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15 Best Compression Arm Sleeves For Men Reviewed In 2020

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When we experiences sore, heavy arms, our first impulse is to go straight to the pharmacy. To treat pain, we use expensive medications that often have side effects which leave you impaired.

However, whether your discomfort stems from sore, pulled, or injured muscles, or you suffer from poor circulation, it’s time to put away the medication.

A reusable and cost-efficient alternative exists—and it is scientifically proven. Compression sleeves use the simplicity of applied pressure to effectively treat many discomforts including tendinitis, bursitis, and poor blood circulation (source).

Here is a list of some of the top-rated compression arm sleeves on the market that will help to not only provide relief of existing injuries, but will ward off future injuries:

15 Best Compression Arm Sleeves For Men

1. VIPER Compression Arm Sleeve

Featuring non-slip inner silicone, this compression arm sleeve is equipped to last comfortably for all-day use. Also including Dual-Layer Wicking, your arm will stay dry for the entirety of the sleeve’s use. The double-seam hem and durable material creates a product with a lifetime guarantee.

The premium feel ensures that it is comfortable and will not cause chafing and irritation. The full arm length allows maximum assistance in treating and preventing activity-induced discomfort. Proven to increase oxygen flow in your blood, it is effective in treating multiple different muscle ailments. The 4 sizes allow the right fit to be achieved without the headache.

Perfect for everyday activities and indoor/outdoor use, this arm sleeve is the effective solution to almost any arm discomfort.

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2. Endurance Shield 360 – Premium Arm Compression Sleeves

Made from nylon and Lycra blend, these arm compression sleeves are breathable and moveable by design. Proven to boost the flow of oxygen in your blood, these compression sleeves treat many sports related discomfort and injuries.

The supportive compression allows quick muscle recovery, and increased muscle endurance. Available in 3 sizes, the sleeves are created to fit many arm sizes for both men and women.

Perfect for every sports activity, the breathable material allows it to be worn all day in any situation, and is guaranteed to maintain its shape and effectiveness.

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3. Tuff Togs – Arm Compression Sleeve

This arm-length pair of compression sleeves provide relief throughout the entire arm, from the shoulder to fingertips.

Designed with a unique, honeycomb style, the sleeves will treat pain without causing uncomfortable sweat buildup underneath. Included with a quick-dry knit, additional warmth can be easily added and removed in seconds.

Made from the durable fabric of sport and leisure rash guards, the sleeve will protect your skin from UV rays, and water will not destroy the material. The light compression has be proven to relieve pain from sore or inflamed muscle, treat tendinitis, and improve blood circulation. The durability of this product allows it to be worn in any sport or activity, for constant relief throughout the day.

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4. CompressionZ – Arm Sleeves

Designed with 4-way stretch technology, these compression arm sleeves are the perfect solution to discomforted, swelled and achy muscles.

They are also the perfect solution to prevent future discomfort such as Lymphedema. The anti-chafe materials allows the sleeves to provide all-day relief without itching or irritation with movement. Also featuring anti-odor material, it will keep your arms dry, sweat free, and odorless.

Durable by design, it will not lose its compression nor shape, even with multiple uses in the washer. Available in 7 colors (black, navy, white, pink, nude, maroon, and orange) these compression sleeves are guaranteed to fit your size and style, as well as guaranteed to treat many muscle and blood-circulation related pain.

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5. BeVisible Sports – Compression Arm Sleeves

Equipped with SPF 50+ UV protection, these compression sleeves are perfect for outdoor activity. Created with nylon and spandex, the material is guaranteed to be breathable and moveable. While minimizing sweat buildup and created with anti-chafe technology, all day movement will not decrease its comfortability or effectiveness.

Designed to keep your skin cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the sleeves are effective year round. Proven to treat many sports-related and blood circulation discomfort, it is the ideal solution to these chronic pains.

Also effective for improving your muscles, these compression sleeves can improve your muscle endurance and lesson post-activity muscle pain. Available in 3 colors (green, black, and white) the sleeves are made to fit virtually any size, and any style.

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6. CopperJoint Compression Elbow Sleeve

Carefully designed with copper-infused nylon, this elbow compression sleeve effectively prevents and treats muscle discomfort while remaining completely odorless and moveable.

Proven to be effective in treating bursitis, tendinitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, arthritis, and osteoporosis, the sleeve allows improved oxygen flow in the blood. The compression centered on the elbow relieves joint pain, and can even prevent future injury.

With SPF 50+ protection, this sleeve is perfect for indoor and outdoor activity. The moisture wick design allows all-day and all-night comfort. Available in 5 sizes and absolutely 100% latex free, this elbow compression sleeve is guaranteed to fit comfortably and irritation-free.

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7. Adidas – Compression Arm Sleeve

This compression arm sleeve by Adidas combines medicinal properties with fun fashion. Made with 100% nylon these sleeves feature ClimaCool technology, designed to keep your arm cool and prevent uncomfortable sweat buildup.

With SPF protection the sleeve is effective for all strenuous activity indoors or outdoors. Conveniently designed to match other apparel and footwear, these sleeves are available in 11 styles: Black/white, white/black, university red/white, intense pink/black, black-onix space dye/white, black/onix, dark green/white, maroon/white, power red/black, stars& stripes, and white-light onix.

Proven to increase blood circulation and assist in the treatment of painful sports discomfort such as tendinitis, these fun but effective sleeves are the perfect solution.

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8. Copper United Compression Elbow Sleeve

Focused on the elbow joint, this copper-infused nylon compression sleeve provides relief from swelling, muscle soreness, poor blood circulation, and many other muscle-related ailments such as tendonitis. Ergonomically designed for all movement and created with anti-chafing material, this sleeve is perfect for muscle recovery and for an injury preventative.

The UPF 50+ material is able to effectively stimulate your muscles in any activity indoors or outdoors while protecting your skin from the sun. With its moisture wick design, the elastic brace will keep your skin dry and comfortable for hours on end.

This unisex brace is available in 4 sizes and will fit virtually every shape. The durable design guarantees that it will maintain its effectiveness and shape after months of everyday use.

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9. Dynamic Athletica – Compression Arm Sleeves

The nylon and spandex blend of this pair of compression arm sleeves guarantees high performance. Designed to wick away moisture and eliminate odor, the sleeves help keep your skin stay dry and smell-free.

The fabric blend allows a wide range of motion while maintaining optimal compression. The flat lock seams ensure your comfort, eliminating skin irritation and chafing. Proven to benefit work outs, the increased blow flow caused by these sleeves help your muscles recovery quickly.

These sleeves are also proven to treat many sports-related discomforts such as tendonitis and golfer’s arm. The full-arm length guarantees maximized blood flow and effectiveness.

Available in 3 colors (black, navy, and white) as well as 5 sizes, these compression sleeves are guaranteed to fit your size and style, or your money back.

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10. FITSHIT – Premium Arm Compression Sleeves

Effective in increasing blood flow, compression sleeves are used to treat many circulation and muscle-related discomfort. Created with premium materials, these sleeves are guaranteed to keep your arms cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and protected with SPF 50+ fabric. Designed to move with you, these sleeves provide comfort as well as optimal compression.

Perfect for sports activities, indoor and outdoor, it has been proven to help your muscles recovery quickly, and prevent painful muscle swelling and tearing.

Although perfect for sports, there are countless other uses. People who spend all day standing or sitting, such as nurses and office workers, find these compression sleeves to be extremely effective in treating and preventing pain, and improving their blood circulation.

Available in two sizes, the sleeves are guaranteed to fit virtually every size.

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11. WIMI Sports & Fitness – Tennis Elbow & Copper Infused Compression Elbow Sleeve

The copper-infused nylon used to create this 2 in 1 pain-relief brace ensures maximum comfort. The compression elbow sleeve provides relief to many painful muscle discomforts.

Compression sleeves are proven to improve oxygen flow in the bloodstream, creating relief for sore muscles, quick recovery from injuries, and instant relief from many other issues such as tendonitis and osteoporosis. The second component is the adjustable elbow brace, which provides extra relief to the fragile area around about the elbow joint.

Both designed for optimal compression and design with high performance materials, the two work together to relieve inflammation, pain, and to prevent further injury to the muscle. Available in 4 sizes, this effective compression arm and elbow brace ensure a perfect fit for optimal recovery.

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12. Men’s Core Compression Elbow Sleeve

Perfectly designed with light-weight, stretch, and copper-infused fabric, the compression elbow sleeve will provide all day comfort and relief. Featuring moisture wicking technology, the copper-infused fabric works to keep your skin dry, and eliminate odor.

Created with polyester and spandex, the flexible and durable material allows the sleeve to stay in place during activity, and maintain optimal compression. It is guaranteed that despite multiple washes, this sleeve will maintain its shape and effectiveness.

Also equipped with UPF 50+, it will protect your skin during outdoor activity. Available in 5 styles (black, cobalt blue, nude, slate grey, and white) these sleeves are all designed with simplicity, allowing them to be worn daily, and underneath virtually any item of clothing. Also available in 5 different sizes, it is a perfect fit to virtually any size and shape.

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13. Men’s Core Compression Full Arm Sleeve

This full arm-length compression sleeve uses many fabric technologies to create the perfect compression sleeve, guaranteed to be effective in every use. Designed with light-weight stretch fabric, the sleeve provides all day comfort as well as optimal compression. The polyester and spandex fabric is carefully selected to ensure its flexibility and durability. The fabric is also infused with copper, which helps keep your skin dry and odor free.

Featuring UPF 50+ protection, the compression sleeve is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Proven to increase blood flow, these sleeves can be used to treat multiple painful ailments to the muscle, such as tendonitis osteoporosis.

It is also proven to prevent further injury, and quicken muscle recovery. Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors, it is guaranteed to fit virtually any size and style.

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14. Meister HEX Compression Arm Sleeves

Designed for athletes, these compression arm sleeves provide optimal performance and recovery. Created with 20-25mmHg graduated compression, the full length of the arm is guaranteed to receive maximum compression. Proven to improve blood circulation, these compression sleeves are ideal for athletes who are looking for a solution to muscle pain, or looking for a preventative.

The blend of nylon, Coolmax, and Lycra create the perfect combination that provides flexibility, comfort, and dryness. The fabric naturally keeps your skin cool and dry.

Targeted to triceps and forearms, the compression sleeves are an instant solution to muscle discomfort, and also proven to help relieve pain from many ailments such as tendonitis and osteoporosis.

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15. Zensah Basketball Shooter Sleeve

Created with the newest fabric technology, this shooter sleeve is perfectly designed for athletes. Made from nylon and spandex, this compression sleeve features thermo-technology, seamless construction, and moisture wicking properties. The thermo-technology ensures that your arm stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The seamless construction allows all-day comfort free of chafing and itching. The moisture wicking properties eliminate the uncomfortable sweat buildup underneath. Perfect for elbow tendonitis, the sleeve has been proven to improve oxygen flow in the blood, allowing quick pain relief and recovery.

Available in 15 styles and 2 easy-fit sizes, it has never been easier to find the size, style, and pain relief you are looking for.

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