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Best Head Shavers For Close & Smooth Results

Maybe you’re taking the plunge and shaving your head for the first time, or perhaps you’re just checking out the modern options currently available.  When it comes to head grooming, there are a lot of options available.

You will find in your search that several different types of razors are well-suited for head shaving.  Traditional cartridge razors for close and silky results.  Electric rotary head shavers that can get the job done quickly.  And of course, specially designed head shavers that offer the best of both worlds: close results that thought-out ergonomic design.

How to Choose the Right Head Shaver

There are many different types of head shavers.  Consider the following when making your choice:

Electric shavers and manual razors provide different experiences and results.

Here are some notable advantages and disadvantages for each type of head shaver:

Electric Shavers

Advantages: You can get quick and acceptable results in minutes. There is virtually no risk of cutting yourself.  Depending on the model, it may have some versatility in final hair length.  Easier cleanup.

Disadvantages: Electric shavers are costly and may still require regular blade replacement.  The bulky design isn’t travel-friendly.  It cannot get smooth results.

Manual Razors

Advantages: Low initial cost.  Smooth results.  The small size allows for precise cuts and is travel-friendly.  Can quickly clean up hard-to-reach areas.

Disadvantages: Requires hair prep and shaving cream with each use, making for a longer shave time.  Long-term costs add up.  No variation in the final length.  Some men may experience irritation or razor bumps.

Do you want a one-size-fits-all razor?

Modern head shavers are made for above-the-shoulder grooming.  Using an electric head shaver on body hair may lead to painful pulling of the hair.  

Razors can navigate the natural contours of your body much more manageable than their electric counterparts. So if you shave your face or other areas of your body regularly, a razor is a more versatile grooming tool.

Best Overall: HeadBlade Moto

Winner of the 2017 Red Dot award for design and performance (source), the HeadBlade Moto quickly and efficiently removes hair with just a few simple swipes of the hand.  

Design: The comfortable grip allows you to remove the hard-to-reach hairs of your lower neck easily.  With a roller ball that will never clog when passing through shaving cream, it helps glide the blade over your scalp. In addition, the razor pivots back-and-forth and tilts side-to-side to help increase comfort while shaving.

Size: About half the length of a cartridge razor.  You can easily store it in your toiletry bag.

Versatility: Can be used for grooming other areas of the body, including chest, armpits, or legs.  

Shave Performance: Four cutting blades allow for close but not aggressive results.  This should help to reduce the occurrence of razor bumps for men with naturally curly hair.

Price: At $17, it’s affordable.  The cartridge refills are slightly pricey, averaging $3.25 per cartridge ($13 for a pack of 4).

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Best Cartridge: Gillette Fusion ProGlide

With a FlexBlall neck, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide is a widely available cartridge razor that also works well for head shaving.  

Design: The cartridge head on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide both tilts and pivots.  This increased motion allows the razor blades to remain on the skin’s surface for close and comfortable results. In addition, the inclusion of a precision trimmer allows for easy cleanup and straightening the sideburns.

Size: A long cartridge razor handle makes it easy to grip and reach faraway hairs.

Versatility: The Fusion ProGlide is among the most versatile razors and can work for face, body, and below-the-belt shaving.  

Shave Performance: The five closely set blades provide silky-smooth results thanks to the hysteresis phenomenon (lift-and-cut).  However, men susceptible to razor bumps may face issues.  Blades may clog if you shave only once a week.

Price: The cartridge handle is cheap, and you can buy it for under $15.  The cartridges will average about $3 per refill for a pack of 12.

Best Electric: Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold

With four rotary heads, the Skull Shaver is an efficiency-focused head shaver that provides close results.

Design: The ergonomic grip (left or right-handed) coupled with flexible rotary heads allows the razor to conform to your scalp so that you can cut the hair relatively close.  The shaver relies on a fast-charging lithium-ion battery that has a long 90-minute run time.  The Skull Shaver is highly water-resistant (IPX5).

Size: The ergonomic grip and balanced weight make it easy to control.  However, the bulky battery compartment will take up valuable space in your toiletry bag.

Versatility: Given that the Skull Shaver relies on rotary heads, you should only consider using it for above-the-shoulders grooming.  Body grooming may lead to pulled hairs.

Shave Performance: The rotary pads provide a comfortable shaving experience and will catch most clippings.  However, the results won’t be as close nor as precise as a razor blade.

Price: It’s one of the most expensive head shavers on the market at $109.99.  Skull Shaver recommends that you replace the blades every three months.  Refills cost between $25 and $45, depending on the model. 

Best for Acne & Sensitive Skin: Remington HC4250 Head Clipper

Razors require direct contact with the scalp to cut the hair.  This can lead to irritation, dry skin, or razor bumps.  The Remington Self-Haircut Kit trims hair just a fraction above the surface for comfortable results.

Design: Fitting into the palm of your hand, the Remington HC4250 allowing you to achieve close and uniform results.  The lithium-ion battery provides a 40-minute runtime and can be used while charging.  The Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro also comes with nine attachment combs for varying lengths. In addition, the wide and curved cutting head improves efficiency.

Size: Modestly sized, the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro is smaller than other popular head shavers.

Versatility: The wide clipper head lends itself well to body grooming.  While also marketed for beard trimming, the size makes it difficult to navigate tight contours of the face.

Shave Performance: Works well for thin hair may experience some difficulty trimming extraordinarily thick or coarse hair.  Detailing or precise lines, particularly around the sideburns, are nearly impossible.

Price: At $59.99 and no replacement blades necessary, the Remington HC4250 provides good value.  Plus, the HC4250 comes with a 5-year warranty.

Other Contenders (But You Probably Shouldn’t Buy)

No Name Brands: Many unknown brands currently flood online marketplaces.  Avoid these brands as they are fly-by-night companies out to make a quick buck.  Even if you risk it, should the unit break, that “lifetime warranty” can’t be exercised because the company will cease to exist within a year.

Disposable Razors: These razors can work to shave your head – many men use them.  We caution against this because they lack good construction, are bad for the environment, and better options are available.

Safety Razors: The lack of a pivoting head requires that you hold the safety razor at the optimal cutting angle at all times, a feat that is nearly impossible on a round head.  While some talented individuals have succeeded in using this shaving tool for head use, it simply isn’t practical.  Safety razors are best for facial hair and limited body grooming only.

Hair Trimmers & Balding Clippers: While designed for head use, they are bulky and tough to control when used by yourself.  Additionally, many hair trimmers get hot when on for an extended period.  Overheating of the blade hurts when it comes in contact with your scalp.

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