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The Best Luggage Tags For Easy Identification And Personalization

Last Updated: March 2, 2019

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Traveling sucks.

Especially flying.

The feeling of being shoved into a tin can while simultaneously being smothered by a horribly smelly and overweight passenger can get old real quick.

But quite possibly the second worse thing to the actual flying experience (other than getting dragged off a United flight) is lost luggage.

Just going through the nightmare of losing your luggage once can be enough to never fly a particular airline ever again – and with good reason.

Say if you were traveling to Switzerland on a honeymoon or just simply a business trip, the last thing you want to try and deal with upon arrival is conversing with others whose native language isn’t English in order to locate your luggage.

You shouldn’t ever gamble on the flimsy paper tag that is found at the check-in counter.  Instead, investing in a quality luggage tag that has been built to withstand the toughest travel conditions can make all the difference between the perfect trip and utter travel hell.

But beyond just simply helping to identify your luggage, the best luggage tags of recent years have really upped their style game as well.

Before we deep dive into all the reviews, here is a handy table for you to easily compare the top luggage tags on the market:

Comparing The Best Luggage Tags

NameConstruction MaterialDimensionsPrice Range
BlueCostoPVC Rubber6 x 4 x 0.7 inches$
Cathy’s Concepts MonogramLeather4.25 x 3 inches$$$$
DynoTag DeluxeSmart2.6 x 0.1 x 2.8 inches$$
DynoTag QR CodeSmart0.6 x 0 x 1.1 inches$$
DynoTag Web QR Smart AluminumSmart2.3 x 0.1 x 4 inches$$
Fossil NavyLeather2.8 x 0.1 x 4.5 inches$$$
Incase Luggage TagEcoya® eco-dyed poly5.7 x 4.1 x 1.6 inches$$$
Jackson Bison LeatherLeather2.5 x 7 x .25 inches$$$$
Lewis And Clark TravelThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)4.2 x 2.5 x 0.2 inches$
LugLock TrackerSmart4.1 x 3 x 0.4 inches$$$
RawlingsLeather1 x 1 x 1 inches$$$
RoyceLeather9.8 x 1.9 x 0.2 inches$$$
Shacke Luggage TagsRubber0.6 x 3.3 x 5.5 inches$
Shineweb Metal Suitcase TagAluminum3.1 x 1.6 x 3.1 inches$
Shinola Passport Cover and TagLeatherUndisclosed$$$$
TalonportLeather8.9 x 4.1 x 1 inches$$$
Talonport Privacy LuggageStainless Steel8.7 x 5 x 3.5 inches$$$
Ted Baker Gift SetPolyurethane2.25 x 4 inches$$$
TileMate Key FinderSmart1.34 x 1.34 x 0.18 inches$$$
TUFFTAGAluminum4.1 x 2.4 x 0.2 inches$$
WeiYissLeather6 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches$$
WingMate 2nd Amendment TagSmart9 x 6 x 1 inches$

Best Luggage Tags Reviewed


Colored brightly in a variety of 5 colors, these neon colors will catch your eye immediately, and make finding your luggage simple. The flexible rubber keeps it from breaking or being easily torn, and the steel screw-closure strap keeps it securely attached to whatever piece of luggage it is on. The privacy flap keeps your information private, however provides easy access for you to verify that it is your luggage.

Cathy’s Concepts Monogram

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Accessorized with a personalized monogram, this green set of passport cover and luggage tag makes it impossible to overlook. The matching pebbled-leather duo brings together uniqueness and practicality. The bright color shows off your personality and individuality while the genuine leather keeps your passport safe and secure. The buckle-closure strap of the luggage tag ensures it stays connected to your luggage throughout its usage.

DynoTag Deluxe

Guaranteed to last a life time, this smart luggage tag is unique in that it does not require batteries or charging. Once simply activated on a website, the all-weather proof and impact proof tag permanently uses passive GPS technology to track your belongings. The steel and protective coated tag is slim and small, unlike certain bulky smart tags. The braided stainless steel strap with screw-on closure connects to any luggage big or small. The website can be accessed anywhere in the world, guaranteed to follow your belongings no matter where you or it goes.

DynoTag QR Code

This pack of three smart luggage tags is simple technology that can be a lifesaver if your luggage is lost. Created using GPS technology, these tags do not need to be charged nor do they need battery power. Simply by using the barcode connecting to a private website, you can track your luggage from around the globe. The compact, weatherproof tags are perfect for luggage, backpacks, or other valuables that may become lost while traveling. The metal hook keeps the tag secured to your items, with a lifetime guarantee.

DynoTag Web QR Smart Aluminum

Available in 6 colors, the DynoTag Smart Aluminum luggage tag is a web-powered, battery free device necessary for all travelers. Compatible with smart phones or desktop web browsers, this tag can be tracked from around the globe. The easy to use, easy to activate tag is user friendly, and it is designed to withstand all travel conditions. Weather and impact proof, the tag will not be damaged, and will remain attached to your belongings with its durable steel strap with screw-lock closure.

Fossil Navy

This spark of blue on your luggage not only helps you keep track of it, but also keep it safe. The durable leather is designed to remain on your luggage without the risk of being torn off in transit. Snap-close pocket around your information will ensure that it is not lost or damage.

This tag is ideal for casual travel.

Incase Luggage Tag

With a heathered-weave Ecoya polyester material, this luggage tag is designed to move and flex without risk of being removed. The buckle-strap keeps it securely fastened to your luggage, and the magnet closure system provides a safe environment for your personal information inside. The unique eco-dyed coloring gives it a unique flare, while maintaining a simplistic feel to function for most travel purposes.

Jackson Bison Leather

Created from 100% genuine bison leather, this classic leather luggage tag is great for most travel purposes, business or pleasure. The cognac color makes it simplistic and elegant, and the buckle strap makes it effective at staying secure to your luggage.

Lewis And Clark Travel

These one of a kind environmentally-friendly rubber luggage tags feature a scenic design of branches. Available in green, red, and blue these are unique to personality, and unique to your luggage to ensure finding your luggage is quick and easy. The rubber-coated steel strap is a screw-closure design secures the tag to your luggage, prepared to withstand all transit conditions.

LugLock Tracker

Designed to meet any and all TSA, FAA, and FCC requirements, this smart luggage tag is ideal for all travel, especially long-distance flights with connecting planes. This smart tag connects to a user-friendly app on your smartphone and tracks your luggage using nearby cellphone towers. The 15-day battery power is efficient, long-lasting, and guaranteed. Slim and easy to slip into your luggage, you will know at all times where your belongings are, making it simple to reclaim lost luggage, and more effective against having your luggage lost.


For the lifelong baseball fans, Rawlings classic leather hide famous for baseball gloves is available in a luggage tag. Perfect for taking a piece of America’s Favorite Pastime with you wherever you travel, it is also ideal to keep your belongings safe. The genuine leather equipped with a buckle strap prevents tearing so the tag will not be fall off, and will stay secure to your luggage. The clear pocket, covered with a flap, is perfect to easily check if the luggage is yours, and for it to be easily identified if it is lost in transit. The unmistakable red Rawlings patch tag is ideal for casual travel to showcase your personality.


This set of 3 unique luggage tags make it simple to identify your luggage, while maintaining simplicity for elegant travel. The slim, unique shape of these tags minimize the chance of becoming caught and intertwined, keeping its position on your luggage. The genuine leather has a lifetime guarantee for keeping your valuables properly marked without risk of falling off, or becoming damaged.

Shacke Luggage Tags

Manufactured with rubber and steel straps, these tags are flexible and designed to move with your luggage; not be torn away from it. Made in 7 color options these are great to both show your personality and make your luggage easily identifiable. The flap cover hides all of your information, yet makes it easily accessible when you need to check if it is your luggage. The sturdy, screw-closure metal strap keeps the tags from falling or being torn off, keeping your luggage properly labeled throughout transit.

Shineweb Metal Suitcase Tag

Available in 8 different colors, this tag can be used for both business and pleasure travel. The durable aluminum alloy material is ensured to last for years, and the stainless steel strap with screw closure secures it effectively to your luggage. The slip-in information cars only reveal your name unless taken out, keeping your information private and your luggage safe.

Shinola Passport Cover and Tag

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This genuine American leather luggage tag is perfectly paired with a passport cover created from the same leather. The duo function to keep your belongings safe. The tag, equipped with a buckle strap, will stay on your luggage throughout years of transit. The passport cover, featuring five card slots, protects your passport and keeps all your necessary items at hand. The two are perfect for business or pleasure travel.

Tagonce Next Generation

Compatible with any iOS and Android smartphones, this user-friendly tag uses a barcode to track its location. The simplistic design does not draw attention to wandering eyes, and it is made to withstand weather, impact, and scratches. The NFC chip is secured inside, and holds a lifetime guarantee to track your belongings. Included with a virtually unbreakable strap, this device will stay with your belongings in any travel conditions.


Easily identifiable by the unique red strip, this high-quality leather luggage tag is both professional and recognizable. The black leather keeps the professional style great for business trips, and the red strip adds flare and also practicality, as it can be easily spotted in baggage claim. The tear-resistant strap keeps it secure to the luggage, and it is equipped with a lifetime guarantee to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Talonport Privacy Luggage

The stainless steel of this luggage tag creates an undeniable sophistication. The simple yet elegant red strip makes it identifiable, while maintaining its chic style. The slip-in design of the information only reveals your name unless taken out, ensuring your privacy. The two options to secure the tag to your bag guarantees its safety—and that is lifetime guaranteed. The black leather buckle and the steel loop both are effective in keeping the tag in place.

Ted Baker Gift Set

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These dark faux-leather luggage tags have the elegance designed for business travelers, and the functionality designed to last you for years through your traveling needs. The buckle-snap encloses your information to keep it safe and out of sight, but also easily accessible when needed. The buckle strap keeps it from being torn from your luggage, helping your luggage meet you at your destination every time.

TileMate Key Finder

This pocket-sized, keychain compatible travel accessory is a small item with big effectiveness. This smart tag has a year-long battery life, with no charging necessary. Using Bluetooth technology, this tag can be tracked by using your smartphone, and if you lose your smart phone the tag can be used to track it! Small enough to be attached to keys, but powerful enough to be used with luggage, this tiny tracker is the ultimate accessory for your valuables.


These protective heavy aluminum tags, equipped with a steel strap, are built for any travel it may endure. The sleek look of the metal make them great for business travel, and the durability makes them great for whatever obstacles you may ensure. The waterproof shell will keep the information inside safe, and the metal will not be damaged. Both weather and impact resistant, these luggage tags are essential for everyone. The fifteen available colors are sure to fit every style and need.


These microfiber leather ID luggage tags combine the strong and durable fabric of leather with many different colors to compliment individuals’ personality. The buckle strap keeps your information secured to your luggage, and built sturdy, so it will not tear. Perfect for sporting your taste on personal travel, or available in classic brown or black for business travel, these leather tags balance both practicality and personality.

WingMate 2nd Amendment Tag

Uniquely designed with the American Flag, this Geolocation smart luggage tag brings a piece of the United States wherever you travel. The user friendly tag has a scannable barcode that connects with an app on your smartphone, making it easier than ever to track your luggage from around the globe. The durable design of the tag keeps the embedded NFC chip safely inside, protected from weather and impact resistant. Manufactured without the need for charging or batteries, it is a perfect lifelong accessory to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Dominate Styles of The Luggage Tags And Their Durability

Leather Luggage Tags

Whether you are going to your next business meeting or simply love to travel with a bit more class, a leather tag can say a lot about both your personality and professional demeanor that you carry.

Typically clad in genuine leather (as many of the ones outlined below are), leather tags can withstand years of abuse.  While not necessarily a ‘buy it for life’ purchase, they will last you for around a decade or two (assuming regular travel habits).

Beyond just the material makeup of the tag, leather is also incredibly soft.  Therefore if you are carrying a high class bag that is absent of any tag or identification carrier, then the leather luggage tag shouldn’t damage the fabric of the suitcase with extended use.

Metal Luggage Tags

Contrary to leather tags are ones crafted from stainless steel or aluminum alloy.

These tags are definitely going to be the longest lasting of any material type on the market.  However, its not without a huge downfall.  Metal tags unfortunately aren’t flexible and typically contain rigid corners.

When coming in contact with canvas or leather, a sharp corner found on a metal tag may incidentally cause scratching on the fabric or worse – small rips on the material itself.

Therefore, we generally would recommend metal tags for men out there that are affixing it to a low-quality suitcase or holdall.

Synthetic Tags – A Balance Between Leather and Metal

If you want a tag that will last you forever while also retaining a softer construction, then synthetic tags are definitely the way to go.  Typically commanding a much lower price-point than either of the tag offerings covered so far, synthetic tags are great for the frequent jetsetter.

The one drawback to the synthetic tag however, will be around its style and tone it sets when found on a piece of luggage.

Simply put, synthetic tags look extremely casual (almost childish), therefore, if you are a business professional or someone who likes to make a good first impression then you may want to skip the synthetic tag.

Smart Tags May Quite Possibly Be The Best Luggage Tag On The Market

Typically affixed with either an RFID chip or QR code, smart tags can be a godsend to the headaches that accompany a lost luggage conundrum.

With high quality tracking abilities, smart tags can help to locate your luggage instantly to ensure an extra peace of mind when traveling.

No longer do you have to hear a luggage attendant guessing if your bags are in Toledo or Tulsa, you can get the current location of your tag with just an opening of an app (usually for either iOS or Android devices).

Smart tags don’t come with many downfalls, although there are a few.  Depending on the construction (as you will see below), they may look a bit too nerdy for some men – so expect to be ragged on if you are traveling with an older sibling.

Secondly, given that these luggage tags incorporate some technology, they naturally will be a bit pricier compared to their synthetic or metal counterparts.  However, we found that smart tags hold a pretty similar price point to the high-end leather tags on the market.

But if you traveling with valuables or simply don’t want to go through lost luggage hell, smart chips are definitely the way to go.

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