Best Back Shavers

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Like a shadow, naturally curly and coarse back hair follows you everywhere you go. To make matters worse, back hair is also one of the toughest areas to groom and maintain as a man. Your options are limited – you can either pay for a wax, ask a partner to shave it for you, or shave this unsightly hair off yourself.

For the men who like to take matters into their own hands – we’re here to help.

In this guide, we will be reviewing the best back shavers currently available – such as the baKblade 2.0 – that you can easily use to make your back nice and smooth.

In addition to our expert reviews, we will also share with you key features found in many of the leading brands and answer the most common questions that men have about this unique grooming tool.

Comparing the Back Shavers Reviewed

We found the following back shavers to be best-in-class for their respective categories:

  • Type: Back shavers fall into two main categories – manual or electric.
  • Multi-Use: While we focused their ability to shave back hair, some offer additional functionality.
MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Electric Back ShaverElectric Back ShaverNo
baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Manual Back RazorManual Back ShaverNo
Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3500 Back Hair ShaverAll-Around Body GroomingYes
BRO SHAVER Back Hair ShaverCheapest (Lifetime)No
UltraFlexx Razor Extension Handle for Back ShavingRazor Extension HandleYes

Here Are The Best Back Shavers

1. MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Electric Back Hair Shaver

Key Facts

  • Stainless steel razor blades resist corrosion
  • Power burst mode works well for dense coarse hair
  • Hinge locks in place for easy use

Recommended For: Men who want an electric back shaver that can get all the hairs thanks to its easy-to-reach handle.


When it comes to back shavers, there is no beating the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver. The most notable advantage that this shaver has over its counterparts is in the design category.

  • The Mangroomer Sets the Standard in Design

With an adjustable handle that can lock into place, you can effortlessly shave the lower and upper parts of your back with ease with the 135-degree angle opening. Coupled with the power hinge locking handle is the ergonomic and rubberized grip – you have full control when shaving. Furthermore, the rubber handle ensures a confident grip should your hands be wet or coated with shave cream. As for the neck of this back shaver, it features a best-in-class flex neck that will allow the cutting head to remain flush against the surface when shaving.

  • Two Shaving Heads for Length Control

Whether you want a completely smooth back or one that has a bit of a textured stubble – the two heads included with the Mangroomer are great. The 1.8″ wide comb is intended for clearing out large and densely packed areas of hair. The foil head is designed for smoothing out your back to help show your muscular definition. Both cutting tools have shock absorber flex heads for better and closer shaving. Both cutting heads rely on stainless steel (as opposed to carbon steel) and won’t show any signs of corrosion when in a wet or humid environment for prolonged periods.

Replacement heads for the Mangroomer Ultimate are available directly on their website. Other attachments are also available should you want to use this device elsewhere on your body.

  • Battery Has Improved

One of the biggest drawbacks for the Mangroomer will be the initial charge. If you are a guy that likes to tinker with devices as soon as they arrive in the mail, you may be a bit disappointed. The Mangroomer requires a staggering 8 to 12 hours of initial charge time. However, once charged, the device provides a generous 6 to 8 hour run time. To ensure that you don’t get stuck with a half-shaved back when prepping for a pool party, the handle does have a charge light indicator to plan accordingly.

  • Perfect for Dense Back Hair Growth

If you have a thick coat of back hair and are wondering if the Mangroomer can cut through okay, rest assured, they have thought of you. With a power burst mode, the Mangroomer provides extra cutting strength equivalent to a power cord back shaver.


  • Handle locks in place for easy shaving
  • Shock absorber flex necks on both cutting heads ensure a better shave
  • Waterproof design makes it easy to clean


  • Long charge time

What You Need To Know

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is the best do-it-yourself electric back hair shaver on the market today. The Power Hinge easy push-lock makes it a breeze to remove hair from all areas of your back.

2. baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Manual Back Hair Razor

Key Facts

  • DRYglide blades provide a painless dry shaving experience
  • Exfoliator brush can be used for shave cream application
  • The rubber-injected handle provides a confident grip

Recommended For: Men who want to get a close and complete shave with a manual back razor.


The baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus manual back razor is nothing short of amazing. Absent of any power source, this back razor can get reliably smooth results in even the most densely packed back hair. So, if your back is looking like Steve Carrell from The 40 Year Old Virgin or perhaps our fuzzy friend Chewbacca, you are in luck. A lot is going on in this razor:

  • The Razor Blades Are Unlike Anything Else You Have Ever Seen

The biggest feature that men love about the baKblade is the razor blades themselves. Employing their proprietary DRYglide system, the three blades on the baKblade can cut through any type of back hair either completely dry or in a wet environment. With replacements costing roughly $20 for a set of 12 – they are also incredibly affordable. It is worth noting that baKblade does recommend switching out the blades about once every 5 to 7 shaves. While still much cheaper than getting your back waxed, it is an added cost worth noting.

  • Exfoliation and Shave Cream Application Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

One of the new features that baKblade introduced with the Elite Plus was the inclusion of an exfoliator pad. As described in our steps on how to shave your back, a pre-exfoliation of the skin before shaving will help to significantly reduce irritation by washing away dead skin cells. In addition to exfoliating, the pad on the backside of this head can also be used for shave cream application. Therefore, you won’t have to also purchase an extra loofah or applicator with the baKblade.

  • Long Handle for Easy DIY Use

Unlike other manual back razors that may be a bit too short, the baKblade foldable handle extends far enough to be able to reach your entire back with ease. While it may take some time to get used to the different positions – once you overcome the learning curve, the simplicity in its design is welcomed.

  • The Little Extras Included Seal the Deal

Unlike so many other shavers reviewed, the baKblade did a good job in the packaging. Included with every baKblade is not only a little cleaning brush but also a shower mount (suction cup) for easy storage between use. This way it always stays in the front of your mind when you hop in the shower so you can continue to look your best. Oh, and did we mention it makes a great back scratcher too?


  • Perfect for manscaping quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Should work on any skin type without issues


  • No variance in cutting lengths

What You Need To Know

It’s nice not having to worry about recharging times when it comes to the baKblade. This manual back razor is the best pick out there and will be able to get smooth results due to the sharpness and precision of the DRYglide blades.

3. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3500 Back Hair Shaver

Key Facts

  • The clip-on grip allows for easy back shaving
  • Li-Ion battery provides an hour run time
  • Works on other areas of the body including chest, armpits, groin, and more

Recommended For: Men who favor more all-in-one devices to reduce clutter.


The Philips Norelco Bodygroom strikes a lot of the right notes in this portable yet multi-functional body groomer for men. However, there are a few shortcomings you should know about before you decide to buy. Here’s a detailed look at the device:

  • Incredible Battery Performance Puts Others to Shame

If there is one standout feature about this back shaver itself, it is not the cutting technology itself, but rather the battery power. Relying on a Li-Ion battery, the 3500 has a terrific 1:1 ratio on battery performance. What does this mean? When charged for one hour, the 3500 has a one hour run time performance. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a pinch, or perhaps forgot to charge the device after you last used it, the battery will be a lifesaver.

  • Extended Handle When Necessary

Unlike so many other back hair shavers that tend to be bulky with large foldable handles, the 3500 has a sleek and streamlined handle that you hardly even notice is there. But there’s a catch. Unlike handles found on other devices, this one is a fair bit shorter nor does it have an extension lock button. Therefore, it will take some navigation on your part to get all the troubled areas. While not a problem over the long term as you will quickly adjust to the device, it is worth noting.

  • Foil Razor Head Coupled with Skin-Friendly Rounded Tips

Whether you are shaving your back or balls, you never want the shaver blades to be poking your skin. You can rest assured when making passes on your body, the safety guards will do their job in protecting and not poking your skin while cutting away that annoying body hair. If there was a shortcoming on the head, it would be its ability to cut through coarse and dense hair. Therefore, if you care about speed and don’t want to make several strokes, it may be better to look at others on our list.

  • Plastic Attachment Combs Offer Versatility

Unlike many other back shavers that take an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to length, the 3500 smartly includes three attachment combs (3, 5, and 7mm). With these, you can fine-tune your body hairstyle to fit your needs accordingly. Unlike traditional hair clippers, the trimming guards work in a bi-directional manner to help speed up the cutting process.

  • Showerproof for Wet Shaving and Easy Cleaning

Lastly, the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3500 can be used in the shower. This not only makes it much easier on the cleanup process, but you can also safely rinse out the clippings within the head of the device as well (note: a cleaning brush is included).


  • Perfect for men with thin back hairs
  • Li-Ion battery for cordless use is best-in-class
  • Great for grooming everything on your body below the neck


  • Not the best for dense back hair

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a body groomer to help declutter your bathroom, then the Philips Norelco 3500 makes a fine choice. While it has some shortcomings around the handle extension and cutting power through thick patches, it can be a great pick for a lot of men.

4. BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver

Key Facts

  • Relies on 3 safety razor blades for cutting
  • Can be used either wet or dry
  • Made from stainless steel

Recommended For: Relying on safety razor blades makes this one of the cheapest back shavers available.


Men interested in a barebones back shaver that will not only be extremely affordable upfront but also have low long-term costs will want to pay attention. We think that the BRO SHAVER may shake up the industry with this dead simple and cheap device. Here’s what makes it so good:

  • No Proprietary Blades Allow for Wallet-Friendly Prices

Unlike all other back razors reviewed that rely on their proprietary razor blades or electric shaving heads, the BRO SHAVER relies on a universal safety razor fitting. This means that the same razor blade you use in your safety razor will also work in this back shaver. To underscore why this is so important is to look at the price for blades. Unlike replacement blades for other systems that will cost $20 apiece, the universal blades that this shaver relies on will only cost you pennies. This is great for folks who are looking to keep costs low while still enjoying the simple convenience of a back razor.

  • Stainless Steel Design Provides Heft and Water Resistance

Unlike other metals, the BRO SHAVER smartly relies on naturally water-resistant stainless steel. This means that you never have to worry about corrosion or sanitary issues when using this shaver. Whether it’s two months from now or two years from now, this back razor should continue to look and perform well.

  • Lack of Pivot Head Limits Precision

While the wide head shape makes quick work of large areas of your back, some men may have a bit of a tough time getting around the shoulders, curves, and other bumpy areas of their back. While the BRO SHAVER is capable of tackling some of these areas, you will want to always review the results in the mirror to avoid a stray hair patch embarrassment.


  • Reliance on a safety blade for the cutting edge is an industry-disrupting move
  • A great substitute to the pricier options
  • Can work wet or dry


  • The wide head may make portions difficult to shave

What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a close shave on your back at an affordable price, then get this razor. Able to work for wet or dry shaving, it does a tremendous job of providing results.

5. UltraFlexx Razor Extension Handle for Back Hair Shaving

For men who aren’t interested in adding another grooming tool to their bathroom – we hear you…and so did UltraFlexx.  This unique back hair razor can securely hold your favorite cartridge razor (Gillette, Schick, Dorco, Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club, etc.) and extend it making it easy to reach any area of your back.

With a flexible handle and lightweight stainless steel frame, you can easily shave off the hairs anywhere on your back with relative ease.

When compared to the other back shavers we reviewed, the biggest difference with this tool will be the razor width.  Cartridge razors are designed to shave facial hair, not back hair.  Therefore, it will take several passes in order to get the job done.  But if you have the time, and a bit of patience, then this extension handle for your razor will be a great alternative to the larger razors we reviewed.


  • Great alternative to a large back razor
  • Lightweight stainless steel handle won’t rust
  • Works with any cartridge razor brand


  • Will take quite some time to shave your entire back

What You Need To Know

If you don’t want to get another razor and are happy with your cartridge razor, this extension handle makes for a great alternative. Just know it may take a bit longer to get the job done.

6 Considerations When Buying a Back Shaver

1. Electric vs. Manual

Know the following battery types before buying an electric back shaver:

  • Nickle-Metal Hydride (NiMH): Lengthy charge times – typically around 8 to 12 hours.  You will often find this battery in cheap back shavers. NiMH batteries have a shorter run time despite the long charge time. If your budget allows, go for a Lithium-Ion battery over NiMH.
  • Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion): These batteries charge quickly, typically less than an hour, and have a battery life greater than an hour. The quick charge time ensures you are never stuck with a drained back shaver halfway through grooming. In addition, if the battery is depleted, you can quickly charge, so you have enough power to finish the job.
  • Individual Batteries: Typically relying on chunky and expensive C and D batteries, back shavers relying on this power source tend to be a fair bit heavier and experience a higher long-term cost.  Try avoiding this power option as it’s not a good choice.

Note: If the battery dies halfway through use, ensure that you can use the back shaver while charging.

Know the following before buying a manual back shaver:

  • Simple & Cheap: The budget-friendly design makes this back shaver type quite affordable.  No worries about dead batteries, heavy handles, etc.
  • Razor Blades Vary: Some back shavers rely on a cartridge fitting, whereas others have a safety razor blade.  While cheaper, safety razor blades are not travel-friendly.  Lastly, cartridge blade razors get close and smooth results.
  • Shave Cream: Helps to increase comfort but may be challenging to apply.  Consider getting a back scrubber to help make the application of shaving cream easier.

2. Wet & Dry Operation

A back shaver capable of a wet shave simply means that you can use shaving cream while grooming.  This may lead to more comfortable results – especially if you have sensitive or dry skin.  

Most electric back shavers perform best as a dry shave only.

3. Head Width & Handle Length

Here are a few notes about the head and handle size:

  • Head Width: Back shavers come in varying head widths.  A wider head allows for fewer passes but less control over the details.  Typically a 2″ wide head should allow you to clean up your back in under 10 minutes.  
  • Handle Length: This varies from one brand to another.  A longer handle can help make grooming significantly easier if you have limited mobility, especially for the mid and lower back area.

4. Head Replacement

To ensure that the back shaver continues to perform well, you should regularly replace the razor head.

  • Manual Back Shavers: As we recently covered, the lifespan of razor blades varies widely.  Typically, you will need to replace the head about once every five to 20 shaves.  
  • Electric Back Shavers: Popular brands such as Mangroomer recommend that you replace the shaving head once every six months.  

5. Brand

In large online marketplaces, there are a lot of no-name brands.  Consider buying a back shaver from one of these widely trusted companies:

  • baKblade
  • Mangroomer
  • Philips Norelco

Back shavers from these brands tend to perform much better.  Additionally, these brands test their products and offer extended warranties.

6. Features/Extras

Here are a few additional features you may want to consider:

  • Adjustable/Moveable Handle: A handle that adjusts allows you to get specific areas of your back with greater ease.  Consider this if you like working on the details and achieving perfectly smooth results.
  • Ergonomic Grip: A good grip should be comfortable and not slick, even if your hands are wet or coated in shaving cream.  Rubber will always make for a confident grip on any handle.
  • Multifunctional: If you want fewer devices, consider buying an all-in-one product.  There are some great body trimmers we recently reviewed that can trim everything below the neck.
  • Charging Indicator: Helpful to give you an idea of how much power remains, so you don’t get stuck with a dead battery.
  • Power Modes: Some back shavers offer a power burst button to cut through thick and coarse back hair. Therefore, if you have dense coverage throughout your entire back, this mode can speed things up.