7 Of The Best Grooming Products For Men Reviewed In 2020

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When it comes to taking care of yourself, there are a plethora of options that are marketed from companies far and wide.

Whether you are a man that shaves daily or one that has a beard, the results can really get pretty endless when trying to figure out what products will make you both look and feel your absolute best.

Therefore, with this guide we want to take a top down approach to a few of the best products that you should incorporate into your daily routine.

Whether you are looking to pick up some grooming gifts for Christmas, Fathers Day, or heck, even a birthday, here is a list of some of the best damn grooming products that you can own:

First Let’s Start By Talking About Washing Your Hair

1. Art Naturals Men’s Shampoo

Now when it comes to handing your hair, there has been a general rise in men that have started to incorporate natural products – and with good reason.

The reason why natural products have been so favored as of late is for a few key points:

Taking A Break From Chemicals – Unfortunately many of the products hawked by the larger manufacturers may include the use of parabens along with other harmful chemicals that may be pretty bad for both your skin and your hair.  With time the abrasive formulas may completely dry out your hair by stripping the sebum oil from the roots.  When a guy has dryer hair, it may be a bit more tougher to style along with it being much more susceptible to split ends.

At the end of the day, do you really want to load your head with synthetic chemicals just to scrub it clean?  Instead we recommend an all natural shampoo and conditioner that should naturally compliment your natural oils while also doing an effective job at scrubbing the dirt and pollutants out of your head.

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What Is The Best Styling Product To Achieve ‘That’ Look?

Whether you are trying to style up a quiff or a pompadour, one of the components that can absolutely make or break you is going to be the styling product that will be making its way into your hair.  If you want to have a more of a matte look then you will want to go with wax as it will give you a great even-toned look while still providing adequate hold.  While we could talk about this day and night – we strongly recommend checking out our full guide that deep dives into each one of these unique styling products for men.

2. Wisdom Beard Oil

Beard oil if you are unaware, is a solution that men can apply to their face in order to have a healthy and soft beard.  Most men unaccustomed to beard oil at first scoff at the idea of putting any sort of solution into that furry mane on their face.

However, once they realize the benefits, they will be wondering how they ever lived without it.

You see beard oil contains typically two simple ingredients – carrier and essential oils.

Both of those ingredients together give your beard the much-needed nourishment to prevent beardruff (dandruff for your beard), and a subtle smell that can range from either citrus notes or a super manly wooded scent.

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3. Detroit Beard Balm

There are two types of men who grow beards in this world, ones who keep it relatively short (under 2″) and those that really embrace it and grow it out fully.

For the guys that embrace their beard, a quality beard balm can be a life saver in keeping everything in check.

Just like beard oil above, beard balm contains both carrier and essential oils.

However in addition to those two key ingredients, beard balm also introduces beeswax and butter (typically shea or cocoa varieties).

With the addition of beeswax and butter to the mix, beard balm provides an extra layer of moisture not found in beard oil along with the ability to provide a slight hold to your beard – especially if longer.

However, one requirement to both beard oil and beard balms is to make sure you use a beard comb or brush.  Unsure of the differences, check out our in-depth comparison.

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4. Taylor of Old Bond Street Shave Cream

In the world of heavily marketed shaving creams and products from the big manufacturers, traditional shaving cream that is often times mixed yourself is lost in the shuffle.

This is extremely unfortunate given how rich of a lather traditional shaving creams can provide.  Without the harsh chemicals of the shaving creams that come in a can, your skin will feel well hydrated long after the shave.

Here’s the deal:

A rich lather given by a traditional shave cream will help ensure that your hairs can be cut effortlessly therefore reducing the number of passes required to get a close shave, which in turn helps prevent that dreaded skin irritation and razor burn post shave.

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5. Thayers Aftershave Balm

An awesome complimentary gift that any traditional wet shaver would like (or even if they are using a cartridge based razor) is a aftershave using witch hazel as its core ingredient.

Unlike alcohol found in the old school aftershaves, witch hazel is a sufficient substitute.  With witch hazel being all natural, it has both natural astringent and antiseptic properties when applied to the skin.

Why is this important?

When you pass a razor over your face, you have wide open pores for a short bit before they naturally close up when your face is drying.  When you apply an aftershave that contains witch hazel, the solution will naturally clear out any harmful bacteria with its antiseptic properties, and secondly, close up your pores much quicker with its astringent properties – therefore reducing the amount of bacteria entering your pores.

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6. Phillips Norelco 7300

Let’s face it acne sucks!  If you want to look well-kempt, but don’t want the flare up of acne after shaving every single time – then a beard trimmer might actually be a pretty good call for you.

Being that the blade never touches the skin due to the plastic guard, beard trimmers are a great effective way of getting a near close shave without all the irritation, razor burn, or simply shaving cream.

With Movember and all the beard trends that have taken off as of late, beard trimmers also offer a great way to make sure you still keep everything looking neat.

Here’s a bonus:

Women prefer men with a bit of stubble – seriously!  They think that beard stubble (typically around the 10 day mark) is most attractive.  This was found in a 2013 university study, and we also confirmed it in this post as well!

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7. Wet Shaving Kit

Wet shaving is flat out awesome!

There are so many reasons why wet shaving completely dominates over the cartridge based systems that are so heavily marketed to the masses of today.

First off the refills:

You can literally buy a box of razors for $15 bucks and have them last you well over a year!

Let me say that again, only $15 and you are set for the rest of the year when it comes to your razor blades!

That’s nuts!

But the benefits don’t really stop there either.  A double edge safety razor handle itself is typically made out of steel and will last you the rest of your life.  So the long term value of it is second to none.

Now with all the great benefits of a double edge safety razor, one of the downfalls is that you are prone to nicking yourself a few times when you first have a go at it.  After a few times however of learning the proper shaving technique, you will be a pro and not have any problems navigating the contours of your face.

While double edge safety razors can achieve a close shave, if you shave your head on a regular basis, a cartridge razor still will be the best for this use case.  Don’t attempt using a double edge safety razor or you will be hurting afterwards!

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The Best of the Best When It Comes to Grooming Products for Men

There ya have it – our opinion of some of the absolute best grooming products for men that exist on the marketplace today.

From the guy that has a beard to the guy that doesn’t want to have anything to do with facial hair, all basis were covered.

If you feel that anything else could have been touched, drop a line in the comments below – would love to hear back from you!

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