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Neckbeard To Beard: Look Great With These 5 Simple Steps

At Tools of Men, we stay away from polarizing topics.

That’s why you never see us discuss politics, religion, or any other hot-button issues.

A men’s lifestyle site simply isn’t the forum to discuss such manners.

However, we wanted to take a minute to address this issue of neckbeards.

If you ever visit Reddit, you may be familiar with the Subreddit /r/justneckbeardthings.

This subreddit is used as a platform to skewer men (some who may deserve it) on a wide array of topics, including beard growth, fedoras, style choices, and some cringe-worthy exchanges.

But regardless of what may define a neckbeard per se, we wanted to talk a bit more about the actual beard and less on the derogatory side of things.

The reason why is this:

Unfortunately, for many men who have grown a beard over the past few years, they may have been called a neckbeard (in a negative way) in an undeserving manner.

As a man who was once terribly self-conscious (and still am to some degree) about my appearance and what others think, being called a derogatory term or being told that your fashion sense is in the slight bit off can completely tear apart your confidence.

Therefore, we wanted to try to use our platform as a learning experience for men to look and feel better about themselves and teach others that calling someone a neckbeard is simply just a mean thing to do.

Neckbeard Is Derogatory…Simple As That


Not everyone has the time to maintain their beard to get over 1,000 likes on Instagram every time they post a selfie.

Growing a great-looking beard takes a lot of work.

However, what doesn’t take a lot of work is making fun of someone.

People who call others ‘neckbeards’ are bullies.

Any keyboard warrior can sit at home in their miserable life and just make fun of anyone.

It’s the unfortunate truth of the internet.

Therefore, we wanted to take the time to address the following:

How you carry yourself appearance-wise is entirely on you.

Never take another person’s opinion to heart.

While it’s easier said than done, sometimes it bears repeating.

Honestly, if someone doesn’t like you for who YOU are, they can go $#%! themselves.

To slightly switch gears since we don’t like to be so negative, we wanted to talk a bit more about the beard and proper maintenance.

Not because they won, but rather to serve as a guide for you to better yourself.

Beard Is Manly And Has Been Around Forever

The beard is inherently something that makes a man…well, a man.

Sure, men may have many different beard growth patterns depending on the genetic straw they drew when they were born, but when you look around either at a college or office environment, you will find men wearing their facial hair at varying lengths.

With all this talk about the ‘beard trend dying,’ it is simply misplaced.

The hipsters in Brooklyn didn’t start the beard, and nor will it ever end.

So, if you came to this article for affirmation that others are still wearing a beard, rest assured, your beard will always be ‘in style,’ since by its very nature, what makes you…well…you!

If you are looking to make your beard look a bit better, we can help you there.

Not because we expect you to have a perfectly groomed beard, but that YOU want to have a better-looking beard.

Therefore, here are five simple grooming rules that can transform your beard from looking like an unkempt mess to one that is well defined and sure to turn the heads of your wife, girlfriend, and those around you.

5 Simple Beard Grooming Rules You Need To Follow And Make Others Admire Your Beard

Ok, so to shut up the haters, we wanted to list out some key grooming points that will make others instantly take notice of your beard:

1. Cut Your Neck Hair Properly

While sure, cutting your neck hair will give others zero ammunition to work with when it comes to trying and critique your beard growth, there is another more important reason why you should be trimming down your neck:


When it comes to your appearance and how others perceive you, a well-balanced look just is perceived better than one that is disheveled.

Seriously, if you ever take the time to learn basic graphic design principles, you will see just how important this is in our daily life.

This same thought process works into your daily style choices as well.

It’s the reason why a striped shirt just simply doesn’t work with polka dot pants (except for clowns).

There needs to be balanced and order to your beard.

So with that, when you trim any of the hair below your jawline, it helps to create depth in your face.

You won’t have the growth under your jawline competing with the beard that is on your cheeks and face.

Secondly, you NEVER want to have the hair on your neck longer than the hair on your jawline.  This will further offset the balance and how your beard appears.

But so far, we are just talking about length; another critical aspect to the beard hair on your neck is the cut.

When you check out this diagram:

diagram demonstrating with a red line proper angle of a beard line

You can see that your beard should follow the same lines as your jaw, just be careful never to cut your neck hair too high as it will look bad.

What we recommend for all men growing a beard (whether it’s the first time or the 100th) is to visit your barbershop to get it trimmed properly.

Barbers are pros.

Seriously, it’s their full-time job – don’t forget that.

They can get you the perfect neckline for your beard.

Not only will your beard look instantly better in about 15 minutes and only $10 bucks, but it will also give you some lines to follow long after you leave the barbershop.

Therefore, you will want to get into the habit of shaving your neck once a week between visits.

This will keep the hair on your neck competing with the rest of your beard and will just simply look better.

2. Conditioning Your Entire Beard Regularly

These products are terrific at making your beard feel great; common beard conditioners include beard oil, balm, or butter.

Typically using all-natural ingredients, they can make any man’s skin and beard well hydrated and soft.

If you have never used this stuff, you should.

Expert beardsmen will find that beard itch will completely go away with regular application, but it will help soften the beard follicles.

So, if you plan on snuggling with your wife or girlfriend later, or simply want to keep the potential occurrence of split ends to a minimum, then get used to applying this stuff regularly.

While all three products (oil, balm, and butter) are nearly identical in their makeup.

If you are looking for more styling abilities, then go with a beard balm.  It has a bit more beeswax than beard butter and will help to keep your beard in place throughout the day.

Even if you catch a stiff wind to the face while going out to pick up lunch.

Now, to make sure that you look your best day after day, you will want to get in the habit of applying a conditioning agent daily.

The regular application will help to keep things smooth and healthy. Otherwise, your beard will quickly return to its previous dry and brittle state like it was before you started using this stuff.

3. Brush Or Comb Your Beard Daily

beard comb on a flat surface

While visiting the barbershop to keep your neck hair at bay and provide your beard with a great overall shape, just like the hair on the top of your head, you also need to style your beard regularly.

Simple use of a beard comb will help to provide excellent styling control to your beard.  If you have a thinner beard, use a beard brush instead, as it will help to generate more volume.

Note: Brushes are also great at training your beard hair – key for men who have exceptionally curly follicles.

4. Be Self Critical And Know When Your Beard Doesn’t Look Great

Given the slow rate of growth for any beard, an unkempt beard can sneak up on you.

This makes it hard for men to correctly identify when they should be visiting the barbershop, applying a beard conditioning agent, or simply combing or brushing their beard.

Therefore, what we would recommend is to do either one of the following:

Check out Instagram (#beardstyle) or communities like Jefffs Beard Board and look for some beards that you admire.

Try and identify men who have similar growth patterns and beard density as yourself.

This will help to give you an idea of how you can evolve your own beard over time.

As an extra step, be sure to save any pics of beards you like and show your barber the next time you go in for a cut.

This will give them a guide to work with that will leave you feeling great about yourself.

Secondary option:

Another alternative is to take a selfie or head to the bathroom and look at yourself.

Take just a minute to look at the growth and what you think about it.

Ask yourself if some parts look too sloppy or just simply unbalanced.

Should you have a girlfriend or wife, also ask them what they honestly think.

Remember, they are just trying to help you, so don’t take any feedback as harsh criticism.

5. Have Confidence In Your Decision

Regardless of the style or choices you make from above, the most essential factor is confidence in yourself.

Being called a neckbeard or anything else derogatory can hurt.

It’s important that you immediately brush aside any harsh criticisms and don’t let it stew for days, weeks, or the rest of your life.

The most important thing is to be yourself and continue to be awesome because you are!

Sean Miller

As co-founder of Tools of Men, Sean Miller has nearly a decade of experience in male beard and grooming care. He started the site in 2014 after discovering the lack of quality men’s grooming information online. He is a nationally recognized expert in hair, beard and skin care for men, and has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Vice, and more. He is also a frequent contributor to various online and print publications.

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