours even if you have guests over.  

2. 100% Cotton Pajamas: PajamaGram Classic Men’s Pajama Set

Best Pajamas For: Men who want a breathable and 100% natural cotton pajama set.

Founded in 2002, PajamaGram sets the gold standard for classic yet comfortable mens pajamas that are perfect for lounging around the house.  Made from 100% cotton, this pajama set is highly breathable, making them perfect to wear on even the hottest evenings in the summer months.  With sizable arm and leg openings, they provide plenty of room for air to flow freely when worn.

As far as the design details are concerned, this classic pajama set features a notched collar on the top, 5 buttons down the front, cuffed sleeves for a touch of durability and chest pocket.  For the bottom half, PajamaGram includes an elastic drawstring waistband that can be tightened to comfort.

Available in sizes SM to XXL, they can also fit on just about any body shape.  Lastly, PajamaGram offers up these pajamas in 11 unique design patterns so you can get the perfect one to match your unique style.

3. Best Satin Pajamas for Men: Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Satin Pajamas

Best Pajamas For: Men who want silk-like pajamas that are affordably priced and machine washable.

While there is no denying that silk feels incredible against your skin, real silk is also extremely expensive.  True silk pajamas will typically cost around $200 for a set and are dry clean only – an expense that very few are willing to pay.  With that being said, synthetically-derived satin is a great choice for those men that want fabric that closely resembles silk without the price tag or maintenance.

But beyond price, these pajamas simply look great as well.  With a shimmery texture, they feature a classic design that we have come to expect from quality men’s pajamas.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the top and bottom:

  • The Top:
    • Decorative notched lapel that is lined with a contrasting white edge.
    • Chest pocket for simple storage of small items.
    • 4-button closure on the front is both easy-on/easy-off.
  • The Bottom:
    • Cuffed bottom increases durability to prevent minor rips and tears if touching the ground.
    • Button closure coupled with an elastic waistband (no drawstring).

Perhaps the biggest advantage of these pajamas compared to a silk set is the care instructions.  Rather than needing to be dry cleaned, these pajamas can go in the washer and dryer for easy care.  

Alexander Del Rossa makes these silk pajamas in 7 different colors and from SM – 3XL.

Lastly, Alexander Del Rossa stands by their product and provides a satisfaction guarantee if you don’t fall in love with these.  So go ahead, feel like a king while wearing these when reading the morning news.

4. Best Broadcloth Men’s Pajamas: RK Classical Men’s Broadcloth Pajama Set

Best Pajamas For: Men looking for a crisp broadcloth pajama set that has a nice medium weight to the fabric along with odor-resistant properties.

Crafted from a mixed composition of fabric (55% cotton / 45% polyester), these pajamas by Robes King are a great affordable pick that relies on a medium-weight broadcloth fabric.  This fabric is great for all-seasons and has some durability which will allow these to last you for years.  

One of the biggest advantages of broadcloth cotton in a pajama set is that it doesn’t really retain odors compared to other fabrics (source).  Therefore if you find that you oftentimes sweat while sleeping or simply have oily sweat glands, this fabric shouldn’t retain much smell.  

The design on this pajama set by Robes King is extremely minimalist – just a 3 button top coupled with a chest pocket and notch lapel.  

The pants are held up by an elastic waistband along with a button closure and a snap fly.  Both the sleeves and the bottom of the pants have been cuffed.  

5. Best Pajamas for Tall Men: David Archy Cotton Pajama Set

Best Pajamas For: Tall men that are looking for extended sleeves and pant length. 

Upstart David Archy is quickly turning heads in the men’s sleepwear and undergarment industry by offering comfortable and simple products at an affordable price – and this cotton pajama set carries on that legacy.

Relying on a super soft cotton (95%)  and spandex (5%)  blend, these pajamas feature a sensible style that will also feel great whether you are drinking your cup of coffee in the morning or are hitting the sack for a long night’s sleep.  

Rather than having decorative features like a notched lapel, buttons, etc. David Archy keeps things simple (perhaps a bit too simple for some men):

  • The Top
    • Shallow v-neck collar is a great compromise between a standard crew neck or deep v-neck.
    • Extended length sleeves – especially good for taller men.
  • The Pants
    • Has a considerate no-fly design to prevent you from accidentally exposing yourself when wearing around the house (especially if guests are sleeping over).
    • No side-seam pockets – so you will need to carry your phone, keys, etc. wherever you go.
    • Ribbed cuff bottom won’t drag on the ground.

As for the fit on these pajamas, we really were digging the modern tailored fit.  Rather than being boxy like traditional pajamas, the tailored fit is a bit more flattering on the body and won’t drag or get in the way when brushing your teeth, shaving, etc.

6. Best Silk Pajamas for Men: Lily 22 Momme Men’s Silk Pajama Set

Best Pajamas For: Men who want a real silk pajama and don’t mind paying the premium.

When it comes to silk pajamas, one of the foremost experts in the industry is Lily.  The maker of all fine silk products for both men and women, they set the gold standard for both quality and craftsmanship – and the 22 Momme Silk Pajama Set is no different.  

Relying on a 100% pure silk fabric, these pajamas will feel incredibly soft and comfortable as soon as you slide them on.  Of course, given that its made from real silk and not a hybrid or synthetic fiber, the breathability of these will be unmatched to ensure that they never stick or cling to your body at the slightest bit of moisture – especially important if you plan to wear these on hot summer nights.

Adhering to a strict OEKO-TEX Standard 100, the fabric is was manufactured free from any harmful substances. 

As far as the design and features of the pajamas are concerned – these are a classic.  White piping lines the trim while there is a simple 5 button front.  The pants feature a half-elastic waistband coupled with a drawstring to provide a more secure fit.  While the chest pocket is prominent in the picture above, it is a false pocket and purely decorative.

Of course, given that this is made from real silk, the care instructions are going to be a bit different compared to other pajamas reviewed.  Dry clean is recommended, however, in a pinch, you can put them into the washer on a gentle cycle – you must still hang dry in order to preserve the integrity of the fabric.

Available from XS to 3XL along with 9 different colors – you should have no problem finding your perfect fit.

7. Best Pajamas for Short Men: Latuz Short Men’s Pajamas Set

If you are a bit shorter in stature, then it is important to get a pajama set that isn’t too long in either the sleeves or pants.  While you can always get pajamas hemmed for a small price at your local tailor, if you want to skip that trip, then you may want to consider these short sleeve pajamas by Latuz.  

Made from 100% cotton, these super soft and breathable pajamas are a terrific pick for shorter men thanks to the short sleeve top coupled with the trunk bottom.

Simple and classic in design, these pajamas come in 6 different, and fairly neutral, colors that should work for any man’s taste.

The top features a shallow chest pocket along with 5 small buttons.  

For the bottom, the shorts are held up by an elastic and drawstring waistband.  For the fly, Latuz just relies on a single button to keep things secure.  The bottoms also feature two side seam pockets, making it great to store your phone, keys, etc. – especially if you are holding a coffee or book. 

To sweeten the deal, these pajamas are moderately priced.

8. Hanes Men’s Sleep Set

Flannel is ideal during the cooler months of the year, and keeps you warm without being too thick.

The Hanes pajama set incorporates plaid pants with a long-sleeved cotton top to give you the most comfortable sleeping attire at an affordable price.

The crew neck top is baggy around the torso, and the polyester makes the shirt very elastic. However, it is slim enough that you aren’t swimming in it when you sleep.

Because it is cotton, some shrinkage in the width and the length is to be expected, but wash in cold water to prevent it from shrinking too much.

The pants are made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Because plaid is often associated with fall and winter months, some people may expect this product to be thick, but the thin fabric ensures that you can wear it all year long without issues.

For best results wash in cold water on a gentle cycle to preserve the stitching and the length.

9. Majestic International Pajamas

Pajamas should not be constricting, nor should they be too loose.

Great fitting pajamas don’t wrap around you as you toss and turn, a problem for many people who have ill-fitting sets. The Majestic International Pajama is simple as it is comfortable, with no fighting out of your clothes in the morning.

This simplistic set suits all-weather wear, and the classic blue design is a timeless style. The shirt and the pants are both cut to allow room to move around, but not so much that you end up cocooning yourself at night.

Some shrinking is expected given that this set mostly relies on cotton, so there is no avoiding it. If the shirt is just barely long enough, you should consider a different style or size. This pajama set is perfect for all year round, and many customers expressed satisfaction with the style as well as the fit.

10. Majestic International Men’s Easy Care Shorty Set

Different extremes of weather call for different types of clothing; in the summer, you may prefer shorts and a tee, while the winter calls for long sleeved sweaters and thick woven jeans.

If every season is deserving of its own outside wardrobe, it is only fitting that you change up your sleepwear as well. For nights that are too hot with pants and a tee, and too cold in bare nothings, the Majestic International Shorty pajama set is a cool compromise between both options.

This set features a light blue button down short sleeved shirt that is fit to be breezy, and it is paired with classic cut shorts of the same material. Both pieces are made of a blended 60% cotton and 40% polyester to help keep this set cool.

The best thing about a cotton/polyester blend is that you do not have to worry so much about shrinking.

Of course, washing this article in hot water will cause the material to shrink or deform, but if you wash in cool water, especially for the first few washes, the shrink is almost negligible.

This kind of material is also designed specifically to be breezy, allowing body heat to escape while letting cool air in. Overall, it’s a classic set that will serve as a perfect go-to for the summer months.

11. Nautica Men’s Pajama Set

The best pajamas are ones that can be worn for years.

They become the favorite pajama, the go-to when you know laundry is well overdue. The kind of pajama that you can just sink into and feel like yourself; no rules, no deadlines, just you and yourself doing what you do best.

The Nautica long sleeve and pant pajamas are the embodiment of that comfort. Made from 100% polyester, these pajamas allow you to stay nice and toasty during the coldest of winter days.

The top is plaid but is embroidered with the Nautica logo to ensure that you are getting an authentic and quality made product. Because both the top and the pants are made out of polyester, they are intensely durable and can be washed in warm or cold water.

This will also help preserve the color and prevent fading over the course of the clothing’s life. Nautica is well known for its clothing line suitable for the great outdoors, but you will find that they also make ultra-comfortable sleepwear fit for nights on the open ocean.

12. Polo Player Embroidered Pajama Top

Pajamas should be comfortable to wear throughout the year, but many pajamas are strictly seasonal; silk sets tend to do better in the summer months, while flannel is a winter weight fabric.

The compromise is cotton, which regulates body heat better than other pajama cloths.

The aptly named “Polo Player” pajama top by Ralph Lauren may not seem like much, but it goes a long way to ensuring that you are comfortable all through the night.

This top is made from 100% cotton, so it is easy to wash and wear. The pajama is patterned with the Polo logo all over, which is a classic and reserved look.

The top buttons right down the front, which makes it easy to put on and take off as you need it. There is a chest pocket available for those who like to put things in their pockets, and a notched collar for style.

The sleeves are also longer than other pajama shirts, so even if you are tall you should be able to fit easily inside this shirt. However, there are limited sizes, ranging from a Medium as their smallest to an X-Large at the biggest. If you are an extreme on either end of the spectrum, chances are that this shirt won’t be a great fit on you.

13. Tommy Bahama Men’s Pajama Set

Pajamas are so much more than just sleeping clothes.

They are comfort.

They’re the end to a long day, when all you want to do is sleep.

These Tommy Bahama pajamas are one of the best ways to go to sleep. Made of 100% cotton, they are lightweight, yet warm, and the long sleeves and pants are sure to keep your temperature stable throughout the night.

The top features a nice center pocket like a hoodie that can comfortably hold your belongings – perfect if walking with a hot cup of coffee.

The pants are also long, and have an elastic waistband and string. This ensures that your pants fit to you, not the other way around.

There is nothing worse than having pants that are too loose, and they slip off in the middle of the night. Worse still, fighting at 3 am to go to the bathroom. These are the effortless pajamas that work for you.

The color is also very nice; the navy blue top and complementary pants are nice on the eyes. The only stipulation may be the price, but it is only because it is a Tommy Bahama product. It is a quality product, and you should get a few years use out of them before they have to retire.

14. Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Button Down Pajamas

Classic pajamas have never looked so good. The Alexander Del Rossa line of casual pajamas offer a variety of features that will help you sleep at night. For starters, the top is short sleeved, and has a pocket on chest for all of your little knick-knacks.

The pants are actually shorts, and offer a wide leg to allow you greater movement for lounging and sleeping in. Both halves of this pajama are accented by white piping to really bring home that traditional feel.

These pajamas are made from 100% cotton, ideal for letting your skin breathe through the night.

Because of their light weight, these would make great pajamas during the summer months. Customize your look with a wide selection of colors available to order, such as classic taupe or blue, or you can go bold with a navy blue and red plaid patterned look.

Whatever you decide to decorate yourself with, know that it is durable enough to be machine washed and dried. Cold water wash will help prevent shrinking, but the shirt is nicely long and loose fitting, so if it does shrink an inch, it should not be too noticeable.

This is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you know who has trouble sleeping due to warm weather.

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