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10 Best Face Creams (Moisturizers) For Men To Keep Your Skin Healthy

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best leather messenger bag for men

10 Best Leather Messenger Bags For Men: Keep Your Gear In Order

Whether you are interviewing for your first job or internship, simply making your way around a college campus, or are looking to upgrade a critical component to your every day carry gear – there is no better way to make a statement than with a classic leather messenger bag. Below we review some of the best…

Shawn | October 19, 2016
best undershirt for men

10 Best Undershirts For Men: From Crew Neck to V-Neck We Review The Top Ones

Undershirts can make all the difference in your style.  The best undershirt can make you look both classic and crisp as opposed to looking disheveled and like an adolescent. Selecting the best undershirt for men everywhere comes down to the fabric, cut, and color.  Before we deep dive into some of the top undershirts for men currently available –…

Shawn | October 14, 2016
best lip balm for men

9 Best Lip Balms For Men To Keep Your Lips In Tact

Let’s face it nothing, says manly like having an epic looking beard only to be holding a dainty little stick of the best lip balm on the market and then rubbing it on your lips to keep them smooth. Just like when it comes to eating a banana, you should never look another man in the…

Shawn | October 11, 2016
what does shaving cream do when applied to your face?

What Does Shaving Cream Do When Applied To Your Skin?

Shaving cream is one of those necessary products that go along side any sort of razor of your choice.  Whether you choose to use a disposable, cartridge, electric, straight edge, or even the best double edge safety razor – men (and women) always have asked themselves time and time again ‘What does shaving cream really do…

Shawn | October 4, 2016
shaved head but still have dandruff?

Shaved Your Head But Still Have Dandruff? Here Is How To Treat It

A few years back, well actually a lot of years back, I used to have a full head of hair. It was so thick and bright red that everyone always complimented me on it to the point that it was almost embarrassing.  To be quite honest, I wore a hat all the time as a…

Shawn |
Body Wash

13 of The Best Body Washes For Men: Your Guide To Smelling Better

When it comes to washing up your body in the shower, you have very few choices at your disposal.  Basically you need to decide between whether you want a regular old bar of soap or a body wash – the goal of course is to fully cleanse your skin of any sort of dirt, grime, or pollutants…

Shawn | September 30, 2016

How To Use A Shaving Soap And Get The Perfect Lather (With Pictures)

Ah shaving soap, its like the little brother in the wet shaving world when compared to the ever more popular shaving creams that reign supreme. Unfortunately this product is often overlooked for all the wrong reasons. First and foremost men often associate this as a product that is often too laborious or just simply inferior…

Shawn |
best shaving kit for men
Best Of

10 Best Shaving Kits For Men: A Complete Guide

After an extensive review, we found that the best shaving kit that you can purchase that includes a double edge safety razor is the Merkur Barber Pole 38C 6 Piece Wet Shaving Set by RoyalShave.  Its incredibly high quality of products (razor, shaving brush, stand, and shaving cream) coupled with its tremendous value makes it the best shaving…

Shawn | September 28, 2016
how to get a close shave

How To Get A Close Shave Without Cutting Yourself

When it comes to trying to get a close shave some men will spend upwards of a few hundred bucks to just make their skin incredibly soft on their face. However with this simple guide we are going to go over all the steps necessary so the next time that you hit the blade against…

Shawn | September 27, 2016
i had this beard before hipsters thought it was cool

14 Of The Best Beard Shirts That You Can Buy Now: Show Your Pride

When it comes to growing a beard, its more than just facial hair. In some sense its a way of life for some men.  From beard oils to balms and every accessory that is out there that makes your beard look epic, the one thing you might be missing until now is the best beard…

Shawn | September 26, 2016