Best Men’s Joggers: Casual & Performance Brands Reviewed

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Joggers are a staple in any wardrobe these days. Men’s joggers come in a variety of different styles and fabrics that can fit just about any occasion. Whether you’re going out for an errand, having an informal dinner, or heading to the airport, there is a style of joggers just right for you.

The goal of this guide is to teach you everything you need to know to find the best jogger sweatpants to meet your own unique needs and style by reviewing a variety of joggers that are best in their respective categories.

In addition to reviews, we will share with you a few easy to remember tips on how to wear joggers fashionably as well as answer a few common questions men have about these very versatile pants.

The Best Men’s Joggers of 2021 Reviewed

1. Best Bar Striped Men’s Joggers: Adidas Woven Men’s Joggers

Nothing is more classic than the three stripes on the side of these Adidas Woven Men’s Joggers. They have two on seam pockets on the sides, a zipper at the ankle cuff for easy changing, and elastic waistbands and cuffs. These joggers are made from recycled polyester with blue and black pant color options. They do tend to run large.

These are the joggers you wear when you want a sporty and sleek look whether it’s to head to the gym or for casual wear.


  • Zippered cuffs for quick changes
  • Two color options
  • Classic look


  • Not as stretchable as others reviewed

What You Need To Know

If you like Adidas products, you will love these joggers. Though not a soft fabric, the polyester lends itself to a sleek and shiny look and is moisture-wicking, so these joggers are great for multiple uses.

2. Best Joggers for Short Men: Brooklyn Athletics Soft Stretch Slim Fit Joggers

Shopping in the kids’ section is never fun.  But to find a pair of joggers with a modest inseam can be a tricky endeavor for the shorter men out there.

However, after much research, we found that these joggers by Brooklyn Athletics will work for a lot of shorter men.  With an inseam starting at 29.5″ they should fit comfortably.

While true, some chinos made for shorter men may start at 26″ – we think that when it comes to joggers, they don’t need to have a tailored look and a break or two in the folds on the cuff won’t look out of place.

With 10 different color options – you should have no problem in finding a pair to match your style.

Made from 98% cotton and only 2% spandex, these joggers will feel incredibly breathable and comfortable – ensuring that they will likely see a heavy rotation in your wardrobe.


  • 5″ inseam great for shorter men
  • High reliance on cotton fabric (98%)
  • Wide array of color options


  • Relatively unknown brand compared to others reviewed

What You Need To Know

For a great price and many color options, these athletic joggers are not only stylish but gym ready as well. Look good out on the town or at the gym. These joggers will fit your needs.

3. Best Men’s Joggers for Winter: Champion Sherpa Joggers

If you need something to keep you warm over the winter, look no further than these Champion Sherpa Joggers. Made from polyester fleece, these relaxed fit sweatpants are sure to keep you cozy. Both the waistband and ankle cuffs are elastic, and the waistband also comes with a drawstring for adjustability – helping to lock in heat to keep you much warmer when the temperatures drop.

The pants come in a trendy two-toned style with a Champion logo stitched on the pant leg. There are two side pockets and a back pocket on the right which is helpful should you plan on wearing these casually outside the house.


  • Cozy fleece fabric
  • Two-tone design
  • Keeps in warmth


  • Limited color combinations

What You Need To Know

Champion Sherpa Joggers will keep you warm on a cold night. The polyester fleece does a great job at keeping in your body heat on really cold days.

4. Best Big & Tall Men’s Joggers: Polo Ralph Lauren Big & Tall Joggers

These joggers by Polo Ralph Lauren are a great pick for those men with a naturally larger frame that are looking for a stylish jogger from a known brand.

Ralph Lauren makes these joggers in a wide variety of sizes that include anywhere between 2XB and 4LT.  For clarification and measurements, we do recommend that you check out their size guide for relevant information.

To further lend to their comfort, the joggers come with an elastic waistband and drawstring that won’t dig into your waist when worn for an extended period.  Pocket options are standard (two front, one rear) and are deep enough to hold your valuables.

As far as composition, these joggers are made from a polyester and cotton blend which is breathable and durable.

Lastly, the cut on these joggers is perhaps its biggest selling point (beyond the size ranges of course).  Unlike most joggers that feature an aggressive taper down the leg, these joggers are straight which will balance your appearance and look much nicer than other options out there.


  • Balanced style cut that presents well
  • Impressive size range
  • Polyester/cotton blend offers some great benefits


  • Limited color options

What You Need To Know

These joggers by Polo Ralph Lauren are super comfortable and flexible. The straight legs allow for a balanced and classic look in either the black or grey colors.

5. Best Men’s Khaki Joggers: Jack & Jones Chino Joggers

Chino joggers are a unique take on the classic jogger design.  Rather than looking and feeling like a classic pair of sweatpants, they present a bit nicer.

While still comprised of 100% cotton, these chino joggers are perfect for those men that like the structure of a sweat pant (notably the elastic or drawstring waistband and ankle cuffs) but are looking for something that looks high-quality.

Suitable for the casual office setting, these professional looking khaki joggers are highly breathable and comfortable.

Given that this rely on a stretch twill, they will be a fair bit more durable that most other joggers out there.


  • Khaki joggers that are presentable
  • Crisp and stretchy material
  • Highly breathable and comfortable


  • Sizes run small

What You Need To Know

Nothing looks quite as professional as the khaki or chino pant, but these joggers come remarkably close. While you shouldn’t wear them to a board meeting, matching these joggers with a button-down shirt will have you looking stylish for a dinner date or night on the town.

6. Best Cheap Men’s Joggers: Southpole Active Fleece Men’s Jogger

For men that are on a restricted budget, but still want to look stylish, the Southpole Active Fleece Men’s Joggers pick.

Priced below $15, they have all the trademark qualities found in the high-end modern joggers made by big athletic or designer brands.

Available in a ton of different colors (we lost count after 15), they also have an impressive size range.

With sizes available from XS all the way to 6X/B, sizing won’t be an issue when picking up these cheap joggers.

When it comes to the features, these joggers have a drawstring and wide elastic waistband which should be comfortable as the string won’t dig into the hip.  Furthermore, the pocket options are standard – two front and one back pocket to store your belongings.

These joggers come in a mild tapered fit – which should present well.


  • Affordable
  • Several colors choices
  • Regular and big & tall sizes available


  • Lesser known brand

What You Need To Know

While their reliance on polyester materials may be a turn off for some men, the color and size options coupled with the cheap price make these joggers an all-around great pick for those men on a budget.

7. Best Men’s Joggers for the Gym: Under Armour Men’s Rival Jogger Pants

When going to the gym regularly, it’s important that you find a pair of joggers that are not only comfortable but that also provide great range of movements when strength training.

After careful review, we found that these sweats from Under Armour were among the best.  The reasons were simple:

The highly tapered leg (akin to tracksuit bottoms) allowed for the fabric to remain close to your body (as it won’t get in the way).  Along with the reliance on a midweight cotton that won’t feel too warm or stuffy.

This slim jogger is also versatile and can be worn outside of the gym when you are looking to strike that athleisure look.


  • True to size
  • High-quality materials (cotton/polyester blend)
  • Perfect pick for the weight room


  • A bit pricey

What You Need To Know

These are a perfect pair of joggers for men looking to keep both warm and stylish in the weight room. The balanced composition of cotton and polyester provides both breathable and moisture wicking properties. The tapered fit provides a streamlined look that looks great.

8. Softest Men’s Joggers: Proof Meridian Joggers

These super soft joggers by Proof are one of the most comfortable pairs of pants we reviewed.  Dubbed as ‘premium softness’, these joggers will wear well whether you are lounging around the house or are running a few errands.

To achieve this soft and comfortable material, these joggers rely on a nice blend of cotton (75%) and polyester (25%).

Unlike so many other soft joggers that are puffy, these are tapered. If you’re looking for soft and sleek looking joggers, Proof Meridian Joggers have just what you need. They are stretchy and slim fit, allowing for easy movement either at the gym or out on the town.

They have a large ribbed waistband with a drawstring and many, many pockets. There are two side slit pockets, one hidden zippered pocket on the side, and a back zippered pocket. These joggers come only in black but will pair well with anything from a t-shirt to a nice button down.


  • Smart and versatile designs throughout the joggers
  • Soft cotton blend
  • High-quality materials


  • High price

What You Need To Know

These Proof Meridian Joggers come at a premium price but can be worn for many different occasions. If you want a nice, soft pair of joggers that will help you feel confident outside the house, these are a great choice.

9. Best Looking Men’s Joggers: Lululemon Surge Joggers

Lululemon Surge Joggers are black, seamless, and classic. They have three zippered pockets, an elastic waistband, and a drawstring. The cinched ankles also have zippers for adjustability. They are super lightweight and moisture-wicking. Each pair has an odor reducing technology as well – ensuring no weird smells fester or emit when wearing these – great if you plan on wearing them for several days between washes.

Made from out of nylon and Xtra Life Lycra elastane, they draw moisture away from your skin which and reduce any chance of chaffing or sweat buildup.

While these can work well at the gym, their tapered design and quality materials make this well suited for a variety of scenarios.   The black color pairs well with colorful t-shirts and sweatshirts for a comfy classic look.


  • Sweat-wicking and odor reducing technology
  • Multiple pockets
  • Sleek design


  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

While known for their quality yoga pants, these joggers by Lululemon are great for the gym and casual occasions. Their stylish design coupled with their anti-odor technology make them a great pick.

10. Best Men’s Twill Joggers: Threads 4 Thought Lyle Twill Joggers

If you like a soft twill weave for your sweatpants, the Lyle Joggers by Threads 4 Thought are a great choice. They are made from organic cotton which is a more eco-friendly material that doesn’t rely on fertilizers or pesticides (source).  To help keep your pants in place, these joggers do have an elastic waistband and ankle cuffs.

With the same material on the outside of the pant as the inside of the pant, they feel super comfy. These pants come in a vintage grey color which will pair nicely with many different colors on top.


  • Soft cotton material with twill weave
  • High rise waist


  • Not dryer friendly
  • Few color options

What You Need To Know

We think you will love these twill sweatpants as a comfort or casual piece. The elastic cuffs around the ankles give the pantlegs a tapered look without being too tight. They should run true to size but will fit tighter than normal sweatpants.

What to Know When Buying Jogger Sweatpants

It’s important to make unbiased comparisons between the different types of joggers out there. Name brand recognition is great, but it doesn’t always mean quality. You will want to choose the joggers that fit you well physically and won’t hurt your wallet when you purchase them.

We found 8 key factors to consider when searching for the perfect pair of joggers.

1. Pant Fit

Joggers come in a variety of fits for different occasions, styles, and body types. Typical joggers come in one of four fits:

  • Slim
  • Classic
  • Straight
  • Relaxed

How do you know which fit is right for you? It depends on the natural contours of your legs, and what you plan on wearing with the joggers as well.

It’s important to note that each company will have a slightly different cut to their joggers, so for the best fit you should check the company’s website for more information and then try on each pair on to confirm that you like them.

However, the information below regarding fit tends to be true across many brands:

Slim – Slim cut is for a more fitted look. There is no excess fabric or extra room in the leg openings or in the seat of the pants.  Slim fit jogger sweatpants are best worn with non-athletic outfits like a t-shirt or button down. Because of the narrow fit, a slim cut may not be the best to actually go jogging in given that they are a bit more tailored.  However, slim cut can work great if you are looking for extra stretch while weightlifting.

Tailored – Very similar to slim cut will be a tailored fit.  Tailored jogger sweatpants will allow for a bit of extra room in the seat of the pants while having a tapered leg from the knee down to the cuffs.  If you carry a greater amount of weight along your thighs then this slightly tapered leg will be better than a slim fit jogger.

Classic – The classic fit is slightly more like what you think of as actual sweatpants. They are roomier around the waist, but they are fitted along the bottom ankle cuffs. Great for jogging or for comfort wear, these pants will keep you looking stylish without feeling too tight.

Straight – The pant legs are the same size from the thigh to the ankle. Can be semi-slim but may lose its shape quickly. This is also a great fit for either active wear or relaxed wear. Semi-formal wear is also an option with the right shirt and shoes.

Relaxed – Relaxed is like your typical set of sweatpants. Really only great for exercise or lounging around, these pants are loose and often have extra fabric throughout the entire leg and seat of the pants. You really shouldn’t incorporate anything other than sweatshirts with a relaxed fit jogger.

2. Size

Because joggers tend to be a little more fitted, they come in two main size groups:

Regular – If you’re a regular sized bloke that doesn’t normally need to shop in the Big & Tall section of a store, you can probably stick with a regular sized jogger.

Big & Tall – When it comes to fitted joggers, if you are taller or bigger than the average shopper, you want to be sure you buy a pair of joggers that have the right width and length. Big & Tall sizes are designed to complement a larger frame.

3. Fabric

Joggers come in many different types of fabrics. It’s the fabric, more than the style, that will really set the tone of your entire outfit. These are the four main fabric choices to choose from:

Cotton – Cotton is the most comfortable choice in fabric. It’s lighter weight, breathable, and is an organic material. Because the fabric is so lightweight, you’ll feel cooler in the hotter months when you wear cotton joggers because air can move through the fabric.

If you like to buy eco-conscious clothes, some joggers are made from organic cotton.  Organic cotton has a lower impact on the environment as it doesn’t rely on either pesticides or fertilizers while the cotton is grown – making it much friendlier to our water and soil.

Fleece – Fleece is a very warm, heavy fabric. It’s great for cold weather, especially if you want to exercise or walk outside. However, fleece is not breathable, so you may get warmer faster, depending on your level of activity. Fleece also isn’t as fashionable as other fabrics. It doesn’t incorporate well into many outfits if you are looking to wear your joggers out on the town.  Fleece is also quite durable compared to other materials.

Polyester – Polyester is a synthetic fiber, so right away you might be less inclined to choose jogger sweatpants with a polyester fabric. However, over the years polyester has become more lightweight and breathable. It is still warmer than cotton, but it’s also very durable. Polyester is great for active use of your joggers like running or biking as it helps to wick moisture away.

Mixed Material – You can meet in the middle with a cotton/polyester blend. They are more durable than plain cotton but breathe better than pure polyester. These are going to be the most unique style of joggers and are great for street style. When buying a cotton and polyester blend, read the care instructions carefully on the tag as you may not be able to wash the joggers normally.

4. Intent / Occasion

The times that are acceptable to wear joggers fall into three main categories. Joggers should never be for formal wear, but you can dress them up for a semi-formal event.

Casual – Joggers are considered in-style, and a tapered, slim fit will look great for a casual weekend out or even simple comfort wear around the house. These joggers can also be used for running, though there are other fits that might be better. To look sharp, go for a dark solid colors or an earth or muted tone. Subtle patterns will also work in a jogger sweatpants made for regular or relaxed wear. You can pair these joggers with a variety of non-athletic clothing items like t-shirts, scoop neck sweatshirts, button downs, and a nice pair of lace up shoes.

Active / Athletic / Performance  – Cotton/polyester blend straight or relaxed fit joggers are very comfortable, light,  and functional. Because they can wick moisture, they are great for exercise and days of high activity. They will usually have a higher composition of spandex, meaning they are flexible and stretchy.

Winter – In the wintertime, go for a fleece jogger. It will keep you warm and comfortable during snow days and long commutes. Fleece is also great if you want to go camping or if you just want to lay around the house. When buying a pair of joggers for the winter months, consider ones that are warmer than other active wear pants or slacks.

5. Color/Pattern

Joggers come in a variety of colors and patterns. The ones you buy will either limit your wardrobe choices or open them up for a variety of outfits. You have two choices:

Solid – Solids are the more versatile choice. You can pair the joggers with a wider variety of tops and shoes. Darker and muted colors will also go a lot further than bright and unique colors.

Patterned – If you’re looking for something fun that pops, patterned joggers can liven up your wardrobe. They are harder to match with multiple outfits, but you’ll get the pop of color you desire. Buy these types of joggers with specific outfits in mind.

6. Extras

Along with fit, joggers also have a few add-ons that might interest you before you purchase.

Pockets – Most men’s joggers have at least two pockets, but some come with more. You could have two in the front and two in the back. Keep in mind that the more pockets you have, the less formal those joggers will be.

As an extension of pockets, some tech wear joggers may contain cargo pockets on the lower leg.  These cargo pockets can be particularly helpful if you are looking for further organization in your pant.

Drawstring Waistband – Some men prefer drawstring pants. They are more secure and adjustable. However, they can be less comfortable than an elastic waist, and a drawstring will make any outfit less formal.

Elastic Waistband – If you’re looking for an on the town casual look or a semi-formal look, the stretch elastic waist is the way to go. It looks nicer and has a seamless effect. The stretch in elastic can wear out, however, if you wear it a lot.  In addition, if the waistband is a bit too narrow, it may dig into your

Moisture Wicking – Moisture wicking is super important for joggers that will be used for exercise or for a strenuous workout where sweat is an issue. If you are looking for an workout pant, make sure you find a polyester or cotton blend.

7. Brand

Many different brands are now making joggers. Depending on the style you want, you may gravitate towards certain brands and designers. If you want an upscale premium/designer look, try DAYHYPE, Burberry, Reigning Champ, or Rag & Bone.

For a more casual look, try Champion, Aeropostale, Old Navy, Everlane, or Eddie Bauer.

There are lots of activewear brands for exercise joggers. Some of them include Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, Gymshark, Public Rec, and Rogue Fitness.

8. Price

The price range for joggers is going to vary based on the brand and fit you want. You can go for a basic look without all the extras or go for a luxury brand and pay for the brand loyalty. Based on our research, you could pay anywhere from $25 to $100 per pair of joggers.

With that being said, joggers under $25 often are made poorly (common complaints of ripped seams and holes) whereas those priced greater than $100 will see no added benefits.

Joggers FAQs

As we researched all the different types of joggers and activewear pants for men – we found a few questions coming up time and time again during our research.

Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to answer a few of these:

What are jogger pants?

Jogger pants are a form of activewear pants that have a bit more movement on the upper half while tapering down towards the bottom.

Typically, all joggers are fitted from the knee downwards.

Joggers aren’t as casual looking as traditional sweatpants in that they often don’t have that classic French terry interior lining.

Still, joggers and sweatpants are often labeled under the same category.

What is the difference between jogger pants and track pants?

Jogger pants are fundamentally different from tracksuits in many ways.

The most notable difference is that joggers are purchased independently where tracksuits are often sold as a set – with a top and bottom tracksuit sold together.

Furthermore, track pants are often made entirely of polyester and are much thinner and more airy.

Joggers on the other hand are often thicker and more of a comfort or athleisure piece.

Are joggers for men supposed to be tight or loose?

Classic cut joggers are tighter around the calves and ankles but looser around the thighs, waist, and crotch, making them comfortable and modest but also practical as active wear.

Other fits are modifications on this design include slim-fit, tapered fit, straight-cut, and relaxed.

Which type of shirts go well with khaki joggers?

When it comes to khaki joggers, either a dark brown or white shirt will complement this color the best.  While navy and black can work as well, we recommend not straying too far from this (i.e. avoid greens, bright blues, etc.)

Can I wear polo shirts with joggers?

Style is arbitrary for a lot of men and is wholly unique to you.  When you really get to it – anything can be stylish if you wear it confidently.

With that being said, polo shirts and joggers usually aren’t paired together.

Polo shirts are a touch too formal whereas joggers are a bit too relaxed.

Instead, we would recommend wearing a plain or fitted shirt with joggers.  For polos, a nice pair of chinos or jeans for men make an excellent choice.

Do men wearing joggers look poor?

No! Joggers are very much a fashion pant now.

If you are maintaining yourself well, you won’t look poor or shabby.  Beyond daily maintenance, you want to make sure that you get a pair of joggers that fit appropriately.

So, make sure that you measure your inseam and waist when finding the right pair to fit your body.

What is the difference between terry and french terry?

When you get into the product features of many modern joggers, you will find that they often rely on either terry or french terry.  Classic french terry is when two separate yarns are used when the jogger is constructed.  This will result in a different exterior shell of the jogger compared to the interior lining.

French terry is considered to be a bit more modern of the two and make for a high-quality jogger pant.

What style jogger pant is considered ‘in’ right now?

When you look at all the different joggers available, most modern versions of this classic bottom are going to feature more of a slim fit or tapered fit and features a durable exterior along with unique fabrics (i.e. tech fleece found in Nike’s joggers) that are made to be worn both in the gym and casually.

Where are some places to buy joggers?

Joggers can be purchased either directly from the brand making it or through an online retailer – here are a few places worth checking out:

Large Online Retailers

Direct From Companies

Joggers vs. Sweatpants vs. Jeans

As you do your research for a variety of joggers – we wanted to talk about their key differences between other pant choices that are out there:


Joggers are quickly getting a lot of love from men.

Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but their tapered style makes them versatile as well.

Unlike sweatpants of yester-year that were straight cut and baggy – joggers work well for lounge, athletic, and street wear as you saw in our reviews.

To account for all these use cases, many companies have always added additional pockets to the pants – making it easy to keep your belongings with you .

Their high reliance on both cool and breathable fabrics like cotton ensure their comfort.

Sweatpants/Track Pants

Sweatpants (sometimes referred to as track pants), are a much more causal piece of clothing that is largely intended to be worn for super casual (around the house) settings.

With their straight cut and airy design, they do a good job at retaining heat without every feeling overly restrictive.

While sweatpants can of course be worn outside the house, they aren’t nearly as functional, as they often don’t contain a back pocket to store belongings.

Most sweatpants will rely solely on cotton and are absent of any performance or moisture-wicking properties.

Luxury sweatpants can be found at boutique shops and often rely on premium fabrics like cashmere.


While all men reading this know what jeans are, the differences between them and joggers are not as far as one would think.

Both joggers and jeans rely primarily on cotton, have nearly the same number of pockets, feature similar cuts, and can be worn to a variety of situations.

However, the obvious differences here will be that jeans are much more restrictive (even those with a high percentage of elastane) and are typically worn for either work or semi-formal wear.

If you are ever in doubt on whether you should wear joggers or jeans to a certain event, we always recommend upgrading to jeans.

A good quality pair of skinny jeans are a great alternative to joggers as they are cut in a similar manner.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Joggers for Men

Selecting the best joggers in 2021 was tough.  With so many options out there with a variety of different fabric compositions, features, colors, sizes, fits, and more – there was a lot to review.

However, after careful consideration of all these features and more, we are confident that our list above will have some great picks for you.

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