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14 Best Chinos for Men of Any Body Type

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A quality pair of chinos are an excellent addition to any man’s wardrobe.  The stylish and versatile design makes them suitable for casual to semi-formal wear.

This guide reviews the best chinos for all body types, price points, fits, and more.

But before buying a new pair of chinos, you should know the following:

3 Quick Tips for Buying Chinos

1. Getting the right fit is the most important factor when choosing chinos

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a new pair of pants; they will look bad if they don’t fit correctly.  You’ll find that most companies make chinos in the following varieties:

  • Skinny: This cut leaves very little room for excess fabric or movement with a narrow leg opening and a narrow seat in the pants. This cut is best for thinner men as it accentuates the body.
  • Slim: Provides some additional room in the seat of the pants.  Below the knee, these pants have a tapered cut making the leg opening smaller.  It is one of the most popular fits and is well suited for average-built men.
  • Tailored: This fit has a narrow (not as aggressive as skinny) seat in the pants.  The legs below the knee are also tapered somewhat like a slim fit.  
  • Athletic: Extra room on both the seat and the leg openings; the athletic pant fit is excellent for muscular or larger built men.  The extra space won’t restrict movement when walking or bending over.
  • Relaxed:  Like the athletic fit, the relaxed fit has extra room in both the seat and thigh area.  The leg opening on these pants narrows slightly.
  • Straight: No modifications to either the seat or leg opening; the straight-cut pant doesn’t taper at all.  You’ll find that this is one of the least flattering and least recommended pant fits as no men are built straight up and down.

2. If it’s your first pair of chinos, go with a conservative color

Navy blue and tan are among the most popular colors when buying chinos.  You’ll find that most companies make a few color variations with a neutral color palette.  Consider purchasing a brighter blue or red for some stylish fun for casual or weekend wear.

3. The composition of the fabric impacts how comfortable your chinos feel

Some companies add a touch of spandex (elastane) to provide some extra stretch to the fabric.  This can increase comfort by allowing the material to be flexible when walking, bending over, or sitting for an extended period.  

The Best Chinos for Men Reviewed

Here’s our list of the best men’s chinos currently available:

1. Most Comfortable:  Everlane Performance Chino

everlane chino

Makers of high-quality garments at an affordable price while being radically transparent is what sets Everlane apart from so many other fashion labels.

Whether you are on a remote call, doing household chores, or even heading to the office, the Performance Chino is built to withstand all situations comfortably.  Constructed from a blend of cotton and elastane, these chinos offer more stretch than most to ensure all-day comfort.  Naturally sweat-wicking and quick-drying, they perform well no matter what the day throws at you.

Part of the UNIFORM collection, you’ll know that these pants will hold up for 365 days.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 28 to 40
  • Fits: Slim, Athletic
  • Inseam: 28 to 34

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (94%), Elastane (6%)
  • Colors: 9

1 More Comfy Chino to Consider

Perk Clothing Chinos: A soft and smooth fabric that has been paired with a curved waistband makes these a super comfy pick for all-day wear.  The interior lining adds a touch of sophistication.

2. For Work: Mizzen+Main Baron Chino

mizzen main chino

A fixture in the office, Mizzen+Main Baron Chinos present exceptionally well thanks to their reliance on the moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant 100% polyester fabric.

The two-way stretch fabric paired with the trim or athletic fit provides plenty of comfort to the chinos when sitting in long meetings, whether in the office or remote.  

For fit and colors, the Baron chino is somewhat limiting but should hopefully work well for you.  Currently, Mizzen+Main makes these chinos in 30 to 40 waist sizes and an inseam between 30 and 34.  Additionally, color selection favors a neutral palette of navy blue, tan, and gray.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 30 to 40
  • Fits: Trim, Athletic
  • Inseam: 30 to 34

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Polyester (100%)
  • Colors: 3

2 More Chinos for the Office to Consider

Moss Bros. Chino: With a streamlined cut for a more formal appearance, the tailored fit stretch chinos by Moss Bros. look great when presenting at the office or in front of clients.  The touch of elastane to the fabric also ensures all-day comfort when sitting.

Brooks Brothers Clark Fit Chino Pants: Constructed from a stretch cotton twill paired with spandex, these chinos keep their shape and are naturally wrinkle resistant.  The flexible waistband provides additional comfort when sitting and standing.

3. Modern Design: Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino 

mack weldon chino

Known by men worldwide for their super comfortable underwear, Mack Weldon is extending their offerings by making a new Maverick Tech Chino.

Unlike the chinos of yesterday, the Maverick Tech Chino embeds a bunch of new technology that increases the performance and design of these pants.   

First, the fabric is crafted from a blend of cotton, lyocell, and elastane.  This allows the chinos to enjoy super comfortable four-way stretch fabric that is also spill and stain-resistant.

Secondly, the small details set this apart from so many others on the market.  With seven pockets, flex snap fly, and an anti-sag back yoke, the chinos will provide a tailored silhouette to your appearance.  You can wear these chinos as workwear or causally.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 30 to 44
  • Fits: Modern Fit
  • Inseam: 32 to 34

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (78%), Lyocell (17%), Elastane (5%)
  • Colors: 4

3 More Tech Chinos to Consider

Western Rise Evolution Pant:  While not marketed as a chino, the Evolution Pant features a chino style paired with unmatched durability.  You can wear these lightweight pants for several days without washing, perfect for a minimalist man.

Rhone Tech Chino: Another tech chino worth considering is this pant by Rhone.  Stain and spill-resistant, the thick fabric is durable and should last for years.  If you like bold colors, you’ll love the selection Rhone put together for these chinos.  

Ministry of Supply Kinetic Tapered Pant: Made from a super stretchy 100% polyester fabric, these pants look good and feel comfortable.  

4. Lined Chinos for Extra Warmth:  L.L. Bean Men’s Lined Double L Chinos

llbean lined chinos

Whether you are doing a bit of work outdoors or simply looking for some extra warmth, then you should strongly consider the L.L. Bean Men’s Lined Double L Chinos.

These lined chinos have a flannel lining paired with a classic chino appearance.  The reliance on a 100% cotton fabric ensures that these chinos will never run too hot. In addition, the classic fit provides just the right amount of room so you can walk, sit, bend over, and work comfortably.

If you are looking for a chino to keep you warm once the temperatures drop, these are what you need.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 30 to 46
  • Fits: Classic
  • Inseam: 29 to 34

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (100%)
  • Colors: 2

3 More Lined Chinos to Consider

Bonobos Flannel Lined Drawstring Chinos: A ribbed waist paired with a flannel lining give this chino a more casual look.  Great for working from home while staying nice and toasty.

Lands End Lined Chino Pants: Comfort waist paired with a classic fit make these the ultimate winter lounging chinos.  The wide range of motion should never restrict movement.

Eddie Bauer Fleece-Lined Chino Pants: Featuring two-way stretch fabric, these soft and warm chinos are perfect for winter workwear.  The regular fit is available in two colors.

5. For Big & Tall Guys: Tommy Hilfiger Big & Tall Chino Pants

Just because you have a large frame doesn’t mean you can’t still be stylish.  For the larger built men out there, the Tommy Hilfiger Big & Tall chino pants are a combination of brand heritage and craftsmanship that has been put together to make a great pair of chinos.

The cotton and spandex blend gives these pants just a touch more stretch, making them perfect for active, larger men. In addition, the added Spandex provides just enough give in the fabric to prevent the pants from being stretched out or tearing when doing a short jog or bending over.

The size range on these stylish pants from Tommy Hilfiger is among the best.  The waist size ranges from 36″ to 58,” and the inseam goes between 30″ and 38″, ensuring that any guy can slip into these chinos comfortably for everyday wear.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 36 to 50
  • Fits: Classic
  • Inseam: 30 to 38

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (97%), Spandex (3%)
  • Colors: 7

2 More Big & Tall Chinos to Consider

Brooks Brothers Big & Tall Stretch Advantage Chino Pants: This stylish chino is perfect for the office.  Waist sizes 46 to 58 and inseam sizes 30 to 34 ensure you look great.

Dockers Ultimate Chinos: Robust lineup allows any man to find a perfect pair for their frame.  Plus, the budget-friendly price makes these an excellent pick for everyday wear.

6. For Large Thighs: Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino 2.0

bonobos chino

The recently introduced Stretch Washed Chino 2.0 by Bonobos is a perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe with larger-than-average thighs.  With extra room throughout the seat of the pants and thigh area, they provide a comfortable fit and more range of motion.

The added room throughout ensures that your groin or thighs aren’t restricted whether you are walking, standing, or sitting down. Also, the Stretch Washed Chino 2.0 has that famous curved waistband paired with four-way stretch fabric that makes for a comfortable pair of chinos. 

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 28 to 40
  • Fits: Slim Taper, Slim, Athletic
  • Inseam: 28 to 34

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (98%), Spandex (2%)
  • Colors: 7 

1 More Athletic Fit Chino to Consider

Barbell Athletic Chino Pant: Seen on Shark Tank, these chino pants by Barbell are explicitly designed for men with large thighs.  The extra room throughout the leg still accentuates the body, so you look great.

7. Made in the USA: Todd Shelton Aussie Dusters

todd shelton chinos

Whoever said the United States doesn’t make clothing anymore clearly never came across Todd Shelton.  Founded in 2006 and building their first factory in East Rutherford, NJ, in 2012, Todd Shelton is as authentic as it gets when it comes to American-made clothing.

Unlike many lightweight or breezy chinos, the Aussie Dusters are made from a hefty 13oz twill.  Therefore, you should expect a short break-in period before they conform to your legs. But, like a good pair of Red Wing Shoes, you can expect the pants to last you years, not months.

If you want to support American-born textile companies, now’s your chance.

1 More American-Made Chino Brand to Consider

Bill’s Khakis: Based out of Connecticut, Bill’s Khaki’s makes a wide range of chino-style pants.  Available in classic, relaxed, and straight fit, they should look great for many men.  

8. Custom Design: Indochino Men’s Chinos

indochino chino

Indochino makes a lineup of chinos that you can customize.  For only $79, you can make changes to the details of your next pair of chinos, including the buttons, hem, pleats, side pockets, and back pockets.

However, surprisingly absent from the customization process is the fit.  The baseline fit is a tapered fit that should work for most men.

Of course, if you need help during the customization process, Indochino does give you some tips on what will and will not look good.  

For the base material, Indochino relies on 100% cotton twill.  With the lack of any Spandex, you won’t experience that same subtle stretch as you would with some of the other chinos we reviewed.  However, the reliance on cotton will make the chino more breathable and comfortable when worn at the office all day.

You’ll notice that waist and inseam sizes are not shown upon checkout.  Make sure you update your measurements within your profile for a precise fit.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: Varies
  • Fits: Tailored
  • Inseam: Varies

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (100%)
  • Colors: 10

1 More Custom Chino Brand to Consider

Proper Cloth Chinos: A step-up from Indochino, get more customization options and even half-inch inseam measurements.  Consider these chinos if you have a particular style in mind.

9. Street Casual: Carhartt WIP Sid Pant

carhartt wip chino

Known for their durable and touch work pants, Carhartt WIP is an offshoot of the flagship brand that is less focused on work and more about casual wear.  A fixture in various underground scenes, including skating, cycling, hip-hop, and more, chinos from Carhartt WIP have a more relaxed look and feel.  

In particular, the slim-fit Sid Pants are slightly baggy and have plenty of room from hip to hem, making them perfect for skating, cycling, etc. Additionally, a hybrid blend of fabrics including cotton, polyester, and lycra makes these pants incredibly durable while also providing a bit of stretch.  

Paired with their COOLMAX technology, the pants shouldn’t be too stuffy, making them suitable for daily wear year-round.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 26 to 40
  • Fits: Slim
  • Inseam: 30 to 36 

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (46%), T400/Lycra (38%), Polyester (16%) 
  • Colors: 9

2 More Street Casual Chinos to Consider

Vans Authentic Chinos:  These loose-fit chinos by Vans embrace their skateboarding roots by providing plenty of mobility for kickflips, ollies, and more.  100% cotton and intensely durable, they look and feel great. 

OBEY Chinos: With a herringbone twill pattern, the OBEY chinos have a loose fit.  Consider pairing these pants with DC or Nike SB shoes to complete the look.

10. Best Under $50: H&M Slim Fit Chinos

hm chinos

Who says great-looking chinos need to be expensive?  H&M doesn’t think so.  At a modest $29.99, the H&M slim fit chinos are among the best bang for your buck when it comes to finding modern chino.  

But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean that these chinos are made from some poor-performing artificial fabric.  Relying on a 100% cotton twill, you can expect these chinos to be breathable.  With a slight bit of naturally added stretch, the chinos will be comfortable as well.

If the slim cut isn’t for you, don’t worry, H&M also makes a relaxed fit and skinny fit chino – both at the same affordable price point.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 28 to 38
  • Fits: Slim, Relaxed, Skinny
  • Inseam: 30 to 34

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (100%)
  • Colors: 7

2 More Inexpensive Chinos Under $50

ASOS Chinos: Featuring a vast lineup of chinos, ASOS allows you to look great even when watching your bottom line.

Match Men Slim Chinos: Available in 45 colors, you can find a pair of these affordable chinos for any occasion.

11. For Skinny Guys: Nudie Jeans Co. Slim Adam Chinos

nudie jeans chino

The Slim Adam Chinos by Nudie Jeans Co. are the go-to pair of pants for slim and modern men.  With a blended cotton and elastane fabric, the chinos have a slight bit of stretch to increase comfort and ensure that the material retains its shape for years to come.

Available in waist sizes ranging from 24 to 38 and inseams of 28 to 34, they can be comfortably worn by tall and short thinner men.

Beyond making a great pair of pants, Nudie Jeans Co. is committed to sustainably making their clothes.  You can read more about their efforts in their latest Sustainability Report

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 24 to 38
  • Fits: Slim
  • Inseam: 28 to 34

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (97%), Elastane (3%)
  • Colors: 4

2 More Chinos for Thin Guys to Consider

J. Crew 484 Fit Chino: This slim-fit stretch chino is a fan favorite by the skinny men of Reddit.  The snug fit and tapered leg should complement your frame nicely.

Banana Republic Fulton Skinny Stretch Chino: These chinos are perfect for even the most slender men while still looking stylish.  Affordably priced, these also provide great value.

12. For Short Guys: Goodthreads Slim Fit Chino Pant for Men

One of Amazon’s hottest private label brands, Goodthreads strikes a perfect balance when it comes to their chino offering.  While they have several sizes that will fit the average man’s frame, we want to look at their lower end of the spectrum to their more modest sizes.

With a waist starting from 28” and an inseam also starting at 28”, they provide a terrific pair of chinos that will work with many guys out there looking for smaller chinos.

While the size measurements on the Goodthreads chinos are terrific, the composition of the materials is equally great, 99% cotton and 1% elastane, giving this chino just a bit of natural stretch.  Additionally, with 12 different colors, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a few pairs that will compliment your style.

Lastly, the slim fit gives the chinos a slightly tapered look.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 28 to 42
  • Fits: Slim
  • Inseam: 28 to 36

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (99%), Elastane (1%)
  • Colors: 12

2 More Chinos for Shorter Men to Consider

Peter Manning Chinos: Specializing in clothing for short men, Peter Manning makes chinos with inseams ranging from 25 to 30.  

Under 510 Simon 3.0 Chino: With a slim tapered fit and available in six neutral colors, the Simon 3.0s are available in waist sizes 28 to 38 and inseams 25 to 27.

13. Upgrade Pick: Rag & Bone Fit 2 Mid-Rise Chino

rag and bone chino

If you have some extra money and want to look your very best, then consider picking up a pair of the Rag & Bone Fit 2 Mid-Rise Chino.  Crafted from 8 ounces overdyed Japanese twill, these chinos are expertly made and present exceptionally well.

When investing in these chinos, you’ll be protected by Rag & Bone’s quality guarantee.  The quality guarantee covers the pants from damage over their natural lifetime (learn more).

While this is a slim-fit chino, Rag & Bone also makes a classic fit variant as well. Lastly, the inseam is only available in 33. Therefore a trip to the tailor is likely necessary.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 28 to 40
  • Fits: Slim, Classic
  • Inseam: 33

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (97%), Polyurethane (3%)
  • Colors: 3

2 More Luxury Picks to Consider

Mr. P Chino Pants:  This private label by Mr. Porter is as every bit sophisticated as the other tailored chinos you’ll find in their catalog.   The cotton and linen twill provide breathability for year-round wear.  

Canali Slim-Tapered Chino:  Made in Italy, these classic chinos can double as dress pants thanks to their sleek and slim-tapered cut.  A touch of stretch has been added to the fabric for additional comfort.

14. Brand New: Mott & Bow The Everyday Chino

mott and bow chino

The newly introduced Everyday Chino by Mott & Bow hits all the right notes regarding comfort and performance.

The soft cotton twill has been paired with spandex, so the pants never feel tight in the seat, crotch, or throughout the legs.  With a classic design paired with a zip fly, they are a quintessential slim-fit chino.  You can pick up the Everyday Chino in any one of the four traditional colors.

Fit Details:

  • Waist Sizes: 30 to 40
  • Fits: Slim
  • Inseam: 30 to 33

Fabric Details:

  • Composition: Cotton (97%), Spandex (3%)
  • Colors: 4
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