Best Boxer Briefs That Are Super Comfortable

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In A Hurry? Our Top Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Tommy John Second Skin Boxer Briefs
  2. Most Breathable: Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs
  3. Best Athletic / Performance: Adidas Sports Boxer Briefs

A quality pair of boxer briefs are a welcome addition to any man’s underwear drawer.

No matter your physique, the right pair of boxer briefs should not only ride up but also be made from breathable quality materials, have a waistband that won’t dig into your skin and have a pouch that won’t make your manhood uncomfortable – like the Tommy John Second Skin boxer briefs.

In this review and guide, we not only take a look at some of the best boxer briefs currently available but also share a few tips on what you need to look out for before buying boxer briefs in order to get the best (and appropriate) fit. We will also answer a few common questions men have about boxer briefs and look at how the boxer brief varies from other underwear.

Let’s get started:

What to Know When Buying Boxer Briefs

When researching and comparing all the best boxer brief brands on the market, it makes it much easier if you know what to look out for.

During our review process, we identified seven key attributes that make finding the perfect pair of boxer briefs for you significantly easier.

Here’s what they were:

1. Material

When looking at a variety of boxer briefs, you will find that they largely come in any one of the following materials:

  1. Cotton
  2. Modal
  3. Spandex / Elastane

Here’s a brief overview of each:


From undershirts to chinos, cotton is a versatile fabric that can be used for a variety of purposes.  But their most important reason for being the primary fabric within boxer briefs is their breathability.

With proper airflow, cotton boxer briefs won’t cause significant heat or moisture buildup, which, of course, can cause natural odors and sweat buildup.

In addition to being a terrific fabric for boxer briefs, cotton is washable without significantly changing in structure or size, along with it being an affordable fabric.

Quick Note on Organic Cotton:

Some men may be drawn towards organic cotton – especially given that these are worn around your manhood.

Based on our understanding, organic cotton and regular cotton don’t significantly differ when it comes to texture or strength of the fabric.

However, the biggest difference between both regular cotton and organic cotton is the farming methods employed during the growing of it, with the latter relying on no fertilizers or pesticides and from non-GMO plants (source).


A sub-variant of Rayon, modal is a unique fiber that is found in some boxer brief brands.  The reason for inclusion is that modal is extremely soft, smooth and comfortable (source).

Particularly well-suited for warm climates (think a hot summer day in Florida, Arizona, etc.), this fabric is also highly absorbent of body moisture.

If there are any downsides of this fabric, it’s that it isn’t stretchable and is considered to be semi-synthetic (although this is up for debate).

Normally you will never see 100% modal fabric boxer briefs; instead, it is usually blended with other fabrics such as cotton, polyester, or spandex/elastane.

Spandex / Elastane

Giving your boxer briefs a bit of extra stretch, this flexible fabric is great for men who are looking for more athletic or performance boxer briefs that won’t ride up your leg when walking or running.

In addition to their form-fitting nature, boxer shorts containing spandex or elastane will feel like a second skin when worn – which ensures that there will be no bunching or chafing when worn.

Spandex or elastane composition within boxer briefs is typically under 10% (usually around 5%).

Fun Fact: Spandex is an anagram of the word expands

2. Waistband

The waistband of the boxer brief is nearly as important as the material itself.

Having too narrow of a waistband will give you a pair of boxer briefs that will cut into your skin, making it quite uncomfortable when worn throughout the day.

Having too wide of a waistband and it will roll over every time you bend over – along with the added fact that it advertises to the world what brand of boxer briefs you are wearing.

Simply put, you should go with a waistband that is moderate in size and has very little in way of branding.

However, with designer brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren making some great boxer briefs, trying to find a pair with little branding may be a bit tougher.

3. Cut & Style

Boxer briefs come in a variety of both cuts and styles.

It’s important that you find a pair of boxer briefs that complements your body type.

If you are a larger or taller guy, then boxer briefs that are longer will suit you better.  However, if you are on the opposite end of the spectrum (i.e. shorter), longer boxer briefs will not only extend too far up your thighs but will also be more susceptible to rolling up due to the increased amount of fabric.

4. Support

When buying a pair of boxer briefs, it’s important to get a pair that has a 3D pouch for your member.  This will ensure that you don’t get subtly restricted throughout the day (which can be terribly discomforting), but instead gives you ample space for comfort while keeping everything intact.

In addition to support, there is a common belief that tighter briefs increase body temperature and significantly decrease sperm count in men.

According to a preliminary study listed on the National Institutes of Health website, this link to tighter briefs did, in fact, result in lower sperm counts and looser fitting garments increased sperm counts.

It’s something worth knowing, especially if you are in the family planning stages of your life.

5. Fly Type

Some men like the open-access fly and others like their fly sewn shut to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.

Boxer briefs come in either of these varieties.  If one is more important to you over the other, make sure to read the product description before making your purchase.

6. Brands

As we eluded to earlier, some companies are just known for their killer boxer briefs (i.e. Calvin Klein, Hugo BOSS, etc.).

However, when reviewing all the best boxer brief brands it’s important to not get wrapped up in the company’s legacy and the boxer briefs they make.

While it’s true that they may make a great boxer brief, when comparing brands in an objective manner, you will end up selecting the perfect boxer brief for you rather than what others generally think is good even if it’s not.

7. Price

Price is a tricky consideration for a lot of men.  With companies like Hanes or Fruit of the Loom selling multi-packs of boxer briefs that are incredibly cheap, it’s hard not to be enticed by these offers.

Truth be told, while boxer briefs from the economic brands can work, if you want better performance and fabric quality, then you should expect to pay significantly more per pair of boxers.

Instead of paying $3 per boxer brief, the price for your typical Hanes (when included in a multi-pack), a boxer brief that is made of higher quality will typically retail around $10 to $15 for a single pair (when part of a multi-pack).

To put it simply:

  • Economic boxer briefs cost about $15 for a pack (5 included).
  • Quality boxer briefs will cost about $30 per pack (3 included).

While the 300%+ increase may be a tough pill to swallow, given that you will be wearing these daily, we think the increased investment for the added comfort is always worth it.

The Best Boxer Briefs Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Tommy John Second Skin Boxer Briefs

Founded by husband and wife duo Tom Patterson and Erin Fujimoto, Tommy John changed the way of what undergarments should be.  Instead of being bold, ill-fitting and either too tight or too loose, they introduced a line of clothing that provides a much better fit, is more tailored and is fashionable (without going overboard).

One of their most popular products, and perhaps the reason you may have heard their name before, is with their incredible Second Skin boxer briefs.

At the time of initial publication, these boxer briefs have received over 1,800 reviews – with a terrific rating.

Men’s praises on these boxer briefs range from “feel and fit great” to a much more emphatic “best underwear ever!”

So, what makes them so unique and worth the investment?

First the fabric:

Relying on a blend of micro modal (90%) and spandex (10%), these boxer briefs will feel incredibly soft (silk-like) while still being breathable.

Unlike cotton and other natural fabrics that may start to pill over time, these unique boxer briefs will retain their look and structure after several washes.

In addition to the great fabric choice, the waistband is also equally well-made.  Being a touch wider than most, it won’t cut into your hips making it comfortable while wearing all day long.  Furthermore, the waistband has enough structure in it to not roll, either.

But perhaps one of the most unique features on these boxer briefs when compared to all others we reviewed was the fly.

Unlike most that have a vertical fly that is to the side, the Tommy John Second Skin boxer briefs feature a horizontal fly (dubbed ‘Quick Draw) that allows for easier access.

If there were any drawbacks, it would be their intended use.  While we also reviewed athletic boxer briefs within this guide, the Tommy John Second Skin boxer briefs are only intended for everyday wear.  But not all is lost, if you want to stay within the family; Tommy John does make a performance-based boxer brief with its 360 Sport Collection line.

Key Facts

  • Material(s): 90% Micro Modal / 10% Spandex
  • Sizes Available: SM – XXL
  • Colors Available: 29
  • Best For: General Use


  • Soft and well-constructed
  • Will conform to the natural contours of your body
  • Unique fly allows for quick access


  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

If you want the best when it comes to a daily boxer brief, then the Tommy John Second Skins are going to be your top pick. The anti-pilling micro modal fabric will feel great on your skin throughout the day.

3. Most Breathable: Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs

Made from 100% cotton, these highly breathable boxer briefs allow for excellent airflow throughout the groin area.

The increased airflow will help to prevent any heat or condensation buildup around the natural folds of your skin, a common breeding ground for bacteria that may cause mild irritation (jock itch) along with the prevention of any foul odors from accumulating.

While cotton can come in many varieties including chino twill, Supima and many more, the cotton that Calvin Klein used within these boxer briefs is extremely soft – making it comfortable when worn throughout the day.

Although as breathable as these may be, it is worth noting that there is a lack of any elastic fibers woven in.

This means that these boxer briefs may be susceptible to rolling up, especially during athletic or high-performance demands.

Think of these as more of a 9-to-5 workday or casual weekend boxer brief.

Lastly, the fly on the front pouch does open for easy access.

Key Facts:

  • Material(s): 100% Cotton
  • Sizes Available: SM – XL
  • Colors Available: 23
  • Best For: Casual or Daily Wear


  • 100% cotton and highly breathable
  • Mid-length suitable for most men
  • Machine washable


  • No elastic may cause rolling up

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for 100% cotton boxer briefs, then these ones from Calvin Klein are a great selection. The highly breathable fabric allows for maximum airflow and will be “comfy” to wear.

3. Best Athletic / Performance: Adidas Sports Boxer Briefs

Built for high-performance situations from the ground up, the Adidas Sports Boxer Briefs was a huge hit with a lot of men.

First, the material:

These boxer briefs from Adidas feature a blend of polyester (91%) and spandex (9%).

While many may discount polyester and think it unbreathable or sweaty…

…you would have been right about 40 years ago.

While it is true that polyester is made synthetically (source), the technology for this fabric has improved greatly over time.

In fact, when you put these boxer briefs on and start to build up a sweat, the fabric will wick away moisture from the skin, keeping your groin area dry and not prone to chafing.

Beyond the high polyester composition, the 9% spandex also gives this boxer brief plenty of elasticity (but doesn’t overdo it), ensuring that they don’t roll up if you are wearing them under pants or any other tight outer garments.

One feature that makes this great for performance is the pouch area.  Double-lined for additional support, it will keep your manhood in place without it getting in the way or being jostled around causing mild discomfort.

Given that these are built for athletic scenarios rather than casual use, there is no fly opening on the front.

At a mid-thigh length and available in 16 different colors, you can find a pair that can complement your activewear or team’s uniform.

Key Facts

  • Material(s): 91% Polyester / 9% Spandex
  • Sizes Available: SM – 4XL
  • Colors Available: 16
  • Best For: Athletic / Active Performance


  • Build for high-performance scenarios
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Pouch keeps your groin secured without crushing force


  • Not the best for casual use

What You Need To Know

Whether you are going running, playing an organized sport or lifting weights, these high-performance boxer briefs by Adidas do a great job in supporting you while being active. The moisture-wicking material helps to prevent chafing and further increases comfort.

4. Best Affordable (Cheap): 5Mayi Men’s Boxer Briefs

For those men on a budget and tired of their old economy mega-packs that they have been picking up at the local supercenter, then the 5Mayi makes for the perfect upgrade.

Unlike so many economy brands that rely on just cotton (nothing wrong with that, of course) and no other materials to provide structure or support can leave the boxer briefs feeling a bit lifeless after a few washes.

With the 5Mayi boxer briefs, you get a composition of fabrics that are normally found in some of the higher-end brands (think Hugo BOSS, Ralph Lauren, etc.) – a mix of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

This strikes a perfect balance of both breathability along with a material that will conform to the natural contours and curves of your pelvic region without bunching or rolling-up.

It is available in sizes ranging from Small to 4XL making it one of the best boxer briefs that we reviewed to work with just about any body type.

While the color selection is fairly limited to just 10 choices (especially compared to some brands that offer over 20 different color varieties), they are conservative and won’t draw attention.

The support is well-constructed and won’t constrict your manhood.  Also worth noting is that the fly does open and they are tag-less.

Available in multi-packs of five, when you order these boxer briefs, you will think it was priced incorrectly considering the value you are receiving.

Key Facts

  • Material(s): 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
  • Sizes Available: SM – 4XL
  • Colors Available: 10
  • Best For: Men on A Budget


  • Really affordable
  • Great blend of materials
  • Wide size variety


  • Limited colors

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a pair of boxer briefs that won’t cost an arm and a leg, then these are a terrific pick. They are made from quality materials and the sturdy construction will feel like a second skin without feeling too constricted.

5. Best for Endowed Men: LAPASA Boxer Briefs

When Jon Hamm’s bulge made headlines a few years back (I’ll let you Google that if you are interested to see), many prudent people exclaimed that he needed to wear underwear.

Well, while we aren’t one to judge the Mad Man himself, for the Jon Hamm’s out there reading, know that there is a boxer brief for you.

Specifically, we found these LAPASA boxer briefs to be the perfect fit for those men who are well endowed and want the proper support downstairs.

While some boxer brief brands we reviewed may be a bit too restrictive, the LAPASA’s feature an oversized pouch without looking obnoxious or drawing too much attention.

Made from micro modal (88%) and spandex (12%), these super soft boxers will conform to your skin without running up the leg or around the groin area.

Micro modal, as you may recall, is a specialized fabric that is a sub-category of rayon.  It’s silk-like texture make it great for underwear.  In addition, micro modal won’t shrink when thrown into the dryer – therefore, you don’t need to worry about any added shrinkage to your boxer briefs.

Like the 5Mayi boxer briefs, the color selection on the LAPANSA’s are quite limited and sticking to mostly conservative colors.

Key Facts

  • Material(s): 88% Micro Modal / 12% Spandex
  • Sizes Available: SM – XXL
  • Colors Available: 8
  • Best For: Endowed Men


  • Extra room in the front
  • Micro modal won’t create balls of fuzz
  • Comfortable


  • Pricey

What You Need To Know

If you are a larger man that is looking for a bit of extra room in the crotch, then these boxers will be one of the most comfortable picks on our list for you.

6. Longest Boxer Brief: Champion Tech Performance Long Boxer Briefs

Whether you are looking for a pair of long boxers for high-performance activities or daily use, the Champion Tech Performance Long Boxer Briefs can work perfectly in either scenario.

What’s truly unique about these boxers, beyond the length that extends to just above the knee, is the composition of the boxer briefs themselves.

These boxer briefs rely on the following materials:

  • Polyester (92%)
  • Spandex (8%)

This may look like a hodgepodge of synthetic materials thrown together, but it’s not – here’s a quick explanation on how each of them works together:

Polyester will work to wick moisture away from your skin ensuring that your skin doesn’t chafe after wearing for an extended period (or if you plan on wearing these while playing sports).

The Spandex will keep the boxer briefs close to your body making them feel like a second skin.

Both of these materials deliver a great boxer brief that can work in a variety of situations without feeling suffocating, hot, or restrictive.

Of course, one of the major reasons for buying these boxer briefs is their long extension down the leg.  This design won’t roll or bunch up as you move around.

As is often the case when it comes to high-performance boxer briefs, it is a closed fly on the front.

Key Facts

  • Material(s): 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
  • Sizes Available: SM – LG
  • Colors Available: 2
  • Best For: Men Who Prefer Longer Boxer Briefs


  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Will neutralize odors
  • Wide size variety


  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

If you want a pair of long boxer briefs that can perform well during intense athletic activities, then it doesn’t get much better than with the Champion Tech Performance Long Boxer Briefs. Relying on a unique mix of fabrics, it will keep your groin cool while wicking away excess moisture.

7. Best Low Rise: Jockey Cotton Boxer Brief

Whether you plan on wearing these with a pair of your low-rise denim, or you simply want a pair of boxer briefs that won’t dig into your lower abdomen or hip, these make for a perfect pick.

As evident in numerous positive reviews that men have given, these low-rise boxer briefs are a crowd-pleaser.

Relying on a combination material of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, these boxer briefs will also feel incredibly comfortable when on your skin.

The added breathability that cotton naturally exhibits will ensure adequate airflow to not only neutralize odors but to also inhibit the growth of bacteria.

With a key-hole fly design, you do have front access to your member through the 3D pouch.

While the branding on the waistband is a bit aggressive, especially when compared to some of the more conservative offerings, it is wide enough to add additional comfort and structure when wearing the boxer brief.

Available in sizes ranging from SM to XL, it is a bit limiting compared to other brands like 5Mayi.

Key Facts

  • Material(s): 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
  • Sizes Available: SM – XL
  • Colors Available: 7
  • Best For: Low Rise Jeans


  • Low-rise cut perfect for jeans or shorts
  • Highly breathable fabric is comfortable
  • Reviewers loved them


  • Branding on the waistband is bold

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a quality boxer brief that is available in a low-rise cut, then these will be the perfect boxer briefs for you. Jockey has found a winner as evident by the overly positive reviews from other men as well.

How to Wash Boxer Briefs

When it comes to washing boxer briefs, it’s critical you follow the instructions – especially for those that contain a blend of fabrics.

Not heeding the instruction and simply putting them in with the rest of your clothes on a hot wash and hot dry cycle can lead to warping of the fabric, loss of structure of the boxer brief itself and even shrinkage.

While the tips below are general guidelines, what the company recommends on your pair of boxers will take precedence.

However, here are a few general guidelines:

  • How to Wash 100% Cotton Boxer Briefs

Machine wash cold to warm water.  Tumble dry low to warm setting.

  • How to Wash Modal Boxer Briefs

Machine wash cold water on a gentle cycle.  Tumble dry low.

  • How to Wash Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

Machine wash cold water on a gentle cycle.  Do NOT tumble dry.  Line dry only.

  • How to Wash Polyester Boxer Briefs

Machine wash cold water.  Tumble dry low.

With all boxer brief variants listed above, it’s important that you try to use an unscented detergent, especially if you have sensitive skin.  Some of the harsh detergents out there may cause mild irritation for some men.

Another alternative if you have severely sensitive skin is to use a detergent designed for infants (such as Dreft).  It may sound silly from the onset, but once you try it out, you will probably never want to go back.

Common Questions Men Have About Boxer Briefs

As we dove deeper into our research to find the best boxer briefs for a variety of categories, we found that many men had the same question time and time again.  Therefore, we wanted to take a quick moment to address some of these questions should any of them currently be on your mind:

What Size Boxer Briefs Should I Wear?

When it comes to selecting the right size boxer brief for you, it’s important that you measure properly.

Unlike denim jeans that are worn a bit looser, while wearing boxer briefs, you want them to conform to the natural contours of your body without being too restrictive.

Therefore, many companies offer size charts specifically for their brand of boxer briefs.

Grab yourself either a proper fabric measuring tape or a string and wrap it around your waist.

Find the area where your body natural creases when bending over – this will be the area that you will want to measure.

Make sure the measuring tape is level around your entire body for accurate results.

How Should Boxer Briefs Fit?

Boxer briefs should fit snug around your groin area.  They should never feel tight nor overly loose – but rather in a nice and natural-feeling way.

You will know if they are too tight, especially in the pouch area if you experience any discomfort after a few hours of wearing them.

On a related note, there should be no break-in period when wearing boxer briefs.  They should fit comfortably straight from the packaging.

How Many Boxer Briefs Should I Buy?

When trying out a brand for the very first time, we recommend going with the smallest multi-pack available and testing them out.

While it may be tempting to order a week or two worth of boxer briefs for both consistency and to coincide with when you do laundry, test driving a pair is important – especially if it’s from a brand you aren’t familiar with.

After you have been wearing them for a month or two, we recommend purchasing the rest immediately if you are satisfied.

The reason we recommend expanding on them quickly is that companies regularly modify their styles.  Whether it’s a slightly different inseam or composition of the material, it can drastically change how the boxer briefs both look and feel.

What Brand of Boxer Briefs Are the Best?

The best boxer brief brand will be the one that serves your unique situation the best.  During our research, we found that the following brands regularly exceeded expectations of men:

Men generally rated the following brands well above average and were satisfied with the way they felt and supported their body.

Where Can I Buy Boxer Briefs?

Beyond your standard brick-and-mortar store, there are a variety of online merchants where you can purchase boxer briefs that are both authentic and competitively priced.

While we listed a few direct sites in the previous question, here are some good online shops to consider:

Should I hand wash boxer briefs?

When it comes to boxer briefs, they are nearly always derived from strong fabrics such as cotton or modal.  Unlike quality silk boxers, these fabrics can be thrown into the washer repeatedly without much degradation in performance or structure.

To put it simply…no.  You don’t need to handwash your boxer briefs.

Boxer Briefs vs. Briefs vs. Boxers vs. Underwear

Ah, the world of underwear can quickly get confusing.  From boxer briefs, briefs, boxers and a multitude of other subcategories within the undergarment world, it’s important to understand how they differ in both quality and performance.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how boxer briefs differ from other of the more popular undergarment types:

Boxer Briefs

Borrowing design aesthetics from both boxers (short-like cut) and briefs (the touch of elasticity), boxer briefs bridge the gap between these two distinct undergarments.

What makes these distinctly different from your standard pair of boxers is that the added elasticity woven into the fabric ensures that they never roll-up or bunch in areas around your midsection.

In addition to being much more comfortable while wearing, especially when moving around, boxer briefs do a tremendous job at providing extra support in the pouch area, as well.

Able to be worn with any type of pant or short, boxer briefs are perhaps one of the most versatile types of underwear that a man can own.


Cut to be around just the pelvic region, briefs are preferred by men that want more of a form-fit to their undergarments.

The lack of fabric can be welcomed by some men as it can keep things just a touch cooler down there.

In addition to the cut of this undergarment, some men prefer briefs as it can help them to present themselves much better.  Of course, this varies from one man to the next.


Mimicking the same cut of shorts that professional boxers wear, boxer-style underwear is airy and typically made from much lighter fabric (particularly cotton).

While once popular in the 90s, boxers have fallen out of fashion considerably and have been since replaced by boxer briefs.

One of the major drawbacks to boxers is their tendency to either cling to the side of your leg or roll up when you are moving around.

This lack of mobility has given rise to the boxer brief as it was able to solve this very problem.

How We Selected These Boxer Briefs

Picking out the best boxer briefs was a difficult challenge.  However, after quite a bit of research and thinking about this unique category of undergarment wear a bit more, we thought it best to break it out by the intent of which men would wear them.

After we found the general sub-categories of boxer briefs, we then set out to compare several of them based on the features we mentioned earlier – material, waistband, cut and style, support, fly type, etc.

We think our list above should help just about any man out there looking to find the perfect boxer brief for their unique situation and body.

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