Best Jeans For Men

Best Jeans For Men: Top Brands, Styles & Fits Reviewed

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Is there really any piece of clothing in a men’s closet that is more versatile than a good pair of jeans?

Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

That’s why it’s important to know the many considerations that should go into your purchasing decision of a new pair of jeans. While some men have their own preferences when it comes to jeans, there are plenty of guys out there that couldn’t tell the difference between skinny and slim jeans.

…and that’s okay – we’re here to help!

Once you understand the nuances, we’ll go on and review the 12 best jeans for men in every major category (overall, best for tall men, best ripped jeans, etc.). We’ll key in on our favorite jeans and give you some of the important facts about each pair.

After, we’ll put your mind at ease by going over some of the common questions men have when it comes to buying jeans along with a few tips on how to wear your new jeans stylishly.

Let’s get started.

In A Hurry? Our Top Picks:

What to Know When Buying A Pair Of Jeans

When it comes to buying a pair of jeans, you’re going to want a pair that fits comfortably for you.

Everyone carries weight on their body a bit differently, therefore jeans are going to fit differently for everyone. To help with your search, we’ve identified eight key factors to consider when finding which jeans will work best for you.

Here’s what they are:

1. Trend / Style

When it comes to trends and styles of jeans, there really is something for everyone. Generally speaking, there are four essential styles of jeans:

  • Ripped/Distressed
  • Motor & Biker
  • Boot Cut
  • Regular

If you know very little about these particular styles of jeans, we’ll help fill in the gaps for you.

Ripped/Distressed – if you’re wondering why so many people today are wearing jeans that have holes (and big ones too) in them, you can rest easy knowing that this is the ripped or distressed style of jeans. The holes or slits generally sit on the thighs and or knees area of the jeans and this style is very much in at the moment.

This particular style of jeans is meant to look worn in and not necessarily brand new.

Motorcycle & Biker – For this particular style, you’ll find a bit more space in the hip and thigh areas, which would make sense if you wear these jeans while on your motorcycle, as you’ll want as much range of motion as possible in these areas. From the knee area and below is where it begins to get a bit tighter but still snug enough for your calf area to breathe in.  It is worth noting that this particular style can work well with men that have a pronounced athletic build from weightlifting.

Boot Cut – This style sports a larger and wider base on the bottom of the jeans (similar to bell-bottom jeans but not as exaggerated) and was the cut of choice for men in the early 2000s. Depending on who makes the boot cut, some fit either straight through the thigh while some others can be a bit more loose so it’s important to read the jeans description.

Regular – Probably the most common style of jeans for men is the simple regular cut. There are no frills with this style as you’re hit with a regular pair of jeans that sport a very small taper.

Due to its high popularity among men, the regular style of jeans has a bevy of subcategories that have slight modifications (covered in detail in the next section). This is to ensure that men of different body types will be able to purchase a regular pair of jeans.

2. Fit

It’s important that the style of jeans you wear makes you look and feel good. Another facet of a good pair of jeans that will accomplish both is the fit of the jeans.

How your jeans fit is probably the most important thing you’ll want to consider as it must feel comfortable in order for you to wear them.

There are four primary types of fits for jeans:

Skinny – Definitely by far the most popular fit for men right now are skinny fit jeans. This popular fit of jeans is great for guys with a more toned (not necessarily muscular) physique but you don’t necessarily have to be of this body type to look great in skinny jeans. For skinny jeans, they do a great job of essentially just hugging your entire legs. They tend to fit more on the tight/snug side from the thigh and below. It has a very narrow leg opening and that’s about as much room you’ll have for your leg to breathe in these jeans. For more information about this incredibly popular fit of jeans, we’ve written an entire guide about skinny jeans for men.

Slim – The slim fit of jeans is another popular option for men. If you had to put it somewhere on the fit scale, it would rest right between skinny and regular jeans. Slim jeans fit snug on your legs and has a very slight taper around the ankle area of the jeans. Your legs can breathe a bit more in these jeans and with this extra space, it gives you a tad bit more range of movement compared to the more rigid skinny jeans.

Regular – If you’re just looking for a simple pair of jeans that has enough breathability for your legs, you might want to consider a regular fit. These jeans provide a classic fit and is built with a straight leg down design. While it’s not snug per se, the regular fit gives your legs enough space to breathe and offers you a much greater range of motion. These jeans are popular for any and all body types from stick-like legs to muscular and curvy ones.

Relaxed/Loose – The relaxed and loose fit of jeans are a great option for men of a larger physique. They feature lots of space in the thigh and hip region and provides unmatched range of movement.

3. Washed / Unwashed Jeans

Another factor when it comes to jeans is whether or not you prefer the washed or unwashed look. Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference, but we’ll guide you through each look.

Washed – These jeans are exactly how it sounds. They look like you’ve had them for a few years and have a distinct broken in look to them. This means that the color is generally faded on the thighs of the jeans. They also have a bit more stretch to the fabric which gives off a very comfortable feel to them when you first slip them on. Because the color is faded and the fabric is loose, it’s natural to expect these jeans to not have as much longevity as an unwashed pair of jeans.

Unwashed – For jeans that look brand new, you’ll want to buy unwashed jeans. These jeans have their full color and are not faded in any way. The benefit of these jeans is that it’ll take some time to break them in and look worn in. Unlike washed jeans, unwashed jeans have a more solid and rigid fabric and are less stretchy. These jeans will definitely last you a lot longer than washed jeans and are also a bit more versatile in that you can wear them to a business casual event with a blazer and dress shirt or while you’re hanging out at the bar with your friends.

4. Selvedge vs. Raw vs. Non-Selvedge

If you’ve ever come across the terms selvedge, non-selvedge, and raw denim when you’re shopping for a pair of jeans and had no idea what any of these terms referred to, no one would blame you.

Let’s break it down in laymen terms.

Raw – raw denim is basically denim that is untreated in any way. The fabric is fresh and the color or pigment of the raw denim has not been altered. As you begin to wear these jeans, the color will naturally begin to fade. Raw denim also doesn’t lean towards selvedge or non-selvedge on the inseam as it will depend on the company that manufactures that particular raw denim.

Selvedge – selvedge denim or “self-edge” has to do with showing you where the edge of the fabric is and is generally sewn on the inside of the pant. It has a very distinct look with a white strip with a red thread in the middle of it – like this.

Selvedge was once an old method that was used to stop the jeans from fraying. Today, it’s become a fashionable feature and men are wearing it like a badge of honor. Men are cuffing their pants to show off their selvedge inseam.

Companies, too, are catching on to this fashionable trend and are starting to use it decorative ways. What was once only on the inside of the pant is now being shown in the back pockets and belt loops.

Non-Selvedge – if selvedge is meant to pinpoint exactly where the edge of the fabric is with a unique look, then non-selvedge is the complete opposite. It does not have this extra attention to detail and because of this, the inseam is more conducive to fraying. The fabric in non-selvedge denim is usually made more cost-effectively than selvedge denim.

5. Rise

How high or low on your waist you wear your jeans is commonly referred to as rise. There are three different rises when it comes to how jeans are fitted on you.

High Rise – a higher rise just means that these jeans normally sit above the belly button. These jeans are commonly worn by men with much larger bodies. It is not necessarily a bad thing per se, it’s just how this particular shape of jeans is made to be worn.

Medium Rise (Regular) – medium is a much more common rise for men as they generally are worn below the belly button and should fit comfortably around your waist. You’ll typically find pants with a regular rise in more formal types of pants such as khakis, chinos, or dress pants.

Low Rise (Short) – for those that like their pants to ride a bit lower than regular rise, you’re definitely looking at low rise pants. This particular rise of pants tend to give off a more hip or trendy appearance. This particular style is more often worn by skinnier men and they generally sit quite below your natural waistline.

6. Brand

So you’ve found the right style and fit of your jeans and now it’s time to decide which brand of jeans you want to buy. The good thing is that there really is something for everyone.

If you’re more keen on the label of the jeans, there are plenty of designer brands out there that you choose from. If you’re more of a budget shopper, there are lots of great casual brands that are more on the affordable side.

We’ve broken down jeans brands into three distinct categories with a few examples of each below.

Designer Brands – this particular niche of jeans are for men that prefer the actual brand name on their jeans than the actual fit. These jeans can tend to run up in prices, often in the hundreds of dollars for a single pair. A few good examples of designer jeans brands include:

  • Tom Ford
  • Saint Laurent
  • Burberry

American Heritage Brands – lasting the test of time, American heritage brands are those that have consistently made tried and true jeans. The materials used in these jeans are generally made from raw denim and are unwashed. Most of these jeans also sport a selvedge inseam. A few American heritage brands include:

  • Flint & Tinder
  • John Elliott
  • Kato

Casual & Premium Brands – probably the most commonly worn jeans are your casual and premium brands. These brands tend to make jeans that are comfortable and fit a wide range of body types. They are generally more on the affordable side and some of these brands are:

  • Levi’s
  • Guess
  • Crew
  • Rag & Bone

7. Color

When it comes to the color of jeans you should wear, it really depends on your personal preference. You could really make the case for wearing any color of jeans as denim will always be in style and you really can’t go wrong with any color.

If you’ve ever shopped for jeans before, you’ve probably already noticed the same pattern of colors. You’ll see the classic dark navy jeans look as well as a variety of different shades of blue jeans too.

If blue isn’t for you, you can settle for black or dark grey jeans that are becoming more commonly worn among men today. We’ve found that the dark navy and black colored jeans are both incredibly versatile colors as they can be worn in business casual situations or on an everyday basis. Finally, if you really want to step outside of the box, there are even white colored jeans now.

For men especially, wearing jeans should be about comfort as it’s something that can easily be worn in a variety of different situations and even on an everyday basis. If you feel more confident sporting a darker color of jeans over a lighter color, that is entirely up to you.

8. Price

A big factor of any purchase can be the price. And like a lot of other products with a lot of variety, the price of a pair of jeans can definitely range from affordable to expensive.

Depending on what value you place on a pair of jeans, one can reasonably expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $300 for a brand new pair of jeans. In some instances, it can be less than $50 or more than $300 but this range should give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay.

A lot can go into the price of a pair of jeans. The brand name itself and not necessarily the materials it’s made of, can be an influential factor.

If you are focused on the quality of the jeans, you should expect to pay more. These jeans should be able to withstand wear and tear of everyday usage and should last you at least a few years without rapidly deteriorating in quality.

Conversely, if you’re shopping for a budget pair of jeans, you might notice wear and tear to set in more quickly as the color of jeans may begin to fade within a few months. For these jeans, if you can get two years or more of everyday use, you’ve definitely gotten good value out of them.

The 12 Best Jeans For Men of 2020 Reviewed

1. Everlane Slim Fit Jean For Men

Best Overall

Our choice for best overall jeans for men is the Everlane Slim Fit. Providing premium comfort at a very fair price point, this Slim Fit is the perfect choice for any occasion and everyday wear.

As we touched on earlier, slim fit jeans are definitely in style right now and with the Everlane Slim Fit jeans, you’ll definitely be rocking a very in look at the moment.

It is made of 98% cotton with 2% elastane materials. The elastane gives the fabric a 2-way stretch and gives your legs a bit more room to breathe and range of motion.

In terms of the fit, we can honestly say, it fits perfectly. They’re not too tight but not too loose either. They fit slim through the hip and thigh area and thanks to the elastane materials, the fabric never feels too rigid either. They sit comfortably on your waist with a regular rise and can be worn with or without a belt.

There are six colors you can choose from, mostly similar shades of blue including washed and unwashed colors. The range of sizes is also very wide and impressive and enables men of skinny to athletic body types to be able to find the right size for them.

With so many great features, it’s clear why we’ve chosen the Everlane Sim Fit as our best overall pair of jeans.


  • Great value
  • Stretchy materials provide for more comfort
  • Good selection of colors and sizes


  • None

What You Need To Know

There’s a lot going for the Everlane Slim Fit Jeans that makes it our top overall pick. Premium comfort with extra stretch, a great price, and a fashionable sense of style make these jeans a must-buy.

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2. Naked & Famous Weird Guy Raw Jeans

Best Raw & Selvedge Jeans

We’ve reviewed numerous raw and selvedge jeans but the best one we found is the Naked & Famous Weird Guy Raw Jeans.

This pair has a crisp and fresh feel to it from the untreated denim and these slim jeans provide you with ultimate comfort. With such a noticeable selvedge, clearly, the only way to wear these jeans is with the cuffs up.

Since this pair is working with raw denim, it can feel quite sturdy at first, but after a few washes, the material begins to relax and adjust to your body type to give off a very comfortable fit. It is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex materials which will allow for a bit of stretch through the legs.

They fit slim around the hip and thigh region with a nice taper down the legs for a narrower leg opening.

These jeans sit on your waist with a regular rise. However, one downside is that a brand new pair of these jeans tend to fit on the smaller side and they do recommend ordering one size up.

Another feature that is hit or miss with some men is that these jeans uses the unconventional button-up fly – as opposed to the traditional zip-up fly – which can be a nuisance doing up when you’re in the bathroom.

For a pair of raw and selvedge jeans the price can be considered on the higher end. But, in order to make a fashion statement with your cuffed-up jeans showing off that selvedge, and sleek and stylish fit of these jeans, it’s an acceptable price to pay for high-quality denim.

All in all, the Naked & Famous Weird Guy Raw Jeans is still the best bet when it comes to the best raw & selvedge jeans. We love that the raw denim relaxes after a few washes and adopts your figure to give you some great comfort.


  • Best raw and selvedge jeans
  • Crisp, raw denim that adjusts to your body type
  • Fits comfortably in the hip, thigh, and leg areas


  • Button-up fly
  • Sizing is a bit off (recommend to order one size up)

What You Need To Know

If you enjoy showing off a bit of style, you’ll absolutely be doing that in these Naked & Famous raw denim jeans. However, if you do buy these jeans, you’re obviously buying it for the clean selvedge and you have to wear it with the cuffs up.

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3. Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans For Men

Affordable (Cheap) Jeans

One of the tried, tested, and true brands of jeans is Levi’s. They’ve become synonymous with the brand that people instantly think about when it comes to quality jeans at low prices.

That’s why the Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans is our pick for the best affordable (cheap) jeans.

Slim fit jeans are all the rage for men right now and at this affordable price point, you’ll be able to rock these jeans confidently while sporting that classic, Levi’s jeans look.

These jeans feature a very modern look and is made of a blend of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. The stretch in fabric gives you greater range of motion in the hip and thigh region. It comes with the regular zip-up fly, 5 pocket styling, and a very wide range of colors and sizes.

For slim jeans, these Levi’s have a lower rise and sits just below the waist area. If you’re not used to a low rise, you can easily wear a belt with these jeans too.

Levi’s is known for their quality jeans at super affordable prices and that’s what you get with the Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans. This pair will only set you back only a little bit and give you peace of mind in knowing that you’re wearing a pair of dependable jeans from one of the most trustworthy brands.

If you don’t care much for designer brands and just want a quality pair of slim jeans at an affordable price, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair than the Levi’s 511 Slim Fit.


  • Classic, Levi’s look
  • Stretch materials allows for greater range of motion
  • Lots of colors
  • Great price


  • Sits a bit lower for slim jeans

What You Need To Know

If price is ultimate factor in the purchase of your jeans, you might as well flash a bit of in-trend style and go with the very affordable Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans. They sport that classic Levi’s look and has a great range of colors to choose from.

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4. Flint & Tinder Stretch Selvedge

Best American Made Jeans

You may not know it but jeans from denim are produced all over the world. But when it comes to the best pair of American made jeans, Flint & Tinder’s Stretch Selvedge jeans is our top pick.

Flint & Tinder’s jeans are produced in sunny Los Angeles, California and are made of high-quality denim and with extreme comfort in mind.

It is made of 96% mixed cotton but the comfort comes from the 1% spandex in these jeans. Despite the small amount of spandex, it goes a long way in providing stretchable and breathable fabric.

We love these jeans because they don’t need much time to be broken into and the first time you slip them on, it’ll feel like you’ve had these jeans for a while.

Let’s talk about the quality selvedge on these jeans. They are expertly weaved onto these jeans to give it a smooth touch of detail and adds superior quality to the denim.

With some of the finest denim you can find in America, it’s not unreasonable to expect this pair of jeans to last you more than a few years.

With production of these jeans being done in America and not overseas, production costs tend to be much higher. Because of this, it’s reflected in the price of the jeans and these jeans are no exception. Expect to pay a bit more than most.  But if you’re looking to support American-made products and craftsmanship, then show some love to Flint & Tinder’s Stretch Selvedge jeans.


  • Made in USA (LA)
  • Made of quality and comfortable materials
  • Selvedge adds detail and quality to the design


  • Price is on the higher end

What You Need To Know

Some people are just unsure of what kind of quality they’re going to get when they purchase something made overseas. You can absolutely trust that the best American made jeans, the Flint & Tinder Stretch Selvedge is 100% made in America and 100% made with some of the best denim production methods, ensuring you get a top-notch, American-made pair of dapper jeans.

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5. AG Slim Straight Leg Jeans For Tall Men

Best For Tall Men

Jeans come in all different sizes but oftentimes, it can be hard for tall men to find the right pair for their lankier legs. Enter AG’s Slim Straight Leg Jeans. Not only are these jeans the perfect pair for tall men, but they are also very snug too.

These jeans fit well around the hip and thigh regions and runs straight down the leg which is great if you have toned and or skinnier legs as it won’t be too baggy or too tight.

It’s made up of 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane, which is a material that commonly stretches the denim and over time, will cause the raw denim to expand and lose a lot of its rigidity.

These slim fit jeans have a mid-rise with a 10” front rise and a 14” back rise, that helps to ensure these jeans never ride too low.

These jeans are priced on the higher end but if you’re tall and lanky and often have difficulties finding a pair of jeans that fit your particular body type, these AG Slim Straight Leg Jeans are a steal for you.


  • Fits perfectly for lankier/skinny legs
  • Doesn’t ride low
  • Versatile


  • Stretch materials can expand fabric over time

What You Need To Know

For tall, slender men, you’d be hard pressed to find a better pair of jeans for those lanky legs than the AG Slim Straight Leg Jeans. They aren’t too tight nor are they too spacious so they’ll fit you just perfect.

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6. Banana Republic Slim Dark Wash Jean

Best For Short Men

Now when it comes to more modest-sized men, we found that the Banana Republic’s Slim Dark Wash Jean the best jeans for short men.

Considering that the shortest length you can have of these pants is a size 28L and you’ll know that you’ll probably be able to find a size if you’re on the modest side. This is great for you and helps you save money as you finally won’t need to go get those jeans hemmed to be able to fit you.

Apart from the convenient sizing, you’re also getting a very sleek-looking style of slim fit jeans. It is a non-selvedge pair of jeans and the fabric of these jeans is very soft and stretchy. With cotton making up only 79% of the fabric with the rest going to a mix of polyester and polyurethane, these jeans are one of the more stretchable ones we’ve reviewed.

These jeans sit just below the waist with a regular rise and it’s tight enough where wearing a belt is entirely optional.

Unfortunately, these jeans only come in one color (Rinse Wash Blue) which is a shame because we think these jeans would look just as good in black.

With a moderate price point, you’re getting some great value given that you saved your trip to the tailor as they won’t need to be hemmed.

Banana Republic has a real winner here with a very sleek and trendy pair of jeans. They have clearly thought of all their male customers and have made it incredibly easy for shorter men to pick out an awesome pair of hip jeans without having to pay more to get it altered. That is why we’re calling these jeans our top pick for best jeans for short men.


  • Save on hemming costs and easily find your size.
  • Soft and stretchy fabric.


  • Fabric might get worn down quicker.

What You Need To Know

Short men might do a double take when they see Banana Republic’s Slim Dark Wash Jeans actually come in their size. But it’s true and there might be no greater feeling knowing that these jeans are incredibly comfortable, stylish, and reasonably priced for a pair of trendy jeans.

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7. Bonobos Stretch Eco Jeans

Best For Big Thighs

If your body type is more muscular and on the athletic build side, you’ve probably had trouble finding jeans that aren’t too tight around your thigh areas. We understand your plight and have found the right pair of jeans for you.

Bonobos’ Stretch Eco Jeans is simply the best jeans for big thighs.

The best thing about these jeans is that Bonobos has taken your more athletic build into consideration by offering three types of fit for their jeans: tailored, slim, and athletic.

With the athletic fit, you’re getting more breathing room in the thigh area which should be more than enough room to accommodate your bigger thighs.

The 2% elastane materials in these jeans gives these jeans some stretch and provides more wiggle room for your thighs if you need it. These jeans are made with indigo dyes and may bleed out onto other clothing when you wash it, so be sure to wash these jeans inside out and with clothing of similar color.

Since these jeans will fit your athletic build so well, you also don’t have to worry about the rise dropping too low or riding too high as it nestles in at a regular rise.

A variety of colors in these jeans are available but they consist of varying shades of blue.

We know it can be hard to find a pair of jeans that aren’t uncomfortably tight in the thigh region for you athletic men and that is why for under $100, these Bonobos Stretch Eco Jeans are an excellent purchase. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pair of jeans that fits you better and at a better price point than these.

There aren’t many companies or brands that willingly decide to take the chance to step outside of the hot jeans trends (i.e. slim, skinny, regular fits), but Bonobos has really thought about men with different lower body types. In doing so, they’ve created an athletic fit of their Stretch Eco Jeans so that men with a more muscular build can confidently sport these dapper jeans.


  • Accommodates athletic builds
  • More space/stretch in thigh area
  • Great value


  • Indigo dyes may bleed

What You Need To Know

Finding a pair of jeans for a more muscular, athletic type of body can be hard but with the Bonobos Stretch Eco Jeans, your thighs will have ample room to breathe and won’t feel constricted. If you’ve struggled finding a pair of jeans where that isn’t the case, then get yourself a pair of these jeans.

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8. Topman Ripped Slim Fit Jeans

Best Ripped Jeans

Another type of jeans that has really picked up some fashion steam over the last few years are ripped jeans. These jeans sport holes and rips in them and are the ultimate fashion statement for men’s jeans.

If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, look no further than our choice for best ripped jeans, Topman’s Ripped Slim Fit Jeans.

Topman has a superb reputation for producing jeans that are in style, comfortable, and affordable and this pair hits all three.

The rips in these jeans aren’t massive so if you’re expecting big holes where you can see your entire knee, this pair isn’t for you. Rather, the holes and rips in these jeans are very modest in size and are done tastefully to add style over substance.

These slim fit jeans are a mid-rise and are more than comfortable through the hips and thighs. Like many of the slim fit jeans nowadays, these jeans also have a slight stretch to the fabric ensuring more range of motion.

In terms of affordability, these jeans are an absolute steal. They provide great value because of its exceptional fit and the added stylish features from the rips.

If you’re looking to rock the ripped jean style confidently, you need the Topman Ripped Slim Fit Jeans in your wardrobe.


  • Stylish jeans with subtle rips
  • Comfortable
  • Great value


  • Rips can possibly expand from lots of wear and tear

What You Need To Know

If you’re digging a very subtle ripped jeans style, Topman’s Ripped Slim Fit Jeans has you covered. You’re really getting two distinct and very in styles with these jeans as you’ll fashion a few modest-sized rips in these jeans, and they are also of a slim fit. The price is very affordable which makes these jeans a steal.

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9. 34 Heritage Relaxed Straight Jean For Men

Best For Men Older Men

If you’ve gotten this far and realized that the ripped, slim, and skinny fit jeans are a bit too hip for you and want something more sophisticated, check out our pick for the best jeans for older men, the 34 Heritage Relaxed Straight Jean.

We’re going to stop short of calling these dad jeans but these 34 Heritage jeans are made with an older male demographic in mind.

These jeans ride a bit higher with a high rise as evidenced by the 16.5” back rise. They also have a darker wash, making these jeans, which only come in the one dark blue color, look faintly broken in.

It has some stretch in the fabric and it’s particularly noticeable through the thigh area. Below the knee area, the jeans feature a mini-bootcut design. It’s not a full bootcut so these jeans can easily be worn with dress shoes or boots.

In terms of value, these 34 Heritage jeans are a bit steep in price. It’s more than what many would ideally like to pay, but if you’re simply looking for an ordinary pair of versatile jeans, these are a good purchase.

And if you’re on the older side and can’t be bothered with men’s jeans trends and just want to find a pair of jeans that’s comfortable for you, 34 Heritage has you covered with their Relaxed Straight Jeans.


  • Mini-bootcut adds style
  • Comfortable through the thighs
  • High-rise ensures you can wear with or without belt


  • Pricey

What You Need To Know

If you’re pushing past 40 and don’t mind spending a rather high price for a normal pair of comfy jeans, then take a chance on 34 Heritage’s Relaxed Straight Fit Jeans. These jeans just have a no-frills, relaxed fit to them with a bit of stretch in the fabric. Go ahead and buy these jeans if the current trends in men’s jeans aren’t for you.

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10. Wrangler Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans

Best Relaxed Fit

Before the skinny and slim fit jeans styles came along, many men preferred the traditional relaxed fit style of jeans. While not as prominent as before, we still present to you our favorite choice for relaxed fit jeans, the Wrangler Relaxed Fit Jeans.

It is made of 100% cotton so you won’t find any extra elastane or stretch materials in these jeans. However, the cotton used in these jeans are made with a soft cotton fabric and aren’t as rigid as raw denim.

In terms of fit, you would expect it to be relaxed and that’s exactly what you get in the hip and thigh region. It sits comfortably on your waistline with a regular rise.

These jeans do sport a bit of style if you’re looking for an old-school flair. Below the knee area, these jeans have a bootcut which will allow you to wear any kind of footwear, but is particularly great with boots.

There’s also a great selection of colors from a darker blue to a lighter blue washed look.

Price wise, you’re looking at an absolute bargain with this pair of Wrangler’s. It’s almost unheard of to find a solid pair of jeans for under $50, but these Wrangler’s are well below this mark.

For the best relaxed fit and traditional style of jeans, it’s hard to find one that will provide you with better value than these Relaxed Fit Jeans.


  • Unbeatable price
  • Relaxed fit in hip, thigh, and calf region
  • Bootcut adds style


  • Compromise on quality materials

What You Need To Know

For men who like a bit of space in their jeans, you’re probably looking for a relaxed fit pair and the best one’s you’ll be able to find at an amazing price is Wrangler’s Relaxed Fit Jeans. They fit more like your traditional jeans with the fabric being a bit more rigid due to no elastane or stretch materials in the fabric. However, there is plenty of space in these jeans for you to wear comfortably on an everyday basis.

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11. Nudie Jeans For Men

Best Organic Cotton Jeans

Jeans are notorious for being one of the less eco-friendly products to produce and often pesticides are used to help grow the cotton fabric found in jeans.

More and more companies today are discovering more sustainable production methods by using eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton.

Organic cotton is just as good in quality, if not better, than regular cotton and thus, our top choice for best organic cotton jeans goes to Nudie Jeans for Men.

Jeans that use organic cotton are just as durable and sturdy as jeans using regular cotton. These Nudie Jeans use 98% organic cotton and have 2% elastane materials to add some stretch to the fabric. You’ll really notice the stretchiness in the fabric after your first couple of washes.

They have a regular rise and fit slim through the seat and thighs, with a slight taper down the leg.

There’s not much to choose from in variety of colors as there is only two but there is a wide selection of sizes available.

Because these Nudie Jeans are made with organic cotton, they aren’t going to come cheap, however, their eco-friendly and comfy nature offers fantastic value.

If you deeply care about purchasing products that are produced in a sustainable way, the Nudie Jeans for men are the best overall organic cotton jeans you will find.


  • Fashionably eco-conscious
  • Stretch in fabric comes after first wash


  • Price is high

What You Need To Know

If you’re big on organic products with an emphasis on products that are made using sustainable practices, then slip on a pair of Nudie Jeans. These jeans fit nice and snug thanks to the organic cotton fabric that is very soft and high quality. You’ll have to pay a pretty penny for these jeans however.

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12. Mott & Bow Straight – Oliver

Best Straight Jeans

Another alternative to the slim and skinny style of jeans for men is a style that has withstood different jeans fads over the years, the straight jeans. For many men, it is still their preferred style when it comes to jeans.

These jeans by Mott & Bow are made of 99% cotton with 1% elastane materials, giving these jeans the more-standard, stretchiness in the fabric.

The stretch in the fabric seems a bit unnecessary as there is plenty of space in these straight fit jeans, although far from being baggy.

The Oliver’s have a mid-rise, sitting just below your belly button. As the name of the jeans says, they fit straight through the hips and thighs and right on down below your knees. Your legs won’t come close to feeling constrained in these jeans either.

It comes in three eye-catching and great colors: dark blue, raw (unwashed), and light/medium blue (washed).

Overall, the Mott & Bow Straight – Oliver is an excellent choice if you want your jeans nice and straight without any sorts of tapers or bootcut designs. Your legs will benefit from great breathability and you’ll be able to rock some classy colors in these top-notch jeans.


  • Legs can breathe in these jeans
  • Fits straight through the legs and doesn’t have extra detail (i.e. tapers and bootcuts)
  • Made from quality and durable materials


  • Elastane is unnecessary

What You Need To Know

The Mott & Bow Straight – Oliver is a superb alternative to the skinny and slim jeans trends. If you’re looking for slightly more space in your jeans than what you normally get in the skinny and slim, straight fit jeans is your best bet and you’ll enjoy a pair of these Oliver’s.

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How to Wear A Pair of Jeans Confidently

If you’ve ever heard the moniker, “look good, feel good,” that can easily be applied to the way you wear your jeans. It’s easy to wear any pair of jeans but there’s a bit of nuance to feeling confident while in them.

Some of that nuance involves what to do before you buy your new pair of jeans.

There are a few things you need to know about how your pants will fit before wearing them. Here is a breakdown of some of the things to consider in order to help you feel fully confident wearing jeans.

1. Get Yourself Measured

We cannot overstate the importance of getting yourself measured. Yes, it can be a tedious task and you may think it’s a waste of time. But, it’s an important first step to really feeling confident in your jeans.

The immediate benefit of getting yourself measured is that you will know the type and fit of jeans that you should be looking for. Getting measured helps to ensure a proper fit of your jeans and can help you narrow down your focus when you do your shopping.

Getting measured is really easy to do. You can either go to a tailor to get measured or if you prefer buying more designer brand jeans, some stores will offer a measuring service. This will allow you to see your true size, the right fit for you, whether you prefer selvedge or non-selvedge jeans, and the stretchiness of the jeans itself.

If you are unsure, it is totally alright to ask the store to get fitted. Better to be safe than sorry.

But in times where you are sorry, just know that it is also completely acceptable to return your jeans within that store’s allotted return period. When purchasing jeans online, statistics show that customers typically return about 50% of the merchandise they buy online.

So, if a pair doesn’t fit or if you realize it’s just not the right style for you, there’s absolutely no shame in returning it.

2. Avoid a Saggy or Pronounced Bottom

While some men enjoy wearing their jeans with a low rise, we advise you that if you’re trying to rock your jeans proudly and confidently, you try and avoid wearing your jeans that are half-way down your butt. Not only does this not inspire a confident look, but it’s just not a very fashionable way to wear your jeans.

To feel good about the way your jeans fit on you, they should rest comfortably in the seat of your pants. As we mentioned, you don’t want them sagging or falling down your waist. If you do find your jeans sagging down, it’s time to either find a higher rise of pants or go down a waist size or two.

3. Visit Your Tailor

So, what should you expect when you visit your tailor to get measured?

You should expect to have an accurate measurement to the nearest inch or two on the inseam of your pants. This gives you a definite number as the length size of pants you should be looking for.

Visiting a tailor is one of the best ways to discover the proper fit of your jeans. They do an excellent job at finding out what is a comfortable fit for you and are thorough in their measurements. They can easily recommend you the right size you should be looking for when shopping for jeans.

Your tailor should also be able to determine how much of the length of your jeans should fold over the front tongue of your shoes. This is to ensure that it’s not too long but not too short either.

Lastly, while not directly related to getting measured, tailors can also help you preserve old pants you’ve worn by tidying up old pants that are beginning to fray (i.e. fabric is starting to rip from wear and tear). So, if you have an old pair of jeans that are starting to look a little rough around the edges so to speak, simply bring it to the tailors and they can tidy it up for you by hemming the cuffs.

4. Get The Right Fit For Your Body

Ultimately, finding the right fit of jeans for you can come down to your body composition. No two men are built the same and all men have their own personal preferences with how they like to wear their jeans.

In terms of finding the right fit for you, here are some body types to help you figure out which category you stand in.

Slender/Skinny Build – for men with this particular body type, congratulations, as you’ll probably be able to fit into just about any type of jeans. But for the slender build, jeans with slim legs, and a low-to-regular rise waist are a recommended fit as it will help to balance this body’s build.

Athletic/Larger Build – if you live a more active lifestyle and your body type tends to skew towards a larger frame, you’ll probably benefit from wearing jeans with a skinny to straight leg fit. Going with the straight leg look will help to balance your appearance especially if a lot of your mass is in your upper body. In terms of rise, you won’t want it too low nor too high, so a regular rise waist is perfect.

Muscular Build – if you find yourself living in the gym, chances are, you probably have a very muscular build. You’ll probably have more accentuated curves than most men and for this, you’ll want to wear jeans that have wider legs, especially in the thigh area. This will allow your legs to breathe more and gives you more flexibility and range of motion. Avoid wearing jeans with a boot cut at all costs since it will add too much volume. Skinny jeans can be a great pick here as they showcase the hard work you have been putting in at the gym.

Wider Midsection/Hips – for men who are a bit stockier or wider through the midsection and hips area, we recommend going with jeans that have a regular or looser fit. This allows for more comfortability and will allow you to move around more freely than tighter pants. You’ll also want these pants to sit comfortably around your waistline so opt for the jeans with a regular rise.

Shorter – for men of a shorter stature (5’6” and shorter), there are a number of ways you could go here but for maximum comfort, try to avoid jeans that are either too skinny or too baggy; somewhere in the middle (like a slim cut) is ideal. You’ll also benefit from having jeans with a shorter/lower rise but if you prefer a regular rise, that’s also entirely up to you as well. If you’re ever unsure about the right fit for you, ask a store representative for some help or perhaps seek another opinion, especially, if you don’t feel comfortable in what’s been recommended for you.

Common Questions Men Had About Jeans

We’ve taken you through the many different considerations that you should think about when buying a pair of jeans as well as our favorite pairs. But, if you still have questions, we’ll do our best to answer some of the more common questions men have when it comes to buying a pair of jeans.

What are the best places to buy jeans for men?

You really can’t go wrong buying a new pair of jeans directly from the company that makes the jeans themselves. At these retail stores, if there is one thing you should expect, it is consistency in the quality of jeans across all stores. Thus, buying a pair of jeans whether in Los Angeles or New York, should amount to the same quality and consistency.

If you can’t make it out to that specific company’s retail store, the next best place to buy a pair of jeans is from online fashion stores. Some of these online stores, such as Nordstrom and Macy’s, to name a few, often carry and sell multiple brands. They have large warehouses scattered around the world where they house their inventory of all these brands. You’ll also feel safe knowing that you won’t be purchasing counterfeit items and having the peace of mind buying from a reputable company.

Where should jeans rest on my waist?

Another common question is where should jeans sit on your waist? It’s a great question and once again, it really depends on your body type and what you’re comfortable with.

It also depends on the rise of the jeans you select. As we mentioned before, there are three areas where jeans can rest on your waist: high-rise (above the belly button), regular rise (just below the belly button), and low rise (below your natural waistline).

Generally speaking, most jeans should naturally grip and sit on your waist or the indent where your midsection is. Try and find your hip bone on your waist and your jeans should rest comfortably around this area and without relying on a belt. That’s when you know you’ve found the sweet spot.

What jeans are in style for men?

Everyone wants to look good in jeans. Oftentimes, that means keeping up with the latest fashion trends. For men in particular, we’re noticing two distinct trends.

Raw denim is one of the hotter trends for men’s jeans. The unwashed and solid feel of a sturdier cut of jeans has men coming back to purchase more of these jeans because of their durability and longevity.

Another big trend, especially over the last decade, is the emergence of slim or skinny jeans. We’re seeing this more and more than the traditional straight or baggy style of jeans.

With the slim and skinny jeans, you’re getting fabric that hugs to your leg a bit more than the airy straight and baggy styles. While range of motion might be more restricted in slim and or skinny jeans, men are enamored with this style right now.

What are the best designer jeans for men?

With a product category that has hundreds of different brands with different price points, this is more of a subjective question and the answer to this will vary from person to person.

The best answer to this is that it is constantly changing and evolving with the trends in men’s fashion today.

While it’s easy to settle on a glamorous brand and shell out hundreds of dollars for one of the top “brands” in men’s jeans, we really cannot stress enough the importance of finding jeans that ultimately fit your body type the best.

Think of it this way. Would you rather have a $300 pair of jeans that fit terribly but you bought it because of the label or would you rather enjoy a pair of $70 jeans that fit your body type perfectly?

Now, we’re not advocating for you to not buy a big-name designer brand. To each, their own. But we’re advising you to make sure that whatever pair of jeans you do end up buying, that it fits you well and that you’re comfortable wearing them, above all else.

Jeans vs. Pants vs. Chinos vs. Khakis

Jeans. Pants. Chinos. Khakis. What’s the difference? Aren’t they all technically pants anyways?

These are the most frequently worn pants among men and we’ll highlight the notable features of each and how they differ from each other.


Jeans can be seen as the everyday pair of pants for men. They are arguably the most comfortable pants to wear as they are often fully made of cotton (90%+).

Depending on the type of jeans you purchase, some jeans also offer the ability to stretch the fabric through elastic or spandex materials in the jeans. This allows for more comfort as the jeans are capable of expanding and you’ll get more range of motion in your hip and thigh area.

Jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing you’ll own and can be used in a casual outfit with a t-shirt (think of the Mark Zuckerberg look) or they can be used in a business casual setting (think of Mark Cuban on Shark Tank).


On a technical basis, yes, jeans are considered a type of pants. However, in this particular instance, when we refer to pants or trousers, we’re using them in the context of dress pants or pants that are used more in formal settings. Thus, dress pants are intended to give off a more professional appearance than jeans.

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate office, you’ll often find men wearing some form of dress pants. Dress pants are meant to give off a professional-looking appearance and thus, they should be ironed frequently to ensure that no creases or folds stand out. You don’t need to worry about this with jeans.

If jeans are considered the everyday pants, dress pants or trousers can be considered the everyday work pants.


Another common type of pants among men are chinos.

Slightly more flimsy in fabric design than khaki pants, chinos can be seen as somewhere in the middle between jeans and dress pants. Like jeans, they are very durable and a good pair should last you a few years.

Chinos come in a wide variety of colors and are a trustworthy choice of pants because of their great durability.

Much like jeans, they’re also very versatile in that they can be worn in both casual and business settings as well.


Khakis are probably the next best kind of pants, other than jeans, that men enjoy wearing.

Unfortunately, when you think of khakis, you might instantly think of tan pants. This specific color has been ingrained into our minds as being the only color for khakis. But that’s simply not the case as khakis can come in multiple colors. Khakis really refer to the actual type of pants itself and not the color.

Now that we’ve cleared up the confusion, let’s talk about what fabric makes up khakis. At first glance, they can be similarly compared with chinos as the fabric can seem quite similar, albeit slightly thicker in khakis.

However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that most khakis have pleats and or cuffs while chinos usually don’t have either.

A similarity with their distant cousin, the chinos, is that khakis too can also be used in business and or casual environments.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Jeans

In our extensive research of the best jeans for men, we’ve hopefully opened your eyes to the many considerations that should go into choosing the right pair for you. More importantly, we’ve identified and gone in-depth on a number of key factors that you should look for.

For any product you hope will last you at least a few years, you would expect a high-quality product. The materials with which jeans are made are important because choosing the right pair of jeans made from durable fabric will ensure you get good value for your money.

We also went over the importance of the style of your jeans. While there are a few that really in style right now, ultimately, there is no right style. It boils down to what style works for best for you.

Once you’ve figured out the style for you, another thing to consider is the color of the jeans. Are you a dark navy blue guy or a black jeans guy? Can you see yourself wearing white jeans? Once again, this boils down to a personal preference and what color you feel most natural and confident in.

Finally, like any purchase, price can be a big factor in the pair of jeans you end up buying. From $50-$300, you can find any pair of jeans under the sun within this price range. From high designer brands to more casual ones, jeans can be bought from plenty of different companies and different prices.

After taking all of this and more into account, we gave you our top list of the best jeans for men. We tried hard to key in on jeans of different styles and men with different body shapes. With our well-rounded list of the best jeans, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a pair that suits your needs.

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