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In Your 30s But Dressing Like Your 20s? 12 Tips On Bringing Your Style Up To Date

In Your 30s But Dressing Like Your 20s? 12 Tips On Bringing Your Style Up To Date

Haven’t updated your wardrobe since college?

This article is for you!

The days of partying, binge drinking, job searching, and finding an outfit off your floor, are long gone.

It’s time for you to dress your age and become a sophisticated and well-dressed man.

Follow these 12 tips below to ensure your style is classy and professional.

chelsea boots
1. Don’t Own One Pair Of Sneakers And One Pair Of Work Shoes

Men, there’s a reason ladies have so many shoes.

We can all take note from them here.  Shoes drastically make or break an outfit, having one or two pairs won’t work for you.

Maybe you have one pair of sneakers, and one pair of work shoes.

That’s a great start!

Key word — start.

Don’t even think about only owning two pairs of shoes.  Not only will those two pairs not match everything in your closet, but other people will also take notice.  Mixing up your shoes can help you create lasting style impressions.

To upgrade your shoe closet, buy a pair of nice leather shoes for dressy occasions or work, Chelsea boots for a classy night out, and boat shoes for a great any day option.

Another option beyond Chelsea boots that pairs with most clothes will be a sweet pair of Chukka’s.

Buying these shoes will help to ensure that your style shows that you are classy and dressed to impress.

2. Know How To Wear A Hat

Would you wear a baseball cap with a suit?  The answer to that question better be a hard no.

Some hat pairings may be easy to rule against, while others you can be unfamiliar with.

Much like the baseball cap with the suit, a fedora and jeans is a style faux pas as well.  Hats can add the perfect touch of style to an otherwise dreary outfit.  However, if you mix and match the wrong outfit and hat, you’ll end up looking cluttered and unstylish.

Don’t let this scare you; there are great hat options that you can feel confident wearing.

Keep baseball caps to casual wear and fedoras for dressy wear.

If you want to add a new hat to your collection, panama hats are all the rage.  Grab a classy panama hat and pair it with a blazer or a business casual look to keep looking fresh.

Check out our full guide on how to wear a cap properly.

suits for men

3. Properly Fitted Clothes

Do you know what’s sexier than a man in a well-fitted suit?

Nothing, the answer is nothing.

Take note, if you want to be the star of the room, know your tailor!  Be on a first name basis with the person who is fitting your clothes.

Once you find a tailor you like, stick with them.  Giving a tailor your business multiple times will get you great perks and keep you looking good.

Your clothes need to fit well to look good.  Clothes come in basic sizes that are meant to fit a wide variety of body types.  A tailor will make sure that your clothes will fit you the way they should.

While a tailor of course goes for all suits and dressy wear, jeans and button down shirts can also be worked on.  Having a tailor fit your clothes to you will make your budget jeans look like a million bucks.

Paying to get something tailored is a small price in comparison to the charming looks you’re sure to receive when wearing a well-fitted ensemble.

graphic t shirt

4. Graphic Tees Be Gone

Graphic tees can be funny, smart, and may catch the eye of a few people walking by.

They are not, however, going to get you any style points. But, before you throw them out or burn them at the stake, remember that they can be worn when doing something very casual.

If you’re taking the kids to the park, going to the gym, or having a lazy day at the house, the graphic tee is the perfect option.

Just don’t go to a restaurant or shopping wearing your graphic tee, the results will not be favorable.  Pair your graphic tee with gym shorts or casual joggers to be super casual and comfy.

busy dad

5. Busy Dad Doesn’t Mean Compromise

Busy dads, we applaud you.

Maybe you have a few kids, work full time, and run back and forth between soccer games and ballet recitals.

We all know that your kids are messy.

They can get food everywhere, they spill just about everything, and what’s up with them always touching you with sticky hands?

Kids will be kids, but even the stickiest syrup hands aren’t an excuse for sweats and a plain tee.  Catch another person’s eye by being the suave, put together, and sexy dad.  Don’t look like a train wreck waiting to happen, make your style that much more meaningful and compromise free.

You can still stick to casual wear, just pick out a pair of fitted denim jeans, and a nice button down or v-neck tee.

You’ll be on top of your style game and your children won’t be embarrassed of you, it’s a win-win situation!

best leather messenger bag for men

6. Know When To Wear The Right Bag

“Strap on your fanny pack and let’s go!”

Said no one ever.

Bags are just as important for you as they are for the ladies.  A bag does not need to become the man purse satchel that was in The Hangover.

The satchel was funny, but it was a joke for a reason.

The last thing you want is to have your bag be compared to you doting around a small purse.  However, bags can be a classy way to hold your items and keep your car and office mess free.

Know that different bags will be used depending on where you are going or what you are carrying.

Having trouble distinguishing between a duffle bag, carryall, or a messenger bag?  Check out this article for great tips on which bag to wear depending on the occasion and outfit.

sports jacket

7. Dress Up Your Ensemble With A Sport Jacket

Sports jackets are a great way to dress up your casual wear.

Not only are they new and fresh, they allow you to dress up an outfit to make it appear completely different.

They are fitted, stylish, and sexy.

Sports jackets demonstrate that you know how to have style and make yourself look good.

There are tons of different options for sports jackets.  They come in neutral shades and patterns to easily match the perfect pair of denim or chinos.

If you have a hard time picking out a sport jacket, put on an outfit you like, then go shopping and ask the stylists what sports jacket would go well with the outfit you are wearing.

Pretty soon, you’ll have a seamless outfit that is great for a night out.  Don’t be nervous to pair the sports jacket with the wrong outfit.

Because many are neutral colors, you can be confident when pairing the jacket with denim as well as a neutral colored tee.

8. Know When To Replace Your Jeans

Old denim is faded, ripped, and full of holes.

You should be replacing your denim before you notice any of those signs.  If you have a pair with a hole in the crotch, get up, grab them, and throw them out.

Okay, all done?

Great, now it’s time to get some new jeans.

Look at different styles, colors, and brands online.

Find you price point and head to the store.  Different brands of denim can fit differently so trying them on in store is always a good idea (although gracious return policies of online retailers can be hard to turn down).

Find the pair that fits you well around the waist and the pair that is long enough for your height.

Stick to denim jeans that are straight cut or slim fit.  Long gone are the days of flared and baggy jeans.

Denim is always a changing style but a dark pair of jeans that is perfectly tailored and cuffed to your height, will never go out of style.

the thinking bun
9. The Man Bun Is Dying

Is your hair finally long enough to get it up in a bun?  Well, hate to break it to you but now is the time to recut it.

Say goodbye to the 2017 mullet.

Man buns may be fun for the young gym goers and fraternity boys but not for the trendy 30 year old man.

The man bun is a fad that is fading out.

Be on top of the style and cut your bun before it’s trendiness dies for good.  It’s time to trim your hair and keep it clean and coiffed.

The man bun is becoming tacky, it makes you look dirty and like you don’t care about your appearance.  Go for a haircut that frames your face and makes you look cool and professional.

wrist watch
10. A Proper Watch

While smart watches are useful and trendy, a proper watch adds a touch of sophistication to your style that smart watches just can’t do.

Watches make your outfit look seamless and well put together.

It’s the perfect final touch to your everyday business wear.  Online options are truly limitless, currently we are draw towards both skeleton watches and tactical watches.  The former is great for dressier occasions while the latter is best for the weekend excursions.

11. Dress Well At Work

College is over; you are not going to make millions sitting on your couch in your sweats.

In your 30s, you are at the prime of your career.

You’ve been working long enough to know what you are doing and you are gearing up for that promotion.

Don’t wave the promotion goodbye from your sweats; make sure you grab that promotion by dressing clean and professional.  Your style will show your boss that you care about the company and your job.

Be the best looking one in the room, pick up some great dress clothes and business casual clothes for Fridays.

Be better dressed than your coworkers, but not better dressed than your boss.

You want to come off dedicated and professional, not intimidating.

12. Don’t Break The Bank – But Make A Wise Investment

Looking good doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars.

While searching through fashion blogs, don’t get discouraged when you see suits costing way over your budget.

Compare different fabrics and styles and make note of what you like.

Watch the prices on your favorite items and when a sale happens, purchase them.

Your clothes should be an investment in you, your career, and your future.

Invest when items go on sale to avoid spending too much.

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