15 Best Beanies for Men That Are Cozy & Stylish

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Beanies are not only one of the many cool men’s hats that are great at keeping your head warm, but their streamline appearance make them a versatile style choice in the cooler months of the year.

In this guide we not only review some of the best beanies for men in 2020, but we take things a bit further by looking at important features such as material source, knit type, brand, price, and more.

In addition to our expert reviews, we also share with you some style and cleaning advice and a few other cold winter accessories that might be in need of a wardrobe upgrade.

Let’s take a look:

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To Help You Decide we have researched and reviewed the best beanies in 2020. Here’s our top picks:

The Best Beanies for Men of 2020 Reviewed

Best Overall: Huckberry Beanie

Huckberry is a brand that’s become something of an icon for men who love the outdoors. This beanie from Huckberry symbolizes that outdoors-centric focus: it’s a timeless knit design, and the beanie comes with Huckberry’s simple tree logo stitched into the fabric. This beanie is an affordable option for men who want something classic and durable.

The beanie is made from a synthetic blend of acrylic, wool, nylon, and spandex, meaning it has the durability of synthetic fibers with the added fabric integrity and stretch that spandex provides. The beanie comes in a variety of outdoors-themed colors, and any of the colors offered are perfect for men who want a casual, subtle look.


  • Affordable
  • Simple design from a trusted brand
  • Durable and stretches well


  • Not quite as warm as some options
  • Synthetic materials mean this beanie isn’t great in warmer temperatures

What You Need To Know

Men who are looking for a handsome, casual, and affordable beanie don't need to look any further than the Huckberry Beanie. It's a timeless design and offers ample warmth for cold climates.

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Most Versatile: Filson Watch Cap Beanie

Filson has become a favorite brand for men who like to wear rugged-looking, stylish apparel. Their signature beanie is made of 100% wool, and it’s designed for use in all weather types. Wool is a great material to wick moisture, so this is a great choice for men who plan to be in the outdoors frequently.

The hat is made with a knit ribbed design, and Filson offers a wide variety of colors: from bright orange to a discreet green, there’s something for every man here. This may very well be the best wool beanie on the market, and it’s worth a look.


  • Great for all-weather use
  • Very breathable
  • From a trusted men’s outdoor wear brand


  • There are more affordable wool beanies on the market

What You Need To Know

Filson's wool beanie is stylish, masculine, and built for outdoor use. The rugged beanie is great for men who plan to spend time out in the elements.

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Best Value Pick: Carhartt Beanie

Carhartt is a brand most popular among rugged outdoorsmen, and their acrylic watch beanie, with the Carhartt logo proudly on the front, should appeal to the same rugged outdoorsmen familiar with the rest of the brand. It’s affordable and popular, and comes in over a dozen colors.

Carhartt’s acrylic watch beanie is one of the best choices for men who just want something plain, simple, and functional. It’s popularity is unmatched and can be regularly found on the streets of NYC or in the backwoods of Georgia. As with most affordable beanies, it’s 100% synthetic and stretches well.


  • Popular beanie from a trusted brand
  • Durable and stretchy
  • Lots of color options


  • Not as warm or comfortable as more expensive beanies
  • Carhartt logo on the front is quite large

What You Need To Know

This is a great beanie choice, especially for fans of Carhartt. It's simple, durable, and comes at a very affordable price point.

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Best Slouchy Beanie: Vecry Slouchy Beanie

The Vecry Slouchy Beany is, without a doubt, the best slouchy beanie on the market. There aren’t a ton of slouchy beanies out there, mostly because they’re a niche style that not all men love, but if you’re one of those men who does love a slouchy beanie, this one is for you.

The beanie is available in more than two dozen colors, and the acrylic and polyester blend make it stretchy and versatile for all head sizes.


  • Slouchy style is unique and not offered by most brands
  • Lots of colors to choose from


  •  Not very warm

What You Need To Know

If you're a guy who likes slouchy beanies, this one is for you. It's affordable, comfy, and definitely worth a look.

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Rothco U.S.N. Wool Watch Cap

The most affordable beanie on this list, Rothco’s U.S.N. Wool Watch Cap is a great winter hat for men who want something simple and warm at a low price. The beanie is 100% wool and comes in three traditional colors, and it’s no-frills. It’s not the most stylish of hats on the list, but it’ll keep your head warm and comes at a price that’s hard to refuse.

The beanie is also made in the U.S., something that can be difficult to find when it comes to apparel. It’s a great choice, and a testament to that is the fact that it’s currently one of the most popular beanies among men.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Wool is great for warmer weather


  • May fall apart quicker than other beanies
  • User reviews have complained of the beanie being smaller than advertised

What You Need To Know

This is a no-frills, bare-bones beanie. Don't count on it for long-lasting durability, but it'll keep your head warm while it lasts.

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Uniqlo Heattech Knitted Cap

UNIQLO is known for making affordable clothing that looks good. Their apparel isn’t fancy, but the brand has earned a reputation for durable clothes at a good price. That same brand identity is carried through with their Heattech Knitted Cap, a cost-effective beanie option that’s sure to keep your head warm in cold climates.

The knit beanie is a wool blend, with synthetic materials added for extra warmth. It’s certainly one of the best beanies for winter at its price point, and user reviews have praised its warmth. As with any beanie at a low price point, there’s always the chance that it isn’t quite as durable as some more expensive offerings, but UNIQLO generally makes quality clothes at a fair price point – this one is a good bet.


  • Affordable beanie from a trusted brand
  • Synthetic materials blended with wool allow for added warmth and stretch


  • Wool isn’t as durable as other beanie materials on the market
  • Ribbed knit fabric may be susceptible to fraying

What You Need To Know

UNIQLO's Heattech Knitted Cap is a basic offering that should work for men looking for a warm, comfortable option for the winter. At a low price point and from a trusted brand, there's a lot to love.

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Melin All Day Cashmere Beanie

This cashmere beanie is a hat clearly designed with comfort and warmth in mind. It’s also incredibly warm, as cashmere is the warmest beanie material on the market. The Melin All Day Cashmere Beanie is one of the best options for guys who want something high-quality and stylish.

While it’s on the upper end of the price range, Melin makes their beanie well worth it with their 100% cashmere design and high-quality craftsmanship.


  • Very warm
  • One of the better-looking beanies available
  • High quality


  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

This beanie is perfect for men who prioritize quality and warmth over price; it's not cheap, but it's one of the most comfortable and warm options on the market.

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Upstate Stock American Mohair Beanie

The American Mohair Beanie from Upstate Stock is a highly durable and lightweight option, and what’s more, it’s affordable. Offered in four calm and casual colors, Upstate Stock has crafted a beanie that’s knit from a blend of mohair and acrylic fibers to offer a durable, warm performance.


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the USA


  • The frizzy mohair fabric look isn’t for everyone
  • Not as warm as other fabric types

What You Need To Know

Beanies made from mohair usually have a frizzy, unkempt look to them, which is a style that suits many men. This is a great mohair option, and it has durability and performance at a low price point.

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Patagonia Desert Sky Beanie

Patagonia makes just about everything, and their Desert Sky beanie is our favorite of their winter hat offerings. Unlike many of the other beanies on this list, the Desert Sky is designed to be worn in a relaxed manner. This means that instead of a tight fit to your head, the beanie has a more laid-back, bunched-up fit. This means that the Desert Sky beanie is taller than your traditional beanie – there will be excess that’s not tightly fit onto your head.

Though many of Patagonia’s products are priced at the upper end of the industry, the Desert Sky beanie is priced fairly competitively. The wool-synthetic blend allows for warmth, durability, and moisture-wicking all at the same time. This beanie is designed with a waffle-stitch exterior that adds character to the overall look, making this truly one of the best wool beanies for men.


  • Excellent fabric blend from a trusted brand
  • Wicks moisture


  • Relaxed fit isn’t for everyone
  • Not as warm as other beanies

What You Need To Know

Men who are fans of Patagonia would be remiss not to check out the Desert Sky Beanie – it offers a casual, relaxed fit, and is great for all-weather use.

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Bonobos Wool Cashmere Beanie

A blend of wool and cashmere on this beanie allows men to get some of the warmth and comfort of cashmere without having to pay such a high price. The beanie is made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere, meaning that the moisture-wicking qualities of wool are still very much present.

This is one of the best beanies for men who want a higher-end feel without having to shell out nearly a hundred dollars.


  • Cashmere allows for warmth and comfortable wear
  • Wool is moisture-wicking


  • Only two colors currently offered
  • Not as thick as some other beanies

What You Need To Know

A smart cashmere and wool blend makes this a warm, moisture-wicking, and supremely comfortable beanie.

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Mott & Bow Ribbed Beanie

Aptly named The Ribbed Beanie, this is a no-frills beanie from Mott & Bow, a respected and fashion-oriented brand. Some men might find the price tag a bit high for a simple ribbed beanie, but it’s made with high-quality merino yarn that allows it to be soft and snug at the same time.

The beanie is designed to be worn in any way you see fit, meaning it’s great for a tighter fit, slouchy fit, or anywhere in between.


  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Wicks moisture well
  • Very soft


  • Price point is higher than other wool beanies

What You Need To Know

Mott & Bow delivers men a stylish-yet-simple option with their ribbed beanie. Though it's not the most affordable beanie on the market, it more than makes up for the higher price with exceptional quality.

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Brooks Brothers Ribbed Cashmere Beanie

This is a knit ribbed 100% cashmere hat from Brooks Brothers, and it’s the most expensive beanie on this list. Not only is it from a respected, high-end brand, the fully-cashmere composition makes it extremely comfortable and warm.

This knit beanie comes in three basic colors, and it exudes class and comfort. It can be worn in a number of ways, and its simple design allows it to be versatile.


  • Extremely high quality
  • Designed for comfort and warmth
  • From a respected brand


  • High price point
  • Only three colors offered

What You Need To Know

This is the quintessential cashmere beanie for men who are willing to drop around one hundred dollars on a beanie. It's classy and comfortable, making it a great choice for business and casual settings alike.

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Urban Outfitters Waffle Beanie

Urban Outfitters offers men a bold knit beanie with a waffle texture with their UO Waffle Beanie, and it comes at a remarkably low price point. Men looking to find a beanie to make a fashion statement without breaking the bank needn’t look further than this one. The hat itself is a synthetic fabric blend, which allows it to be both affordable and durable.

It’s not the warmest or most comfortable option on the market, but it comes in four punchy colors and it’s affordable. Additionally, the waffle texture is a major plus for men looking for a beanie with character.


  • Affordable price point
  • Punchy colors
  • Waffle texture


  • Not very warm
  • Lacks in comfort and breathability

What You Need To Know

Urban Outfitters managed to create a great-looking beanie at an affordable price point, and we applaud them for that. Men looking for a casual winter hat that won't break the bank will find a gem with the UO Waffle Beanie.

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NEFF Men’s Daily Beanie

Neff’s Daily Beanie is the most popular product in the men’s outdoor hats category, and for good reason. It’s one of the most affordable beanies on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it sacrifices style – it looks great, and it offers a relaxed look that many men love.

This is a ribbed knit beanie that is 100% synthetic, and the fit is more relaxed than snug. User reviews praise the Neff Daily Beanie for being durable, stylish, and affordable, and that’s all a man could really ask for.


  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Affordable


  • Not as comfortable as other options
  • Not very warm

What You Need To Know

The Neff beanie stands out amongst affordable beanies for its stellar user reviews and the brand's dedication to making a simple, fashionable, and durable beanie.

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The North Face Jim Beanie

The North Face Jim Beanie is a classic, snug-fitting beanie that comes in a unique heathered knit design. The tight weave on this beanie locks in warmth and keeps your head insulated against the elements. It comes in seven colors and has the North Face logo embroidered on the front.


  • Warmer than other synthetic beanies due to snug fit and tight weave
  • Unique knitting pattern
  • Trusted brand


  • Not as soft as more expensive options

What You Need To Know

A reputable brand name and classic fit make this a great option for men who just want a snug hat to keep their head warm during winter months.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

8 Tips on Finding the Right Beanie for You

1. Style

The style of your beanie says a lot about you. Different styles suit different men, and it’s helpful to know what’s available before you start searching for the best option for you.

Waffle / Honeycomb

The waffle style, also known as the honeycomb beanie, is a unique fabric weave that you’ll see often. These beanies are called waffle beanies for a reason – the fabric texture looks similar to a waffle or a honeycomb.

There are plenty of different types of these beanies, and some waffle beanies will have a more outspoken “waffle” look than others. One benefit that all waffle beanies have is increased air flow. The weave of the fabric on this style allows for increased movement of air throughout, which can increase comfort overall.

Many men love waffle beanies because their texture adds character, which goes well with all sorts of clothing styles.


Ribbed beanies are the most common style you’ll see on the market. They’re made with a straightforward fabric weave that looks great; ribbed beanies are classic. This type of beanie is incredibly versatile, and one of the reasons it’s so popular is that it’s highly stretchable. Ribbed beanies are often made in a one-size-fits-all sizing, which makes it easier for companies to sell and takes all the guesswork out of the process for you.

Another facet of the versatility of ribbed beanies is that the fabric weave can be either thick or thin. There are snug ribbed beanies designed for cold weather, and there are lightweight ribbed beanies for warmer seasons. There’s something for just about everyone here, which is one of the reasons these beanies are so popular. The one downside to a ribbed fabric weave is that it can be susceptible to fraying with rugged use, so that’s something for men to keep in mind.


Knit beanies can come in a variety of patterns, but they all have a uniform look that stands out from the more traditional types of fabric weave. Cable knit is one particular weave you may see often. Some companies make use of several different yarn colors to give knit beanies a complex, textured look without being too bulky.

Most knit beanies will have a small V pattern on the fabric, and they’re one of the more outspoken styles. Not everyone loves the knit style, but it can look excellent if paired with the right outfit.

2. Material

Material type matters. Beanies are available in all types of different materials, and the type of material can have an impact on price, insulating warmth, and the durability of the beanie itself. Depending on how and when you plan to wear your beanie, it’s very important to know the impact that different materials have on beanies – particularly if you plan on paying a lot.


If you’re looking for a stylish beanie material that’ll keep your head warm, look no further than cashmere. It’s by far the warmest material of those listed here, and it’s also one of the most expensive. Part of the reason for this is because cashmere wool is a particular wool that’s harvested from a few select goat species, making it somewhat exclusive (source).

Pure cashmere beanies typically cost between 75 and 100 dollars, but men looking to save can sometimes find blended cashmere styles, in which cashmere is blended with other materials to allow for a more affordable price point.

Merino Wool

Merino wool beanies are a warm, economical alternative to cashmere. The wool is sourced from Merino sheep (source), and though the wool isn’t quite as warm as cashmere, it still provides excellent insulation. As an added bonus, merino wool naturally wicks moisture, meaning your head won’t get soaked if it’s lightly raining or snowing out.


Mohair is a material that’s common throughout all types of clothing, and it serves as a fantastic material for beanies. Durable and resilient, mohair is a fine fabric that provides great insulation while also looking great. This is a very common material for affordable beanies, and mohair is one of the most economical beanie materials on the market.


One of the cheapest natural fabrics available, cotton is a great beanie material that’s both warm and comfortable. A cotton beanie is a great choice for men who are looking for an alternative to animal-sourced materials. It’s worth noting, though, that most animal fibers are not collected from slaughter, so men who have ethical issues with slaughtered animals shouldn’t worry too much about beanies made from animal fibers.

Acrylic / Polyester / Nylon / Synthetic

Synthetic beanies offer men an affordable and extremely durable option. Even with a lower price point, they are still very warm, and synthetic beanie materials are constantly improving. They’re still not as breathable as natural fibers, but technology is improving and men can expect modern synthetic beanies to provide acceptable breathability. Once a synthetic beanie is stretched, men may find them to lack the resiliency of natural fibers and not fit quite as well.


Spandex is a common material found in a wide range of apparel. Although it is generally only a small percentage of the material blend, spandex allows beanies to have more stretch without losing fabric integrity, guaranteeing a snug fit. These types of beanies, due to their tight fit, are great for men who live in windy areas where losing a winter hat is common. They’re also great for men with larger heads, as the fabric can withstand stretching better than other material types.

3. Color

Just like the fabric and style that you choose, the color of your beanie can also say a lot about you. Men looking for a more versatile beanie should turn to darker colors like black, charcoal, and dark gray. These are very versatile colors that can look great with a variety of outfits and in a variety of scenarios.

Lighter, brighter beanie colors call attention, are easier to get dirty, and are less acceptable in professional or work scenarios. If you have an outspoken style, a bright beanie might be great, but it’s just as important to know what types of outfits and scenarios they’ll work with.

4. Weather Intent

The type of beanie you get can be very dependent on what climate you live in. Most beanies are designed for cold weather, but different materials are better for colder temperatures, and vice versa. Materials like cashmere are great insulators, which is ideal if you’re living in a frigid climate, but wearing a cashmere beanie in 50-degree weather might get uncomfortable.

If you live in a wet climate, consider a beanie made with merino wool or synthetic materials, as these types of beanies wick moisture and keep your head dry even in wet conditions. If you’re wearing a beanie for style, or if you live in a warmer climate, cotton is a great choice. Cotton will prevent uncomfortable sweat buildup on your head, and will keep you cool even in warmer temperatures.

5. Brand

Almost every apparel brand makes beanies, meaning there are near-infinite options to choose from. When selecting a brand, consider the style and material of the beanie you want. If you already have a few favorite brands, look to them for beanies – if you like the style of a brand’s apparel, odds are you’ll like their beanies.

As usual, trusted brands are usually the better choice. Low-quality beanies with poor craftsmanship can fall apart quickly and generally aren’t crafted quite as well as beanies from trusted brands. You’ll also want to decide whether you want a logo or brand name embroidered on your beanie. There are options for plain beanies and brand-name beanies, and ultimately your choice depends on your own personal fashion.

6. Price

There are large variations in pricing on beanies, mostly due to material types and brand names. This means that yes, you can get away with a beanie that’s under $15, but don’t expect quality craftsmanship. Brand name is also a huge part of beanie price, and designer brands will naturally charge more. Beanies $75 dollars and up aren’t uncommon if you’re shopping at a designer brand, but you’re also getting better-quality craftsmanship as well as an emphasis on style.

If you’re simply looking for a straightforward, warm beanie, $35 dollars is a great budget for starters. At that price point, you’re able to get a quality beanie that holds up without breaking the bank.

7. Size

Beanie sizing is extremely easy, which is great for men who don’t love figuring out perfect sizing. Most beanies are one size fits all, and if there are different sizing options, using the fit and size of your snapback and baseball hats can help you to figure out what beanie size will work for you.

Companies will generally provide sizing information, and if not, usually reading a few reviews is all that’s necessary to figure out how accurate the sizes are.

8. Country of Origin

Most beanies, like most clothes, are made in east Asia. Men who don’t like supporting that industry can look to brands like Carhartt, Upstate, and others, which make their beanies in the USA. Beanies made in the United States are generally more expensive, but men who care about clothing ethics can feel better about their purchase, and a USA-made beanie can be a point of pride for men who choose to purchase them.

Beanies: Must Have Accessories


Scarves and beanies: name a more iconic duo. Not only does a scarf look excellent when paired with a beanie, but a scarf can help you to stay warmer and prevents heat from escaping out through your jacket. If you’re in a cold climate, a scarf is a must.

Winter Gloves

A good pair of winter gloves will keep you looking your best while also making sure your hands stay warm and comfortable. Advances in insulating technology over the years have allowed companies to create gloves that are warmer than ever, and if it’s cold outside, gloves are an underrated necessity. We’ve put together a detailed guide on the best winter gloves for men, so go check that out if you’re interested in purchasing a pair.

Winter Jackets

A good beanie won’t do much to keep you warm if you’re not rocking a great winter jacket. There are plenty of options for winter jackets, which we covered in our detailed guide on men’s winter jackets. Whether you’re an urban professional or you’re looking for a thick winter jacket for a frigid climate up north, either option can pair exceptionally well with a good beanie.


If the weather outside doesn’t quite call for the bulkiness or warmth of a jacket, a hoodie is a great option to wear with your beanie. Not only do hoodies pair well with beanies, but they can give you a streetwear look that allows you to pull off a beanie well into the spring or fall. There are plenty of hoodies on the market, and we’ve put together a list of some super comfortable hoodies here.

Wool Socks

Wool socks are one of the most underestimated pieces of winter apparel. When your feet are warm, your body is warm, so investing in a good pair of wool socks is a must if you’re in a cold climate. They’re not nearly as thick, bulky, or ugly as they used to be, and wool socks can be a fashion statement if you can pull them off. Just like merino wool beanies, merino wool socks wick moisture and provide excellent warmth.

Beanie FAQs


The best beanies depend entirely on your own personal needs and fashion choices. If you need something warm and professional, cashmere is the way to go. If you just want something simple and durable, you can get away with wearing a $15 dollar synthetic beanie.


Whether or not you pull a beanie over your ears is dependent on two things: your fashion choice and the weather. Some men prefer to only pull their beanie over part of their ears, while some pull their beanies down to completely cover their ears. One thing’s for sure, though: if it’s extremely cold out, you’ll probably want to pull it down over your ears.


There’s no such thing as certain types of clothes being unacceptable to wear during a given season, so yes, you can wear a beanie in the summer. Just know that wearing one on a hot summer day will be extremely uncomfortable – if you have to wear a beanie in the summer, don it on cool summer evenings, where it’s much more appropriate.


Whether or not you choose to wear a beanie indoors depends on your setting. If you’re in a highly professional environment, it’s best you take your beanie off. If you’re in somebody’s home, it’s not rude. Think of it like wearing a hat, and take it off when you would a hat.


No, wearing beanies does not cause hair loss. It’s an urban myth with no basis in fact, so don’t worry – wear your beanies as much as you like.


Skull caps generally fit tighter than beanies and are sometimes made out of entirely spandex. They can be used for sports or other athletic applications, whereas beanies are made from softer fabrics and are designed for casual wear.


This depends on the beanie you have. Some are dry clean only, while others allow hand washing. Make sure to check the manufacturer recommendations before you do anything to clean your beanie.


The source of the name “beanies” is unknown, but it’s believed that the term comes from the word “bean,” which has been used in the past to mean head.


Think about the climate you live in, consider your personal style, and figure out your price range. From there, it’s easy!

Beanie vs. The Alternatives


Beanies are a traditional style of hat that are made out of multiple different fabric types and generally barely cover the ears, or are just long enough to cover the ears. They’re a casual hat and one of the most common styles worldwide.

Ushanka / Russian Style Hat

An Ushanka is markedly different than a beanie, as it is a bulkier design that often includes fur, and it also covers the entire head as well as the ears – read more about Ushanka’s here. This is a hat designed specifically for very cold weather, and is much more rare than a beanie.

Flat Caps / Newsboy Hat

A flat cap is a rounded cap with a small, stiff brim in the front. Unlike a beanie, it only covers the top of the head. The best way to think of a flat cap is like a mix between a baseball hat and a beanie – it’s a happy medium between those two.

Stormy Kromer Hat

A Stormy Kromer hat is a particular type of hat that includes a wool strip of fabric to cover the ears. It’s very similar to a baseball cap, but simply has additional soft fabric to keep the ears warm. It’s best suited for cold climates, and is rarely worn in seasons other than winter.

It is worth noting that Stormy Kromer is a brand name in itself (much like Kleenex and tissues always being used interchangeably).  You can see a whole lineup of Stormy Kromer hats on their website.

Our Criteria for Choosing Men’s Beanies

In our search for the best men’s beanies, we evaluated a number of factors: style, materials, color, weather intent, brand name, user reviews, and more.

We’re confident that the list above is a definitive selection for men of all style tastes. There’s something for everyone here; whether you’re looking for an affordable casual beanie or a heavy-duty winter cap, we’ve covered it all.

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