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Beard Balm Benefits

Beard balm provides several benefits to both your skin and facial hair when applied regularly.  This article will expand on the benefits of beard balm while also discussing a few common misconceptions.


Here are the primary benefits of beard balm for both skin and facial hair:

Skin Benefits

  • Prevents dry, red, and itchy skin.
  • Prevents beard flakes or beard dandruff.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Facial Hair Benefits

  • Provides a light sheen.
  • Makes facial hair appear healthier.
  • Adds light volume.
  • Allows for easier styling of facial hair.
  • Prevents cuticle damage.
  • Prevents beard split ends.


Beard balm is a rich conditioner.  The active ingredients within beard balm that moisturize and nourishes the skin include carrier oils and butter. Here are the benefits that these ingredients within beard balm provide for your skin and facial hair:

  • Skin. The carrier oil and butter within beard balm supplement the sebum oil that the sebaceous glands naturally produce. As a result, when regularly using beard balm, you won’t experience dry skin, itchiness, or beard dandruff.  
  • Facial Hair. Given the oily base of beard balm, you expect facial hair to have a slight sheen that makes for a more lustrous and healthy appearance.  Additionally, the conditioning agents will help prevent beard knots, split ends, and cuticle damage along the shaft of each facial hair follicle, promoting healthier growth.

Styling & Protectant

Beeswax is added to beard balm for styling and protectant purposes.  Here are some of the key benefits that this ingredient provides for your skin and facial hair:

  • Skin.  Beeswax is a natural humectant.  A humectant is a substance that locks in moisture on the surface of the skin.  Regularly applying a beard balm with beeswax will help to prevent dry or chapped skin.  This is why beeswax is commonly found in other grooming products such as lip balms and hand lotions.  
  • Facial Hair.  Beeswax in beard balm provides a light to medium hold to the facial hair.  This helps to keep wispy hairs in both your beard and mustache from becoming unruly or unkempt.  Beeswax also protects the facial hair from damage.


Unlike other beard conditioners, specifically beard oil, beard balm is stored in a durable and travel-friendly aluminum container.  The small size makes it easy to store in your toiletry bag, while still adhering to any federally-enforced container requirements.


Despite having more ingredients when compared to other beard conditioners, beard balm is typically much cheaper in price.  Making beard balm a great selection for men who are looking for better value from their grooming products.

Common Misconceptions

Due to the rising popularity of beard care products, there many misconceptions about their effectiveness.  Here are two notable misconceptions:

Volume.  It’s important to temper expectations around the volumizing abilities of beard balm.  A medium hold beard balm can help to provide some volume. The beeswax within the beard balm adds stiffness to the follicle shaft so it can stand upright.  

For better results when adding volume, simply get a beard brush and brush upwards, then downwards.  This will make your beard appear much fuller.

Growth. Many overpriced beard growth balms claim that their product can fill in patchy areas, increase the rate of growth, or add considerable thickness to your facial hair. Unfortunately, we have yet to come across an independent and scientifically proven study to back any of these claims. So don’t fall victim to these erroneous claims about facial hair growth.

Wrap Up

As you learned today, beard balm is a multi-faceted product that provides measurable benefits for both your skin and facial hair when applied regularly.

We hope that this guide was helpful in learning more about this unique and versatile beard care product.

Of course, should you want to add beard balm to your grooming routine, be sure to check out our updated guide to the best beard balms available.  

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