Best Laptop Bags for Men To Look Stylish & Smart

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Laptop bags are a great means of transporting your laptop and other small electronics like tablets and e-readers. If you’ve ever found yourself considering the fragility of your laptop while it’s jostling around in your suitcase, or worse yet, crammed in between books in a backpack, you’ve probably considered buying a laptop bag, and may have found yourself here while looking for the best one.

We’re here to help with that.

In this guide, we’ll not only review some of the best laptop bags for men, but we’ll also go over some key considerations to be aware of when looking for a quality laptop bag that fits your unique style.

There are the basics, like laptop compatibility, bag material, bag size, and strap style. The extras a bag may have, as well as the intended use, color, and brand are also important factors in choosing the right bag. These 9 factors will help you be objective when choosing a laptop bag and make the right choice for your needs.

Then we’ll go over some particulars like maintenance, how to wear a laptop bag with style, common questions about laptop bags, and what makes laptop bags different from some other popular bag types.

Let’s get started.

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To Help You Decide we have researched and reviewed the best laptop bags for men in 2020. Here’s our top picks:

The Best Laptop Bags for Men of 2020 Reviewed

Best Laptop Bag Overall: Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather RFID Laptop Portfolio

The Kenneth Cole Reaction laptop bag is an excellent overall choice for a bag that will get the job done while giving nothing up on style.

The bag is crafted from full grain leather, so while it looks great on day one, over time it will develop the beautiful shine that quality leathers do. It includes an RFID blocking front compartment, which means everything from passports to credit cards will be prevented from wireless hacking.

There’s also a business accessory organizer that is perfect for court documents, business reports, or even homework – making this laptop bag perfect for any intent. Multiple carrying options as well as both an adjustable shoulder strap and two top handles contribute to the versatility of this bag.

The bag comes in multiple colors: black, brown, and cognac, all of which are great for formal or casual settings. The laptop compartment is compatible with up to a 15.6” screen, so if you’ve got a larger laptop, say for video editing or other media, the compartment of this bag may be too small for you.


  • Expanding pocket size for when your bag is extra full
  • Padded laptop pocket protects your gear
  • High-quality construction


  • Limited laptop size compatibility

What You Need To Know

This is the perfect bag for a guy who’s just looking for an excellent all-around laptop bag and doesn’t have specialized needs.

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Best Laptop Bag for Travel: Heritage Colombian Leather Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag

This is a great bag for travel as it has been specially designed to comply with TSA standards for checkpoints, meaning you won’t have to take your laptop out of the bag when going through them. Whether as a carry on for a weekend trip, or for regular commuter flights from Chicago to New York, this bag is made for travelers.

It’s full grain leather which means it can handle the rough and tumble nature of traveling – whether it’s stowed under an airplane seat or on the floor of a train car, this leather is going to hold up over time. However, during our research we did find some reviewers who had issues with durability.

While it does have size restrictions (15.6” maximum capacity,) and comes in a limited number of colors, it’s a small sacrifice for a high-quality bag that travels well.

This bag also has the excellent travel feature of a removable strap, which is sometimes a requirement when placing it through metal detecting devices and is convenient if you’re carrying it by the handle and don’t want the strap to catch on anything.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Dual compartments to partition work and laptop
  • Strap that extends 56” – perfect for larger framed men


  • Lower quality for bag of this type

What You Need To Know

If you’re a guy who travels frequently and needs a durable and versatile laptop bag to make your trips a bit more convenient, this one should be just the ticket.

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Best Laptop Messenger Bag: Nomatic Messenger Bag Laptop Bag

Due to its versatility and durability, the Nomatic messenger bag was the best option of its kind we came across.

In terms of versatility, it has an easily adjustable shoulder strap, a TSA ready flap (just unzip the flap and it’s ready to go through the security checkpoint), and internal customization – in other words, the layout of the pockets within the bag can be changed. It also has a key leash which is a perfect feature for guys who are moving from office to office and don’t want to have to dig around in their pockets for their keys every time they enter the building.

When it comes to durability, this messenger bag has one key feature – it’s water-resistant. If the boss doesn’t care if it’s raining or not and needs you to be down the block within the hour, this is the perfect bag to make sure both documents and laptop get there dry and intact.


  • Customizable interior
  • Easy-adjust shoulder strap
  • Water-resistant


  • More casual than leather bags

What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a bag that is all function but has a sleek modern style that will get you from point A to point B without worrying what the weather conditions are, this is a great choice.

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Best Leather Laptop Bag: AmeriLeather Notebook Laptop Bag

This laptop bag features high-quality top grain leather which gives the bag a smooth and classy finish from day one. This leather bag doesn’t sacrifice any of the functionality that other bags of the same material do.

Leather bags often have a classic design that lacks modern features like a cellphone pocket, clear window for an ID, and padded computer storage. This bag has all of the above and more. There’s ample room – it can even accommodate a 17” laptop according to one reviewer.

This laptop bag also has a metal frame and silver-toned hardware (zippers, clips, etc.) so there’s an air of quality that is lost when a bag is made with plastic or black enamel zippers.


  • Excellent smooth top grain leather
  • Modern features
  • Metal hardware


  • Features some Velcro closing mechanisms

What You Need To Know

This bag gives up none of the design features you would hope for in a modern casual or business laptop bag, while bringing the classic style of top grain leather to the table—the best of both worlds.

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Best Laptop Bag for A MacBook Pro: Samsonite Leather Slim Portfolio Laptop Bag

During our research, we found that reviewers consistently rank this bag as one of the best in terms of interior space for bag size. There was unanimous agreement among previous buyers that this bag was spacious enough to fit everything you would need, but also slim and stylish. A man who is carrying binders full of court documents or quarterly reports might find this bag a bit tight, but if he just needs a bag that can adapt to your laptop size, this is the perfect choice to cart around your MacBook Pro.

This bag also has travel features engineered into it, like a strap to keep the bag fastened to a luggage handle, and a TSA friendly design.

Carrying all your electronics in this bag may get heavy, but don’t worry, among the leather bags we reviewed, this is one of the lightest.


  • Superb carrying capacity to size ratio
  • Extra travel features for men on the move


  • Top grain leather may scuff more easily

What You Need To Know

This slim laptop bag is surprisingly adaptable to large and heavy loads, making it the best choice for a man who needs a high-power laptop like the Macbook Pro for his engineering or media work.

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Best Business Laptop Bags: Boconi Tyler Slim Laptop Bag

This laptop bag is excellent for its simplicity and modern minimalist design. The outside of the bag is not crowded with zippers that inevitably roll off the track or get caught, the bag certainly conveys competence.

Rather than having endless zippers, the main flap has a magnetic closing mechanism, which means easy access when pulling out a sales report in an afternoon meeting. Some reviewers mentioned that this magnet is not fastened in place, so it may “float” across the flap from time to time.

The company that makes this laptop bag specializes in leather and uses antique style hardware to really give this bag a unique look, while not giving up on functionality: the bag features a D-ring which is very convenient for holding ID or keycards, and prevents a slim bag from having those unsightly bulges that comes from filling them too tightly.


  • Minimalist style
  • Adjustable crossbody strap


  • Floating magnetic closing mechanism

What You Need To Know

This is bag elicits the style of a man who knows what he needs for business and wants nothing more – it’s minimalist design and convenient features make it perfect for the office.

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Best Casual Laptop Bag: Solo Urban Hybrid Laptop Bag

The sturdy fabric that this bag is made from comes in a neutral grey color that can work in many settings, from a walk between classes to an initial interview. The standout feature of this bag is that it is fully convertible from briefcase style to backpack – which allows a guy to choose what’s best for the moment, be it load carrying or casual style.

The bag’s padded shoulder straps, both in backpack and briefcase mode, provide some extra comfort and distribute weight. This is a no-frills, utilitarian backpack. While it doesn’t have some of the extra features a guy might hope for in a more business-oriented bag, it will serve the purpose of getting gear and books from one place to another.


  • Casual fabric material is easily maintained
  • Convertible modes
  • Lightweight (less than two pounds)


  • Lacks some common bag features like TSA pockets and RFID blockers

What You Need To Know

The versatility of this bag is remarkable, both in its ability to change forms but also in its casual and reserved style – whether packing up for an impromptu urban hike, or filled with books for scheduled classes, this bag will perform its duties with style.

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Best Rolling/Wheeled Laptop Bag: Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Spinner Mobile Office Laptop Bag

Whether you are traveling on a plane or just down the street, this is an excellent choice of bag for its built-in maneuverability features. It has a telescoping handle which can be neatly locked into the bag when not in use – but also wheels that have 360° turning capability so this bag can be easily rolled around any environment, like a crowded airport, or even up a tight flight of office building stairs. These features make it great for a man who’s got a heavy load to carry while moving from place to place, or one who wants to make sure he protects his back.

Being so close to the ground during transport, this bag is guaranteed to bump into things from time to time, but the ballistic polyester it is crafted from is specially designed to endure this kind of wear and tear.

Other features like cross straps to hold down laptops or other important contents and a padded laptop compartment demonstrate that this bag was design from top to bottom to be built for movement.


  • Design features all promote maneuverability and ease of transport
  • Built from durable materials like ballistic polyester


  • Less versatile, cannot stow wheels
  • May be too large for some guys’ needs

What You Need To Know

This is an excellent bag for travel or working men who must carry more than just their laptops to the office every day, especially if you have a bad back.

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Best Slim Laptop Bag: Case Logic Laptop/Chromebook and iPad Slim Case

Case Logic has been in the laptop bag business for many years now, and they’ve definitely figured out how to cut a bag down to the essentials. This slim laptop bag can carry up to an 11” Macbook, but according to many reviewers we found during our research, that is the upper limit.

There’s not enough room to store much extra gear in this laptop bag, it’s quite a tight fit with just the laptop and its accompanying accessories (power cord, mouse.) However, it’s very lightweight and the slim design works well in both casual and business settings.

This bag doesn’t have many extra features other than an organizer panel in the front pocket for things like pens, passports, and keys – but this is the price to be paid for a sleek laptop bag.


  • Simple design
  • Very lightweight


  • Limited storage capacity

What You Need To Know

This is a minimalist bag that will not dominate the look of an outfit and can easily fit into both casual and business settings.

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Best Affordable (Cheap) Laptop Bag: AmazonBasics Laptop Bag

This laptop bag has a surprising number of features for being a budget bag and having such a reasonable price. It’s made of a synthetic fabric, and is incredibly lightweight, coming in at just over one pound. The bag is split into three compartments, all of which are accessible from the outside. There’s a padded shoulder strap and a double handle. This bag also comes in multiple sizes, which is an excellent feature on other bags we researched.

If you’re shopping on a budget, this a great choice – but be aware that the adage “you get what you pay for” may be true in this case – there was a multitude of reviewers who claimed that the strap of this bag broke while wearing it, resulting in damage to their laptop. It’s important to be mindful of the weight this bag is carrying, especially given the strap quality.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Many compartments for organization


  • Low quality strap

What You Need To Know

If value is of the utmost importance and you don’t expect to put a lot of wear and tear on the strap, this AmazonBasics laptop bag is a great choice for carrying your laptop and keeping you organized.

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Other Laptop Bags For Men Reviewed

Tumi Alpha Bravo Albany Slim Commuter Brief

This rugged and durable laptop bag by Tumi is geared towards the business-focused men.  With plenty of zippered pockets, it offers plenty of organizational features.  From a dedicated laptop sleeve to simple storage for pens and paper – expect to keep things in order with this bag by Tumi.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Tyndall Utility Backpack

The Tumi Tyndall Utility Backpack is a perfect pick for guys who want versatility.  With a dedicated laptop sleeve and large interior compartment – it is a bag that many men love.  While not a traditional briefcase style – the roomy interior provides plenty of space for light weekend travels.  This does hold a premium price point.

Mancini Leather Goods RFID Laptop Bag

This slim profile bag by Mancini is perfect for storing small laptops, tablets, or any other tech device you may own.  With a natural fabric exterior, it is lightweight and durable.  A clean and simple Mancini logo is written across the flap.  If you are simply looking for a no-frills and affordable bag to purchase – it makes a great pick.

Aer Flight Pack 2

Made from durable ballistic nylon and featuring a YKK zipper, the Flight Pack 2 by Aer is the complete bag for all your tech devices (tablet, mobile, and laptop).  Perfect for urban wear, the Flight Pack 2 is versatile and cab be worn as a backpack, a shoulder bag, or briefcase.  The laptop sleeve is lined with padding – which offers complete protection.

Herschel Supply Little America Backpack With Laptop Sleeve

Known for their backpacks and messenger bags, the Herschel Supply Little America Backpack is a terrific and versatile product to safely store your laptop during transportation.  The interior is padded, and features a large main compartment for the rest of your stuff.  Herschel Supply offers a lifetime warranty on this bag.

Magnificent Men’s Waxed Canvas Laptop Bag

This waxed canvas laptop bag is perfect for those men looking for a touch more natural and worn look in their laptop briefcase.  With retro buttons and leather trimmings it will keep your items secured during transport.  The 15 pockets also offer great organization.

What to Know When Buying A Laptop Bag

There’s a wide range of styles and features available for laptop bags, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you get started. Here we will go over the nine key factors you need to look out for.

1. Laptop Size Compatibility

Laptops generally come in standard sizes, from 13” to 17”, and laptop bags are usually sized accordingly, so naturally you’ll want to choose one that fits your specific computer.  Be sure to double-check the dimensions of your laptop because there are some that don’t follow the standard.

2. Exterior Material

Canvas Exterior – There’s a reason why this is such a common material for bags – it’s practically engineered for the job.

This material is lightweight – if you’re wearing your laptop bag to and from work, or around the campus, a canvas bag won’t weigh you down the way other fabrics might.

Although canvas is an affordable material, great for men who are looking for something a bit more casual and are working on a budget – it’s also incredibly durable. Ballistic nylon and high-quality leather are better yet, and we’ll discuss those later, but canvas can still withstand a substantial amount of abuse.

One of the great qualities of canvas bags is that they are fully washable (assuming there are no inserts or hard plastic) – which makes a canvas bag more appropriate for everyday use than other fabrics which require more maintenance.

Leather Exterior – During our research, we found there are four types of leather that are commonly used for laptop bags: full grain, top grain, genuine, and suede. You’ll want to choose a type of leather that fits your needs, so let’s take a look at them:

Full grain leather looks great and is the most durable of all these types of leather. The classic look of full grain leather presents very well, but the leather must be cared for properly. Over time, it will develop a stately patina.

Top grain is another commonly used leather – it removes the surface imperfections that full grain exhibits, so it has a smoother finish.  It’s just as good as full grain leather and should last several years.

Genuine leather is the lowest grade of leather and contains glue as a bonding agent to keep it together. When compared to full or top grain leather, genuine leather will chip, crack, and generally degrade quickly.

Suede leather has been treated to have a soft fuzzy or napped finish and is slightly higher quality than genuine leather. You should keep in mind that suede is even more particular when it comes to maintenance than full top leather is – it needs to be spot cleaned with a brush and spray, rather than polished. If you’re looking for a casual laptop bag suede may be a great choice, but less so if it’s going to be your companion on the daily commute.

Read more about leather grades in this great Wikipedia article.

Synthetic/Neoprene/Nylon Exterior – These fabrics are extraordinarily durable, especially ballistic nylon (a particularly thick, tough nylon originally developed for flak jackets), so keep an eye out for that if you’re looking for a long-lasting, everyday use laptop bag. It’s also lightweight, so it’s the perfect material for a bag that will be with you all day long.

If you’re a guy who is looking at laptop bags more for the utility of the item rather than strictly for style, or who just doesn’t want to invest a lot in a bag, this is also a great choice as the price is reasonable for men on a budget.

Wool/Natural Exterior – If you’re eco-conscious, a wool or wool blend bag may be the right choice.  Wool blends typically require dry cleaning, so the maintenance costs of a wool bag will be slightly higher than other materials. Bags made from wool and natural fibers are a small niche in the world of laptop bags – so if you’re looking for a unique choice, this could be a good fit for you.

3. Overall Size

Laptop bags come in four standard size ranges, and it’s important to consider size for reasons beyond just how much you can carry. The size of your laptop bag can have an effect on the balance and proportionality of your outfit, so keep that in mind.

Small – Small bags fit up to a 13” inch standard Macbook or small Lenovo notebook. If you’re a minimalist this may be a good choice for you, but you will be limited in your ability to carry other gear – chargers, cables, mouse, etc.

Medium – Medium bags are a step up from small, they typically fit up to 14” laptops. If you have a really small laptop but don’t want your laptop bag to appear too small for you, it might be a good idea to step up to a medium-sized bag.

Large – Large bags fit from 15” to 17” laptops. This can be a good choice if you need extra space to carry other documents or digital accessories (external hard drives, for example.) If you’re a large guy, this range of bags can balance out the appearance of the bag regardless of the size of your laptop.

Extra Large – If you need a bag that’s going to be doing more than carrying just a laptop, it’s a good idea to go with the extra-large size bag. If you’re a lawyer for example, you may need to carry accompanying documents with your laptop, so this size range is a great choice because it doesn’t have the added weight of a proper briefcase.

4. Strap/Handle Style

There is a surprising variety of strap and handle styles for laptop bags and the one that will work for you is heavily influenced by your intent for the bag, which we will get into a bit later.

Single/Double Handle – Straps come in two main forms, the single strap, which has a streamlined look, and a double handle, which is more comfortable and distributes the weight of the bag.

Adjustable Strap/Handle – Straps have two types, adjustable and telescoping. An adjustable strap is the common type of buckle strap on backpacks or other bags. A telescoping handle is more reminiscent of what you would expect to see on a rolling luggage case – and is great for men on the go.

Padded Strap – Padded straps can protect your shoulder from the abrasion of a single strap and helps to distribute the weight of the bag slightly. For a bag that’s going to be worn on the walk to work, the padded strap is a must.

Backpack Straps – Backpack straps distribute weight very well and allow you to carry your bag completely hands-free. This makes backpack strapped laptop bags an excellent choice for guys who are going to be moving around extensively with their bag and carrying significant weight.  These straps are also typically padded as well.

Detachable Strap – Detachable straps are an important feature for some business-oriented laptop bags. They’re much more versatile than other strap types, and may be required in some scenarios, for example, if you need to check in your bag for a flight or otherwise put the bag through a metal detector.

Convertible Straps – Convertible straps can be tucked in or made into a handle which is a convenient feature, while cross-body straps tend to sit on one shoulder while the bag rests on the opposing hip.

5. Extras

The extra details of a laptop bag can make all the difference between a bag that meets your needs on a daily basis and one that isn’t quite convenient enough to be used – so don’t overlook them.

Outside Pockets – Outside pockets are important if you need quick access to items you carry like access cards, keys, passports and the like. They come in two main varieties, front zip and side zip pockets. Side zip pockets are less likely to catch on things but can sometimes run off their tracks.

Waterproof – Water resistance is essential for laptop bags if you live in a wet area like the Pacific Northwest, or if you’re likely to encounter a sudden Florida rainstorm. In general, any laptop bag you buy should have at least some water resistance because of the nature of the equipment it’s carrying.

Wheels – If you’re a road warrior – a wheeled bag is an excellent option for keeping your stamina up. If you have a bad back or other physical limitations, a wheeled bag can help you make sure you’re always ready to get where you need to be.

Laptop Sleeve – Although this is not exactly a bag, some men place their laptop in a sleeve first for added protection. This is an important consideration if your laptop bag lacks water resistance, or if you will be moving around a lot with it – between classes, for example.

USB Charge Hub – If you’re likely to be traveling for extended periods or have a long commute, this feature can save the day in a pinch. It will keep your phone powered up even when there are no available outlets at the airport or bus station.

Checkpoint Friendly – Men who find themselves in TSA security frequently for flights will find this feature quite convenient, as it gives them just one less thing to worry about when going through these “hurry up and wait” checkpoints.

Bottle Holder – Freeing up your hands is always a plus, and while a water bottle pocket is purely a matter of convenience, it can make all the difference if you’re working in a warm area and are typically going to have a water bottle on you.

Padded Inserts – For additional protection of your laptop, having a laptop bag or briefcase with plenty of extra padding will provide extra protection should the bag ever get dropped or tossed around.

6. Intent

Of course, the bag is made to hold a laptop, but what is the greater significance of your bag? Is it for business, school, or casual use? At the end of the day, this may be the most significant overall consideration when buying a laptop bag.

Business – Business laptop bags bring a level of formality that is appropriate for a professional setting. They’re typically leather or all-black nylon and have a streamlined minimalist appearance – no-frills. This type of laptop bag is often selected based on appearance rather than a list of features, so it’s really dependent on your individual preference and style.

Casual – A casual backpack can have a more tactical or natural-oriented appearance – great for the trendy or urban city dweller. They’re typically slim and sleek – style and features are of the utmost importance here. These bags are particularly versatile because they can carry their own weight in terms of style. If you’re not carrying your laptop, you can still use them other gear – and not look out of place.

College – Presentation really takes a supporting role with college laptop bags, which are focused on function and comfort. These bags can also serve double duty as both a laptop case and backpack, which is great for a student moving between classes, work, and extracurriculars.

7. Colors

Laptop bags are often black, brown, blue, or grey, which are appropriate colors for accessories as they’ll match well with most outfits.

When it comes to color, you should objectively consider what you’ll be using the bag for and how much versatility you’ll need. Do you just need the bag to help you get through college, or will you also bring it to an interview? Will this bag be for a casual setting, business, or both? The question of color comes down to asking yourself what works with your own unique style and the versatility you need in a bag.

Black tends to be the most versatile whereas a navy blue will be a bit more modern.  Go with your intent and your preferred style – but keep in mind the expected life of the bag itself.

8. Brand

There are some well-known brands that dominate the laptop bag market, like Samsonite, Timbuk2 and Kenneth Cole Reaction. Case Logic and Victorinox are also popular, later on, we review bags by a few of these brands.

9. Price

When it comes to laptop bags, pricing is a reliable indicator of some of the features of quality that a guy will be looking for. Under $30, the quality is going to diminish greatly – in this range, you’re going to find cheap knockoffs, breaking seems, uncomfortable straps, etc.

At the greater than $200 range, there is lowering quality and higher prices as a result of a greater emphasis on name-brand recognition and the status that comes with it.

In our research we found that within the $30 to $200 range there are quite a few hidden gems that don’t sacrifice quality or style, and they’re included in our reviews.

How to Care for & Wear A Laptop Bag

Care Depends on Material of the Bag

The material of a bag will drastically change the way it should be maintained, so be careful.


Handwash Only Instructions:

Many canvas and polyester laptop bags come with a tag that indicates they’re handwash only – don’t ignore this message; washing this type of bag in a machine may cause it to deteriorate quickly.

To handwash a canvas or polyester bag, first moisten it with lukewarm water (there’s no need to soak the bag, or to use particularly hot water as this may affect the colors or printing on the bag.)

Then apply a small amount of detergent to spot treat areas with stains – you should use a toothbrush or slightly abrasive sponge to gently scrub the dirty areas, rather than washing the entire bag – then just let it air dry.

Here’s a great guide worth checking out.

Washer/Dryer Instructions:

If your bag’s label says you can wash it in a machine, there are still some things you’ll want to do to make sure your bag stays as close to brand new as possible.

First, make sure you remove all inserts (plastic, metal, and particleboard) as well as straps if possible. Placing the straps in a separate laundry bag can ensure they don’t get caught on anything in the wash and get ruined.

Then, just follow the instructions on the label in the bag – this may give you information about the temperature of water you should use or the intensity of the wash.

Depending on the bag, drying instructions differ, but if you want to play it safe hang drying is always the best option.


Maintaining leather is a bit more intricate than cleaning canvas or polyester. There are three steps to the process: cleaning, conditioning, and protecting.

Cleaning leather requires a specialized leather cleaner, we recommend saddle soap. Saddle soap was originally developed for (you guessed it) horse saddles and is much milder than traditional hand soap. This mildness ensures it won’t ruin the patina that your leather bag may have developed and won’t degrade the surface of the bag.

Then comes conditioning – this helps to replenish the oils that have been lost during cleaning. Natural oils keep your leather flexible by adding moisture back into the leather, which helps the leather last longer.

Finally, protecting the leather is essential to maintaining it after cleaning and conditioning. Leather protectants help make it more water-resistant, which prevents water damage and blocks other substances that may damage the leather, like road salt.

For more information on maintaining leather, be sure to take a look at our article on the topic.

If Wet, Dry with A Cloth

It’s essential to dry your leather bag with a cloth rather than putting it near heat. Not only can heat warp and alter the construction of the bag, it can degrade fabric, crack leather, and melt plastic inserts. A simple wipe down with a hand towel is more than enough.

4 Tips to Wearing A Laptop Bag Stylishly & Comfortably

There’s more to it than slinging it over your shoulder.

1. Pair with like clothing/intent

Pairing a laptop bag with clothing that matches the style and intent will create a well put together look.

Messenger laptop bags are great for looking urbane and classy, while a leather briefcase is better paired with a smart suit. Backpack laptop bags are great for both professional and casual settings, depending on the material – it’s best to use your judgement here.

2. Padded straps increase comfort

Thick, comfortable, and supportive padding is an important feature in a laptop bag, especially if it has a contoured shape for more comfort – but this only works well if you adjust the height and load lifting straps before heading out.

3. Cross body strap distributes weight

Cross body straps are generally in the 50-inch range. The straps rest on your shoulder and allow the bag to be worn more securely than over just one shoulder. Wearing the bag this way also provides the most comfort because it distributes weight well across your body.

4. Minimalist lines on body provide a modern look

The “less is more” attitude of a minimalist bag certainly has its charms: clean lines and a lack of bells and whistles convey the look of a competent man. Natural hues, sleek silhouettes, and minimal decoration create a modern look that works well with many outfits.

Common Questions Men Had About Laptop Bags

A surprising number of questions arise when shopping for a new laptop bag, Let’s take a look at them.

Does a laptop bag count as a carry-on?

Laptop bags and backpacks count as personal items, not carry-ons, as long as they are less than 17” long x 13” wide x 8” high. Laptops themselves count as personal items as well, so you can place them under the seat or in an overhead bin.

What’s the best laptop bag to use for Apple computers?

A laptop bag intended for an Apple computer needs a padded compartment for the laptop because of the luxury nature of these computers – they’re worth protecting. Padded straps are a good idea for backpack style bags because Apple computers tend to be a bit heavy. The Apple eco-system is quite extensive so you also want to make sure you have room for accessories.

Is it worth getting a warranty with a laptop bag?

No, it’s not even worth buying for the laptop itself – if you end up using the warranty, the repairs themselves generally cost the same or less than the warranty itself.

In addition, many premium laptop bag companies may offer a lifetime warranty for their products.  This lifetime warranty will be much better than any added warranty that you may purchase through a retailer.

Where to buy laptop bags?

There are many e-commerce businesses where you can find great laptop bags, eBay and Amazon being the biggest names. But there’s also brand specific websites like Macy’s or Zappos, and also specialty stores that are particularly good for finding great bags, like eBags.

It is worth noting that when you purchase directly from a company, you might be able to score some great deals on laptop bags that you can’t find anywhere else.  Typically you will just have to hand over your email to get an instant savings before checking out.

How big of a laptop bag should I get?

When it comes to finding the best laptop bag for you – its important to think about how you plan on using it.  While there are some super large bags out there that holds many types of devices (i.e. tablet, phone, laptop, and more!) they will inevitably bulky and may be a too large for practical use.  However, going with a laptop bag that is too small, you will find that you are always trying to squeeze everything in – which may cause the bag to look mishapen and eventually look bad – or you end up having to carry two bags with you (not ideal).

Our recommendation is to cover the basics of what you plan on carrying and then get one with some extra space.

Laptop Bags vs. All The Rest

There are multiple types of bags that can hold your laptop, so what’s the difference between them?

Laptop Bags

These bags are purpose built, so they generally don’t include much other than a few extra pockets. Some of them include a 3-in-1 versatile strap that allows you to convert between a backpack strap, top handle, and sling. The features and materials of these bags can vary; we go over these at the top of this guide – scroll up to learn more.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are fashionable and professional, giving them a nice range of motion between settings. They can be as casual as an old school paperboy bag, or as professional as something you’d take down to the office quarterly meeting. Generally, they have just one large pouch, as opposed to the separate padded laptop compartment that a laptop bag may have.

Counter intuitively, these bags may not be comfortable to carry for a long time, they’re not really built for a hefty load – so while your MacBook Air might work here, a high-end engineering laptop probably won’t.


Backpacks are definitely the most versatile of all the choices, but they’re also the most casual. There are many different styles to select from within this category. A laptop friendly backpack usually has a laptop sleeve for easy access.

They’re great for hefty loads and long walks because they have two straps to distribute their weight. For this reason, they’re perfect for college students heading between class, the gym, and work who need to carry everything they need with them.


Briefcases are slender which can be a sharp modern look but don’t offer as much space for other things (gym clothes, etc.).  Usually, they can only handle a lighter load: laptop, documents, and not too much else. They’re more formal than other bags and many contain combination locks for lawyers or others who need to carry sensitive documents (source).

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Laptop Bags For Men

When shopping for a new laptop bag, it’s important to keep key factors in mind: the capacity of the bag, the material it’s made from, carrying capacity, color, extras, brand, handles, and two of the most important, intent and price. Once you determine what features are most important to you, you’ll be on track to find the bag that will really work for you.

If you’re a lawyer who needs something that’s presentable in court, and secure – a briefcase style bag is probably best, whereas a college student should be looking for something that is more functional in terms of carrying capacity. A businessman needs to be able to carry everything he needs to work and possibly travel – while looking professional. Your intent really should dictate which of the features of the briefcase are most important for you.

Whatever your needs, the laptop bag industry is vast and has definitely made a bag with your intent in mind. If you’re not sure about how exactly you’ll use the bag, that’s okay! Take another look at the top of this review to break down some of the key considerations for a laptop bag to get a better idea of what exactly you’re looking for.

Of course, if you found this guide to be helpful be sure to share it with a friend you might be in search of a new laptop bag!

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