Keep It Classy: The Best Cufflinks For Your Wardrobe

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Whether you are attending a wedding or a boardroom meeting, nothing subtly demonstrates your sense of style like a set of cufflinks.

From novelty offerings like the Millennium Falcon to an exquisite Italian crafted set of cufflinks from Salvatore Ferragamo – the options for men are truly limitless.

But often with fashion there are a set of ‘rules’ that are based around what you should wear and when.

However, those rules are constantly in flux and can be easily confused.  Fortunately though, we put together a few pointers on what to consider when picking out your next pair of cufflinks.

What Is The Context of Which You Are Wearing The Cufflinks?

If you are going to a black tie event (i.e. oftentimes a wedding or formal gathering where a tux is worn), a standard pair of cufflinks typically clad in silver or have subtle designs elements will be appropriate.

These low-key designs to cufflinks will ensure that they don’t detract from the rest of your suit and will generally complement your overall style.

If you are tempted to wear a dash of color on your cufflinks – this is still going to be ok…

But we recommend adding a personal touch:

Should you be attending a wedding, try and get the scoop on what the bridesmaids will be wearing (i.e. purple dresses of bridesmaids would pair perfectly with the TF PVD Tourbillion Cufflinks).

But even if you don’t feel like putting down over $400 on a pair of cufflinks, a simple design like this offering by Salutto would make an excellent choice.

Contrary, if you are going to a white tie event that is extremely formal, then you will undoubtedly want to pick up a cufflink that is clad in pearl, silver, or another light color material.

An example would be the Silver Britt cufflinks by Gucci.

Lastly, casual wear:

When it comes to the daily office grind or even a simple dress-up on the weekends, you are absolutely allowed to have some fun.

With a less formal setting, feel free to break a few rules and try out the Jet Turbine cufflinks by Deakin & Francis, or better yet the Millennium Falcon cufflinks.

The point here is to relax and let your personality speak through your design choices!

If you are on a shoestring budget, the folks over at have a pretty vast selection of cufflinks at an incredibly affordable price.

How To Wear Cufflinks

If it’s your first time ever picking up a pair of cufflinks, not to fret – they are incredibly easy to use.

Instead of dribbling on here in writing, we found this really well produced video by Gentux that demonstrates all the steps (only ~ 1 minute in duration):

Best Cufflinks For Weddings, Black Tie Events, White Tie Events, Office, and More

1. Aove Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

For all the Star Wars fans out there, these Millennium Falcon cufflinks are for you.

These brass cufflinks are electroplated with nickel and adorned with enamel decorations.

The electroplating helps to hide scratches and scuffs, but even if you do see some wear it will just add to the overall look of the set.

These are not shiny cufflinks, but they look great as a subtle way to show off your inner nerd without being obvious about it.

Goes great with any shirt, and are a fantastic conversation starter.

Now you too can passionately explain to the woefully unfamiliar that a parsec is a measurement of distance and not time.

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2. BABAN Steampunk Watch Cufflinks

Good looking cufflinks are hard to come by, but finding truly innovative designs without breaking the bank is even harder.

Enter BABAN’s Steampunk cufflinks; these little accessories look like watch parts complete with silver finish and little brass gears.

As an added bonus, the gears move when played with, so idle fingers are never bored with these cuff decorations.

They work with any shirt pattern or color, though black and white shirts look best.

These Steampunk cufflinks also work for either formal or casual wear, so whether you are at a wedding or in the office, these will always be appropriate.

BABAN ships these beautiful accessories in a faux alligator skin box which in itself is an added touch of class.

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3. BOSS Round Cufflinks

A little goes a long way with these cufflinks.

They do not feature the standard spinning fastener many cufflinks do, and instead opt for a stationary, single piece look that is reminiscent of tuxedo buttons.

The entire cufflink is a shining silver color, is Italian-made, and is accented by a classy etched grain design in the middle.

Overall, the piece is very eye catching.

With it being a very neutral color, it goes with all colors of suits and shirts without clashing or coming across as gaudy.

Because it is also a single piece, it is not going to break unless it is acted upon by a very strong force.

These Italian-made BOSS round cufflinks are an ageless piece that will be in fashion for years to come; however, because of the brand name, they are also rather expensive.

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4. John Varvatos Square Cufflinks

For unrivaled class, the John Varvatos square cuffs are the way to go.

They feature a smooth onyx face with etched detailing along the sides, making for an elegant and classy overall look.

The face is mounted on a silver bracket, which is finished with a perfect weathered but put-together look.

Wear these cufflinks with a plain white shirt and black suit to make the most pop, but they can be worn with any shirt and suit combination thanks to the coloring.

However, they are very expensive.

If you are looking for yourself, this cufflink set is a sophisticated statement that is classy and unique.

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5. Deakin & Francis Guitar Enameled Cufflinks

Rock on with these gorgeous cufflinks.

Crafted in England and shipped to wherever you are, these are the highlight of what rock and roll used to be.

They are made of sterling silver, and the guitar decoration is highlighted with black enamel, making the cufflinks pop against both dark and light backgrounds.

The detail in the guitar is phenomenal, with the strings clearly visible against the fretboard and dials found on many electric guitars can be seen etched into the silver surface.

These cufflinks make a perfect gift for lovers of music, be it modern rock or ‘80s speed metal.

The domed backing on this pair makes for a great place to engrave initials to further personalize the cufflinks.

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6. Deakin & Francis Jet Turbine Cufflinks

The exhilarating rush of travelling to new places is not lost on some people.

These cufflinks are a symbol of places yet untraveled and lands unexplored.

These cufflinks are designed in the shape of a jet turbine, and are perfect for people who love to fly.

Made with brushed, aircraft-grade aluminum to create a silvery steel finish, these are classy but fun for the traveler in your life.

Or, perhaps, you are a traveler yourself and would love to have cufflinks that feature spinning blades.

Yes, these cufflinks have little black blades that spin which adds a novelty factor to otherwise classic cufflinks.

Deakin & Francis products are made in England, but are shipped to passionate people all around the world.

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7. Gucci Sterling Silver G Cufflinks

The Gucci brand has long been considered the brand of celebrities and fashionistas.

They output high quality goods that are a pleasure to wear and always in style.

These cufflinks, sporting the Gucci brand, are a sterling silver accessory that are easy to wear both casually and formally.

They are a very lightweight cufflink due to their 1/2 inch diameter, which can make it feel as though you are not wearing cufflinks at all.

However, there is no fear of losing them as they feature a secure backing to prevent slipping out.

They are sterling silver and while the edges are textured, it is not overbearingly so.  The silver coloring is a very timeless look, and the fact that they are a well-known brand is sure to garner the right kind of attention.

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8. Hart Schaffner’s Button Cufflinks

These 100% brass cufflinks are the perfect addition to any ensemble.

They are a toned down, classic blue color that goes well with navy and blue suits.

These cufflinks also are not shiny like other sets, which makes these more subtle in their design.

To achieve this look, they are plated with rhodium instead of stainless steel.

This makes them longer lasting and more resistant to fingerprints.

Scuffs and scratches are also much less noticeable.

They are not designed to be a statement all on their own, but rather a simple accessory that matches your suit and ties the whole outfit together.

Cufflinks in general should be used as an accessory, not a centerpiece.

Leave the attention to your tie and pocket square.

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9. Ike Behar Blue Cat’s Eye Cufflinks

Adding a splash of color to your suit can be as simple as putting on a tie, but cufflinks can also add a bit of color where people least expect it.

Ike Behar’s blue cat’s eye cufflinks are a sophisticated mix of blue and silver, perfect for light colored shirts.

The mosaic design is a mix of classic and contemporary, and goes well with plain or striped shirts.

Avoid wearing these cufflinks with very busy patterns, as the cufflink will get lost and unnoticed.

However, plain shirts, or shirts with a very subtle pattern will work phenomenally with these cufflinks.

The best shirt colors to wear these with are white and blue, but you can also wear with yellow-tones, gray, and black and add a little pop to your outfit.

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10. Initial Cufflinks by Men’s Collections

Whether you wear cufflinks for formal events like weddings or casually every day, nothing beats a classic single-letter cufflink.

These cufflinks are simplistically designed, with a steel finish that has been polished until it shines.

A single letter adorns each cufflink stem, and are held in place by a typical rotating lock to ensure that they don’t get lost.

Because of their color they can be worn with any color shirt, and with a whole range of letters to choose from, they make a great gift for every occasion.

They also make great gifts for your groomsmen as an affordable way to personalize your wedding party.

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11. JOVIVI Stainless Steel Cufflinks 4-pack

If you can’t decide on a single pair of cufflinks, JOVIVI offers a set of four classic cufflinks that are perfect for every occasion.

They are all made with stainless steel to ensure a clean and shiny look throughout the life of the cufflink.

In this set, there are two square pairs of cufflinks.

The first is a traditional black square link, with a stainless steel square decoration in the middle.

The second is simply a black square with a very subtle weave design.

There is also a round set of cufflinks with a zig-zag design and a cubic zirconia stone inlayed in the center, which is perfect for dark or light colored shirts.

Finally, a bar cufflink that is entirely stainless steel is a perfect alternative for any shirt without being noticeable.

All four cufflinks are designed to add just a subtle hint of class, and due to the color of each pair, they will go with any combination of jacket and tie.

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12. JStyle Carbon Fiber Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an essential part of any shirt and tie ensemble.

Whether you want to dress up a business casual outfit, or add some personality to your suit, cufflinks make a great addition to any occasion.

These carbon fiber cufflinks are definitely a classic, with a black carbon fiber face and woven pattern.

They are made of a brass based, and then brushed with either a stainless steel silver or black to give you greater customization with your outfits.

Black cufflinks for lighter shirts, or silver cufflinks for either dark or light outfits to give it some pop.

Plus, the JStyle cufflinks are sturdy, meaning they are perfect for daily wear.

The one downside to these particular cufflinks is they are a very popular design, so while they are great for a more traditional look, they aren’t very exciting.

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13. Kenneth Cole Gunmetal-Tone Cufflinks

These Kenneth Cole cufflinks are simple and elegant with just a hint of personality in on the sides.

These are finished with a matte polish, leaving them perfectly subtle and unassuming.

The ridges along the outside of the cufflink make these go from plain to elaborate without making them gaudy.

Plus, for those men who really like working with tools, these cufflinks feature the signature flat-head screwdriver indent.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any secret compartments to stash little notes in these cufflinks.

The gunmetal tone comes from the 95% brass being brushed with stainless steel.

They are a great accompaniment to bright colored or very busy shirts with lots of patterns, as they have little pattern of their own with which to clash.

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14. Mickey Mouse Silhouette Cufflinks

Everyone has a little Disney in them, and these cufflinks are the perfect way to show that.

Featuring the signature Disney mascot in shining black enamel, these cufflinks are great for adding a little fun into your outfit.

The body of these cufflinks are made of brass that has been electroplated, and do not have a rotating back like other accessories do.

Instead, the back to these cufflinks are static so there is little chance of them breaking.

Officially licensed by Disney to ensure that what you are getting is the real deal and not a cheap knockoff.

Overall, a great product that will look good for years to come.

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15. Monogram Oval Cufflinks

Dress up your formal look with these stunning oval cufflinks.

They are made out of brass and are nickel plated to give these cufflinks a lasting shine.

These cufflinks are engraved with your initial subtly in the center to create an unassuming decoration that adds just a touch of class.

Due to the plain, flat surface present on the cufflinks, they will not clash with any shirt or suit combination and can be worn with virtually any pattern.

They can even be worn with a tuxedo and still match the whole outfit.

These cufflinks are a timeless addition to your collection and are great for every day wear.

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16. Plane Cufflinks

Plain plane cufflinks are an ideal way to show people that you are a seasoned traveller who loves to be in the sky.

These cufflinks are simple brass in the shape of an airplane, and feature no additional decorations.

However, they are sturdy, and the back of these are designed to be easily slipped on but not slipped off.

These cufflinks are extremely affordable as well, and would make a good addition to any collection.

Despite not being much to look at, they are a very nice gift to give to anyone who likes traveling around the world and go great with many different colors.

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17. Rectangle Monogram Cufflinks

Nothing beats the ageless look of a square cufflink with your initial on it.

These stainless steel cufflinks are both elegant and classy; a single zircon gem adorns the corner of these 1-inch long cufflinks that add just a touch of richness to the overall look, and your initial tastefully engraved on the side is the very height of class.

If you are looking at these, you are a man of sophistication.

You don’t need to make a statement with accessories, you are the statement.

These cufflinks are just little decorations that show what kind of man you are.

A man with high standards and impeccable taste.

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18. Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Cufflinks

Ferragamo products find beauty in simplicity, and that is realized in these cufflinks.

Featuring a double Gancini signature monogram symbol in shining silver, these are a perfect balance between form and function.

The back of these cufflinks is very broad, which helps prevent the cufflink from sliding out and potentially getting lost.

They are made with Italian craftsmanship right in Italy, and sport Ferragamo’s signature logo connecting the two ornate symbols.

With good care, these cufflinks will last for many years thanks to careful engineering and sturdy design that these sorts of products are known for.

If wearing name brand items is your thing, these are a perfect addition to your French cuff shirt and your Italian suit jacket.

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19. Salvatore Ferragamo Rope Cufflinks

The call of the Mediterranean Sea serves as the inspiration for these cufflinks.

The classic Gancini design coupled with a sailing-inspired rope embellishments makes this set a classic addition to any wardrobe.

The body of these cufflinks are made of brass, and the Ferragamo logo is engraved on the links’ toggle closure piece.

The design is minimal; it is simply the brand’s symbol wrapped in a rope design to produce a nautical vibe, but because of its simplicity and solid color, it goes with a wide variety of shirt and suit colors.

Other than the fact that it is a Ferragamo product, there is nothing especially noteworthy about these cufflinks.

However, they are nice, and if you are a collector of good-looking cufflinks, or looking to add a classy but subtle nautical detail to your ensemble, this would make a valuable addition.

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20. Skull Cufflinks

These cufflinks are a stylish addition to any shirt.

Designed after the traditional Mexican practice of making sugar skulls, these intricate cufflinks feature patterns and embellishments that accentuate the curvature of the skull.

The brass cufflinks are given a dark wash over the majority of the body, while the eyes, teeth, and skull are highlighted by gold.

The eyes are a particular point of interest, as they hold a crystal stone to serve as the eyes – or lack thereof.

These cufflinks also come in white for a more traditional take on the classic Day of the Dead practice.

Whichever color you choose, both look great with any outfit and are sure to stir up compliments wherever you go.

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21. Stacy Adams Gold Plated Cufflinks with Rhinestones

For more adventurous men, these beautiful cufflinks definitely make a statement that cannot be ignored.

While they certainly branch out away from more “traditional” styles, they are still a classy alternative to plain squares.

The main highlight of these cufflinks are the meticulously arranged stones are bookended in part by matte gold plated squares.

This creates an offset illusion that is almost symmetrical, but is still aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The silver bar opposite the rhinestones completes the matte finish frame and makes the stones stand out against the light.

All in all, a very daring piece of men’s jewelry best worn with black or a variety of gray suits.

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22. Sterling Silver Globe Cage Cufflinks

Do you love to travel?

These cufflinks are the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe, not just because they are adorned with incredibly detailed globes, but because they are beautifully designed and crafted with extreme care.

The body of the cufflink is sterling silver, a gorgeous precious metal that sparkles and shines in the light.

You would be hard pressed to find brass cufflinks that glow like these do.

The globe set within the frame is also a sight to behold; the water is made of blue lapis, while the landmasses are created with mother of pearl, green and white jasper, and red aventurine to create a small model of Earth right on your wrist.

As an added bonus, these cufflinks come shipped in a little gift box, which looks like a brown leather suitcase for added vintage charm.

Beautifully crafted, and well worth the price if you are a collector of interesting cufflinks.

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23. Tateossian Rhodium Oval Cufflinks with Moving Tourbillon Gears

Men who love wearable eccentric conversation pieces will love these movable cufflinks.

They are made with rhodium plating, so the cufflinks will resist scratches and scuffs while being worn and while in storage.

It also gives them an irresistible shine that perfectly highlights the main centerpiece of this set: tourbillon gears.

The gears move within the cufflink’s face, making them delightful conversation starters.

All you have to do is wiggle your wrist a little in front of curious spectators and watch as they go green with envy.

The Tateossian cufflinks are a bit bigger than other standard accessories; they are nearly 2 inches high and 2.8 inches wide, making them rather bulky.

However, you should not notice any considerable weight difference compared to similarly sized products.

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24. TF PVD Tourbillon Cufflinks

For men who aren’t satisfied with run of the mill cufflinks, these are a luxurious solution to your woes.

These cufflinks combine watch-making technology with the classic look of a cufflink for a product that is daring and bold.

These gorgeous cufflinks are set against a red background, and the black frame serves as a rich border around the accessory’s main attraction.

The tourbillion gears serve as the centerpiece for this product, and make for an interesting conversational piece when worn.

If you are not familiar with tourbillon, it was initially invented in 1795 as a means to counteract the effects of gravity when storing a pocket watch vertically, thus maintaining accuracy.

Today, it is simply a status symbol, and many tourbillon gears are essentially useless with today’s horizontally aligned modern watches.

This decoration is why there is a not-so shocking price tag attached to these little cufflinks.

However, should you still want these on your shirt, you should know that TF is a known maker of quality jewellery for men, and your purchase will last you a lifetime.

The cufflinks are perfect for both casual and formal occasions, come in either PVD or stainless steel, and by wearing them you are sure to get several mentions on this contemporary piece of wearable art.

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25. Wembley USA Cufflinks

Are you a patriotic American?

Is your American flag tie “not appropriate” for the office? These cufflinks are the best way to show how much you love your country while still adhering to your company’s dress code.

The signature red white and blue flag is small enough to not be a distraction to your outfit, but big enough to be noticed and recognized.

They also make for a fantastic conversation piece around the office.

The cufflinks are manufactured in the USA, made from 85% pewter which gives them a nice silvery finish.

Wear these with French or reversible cuffs for a little added personality to your shirt.

Pair with a red and blue tie to really show your true American pride.

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